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Neighbor fun

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Slutty fun with neighbors
It was a typical Friday night. I would hurry home from work to complete my ritual. Take all of the necessary steps for a lot of anal sex, shave all over and transition from a male to a female.

I put on a typical “uniform” for the trip to his house. A lacy black top with a lacy black bra under (looked more like a teddy than a top), a short pleated black skirt, black stocking, garter, and fuck me shoes. I wore his favorite wig, long straight blond hair and just enough makeup to be subtle. I was a regular visitor to the tanning salon to keep my skin a sexy bronze color as he liked. Rule number one was always “NO PANTIES”!!!!

Driving to his house nearly an hour away was always torture. He was usually on the phone talking dirty to me. I would stroke my cock to the edge of cumming over and over again but never let my seed go. This trip was no exception.

Finally I arrived. He lived on a large horse farm in the middle of nowhere. There was only one house that you could see from his. A split level about 600-800 yards away. The back of that house faced the front of his farm house.

I pulled into the large circle driveway in front of his house that was about 50 feet from his front porch. There was a long stone walkway from the drive to the house.

He approached my pickup as he usually did on a warm summer day; totally naked. He opened my door, I spun to greet him. He put his hands on my stocking covered legs running them higher and higher until he was grasping my balls with one hand and my already hard cock with the other. He pulled my skirt back revealing my hard on and kneeled over to put his mouth on my hard on. Up and down he went on my cock.

I had to have permission from him to cum. I knew to hold my orgasm. He finally stopped and stood up, held out his hand and I put mine in his. He pulled me from the pickup, cock now hard and told me to “blow him”. I fell to my knees and did as told. He pumped his big thick curved 8 inch uncut cock into my mouth fucking the back of my throat. I loved it and he did to. My eyes were watering trying to take him all of the way in. Then he pulled away from me and told me to stand. Of course I did as told.

We walked toward his house, his hand on my ass, mine on his cock and went inside. We had a Friday tradition. To start the weekend we did some shots, maybe a boilermaker or two just to loosen us up and get crazy from there.

When we had about all we could take he told me we had to take a walk. It seems that his neighbors in the split level were out for the night and asked him to let the dog out and feed him.

“Let’s go” he said. And “drop the skirt”. I did as told. On the front porch I kept a pair of flats for when we walked around in the grass naked, I stopped to change shoes, carrying the heels and wearing the flats. Across the field we went. Him totally naked, me naked from mid drift to my stocking tops.

On the walk over the liquor started to take effect. I was feeling a really good buzz and I think he was too.

We approached their house that had a big deck on the back and walked up the steps to the house. When we got onto the deck, Heberto moved a flower pot aside to reveal a key and opened the back door. When he did, a very friendly mutt of some sort ran outside, stopping to greet both of us then ran into the field to do his business.

Heberto told me to sit and wait while he went inside to prepare dinner for the dog. He came out onto the deck a few minutes later, called the dog and he quickly came in to eat.

Heberto closed up the house, replaced the key and told me to stand up. I did as told of course. He was rock hard.

“Kneel and suck my cock” he said. I obeyed.

I did this for who knows how long before told me to stand. I stood. “Turn around” he said. I did. He kneeled behind me and spread my cheeks. I felt his tongue in me, then a finger. Then I felt his hefty cock slapping on my ass as he was telling me how much he wanted to fuck my pussy.

I felt the pressure of the head of his big cock against my ass and before long he was in me. Shaft deep, fucking me hard slapping my ass holding me by the hips, his skin slapping against mine. I could tell he was about to shoot. Then he paused for a second, he quivered a bit, followed by my favorite part, his cum filling my pussy.

He finally pulled out and I knew just what to do, turn around and clean him up. Take that big oozing cock into my mouth tasting my pussy and his cum all over his cock. I did so hungrily. I finished licking all of our body juices from his now half hard cock and stood in front of him. His back facing the house, I looked over his shoulder and got the surprise of a lifetime, he could see from the look on my face something was wrong. There were two faces looking through the window at us. Oh shit!

