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Oh, Daddy

Making of a cum slut
It all started with an online ad. I had always known I was different. I tried to pretend I liked girls, but I really wanted to be one.

Let me describe myself. My name is Tony. I am 17. I'm 5' 10", 125 pounds. I have long blonde hair that girls are always jealous of, but it's always my blue eyes that draw everyone's attention. I was pretty shy and mostly kept to myself. I had a few friends, but I didn't spend much time outside school with them, as I was trying to keep my feelings secret.

As I said, it started with an ad. I was home alone on a Friday and surfing the web. I was site hopping and ended up on the personal ads on Craigslist. I was reading through the m4m section when I came across an ad. It was from an older man from a neighboring town. He was looking for a younger, skinny guy to spend some time with. He said he was a top and really wanted to find a virgin ass the break in.

I found this very arousing. I wanted to be treated like a woman - no, someone's bitch - and I became very turned on. I started to fantasize what this guy would do to me. I pulled out my 6-inch cock and started rubbing it. It wasn't very long before I'd cum all over a tissue.

I was ready to close the ad, already starting to feel guilt for what I had done. As I went to click it closed, I started to think about why I couldn't do what I wanted. This guy was from out of town. He'd never recognize me, and I could slip right back into my normal life afterward as if nothing happened.

I clicked the reply button and typed, "Hey, I'm a 17 y/o guy looking for my first time experience with a guy." I went on to describe myself and hit send. I immediately got a response with his name, Mark, a picture and an address. I opened the picture and a muscular, greying man in his 40's with a hairy chest, shaved balls, and an 8-inch hard penis was staring at me. I was practically drooling. I put the address in my phone and headed off.

The drive was quick and I pulled up about twenty-five minutes later. I sat there contemplating what I was doing and thought about leaving. After a few minutes, I realized I wouldn't get this close again and got out. I knocked on the door and Mark opened it up, and asked me to come in. After a few pleasantries, we headed for the living room.

He asked if I wanted a drink and I just nodded. He returned with a glass and handed it to me. He said, "Rum and Coke," and I thanked him. I took a drink and it was strong, but I finished it and was handed another. I was soon feeling comfortable. We chatted and he asked about my fantasies. I told him how I wanted to be treated like a girl.

He moved closer to me and put his hands on my shoulders and started rubbing. It felt really good and I could feel myself easing up. I leaned my head back and he ran his hand through my hair and looked down at me. He moved in and kissed my gently. I melted and he moved in harder. I opened my mouth and he pushed his tongue in. It all felt so right.

He pulled away and grabbed my hand. He pulled me to the stairs and we headed up to his room. Once inside, he reached into his dresser and pulled out a small pair of panties. They were pink and lacy. He handed them to me and told me to put them on. He sat back on the bed as I slipped out of my clothes. I was standing there naked and I picked up the panties. I slid them up my legs and felt the thong slip between my ass cheeks. Mark whistled and asked me to turn around, so I twirled around and looked back at him. I wanted him so bad.

He beckoned me over, and I walked over to him. I sat on his lap and we started kissing. I could feel his cock getting hard under me. He said, "From this point forward, I will call you Tonya. You will do as I please, wear what I say."

I reached down and ran my hand over his cock, and knew I'd submit to this beast whenever it called. I nodded in agreement and Mark told me to move onto my knees. I slid down to the floor and turned to face him.

He stood and said, "First things first, undress me, and do it slowly."

I reached up and started opening his belt. He reached up and took off his shirt. I unbuttoned his pants and pulled down his jeans. He wasn't wearing any underwear and his cock sprung down and smacked my face. I could smell him, and I about came in my panties!

He grabbed my hair and told me to open my mouth. He stuck the head of his cock in my mouth. I could feel the heat and precum on my tongue. He then pulled it out and stuck his balls in my face. He told me to rub them around my face and to lick them.

I ran them across my face, and ran my tongue over them. He groaned and said, "Yeah, Tonya, just like that."

I opened my mouth and sucked on his sack and could feel his cock on my face. I wanted that baby back in my mouth, but I continued sucking and licking his balls, his moaning serving as my encouragement.

Finally he pulled back and grabbed a handful of my hair. He said, "You're my bitch now, Tonya. Show Daddy how much you want his cum."

I opened up and he slid his cock into my mouth and pushed it into my throat. I opened up as wide as I could and gagged hard. He pulled back and laughed. He said, "You have to do better than that, babydoll."

This time he inserted just the tip and allowed me to take him myself. I ran my lips over his shaft and felt the veininess. My tongue ran over the head and I got a taste of his salty precum. I worked my mouth down over his shaft and felt his hands tightening in my hair. I had never done this, but if his moaning was any indication, I was a quick learner.

He moaned my name again. "Tonya, that's a good girl. Take that cock and look up at me."

I flicked my hair out of my eyes and looked up at him with my lips wrapped around my cock. He gasped and said, "Oh, baby, with those eyes, and maybe some lipstick, you're gonna make me cum."

I moaned involuntarily. I wanted to eat his cum. To make him feel good and please him any way I could. I kept looking at him as I moved his hard shaft into my throat. He started moving more urgently and I felt his shaft swell. I tightened his grip on my hair and pulled back with his shaft. He grabbed ahold of it with his other hand and pointed it at my face.

He said, "Open your mouth and stick out your tongue."

I did as I was told and looked at his face, his head was thrown back and he let out a huge groan. I felt a warm slash across my nose and onto my forehead. I looked at his cock as his second shot flew across my tongue and I tasted him for the first time. It was true love! A third, then a forth shot hit my cheeks and my lips. The fifth shot waned a bit, but the sixth was a huge glob of white sticky cum right onto my tongue.

A few follow up shots dribbled onto my chin and he told me to show him his load. I stuck out my tongue and slowed him the pool of cum on my tongue. He said to swallow it, and I gulped it down. He took his cock and smeared it across my cum covered face and pushed his head through my lips.

I suckled on the time savoring the taste on his cum. I flick my tongue and played with it as I felt the stickiness drying to my face and thought to myself, there's no way I'm going back to normal.

He pulled me up into his lap as he fell back onto the bed, and kissed me hard. I felt his cock stirring again and looked up into his eyes and moaned, "Oh, Daddy!"

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