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Not Your Typical Traffic Stop

Stephanie's run in with the law turns steamy and dirty.
Hi my name is Stephanie and this is a fiction based on my dirty desires.

I was making a risky trip to my local adult video store dressed as Stephanie. The sun was setting and the drive was only 10 minutes, tops. I figured with low light and close proximity of my playground of debauchery, I would be safe.

I admit because of nerves I had my black 'fuck me' heels hard on the gas. My heart sunk as I heard the siren and saw the cop car behind me. I was fucked I thought as he would first notice I was in drag and two I would be outted. I held it together as I pulled off the desolate road. My raging hard on knowing I was a mile from sucking cock had shriveled at my new possibilities. At least the officer approachingmy car was handsome probably in his mid 30s and seemed quite fit.

"License and reg...what the fuck!" The patrolman said and stepped back in surprise.

I already had my license and registration ready and I shamefully handed it out the window silently. He took the items from my hand looking strangely at me. He looked at my license and back at me knowingly. "I am sorry I was speeding, you can imagine my embarrassment officer." I sheepishly explained to the officer.

"Relax, being uh, um, whatever you are isn't breaking the law. Where were you going in such a hurry?" The officer awkwardly informed and asked me.

"Uh, um, to a friends house." I lied poorly.

"Bullshit. I know where you were going." He sternly said to me. "You are a terrible liar. Please step out of the vehicle ma'am." He ordered me.

"Yes officer." I glumly replied. But then a small wave of excitement went through me, he called me ma'am.

"Turn and put your hands on the top of the car ma'am." He directed me.

"What? What's going on? I was speeding officer." I questioned him.

Then I was forced up against the car as he began to feel my body. His hands fondled my stocking covered legs moving up under my skirt. I moaned as he felt where my thigh high stockings ended and his fingers molested my bar skin and my panty covered cock. I only wiggled my body under his molesting me when he breathed into my ear, "speeding and resisting arrest missy."

My hands were cuffed behind my back and then the officer fondled my chest and pushed me to his squad car. "Please no officer. I don't deserve this!" I cried in vain as he drove off with me cuffed helpless in the back. I felt afraid of what would be said once we arrived at the police station. What would my friends and family say after I wasarrested and booked dressed as a girl. Tears streamed down my cheeks at my bleak future. Then I noticed something strange. The officer was driving down a dirt road only a mile from where he arrested me.

"Were are you taking me?" I pleaded.

"Right here." Was all he said as he stopped in a wooded desolate part of the road.

The officer jumped out and opened the door pulling me out onto my feet. "What are going to do to me?" I nervously asked him.

"You want to be a woman and I haven't had sex in months." He smiled as he unzipped his pants and took off his gun belt. Luckily my wig was fastened quite well since he used it to pull me to him. His growning cock toched my stocking legs as he kissed me. I know he was forcing this on me but as he kissed me I began to kiss him back.

"MMMM that's it baby, it feels good doesn't it." He moaned in my ear as he nibbled my neck and I let my hand fall to his hard smooth cock. Slowly the officer pushed me to my knees on the soft grass.

"You know all you had to do was ask me to blow you when we were back at my car." I cooed to him as licked his hard 7 inch dick.

"MMMMM fuck baby, what's your girl name?" He moaned.

I held his throbbing shaft against my cheek and locked eyes with him. "My name is Stephanie." I sweetly told him. I went back to sucking his hard shaft bobbing my head up and down on him. His balls were totally shaved and my tongue glided smoothly over them.

"Up, stand up baby." The officer groaned. He then totally surprised me as he lifted my skirt, pulled my panties down around my mid thighs, and began sucking my hard candy stick.

"OOOOOO officer! So good." I moaned as he sucked me. He was really good and not his first time. His finger traced back to my smooth boy pussy and probed me as he licked up and down my girl shaft.

"Stephanie, turn and spread baby." He ordered me. I felt the back of my skirt flipped up and then I shivered as his face planted between my smooth firm ass cheeks.

"OOOOOOOO yeah baby, lick my pussy!" I yelled and pushed back against his mouth.
I was whimpering like a slut girl as he licked my balls up to my spread asshole. I tried to hold still as he tongued my pussy lubing it up. His hand reached forward and cupped my cock and balls as he continued to eat my boi pussy.

"I think you are ready Stephanie." The officer purred as he stood and smeared his cock along my licked ass crack. I looked back at him and watched him press his cock head to my hole.

"UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUgh!" I cried out as he thick cock head opened my pussy. I breathed heavily as inch by inch of his manhood entered my girly ass.

"MMMMM fuck you are tight baby." He winced as he pushed the last inch in me.
I had fucked my boi pussy earlier that day so my walls easily opened and sucked in all 7 hard inches. He paused resting his balls against mine.

"MMMMM fuck me baby. I need it!" I grunted as I gyrated my hips moving his cock in my ass.

"Say it again, tell me what you need slut." He egged me on.

"OOOOOO I want you to fuck my pussy officer!" I cried out. The officer was then slowly starting to saw in and out of my sweet tight boi cunt. I smacked my open palm on his cruiser hood as he was fucking me so deep and hard. My own cock was flopping up and down with his thrusts. His one hand held my hip and the other began to spank me.

"MMMMM you're such a dirty slut baby!" He cried

'OOOOO I'm your dirty slut! I'm your dirty slut!' I echoed back to my dirty cop.
"Where do you want it baby?" The officer grunted as he was so close to orgasm. I was honored he would give me say where to shoot his creamy load. Being a dirty girl I gave him my favorite answer.

"Cum inside my dirty boi pussy Officer!" I cried out.

"OOOOOOOOOOO here it comes honey!" he moaned two seconds later.

I gasped and shivered as he pushed in my ass deep as he could feeling multiple jets of his seed shoot inside me and splash against the walls of my boi pussy. Without being touched on my candy stick, I began to squirt my girly cum out onto the side of the officer's car. Slowly we disengaged from each other and silently cleaned ourselves up.

We kissed once more and then the officer broke it off and told me to sit in the front seat of his squad car. The ride to my care was silent and seemed to take forever. It was surreal as he stopped and thanked me.

"I patrol this road the same time every other day. I like fishnet stockings on my girls." He said to me just before he let me out and drove away. I got into my car and sat for a second then grinned and drove off to the adult video store as the officer's cum leaked into my sexy panties.

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