“What do we do” I asked? “I don’t know” he said.

So, cooler than the water in a swimming pool he spun and walked to the door. She opened the door and he just played it off.

“So I let the dog out, he did his thing, just fed him and changed his water and stuff. So we’ll be heading out I guess”.

I thought holy shit, are they going to call the cops. Heberto is standing at her back door totally naked, cock still half hard, might be some cum still oozing out and here I am 15 feet behind him, ass full of cum, passable girl but with a fully erect cock and no way to hide it leaning against her hand rail. This can’t be good. Not to mention we both had a really good buzz going on.

She said “no need to take off”. Our plans cancelled for the night so how about we sit on the deck and have a few drinks”?

Heberto shrugged his shoulders as if to say “ok”.

“Grab a seat she said”. So Heberto pulled up a chair and told me to do the same.

She came out just a few minutes later with a pitcher full of drinks and cups for everyone. She poured them and we all had some. Her husband soon joined us. Heberto and I already had a good buzz but waited patiently for them to catch up.

They were very good host. Somehow we had a very long conversation and at no point did they mention that Heberto was naked and I was obviously a dude as I could not hide my cock.

Finally they had enough drinks to say what was on their mind. She said ( her name was Katie as we found out later ) “you know, we watch you guys fuck all of the time”. We were both shocked. Heberto said “What? Are you looking through our windows”? He seemed a bit pissed. She went on to explain not at all, you guys are so free just doing it outside, we have come to love watching and we really enjoy it.

“That’s cool” was his response. I thought we were far enough away that you guys couldn’t see that.

She said she actually thought he was fucking a chic all summer but got the binoculars out to see the chic had a dick and realized what was going on. She went on to say how hot it was and how much they loved it.

“We fantasize about joining you guys” she said. “Tom ( her husband ) has been telling me he has bi fantasies and I would love to see him get to act them out. We are totally into your “girlfriend”. She is hot. I think I want to be with chics to but I love dick. Your girlfriend would be perfect for us.

It was getting dark now; the sun was going low but a very warm sultry summer night on the east coast.

“So, how would you like to join us”? Heberto asked.

“We have thought about it” she said. “Just not sure how to ask”.

“Well we are here now, what would you like to see happen”? He asks.

“How about you two full around and let’s see where it goes”.

“Suck my cock” Heberto said to me.

I knelt down and started blowing him. They just watched for a bit. Then Heberto told Tom to drop his pants so his “girlfriend” could suck his cock. Tom looked at Katie looking for the ok. Katie nodded yes and he quickly shimmied out of his pants.

I went down on him hungrily. As I went down on him I felt Heberto’s large meaty uncut cock slapping on my ass cheeks as he was about to fuck me.

Finally he plunged into me. He was pounding his hard cock into me as I was blowing Tom. I was so turned on being watched and loving having a cock in my ass and one in my mouth I couldn’t take it. I told Heberto I was going to cum. Keeping his cock in me he told me to stand up. I did. He reached around and started jerking me off and told me to shoot my load on Tom’s cock. In just a few seconds I was blasting a huge load all over his cock and balls. Heberto then pushed my head onto Tom’s cock and told me to clean him up. I licked all of my cum off of his balls and cock and continued blowing him while Heberto fucked me.

Before long Tom was about to bust. Katie told him to let it go, he filled my mouth with that hot love juice. I swallowed it hungrily. As he did Heberto shot his nut into me, slapping my ass the whole time telling me what a whore I am.

Heberto pulled his hot, dripping, juice covered cock from me and told me to clean him up. I pulled my mouth off of Tom, spun and took him into my mouth and cleaned my ass juice and cum residue from him. That is what put Katie over the edge. She was wearing jeans and rubbing her clit through the seam but that made her cum. I just drank her husband’s load, cleaned up the cock that just seeded me and watching me clean that up got her off. I knew then she was a kinky little whore just like me.

