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Queen of all Hearts

Queen of all Hearts

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College Queen finds the King!
Justin sprawled himself on the sofa, dressed in his pretty frock. He flicked through the TV channels, feeling rather content.

Justin was always different, even as a child, he preferred to play with girls, with their dolls, and wanted to wear frocks and dresses. His mother encouraged his development by taking him to ballet classes, needlework, and flower arranging.

Justin relished his freedom, now that he and his friends were all over sixteen, and free agents.

Justin's neighbours were very friendly. They accepted Justin completely. For the most part, Jake and Cathy would be naked in the house, and they made Justin feel very much at home.

For Justin, their house was a second home for him. He spent a great deal of time naked with the family, as he embarked on the journey of self-discovery.

In the nude sauna, Justin admired Jake's unshaven, thick, eight-inch cock. Cathy had a large hairy cunt, but Justin was not inclined that way.

Despite Cathy's bushy cunt, their daughter Leigh was completely bald. The parents allowed Justin to sleep in Leigh's room on many occasions since they trusted him implicitly, owing to his orientation. Justin and Leigh had become very good "girlfriends". They started to spend more and more time together, and the parents enjoyed every moment too.

Leigh slept naked with Justin, she knew that he had no desire to fuck her, and as such, she felt very secure. They grew very fond of each; he relished sniffing her worn panties, bra, and jeans. The aromatic musky aroma from her panties was warm and inviting.

His mind drifted off to the symphony orchestra evening booked by the parents. He tried to imagine himself in a Coco Chanel dress, being swept off his feet, and being the star of the show. He just lay there thinking, "when, when..."

On the day of orchestra, Leigh would help him get ready.

When Justin went into his room, he couldn't believe his eyes, as they became transfixed on a beautiful pearl Emmanuel's dress, with a long train, and strapless at the top. There was a pair of silver high heels covered in glitter.

The knock on the door signalled that Leigh had arrived. She smiled from ear to ear, as she gave him a warm peck on the cheek.

"Let's do your hair first, sweetie," she said excitedly, as she opened the vanity case.

Before long, Justin's fair, braided hair was tied in a bun, at the back. The pearl jewellery enhanced the styling immensely, as Leigh began applying the pink lipstick, eye shadow, and gloss.

With all the jewellery, Justin looked like a European Queen, as his aura swept through the house. To his utter amazement, Leigh had instructed her boyfriend Scott, to take Justin by a stretched limo to the venue.

Justin was walking on air when he set eyes on Scott, who was six foot one, blonde hair, blue eyes, brilliant white teeth, and rippled with lean muscle. His black evening suit, together with white shirt, black bow tie, and a woody aromatic aftershave, sent Justin reeling.

"Your carriage awaits madam," he smiled graciously, as he extended his arm for Justin to take hold of.

Justin took his arm, carefully folded his dress behind him, and exchanged gentle kisses on the cheeks.

At the venue, Scott swept Justin off his feet, as they made a grand entrance. The orchestra played a special rendition of the waltz as the pair twirled the floor. All the other guests were dressed immaculately. They clapped when they saw the pair giving their performance.

The warmth and softness of Scott's breath sent Justin tingling. The stubble pressing gently on his cheek, the firm hands on his thin waist, was too much to bear for Justin.

He silently mouthed the words, "May I?" as he looked towards Leigh. She had her head tilted to one side, tears rolling down her cheeks, kitten like eyes.

"Of course you may," she silently mouthed back.

Justin trailed behind Scott as he was whisked away. Once they were alone they, kissed, but not lustily. It was full lips on lips, but a beautifully slow smooch, as Scott massaged Justin's cock through the silk dress.

Justin co-operated by spreading his legs further apart, allowing Scott's hand more freedom. Scott got on his knees, slowly lifting the tissue like dress fabric. Scott flicked his tongue in rapid succession, as he gently made love to the tip of Justin's knob. It was small enough for Scott to place in his mouth together with the perfectly round bollocks.

Justin squirmed as Scott tugged hungrily at the meat; trying to balance himself on the desk. They locked lips again, but this time is was more lusty, deep throat, as Scott's hands held him tighter.

Scott unzipped himself, applying saliva to the head of his gorgeous eight-inch weapon. The cock slammed flat against Scott's perfectly toned stomach. The vertical thrust sent orgasmic senses through Justin's spine.

Scott placed his hands under Justin's armpits as he lifted him onto his chopper. Justin bobbed up and down like a rag doll as the shaft invaded the cavity eagerly. Justin wrapped his arms around Scott's neck very tightly. Scott's hands were full, balancing Justin's cute arse. Justin kissed harder and harder, as he approached orgasm.

"It's the male equivalent of the g-spot, honey," Scott kept reassuring Justin, as the thick head of his cock thumped the prostate mercilessly.

"Uh, uh, uh, I'm nearly there," whimpered Justin, as he placed his head between Scott's shoulder and face.

Scott's musky breath, the rigid blonde stubble, felt so sensuous against Justin's cheeks. It reminded him of the secure feeling that he had once upon a time.

Scott's big broad muscular hand covered Justin's arse. Their chests were rubbing up and down against each other. Justin fingered Scott's hair, as they looked deep into each other’s eyes.

Scott's eyes rolled into oblivion, as Justin's tight receptacle milked his eight-inch pole.

The throbbing sent tingles, all the way down Justin's back, as the ropes of Scott's cum volcanoed into his tight anus.

"Uh, uh, uh,” cried Justin, as his own semen crashed onto Scott's crisp white shirt.

"It’s okay, I've got you, I've got you sweetheart,” whispered Scott, as he blew gentle kisses for Justin.

Justin had his legs tightly wrapped around Scott's thin waist, as his shiny high heels dangled from his feet, falling off from the heel. His arse was dripping, the residue flowing like a lake, from Scott's fat cock, onto the floor.

Scott stopped bouncing Justin up and down; instead, he pulled him down firmly onto the entire shaft of his heavenly tool.

Justin felt as if the cock was pounding his heart, as his own cock bore witness to the eruption of fruitful love.

Justin only heard the words Leigh was saying, as she joined the men, in the aftermath of their performance.

"Scott, I need you to sleep with my best girlfriend tonight!” she ordered her boyfriend, as she winked and smiled at Justin...

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