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Night at the Video Store, Part 2

a sissy, very blonde, bimbo slut goes to a video store in a rough, black part of a big city.....
There were some strong, black street toughs in the SUV, but they got quiet when they saw me step off the curb into the parking lot. My nipples began to get hard under my little black micro mini dress and I could tell they were looking at them. I must admit, my platinum blonde wig, a huge Vegas style wig that went down my back to my butt, swung right and left as I moved my head back and forth looking at them.

My make-up was perfect. I spent almost two hours on it before I left home, and my lipstick was glossy glossy red. I had never put on lashes this long, 'hooker lashes' I refer to them. I did not have courage to wear them in public until tonight. I shifted my white fur purse from one shoulder to the other and it bumped against my hip as I put a cigarette to my lips. "Does anyone have a light I could borrow?" I asked? A lighter appeared out of nowhere.

"Hey, girl... s'up?"

"Just looking," I said.

"You a hot bitch... whut you lookin for?" I loved his deep Black man voice. My nipples were as large as they had ever been and at his eye level cause he was sitting in the SUV.

"I guess I'll know what it is when I see it," I said in my best little sing song white girl voice. I have practiced that voice for years so now I can sound just like a perfect first date bimbo. It also helps that I can lisp when I talk. One guy--a friend of a friend-- told me that he came just listening to me on the phone. 

"Well, I got somethin' I think you like," he said and his friends laughed and high-fived each other.

"You guys are cute," I said, "but I came here to see some movies."

"Shit, girl, I show you some movies at my apartment that turn that blonde hair blonder. It some rough shit," and they all laughed again.

Two of them got out of the SUV and just stood there, not moving. The two that got out of the SUV were wearing gym shorts and sleeveless undershirts that showed off a lot of thick shoulders and arms. I could see a bulge, a definite and promising bulge. One had a shaved head that I loved. One was smoking, but none of them were smiling.

"Guys I came here to see a movie but I think you will be here when I leave, 'cause you seem to like the way I look," I said and turned back to the sidewalk showing a lot of butt as I stepped up on the curb. I could feel my butt flipping up and down as I 'click click clicked' to the door.

"Oh baby, you hot, goddamn you hot bitch... not gonna leave us like this are you? Damn I got 'ten' for you." By this time I was comfortable with the situation so I just licked my lips. "Well, let me see what is on and then I may be right back out, okay?" The video store was about half block away. I intentionally took five minutes to make that walk.

There is no door charge at this theatre chain for females and that is why a lot of hookers and street whores go there. They get inside and then make enough to live on or buy drugs or both, I hear. The door girl recognized me from another theatre I went to, and she said, "Hi, Jerri. You gonna behave yourself tonight?"

"Well, I haven't behaved myself before, so why start now?"

She laughed and said, "They know you a guy? I bet not. They find out sooner or later but by then they'll be so ready for yo ass they don't care one way or the other. They be 'nine' up you and poundin' and not care that you have a little sissy clit."

"I sure hope you are right about that," I said, "And I think you are... you've been right about that before." She laughed again. "The best screen is number five, some hot action and some very ready dudes in there lookin' for somethin' just like you!" she laughed.

I went in to Screen Five.

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