We were all spent at that point. Katie asked Heberto to cum in the house and talk a few minutes. Tom and I were on the deck making uncomfortable conversation. Then he came out and grabbed me by the hand and we walked home. I asked no questions.

We fell asleep early that night. I was tired from a long week not to mention the liquor.

I woke up about 11 am Saturday morning. Whew, 12 hours or so of sleep, I felt so refreshed. I soon realize nobody was home. What to do?

I decided to do my female prep work, clean out, soak, shave, and dress sexy.

I did just that, but what to wear? So I put on a slutty and sexy outfit. Grabbed some magazines and made myself a mixed drink then sat on the deck to enjoy the day. I was on my third when I heard stirring in the house.

Heberto walked through the back door followed by the neighbors. There I was lying on a sun chair, tunes playing, cock out for the world to see, embarrassed as usual, and there is Tom and Katie standing over me saying “Let’s go”.

“Where are we going”? I asked? I got no response.

“Katie, go get him dressed for our shopping trip please”? Heberto said.

I had no idea at the time but the reason Heberto was not home when I woke up is because he was at their house discussing terms for sharing me with them. The terms were from that point going forward that he was always in charge and in his absence and whenever he said ok, that authority went to them and them only. And they could exercise that even when he was around but he had veto rights.

So she followed me to the bedroom and asked to see my wardrobe. I showed her and she said, “this sucks, Tom and I will outfit you and make a proper girl out of you”.

She finally settled on an outfit and we left.

Heberto and I got in the backseat of Tom and Katie’s SUV. Heberto quickly told me to lose the skirt. I did as told. He could not resist the urge to suck my cock. He blew me as Tom watched from the rear view mirror. Katie looked over her seat and encouraged him.

He rose up and dropped his pants down around his ankles and told me to suck his cock, I did so willingly. Katie slapped me on the ass and encouraged me.

“Suck that cock you slutty whore” she said. “Take all of that cock in your mouth”.

I wished the ride were longer because before I could get him off we pulled into a parking lot and Tom said we were there.

Heberto pulled his pants up and I slid my skirt back on and checked my hair and makeup in the mirror before getting out of the SUV. I knew right away what the plan was when I stepped outside. We were in the parking lot of a somewhat secluded porn shop. I never knew this place existed. It was kind of at the end of a two lane wooded road and nestled in the trees.

The four of us walked inside together. The store was empty. They had a huge selection of porn in one section of the store and toys and outfits in another. I noticed two changing rooms in the back where the clothes were.

We walked to the clothing area where Katie immediately began pulling outfits off of the rack and holding them up to me. “What do you guys think of this”? She asked the guys? If they nodded yes she set it aside for me to try on. She picked out some things for herself as well. She handed the outfits to me that she picked out and said “go try these on”.

I walked into one of the changing rooms and Heberto told me to leave the door open so he could watch. I did as told. He sat down in a chair outside of the dressing rooms and Tom sat next to him. I dropped my skirt to the floor and pulled my top off over my head. Standing there in just a bra, stockings, garter and heels for the guys to see. Being watched made me hard. Katie popped her head around the corner to look in on me as well. I noticed that she was now wearing nothing but panties and bra. I put on the first outfit, stepped out of the room and posed for the guys as I was told to. Katie quickly followed me showing off her hot little body in a slutty outfit.

After the first change, Katie stepped into my dressing room with her outfits and we changed together while the guys watched. After a few changes Heberto could not take it anymore. He stood up and walked to me in the dressing room, he spun me around and told me to lean against the wall and spread my legs. He knelt behind me and I felt his tongue dive into my ass. I moaned. Katie was standing next to me watching in amazement. Before long he stood and she took his big cock in her mouth at first then using her hand she guided him into my tight wet ass. While he was fucking me she reached down and started stroking my hard cock and kissing me. Mouths open, tongues touching. She started telling how hot I am and how much she loves watching me get fucked.

