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Rainy Day For Alex(ia)

Alex copes with a rainy day Sfw. Please comment, rate, and i'll develop her NSFW!!!

The smell of rain danced near his nose, as Alex sat by the window. It had been raining for two hours now, with no sign of stopping. The clouds were ever so gray and the wind gave the trees reason to dance.

“I guess I know what will make this afternoon cozier,” he said, making for his wardrobe. 

Passing his mirror, he caught sight of himself again, 5 foot 8, 62 kilos, with long brown hair,dark eyes and a slightly freckled face. Just a bit of weight around his butt area, but no one really would notice it. 

The doors swung open. A perfect pattern of plains and colors drew the distinction between Alex and Alexia. 

Without hesitation, Alex skillfully pulled out his afternoon selection and laid them on his admirably soft bed. 

Peach colored cotton panties with matching demi-cup bra, thick white stockings, light red pleated skirt and white off shoulder blouse. 

“I’ll get the red cardigan to wear over this afterwards,” he said, smiling. 

Feeling better already, he stripped out of his sweatpants and T-shirt, chucking them into the basket, and slipped into what his body craved most. His panties slid up his smooth, shapely legs, hugging his round butt perfectly. He deliberately pulled it higher up on his waist so that it rounded them further. Walking up to the mirror, he pushed aside the brown, shoulder length hair and fastened his bra in place, sliding in some pads to give it character. 

Without much effort the person in the mirror was already looking like a disheveled girl fresh from work, safe for ‘her’ little bulge. Alexia simply wiggled her hips at the notion. 

Alexia sat down on her bed, the cold fabric seeping into her thighs, forcing her to quiver at the thought. She leaned to her side and T-shirt the stockings to warm up, sliding them on one at a time. Each one enveloping her long legs all the way up. The warmth was an immediate relief!

“Hmmm, yeah. The cold is out,” she giggled. 

The rain kept pouring as she briefly stood by the window, in nothing but lingerie. 'Anyone could see me now, a shame no one is out', she thought, before returning to complete her transformation. 

She grabbed her top and slid it on, feeling it fall over her breasts and hold in place proudly. The fake C-cups gave her blouse a crop top effect, letting her belly show much to her pleasure. A quick turn just to button everything up and her perky appearance was quite the sight.The skirt was next. A quick slide up and fasten saw it hanging over her butt, with a bit of thigh exposure between that and the stockings. Alexia giggled and gave a quick twirl. Wind blew under the skirt, giving her a glimpse of her undies before she pushed them down, blushing.

"Mmm, I feel so innocent and soft every time I do this," she said out loud, shaking her ass gently at the mirror just to tease herself. 

From a simple young man the mirror now showed quite the pretty little thing.

“One last thing!” Alexia exclaimed, walking to the dressing table. She sat down and took out the foundation first, she gently padded it on her face to make it softer than usual. Blush followed, but just an innocent dab to bring that soft glow she wanted when she looked in the mirror. Bit by bit the rosy cheeks became apparent. 'That's enough', Alexia thought. Lastly, a light tone of lipstick, just to freshen her appeal. Done. 

Alexia sat, legs crossed and propped on her stool, smiling. The act of becoming her real self was warmth enough to ward off the cold, so she got to her feet and made her way to the kitchen to make some hot coco.

Grabbing her cardigan and a chair, she sat by the window again, watching the rain in style, sipping on the greatest drink ever, while waiting for someone to notice her.




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