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Peer Pressure, Both Ways...

Girlfriend's boyfriend cums to the rescue!
"Fucking pervert, fucking pouffe, tosser, sissy...."
Lenny had become accustomed to these names over the years, as he went about minding his own business, but the lads from out of town were relentless, as they began pushing and shoving Lenny. He tried to walk away, but they roughed him up a bit, before laughing hysterically and then shooting off.

Lenny wasn't physically hurt, just a slightly bruised ego; the thing that hurt the most wasn't the outsiders, but it was Brad who joined in, despite his acquaintance with Lenny.

Brad stood at 6'1", with blonde hair, pearly blue eyes, broad shoulders, and a smile that would melt an iceberg. They had known each for several years, especially since Alice, Brad's girl was best friends with Lenny. Brad didn't mind Alice hanging around with him, since he was considered completely harmless by all the girls, given his sexual orientation, which was public knowledge.

All the girls loved hanging around with Lenny, since they could do girly things together, such as trying on new dresses, painting nails, and discussing relationship issues. They felt secure, being with a guy in public, but not sexually connected. The girls had no issues with undressing in front of him or peeing in the same bathroom while he showered. The girl's fathers were happy for him to stay over, since they knew his orientation. Lenny relished the girls slumber parties, where they would give him their nighties and in the morning they would give him their panties to wear.

Huddling up with the girls was a lovely experience for Lenny, as he would cuddle them, kiss them, and massage them like a girl.

Alice and Lenny were particularly close; it was this fact that hurt him the most. He sat slumped in his chair, trying to recompose himself, as his mind wandered off to the affection shown by her.

Alice was very petite, with long blonde hair, green emerald eyes, and very cute tiny 30a titties; the nipples were well formed and for the most part remained erect. The titties didn't require a bra, which was great since she looked so gorgeous in polo shirts. Her cunt was bald, with just a slight landing strip. Her toes were always perfectly manicured; shining with gloss and always clipped to perfection.

Lenny remembered the times he washed her feet, drying her toes by fingering the towel between the arches, and applying lotion. They painted each others toes, Lenny taking meticulous care not to dribble. The way he cradled her feet; the soft thighs shining with subtle blonde fluffy hair. They would spend hours combing each other's hair; she would braid his hair in silky ribbons, dressing him in a skirt, Lacey stockings, a blouse, and high heels. He would pose for her while she clicked away at the camera.

Lenny's memories were interrupted by the squeaky hinges as his door opened slowly. His first reaction was that of alarm, but the look in Brad's eyes gave him a comforting sense of security. Brad's gaze was fixed as he made a beeline for Lenny, stroking his hair, running his fingers through the beautiful locks. This sent a tingling feeling from head to toe as Lenny let out a sigh of relief. His gaze became transfixed as Brad's genitalia began to come to fruition; the bulge wanting liberation, wanting a sanctuary, wanting to make amends.

Lenny unfastened the jeans, allowing the blonde bombshell to see his freedom; the majestic hyperbola shape curving towards its master's perfectly flat stomach. The curved prick was 8 inches, with a manly girth, the veins visible in high definition, the foreskin rippling with valour, as the upwards thrust enhanced his Greek Adonis persona.

Lenny took Brad, applying an abundance of saliva as he rotated the artisan cock, milking it hungrily. Brad rolled his head back with immense relief as he shuffled out of his clothes completely. Revealing his satin Lacey knickers, suspenders, stockings, and garter.

Lenny sucked hungrily while stroking the laced buttocks, which were clenched tight. He began fingering his prostate as Brad pulled him closer by the shoulders.

Lenny was oblivious to the open door as Alice crept in slowly. She was stark bollock naked, her hair touching her fine tiny arse, which was no bigger than a melon. The titties were mere erect nipples, no cup size. Her beautifully fit body shone like gold as she pressed herself behind Brad.

Brad laid Lenny in a spooning position as he covered his majestic cock with abundant lube, pulling the foreskin back and forth. He applied the same to Lenny's anus with his middle finger. Lenny went into bliss as he inched his manhood into him bit by bit. Brad tilted him slightly so that Alice could perform fellatio on Lenny comfortably.

Alice flicked her head to one side in order to move her hair out of the way as she took Lenny. Her saliva was dripping down his bollocks as the slurping gained momentum. She moved up his body to French kiss him. Lenny leaned down to suck on her flat chest, licking up and down without interruption as he fingered her blonde cunt, stopping only to sniff his finger.

"I love having two girlfriends," cried Brad as his bulge began to swell inside Lenny.

"You are going to have two wives honey," said Alice ecstatically, since she had Lenny's fingers in her moist, juicy, succulent and aromatic cunt.

The trinity shuddered as Brad shed his load. They huddled together as Brad vowed to look after both girls. Brad asked Lenny to cement his relationship with Alice; she nodded approvingly as she welcomed him with open legs, spitting on her hand heavily and then smothering her aromatic cunt. Lenny fingered her toes as he lifted her legs high up in the air, joined by Brad rubbing his satin silks against their bodies....

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