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Nice surprise for the delivery man

Me and the delivery man get cosy
I'm a crossdresser in my early 20's and still live at home unfortunately.

The day started as it usually does when I'm home alone, dressing up. On this day I had gone for a pink G-string with a matching bra, my breast forms, and some tight leggings which showed off my pert bum very nicely. A black lace top and of course my light brown shoulder-length wig and my make-up. I was in a bit of a horny mood so I went for the red lipstick and lip gloss to give them a sparkle, red nail varnish with black eye liner, mascara and eye shadow. This was topped off with some foundation for a nice complexion.

I was puttering around the house doing some cleaning while watching day time TV when the door bell rang. I stopped and turned to the door wondering who on earth it could be. I ran to the front of the house, in hope that I would recognise if someone had pulled up in a car. I looked out to see a delivery van there, and I immediately thought to myself, 'What the hell let’s do it.'

I've been out in public before, a fair few times now, but when it's your own front door you have in the back of your head that they know where you live.

So, I ran to the mirror to make sure I looked good, tucked my dick In between my legs and opened the door. The delivery man gave me a warm smile and passed over the parcel. I have to say he was very attractive. I took the parcel, smiling at him and thanked him. I could tell that he knew I was a crossdresser by the way his face changed. A massive grin appeared from ear to ear.

I turned around bending over and put the parcel on the floor, showing off my bum and knickers. Suddenly he gave it a firm grab. I turned around smiling with that look in my eye. He put both arms around my hips before moving down to have a hand on each bum check. Rubbing them softly he said, “You had a great bum.”

I politely asked him if he had ever been with a crossdresser before, he said he hadn't. But it had always turned him on, and he would often watch crossdresser or shemale porn. I smiled and said, "Well this must be your lucky day then, if you want it to be?" 

He nodded at me, but stated that he couldn't be too long because of other deliveries.

I looked at him with a cheeky grim on my face, and said, “Of course no problem gorgeous, make sure you shut the door behind you”.

I put my hand on his crotch, which was already as hard as hell, and started undoing his flies. I popped his dick out which was probably around 7 inches. I got down onto my knees and began to suck him up and down. His warm long shaft was heaven; I kept my eyes on him the whole time.

After about 10 minutes I could taste his salty cum so I knew it wouldn't be too long before he exploded. So I took his cock out of my mouth and politely asked where he would prefer to cum in my mouth or in my ass.

He smiled down at me and said, “In the mouth, sexy, I still have places to be. Maybe I’ll see you again and take you up on the other offer some day.”
“I hope so,” I replied, and I continued to suck him off, my mouth and tongue caressing his long shaft. He grabbed the back of my head and started thrusting in and out, really face fucking me. Before I knew it he exploded in my mouth and I felt his warm cum swirl around my mouth and running down my chin. I lapped it up, making sure my hand was ready to catch the drip form my chin, to return it to my mouth.

I stood up and we shared a smile. He said, “I can't wait to deliver here again.”

I replied by saying, “I can't wait handsome.”

He opened the door and walked towards his van, looking back at me as he went. I couldn't help but stand there thinking what could have been had he not needed to go. He walked with a spring in his step, jumped into his van, looked at me one last time before he drove off into the distance, with me stood in my drive still tasting his cum.

I'm still awaiting his return but I'm confident he'll be back.

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