That was all Tom could take. Next thing I knew he was in the now really cramped dressing room, his cock out and he grabbed Katie’s legs pickup her up and putting her back against the wall as he slid his hard cock into her dripping wet pussy.

I was hoping that the guys would take turns switching at this point but that was not to be. Neither could last long enough. I felt Heberto begin to quiver as he released his load of cream into my man pussy. I could tell he came a lot. Just as he came, Tom did to, filling Katie’s pussy with his cum.

Heberto pulled out and just as we always did I spun around and licked his hard juice and cum covered cock, squeezing out every last drop of that hot nectar. Tom stayed in Katie as they both watched, then he pulled out and with firmness in his voice he said “Now it’s my turn. Clean this hard wet cock off for me you slut”.

I did as told. When I finished with him he said “You’re not done yet”. Clean that pussy out to”. I was hoping he would say that. I went down on Katie, her standing spreading her legs giving me access to her pussy, moaning the whole time. I sucked at her hungrily trying to drink every drop of cum from her. In just a matter of seconds I could tell she was about to lose it. Her breathing got quick, she began to quiver, her thighs clamped tightly around my head as she fell into the throws of an orgasm.

When she finished cumming, she told me to get back into the outfit I wore to the store. She handed all of the clothes we were trying on to Tom and told him to buy these and go pick out a couple of movies for us. She got back into what she wore to the store as well and we left the store. We waited in the SUV while the guys paid for the clothes and picked out movies.

Before long we pulled into the driveway in front of Heberto’s house. As we were getting out Katie told me to come to her house at six o’clock. I looked at Heberto to make sure he was ok with that and he nodded yes. I told her ok, I will be there.

That was just a few hours away but the anticipation was killing. After all, those three all got off at the store, I wasn’t allowed to. I was hard as a rock and on the verge of busting.

Finally, it was fifteen minutes to six and Tom walked in. When he did he immediately got naked, joining Heberto. We walked into the kitchen to do a few shots. I did mine first then was told to kneel and blow them while they did theirs. I did as told. They both got hard quickly. When I stood up they took turns kissing me, feeling my ass and grinding their hard cock into mine between shots. Finally Heberto told me to get going, he did not want me to be late. I asked him what was going on and he told me that he had a surprise for me and he was sure I would love it. “Just go along with it and trust me” he said.

I walked across the open field to her house. My cock hard from fooling around with the guys, feeling a bit of a buzz now, horny and wondering what was going to happen next.

I went in through the back door, walked down the hallway calling Katie’s name. She told me to come in. She was in the bedroom in her robe with outfits laid out all over the bed. I walked in and she asked which one I liked? I told her I liked them all. She told me to pick one out for her to wear and she would pick one out for me. I pointed to one for her to wear and she picked up one for me to put on. “Get out of that nightie and put this on” she said. I did as told. I put on the very very skimpy top that she handed me. “I don’t like those stockings with that outfit, take them and that garter off”. Once again I did as told. Put these on she said. She handed me a one piece set of black stockings, waist high with no crotch or ass in them. Just some fabric going up the outside of the thighs connecting the top to the bottom. “Put your shoes on and model for me now”. I did as she watched. “Very hot” she said.

Now it was her turn. Her robe dropped to the floor and I finally had the chance to drink in her naked body. Wow!!! She was hot. About 5’8, thin, well built, nice firm b cups, great legs and ass with a smooth firm belly. I couldn’t help but stare. She noticed me looking and my cock growing. “Do you like what you see”? “Yes I do” I said. She approached me, reached her hand out and grabbed my cock then pulled me to her and kissed me. My hands were all over her. Before I knew it she was lying back on the bed and I was fucking her. “Don’t you dare cum” she told me. “We have a surprise for you tonight and I want you to save that load”. It took all I had but I managed to stop and not cum in her.

I pulled out and we went back to getting ourselves dressed. She finished dressing then sat me down at her makeup mirror and did my makeup. As she was doing my makeup I was feeling her all over, playing with her hot tits, rubbing her ass and legs, fingering her pussy and tasting her juice on my fingers. I could still taste some of Tom’s load in her from just a few hours earlier.

She quickly did her hair and makeup and we left. Walking across the open fields hand in hand, my hard on swaying side to side. She chose to wear no panties either. The outfit I picked out for her was every bit as revealing as mine. Her bare smooth pussy was out there for the world to see just like my cock as we walked to Heberto’s house.

We walked into the house, stopped at the kitchen and did a few shots then went into the living room. My surprise was obvious now. They had invited a few friends over to have their way with me. When I walked into the living room, Heberto and Tom were sitting on the couch naked with a really hot bareback shemale movie on. Sitting between them were two guys I had never seen. Naked also and jerking a cock on either side of them. Katie was standing next to me then kissed me on the cheek and said “surprise, now go have some fun”. I walked over and stood in front of the four of them not sure what to do. Heberto had me spin and model for them for a few. I noticed Katie settled into a chair to watch. “Well, is she as hot as we told you”? Tom asked our two new friends. “Hell yes” one of them said. “She is so fucking hot” the other said. Still not sure what to do I was waiting to be told.

Heberto and Tom told them to enjoy me. Do whatever you like. So one of the guys pulled me to him and put my cock in his mouth. He was feeling my legs and ran one hand under my top and bra and was playing with my nipples. His buddy stood up behind me, was kissing my neck and rubbing his hard cock on my ass before he went to his knees. He spread my cheeks and I felt his warm tongue enter my ass. The feeling of him eating me and my cock in a warm mouth was almost too much. Heberto could see that I was about to lose it and told them to stop. “Sit back and let her take care of you now” he said.

Finally Heberto said “drop to your knees and blow us, start with our new friends”. I started blowing one of the new guys jerking the other off. Then I moved to the next one. Before long I was going cock to cock, spending a few minutes on each one then moving on when I was told. Finally one of the new guys told Tom and Heberto how much they wanted to fuck me. They told him again that he could do anything he wanted with me. That applied to both of them. As I was blowing one of them the other finally got off of the couch, kneeled behind me and went down on me again. Licking at my hole hungrily, licking my balls, reaching around stroking on my cock, then finally plunging his cock into me. It felt so good. He was about 6 inches and thick. He fucked very slow and steady. Finally the guy I was blowing said he wanted a turn. The one fucking me pulled out and took his spot on the couch. He was amazed as I slammed my mouth down onto his cock just after it came out of my ass. “Oh shit, that’s so fucking hot” he said. Before I could come up for air, his buddy was balls deep in me. He was long and thin. It felt like he was into my ribs he was so far in. I was in ecstasy. There I was blowing a guy, jerking off my two men sitting on either side of him and another guy fucking me. I just knew I was going to get so much cum that night. The thought of it had me so excited.

The guy fucking me was slapping my ass, telling me how hot I was while pushing that long hot cock as deep into my ass he could get it. It was finally more than he could bear. “I’m cumming” he was shouting. He shot his load into me and I felt his long cock throbbing on my insides as he gave me his juice.

“You know what to do” Tom told me. The other two guys had no idea what he meant. Mr. Long cock pulled out of me and I spun around to take him in my mouth. That is when I got the second part of my surprise. There stood Katie with a video camera taping the whole thing. I was caught off guard but turned on at the same time. I just kept going as if the camera didn’t exist. I went down on that long cock that was just in me. The two guests were both amazed and turned on. “Holy shit, your fucking girl is so hot. She’s such a dirty little slut. I wish I could find a girl like her” I heard them saying. As I was sucking him clean my ass was now facing his buddy. He couldn’t take it, he got on his knees and positioned himself behind me and slid his cock into me. He didn’t last long before cumming in me. I gladly cleaned him up after as well.

Those two stepped out of the picture to recharge the batteries for a bit and Tom, Heberto and Katie took over. Katie started directing us what to do as if she were making a porn. She had us doing any and everything thing, recording the whole time. She had me blow them of course, eat their asses, them blow me, eat my ass, fuck me in several different positions and treat me like the filthy whore I am.

Our guests couldn’t bear watching anymore. They wanted to get involved. Katie worked them right into the scene. Making me take care of all four of them every way possible. This night went on for hours, sucking and fucking and cum everywhere, tons of it oozing out of my ass.

Finally we were all spent. I still hadn’t got my first nut yet and I was so hard that my cock actually hurt. I fought the urge to bust dozens of times. The guys all said they had one more orgasm in them. Katie had an idea. She laid on the floor with her legs spread and told me to get on top of her. She handed the camera to her husband. She guided me into her soaking wet pussy. “Ok, I want all of you to finish in her, who’s first”? Mr. Long cock got in first, kissing the back of my neck as I slid in and out of Katie. She kept telling me “don’t you dare cum. You can’t cum until you make everyone of these guys cum first”. I was dying to fill her with my load.

Finally Mr.Long cock came in me. His buddy slid in right behind him. She told Mr. Long cock to give us his cock. He kneeled next to me and we both started licking and sucking his soaking wet cock. We licked him clean then kissed each other tasting the juice together. His buddy came as well. He pulled out and we cleaned him up. Heberto was next. I could always tell his big long thick uncut cock from any other in my ass. After he came we cleaned him up and Tom handed him the camera. Tom was last in and was the quickest. My ass was making squishy noises as he pounded in and out of me because I had so much cum in me. After he came we cleaned him up as well. “Now it’s your turn” Katie said. I came so hard in her pussy that it felt like I was turning myself inside out. It poured out of me forever. She came with me and when we both finished we just looked at each other, both drenched in sweat, she kissed me and told me how glad she was that she and Tom met me. I pulled out of her and she quickly pulled my cock to her mouth cleaning her pussy juice and my cum off of my cock and balls. Heberto taped the whole thing. When she finished she spread her legs and told me to take care of her. When she did it revealed the hottest cream pie I have ever seen. All of us were looking at her pussy in amazement. There was cum everywhere. I saw it running out of her so I was not going to waste time and let any get away. After Heberto got enough on tape I went down on her. Sucking and licking hungrily. I could not believe how much cum I got out of her. Literally mouthfuls. She told me not to swallow any. I got my first mouth full then Tom grabbed me and kissed me sucking my cum out of my mouth. I went down for more, Heberto wanted the next mouthful. Then the last one was for Katie and me to share. We kissed hungrily swapping my cum back and forth.

Our two buddies got dressed, we thanked them for a great time and they left. The three of us just laid around spent, talking about nothing important. At some point I fell asleep on the couch, face down. I woke up on the middle of the night and nobody else was there. I walked into the bedroom and Heberto was in bed, laying there naked with no covers on. I laid next to him on my stomach. He rolled over and put his hand on my ass. Before long he had a finger in me. “Holy shit, your ass is so full of cum. That’s so fucking hot” he said.

We drifted off back to sleep. He had to get up and go out of town the next morning so I was going to sleep in and let myself out. I woke up late in the morning, got a shower, got dressed and was going through my bag looking for something to wear home when I came across a DVD. I got excited just thinking about what I would see on it. I got dressed, hurried home and popped it in. It was so fucking hot. I didn’t last long before I came the first time. I was just getting hard again and still watching when the phone rang, it was Katie and Tom. They were watching it as well. Apparently they made me a copy that morning. We watched it together and jerked off together. We were already wishing it were Friday night again.

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