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Realized Fantasies. Chapter 2, part 1: Steffie Sucks

Crossdresser Steve/Steffie is blackmailed by coworkers into servicing their cocks.

Steve, or Steffie, was fearful of delaying too long in the bathroom, so, shaking his head, he picked up the panties and pantyhose left on the counter for him. He discovered that the pantyhose were crotchless, and considered putting them on first, since his panties could then be removed easily. But he decided that the guys were likely not interested in his own pleasure, so he donned the panties first. The red satin material felt cooling against his buns, which were still warm from the spankings he’d received. It also hurt a bit when he sat on the toilet seat to put on the crotchless pantyhose.

Standing up, he slipped the chemise over his head and let the satin material fall over his torso. It barely covered the panties, and if he bent over even slightly, the panties were exposed. Finally, he slipped on the shoes, with some difficulty. The shoes were tight, not broken in, and he had limited experience walking in heels. He felt awkward and a little shaky, but managed to stand up straight and look at himself in the mirror. He loved the outfit, which was similar to some he had worn in the photos on his profile that his coworkers had discovered. At least, he thought, they brought things he liked to wear.

But he still felt that dressing up and having them see him in person would be very embarrassing. He knew he had no choice, though. Exhaling a deep breath, he opened the door and walked out, somewhat unsteadily, into the room where his coworkers waited.

“Oh, check her out, guys!” John exclaimed.

The others laughed and jeered.

“Well, turn around for us, and strut your stuff,” Robert commanded.

Steffie walked to the middle of the room, where he’d been spanked over a chair. The chair was now moved off to the side, and one of the guys was sitting in it. Steffie turned around for them, awkwardly in the high heels. He noticed some of the guys were taking pictures.

“Having a little trouble walking in those shoes, honey?” asked John.

Steffie wondered if his face was as red as his ass had been after the spankings. “Yes, it’s not easy,” he said meekly.

“It’s okay. You’ll get plenty of practice in them this weekend,” said Robert. “Plus you’ll get a lot of practice on your knees.”

There were more jeers and laughter. Steve said nothing, looking down.

“Ah, come on, give us a pretty smile,” said Allen, taking another picture with his phone.

Steffie forced a smile, looking at Allen, and knowing he was being blackmailed into providing yet more evidence to blackmail him with.

Steffie wondered how things were going to go. Were they all going to watch him sucking one cock after another?

But Robert soon spoke up. “Well, guys, I’m first. Why don’t you give Steffie and I a little privacy?”

Steffie noticed Robert and the others each had a beer. He wanted a beer, too—he wanted to be drunk to make things easier.

“Could I go get a beer first?” asked Steffie.

“Nope,” said Robert. “Maybe later you can have one to help you wash down all the cum, but we don’t want you to wash away the taste right away.”

His mouth was dry, so Steffie asked, “Could I have some water, then? I’m nervous, and my mouth is dry. It might help…” he would have added “with sucking” but was too embarrassed.

Mercifully, Robert told him he could get a bottle of water “to keep your mouth ready.” “But,” Robert added, “No quick drinks after we cum in your mouth. You need to savor the flavor.”

The others laughed, and began to vacate the room. Steffie walked out with them, and went to the kitchen to grab a bottle of water. Then he returned to the room where Robert was waiting, standing in the middle of the room. He closed the door and walked a few paces toward Robert. He took a drink of water and set the bottle of water over on the desk.

Robert was grinning. He wore only boxer shorts. His muscular build was impressive, and his overall size intimidating.

Steffie slowly approached, but Robert said, “First get your phone and open it up for me. You’ll want some pictures to remember sucking my cock for the first time, won’t you? You can send them to me later on.”

Steffie did as he was told, meekly handing Robert his phone after putting in his pass code. Steffie gulped and asked if he could have another drink of water.

“Sure,” said Robert. "Then get back over here and get on your knees."

Steffie still felt shaky and awkward, as he walked to the desk to get a drink, and then walked back. Obediently, he got on his knees in front of Robert. He looked up to see Robert aiming the phone down at Steffie.

“Let’s make a commemorative video,” said Robert, with a chuckle. “Look into the camera and tell me what you want to do.”

Steffie wanted to run and hide, but looked up at the phone and said, “I want to suck cock.” As he said it, he felt a tingling in his penis, and knew that his subjugation was somehow thrilling and exciting for him.

“Good girl,” said Robert. “Tell you what. Whenever one of us comes to you to have their dick sucked, I want you to ask for it nicely. Call us by name, but with ‘Master’ in front of our name.” He paused, and then said, “So let’s hear it.”

The phone was still pointed down at Steffie. “Master Robert,” said Steffie, “may I please suck your cock?”

Robert laughed. “Perfect,” he said. “Yes, you may. Take off my boxers.”

Steffie obediently began to lower Robert’s boxers, pulling them down until Robert’s big cock flopped out. Pausing for a moment, Steffie let out an involuntary “Oh!” and felt a shudder in his breath. The big cock had an almost mesmerizing effect on Steffie, and he felt more excitement in his panties, despite his feelings of embarrassment. He could hardly look away for the instant it took him to get Robert’s boxers down to the floor, where Robert kicked them off to the side.

“You really have a big one,” said Steffie, unable to help the feeling of admiration as he gazed at the penis right in front of his face.

“What do you say?” Robert asked him. “Look up here.”

Steffie looked up. “Oh, please, Master Robert. May I suck your cock now?”

“Yeah, quit wasting time,” said Robert. “Suck it, bitch.”

Steffie felt humiliated but excited. Robert’s cock was hanging downward, a little to the right, so Steffie gently lifted the cock with one hand and guided the head to his mouth. He opened his mouth and took the big head in, placing his tongue underneath, where a man is more sensitive. Steffie’s hand closed around his cock and he gently began to stroke the lower part of the shaft while he sucked on the head, and began to take more of the cock into his mouth. He could feel the cock starting to engorge, getting harder, and he moved his tongue back and forth as he moved his head back and forth, slowly taking more of the cock in his mouth.

“That’s feeling pretty good,” said Robert. “Look at the camera for a nice sucking pic,” he commanded.

Steffie looked up at the phone, his head still moving, bobbing back and forth on the cock.

“Enjoying yourself?” asked Robert.

“Mmm-hmm,” Steffie moaned back, partly to please him, and partly because of feeling pleased himself, aware of the stiffening cock he was sucking.

“Let me get a few snapshots now,” said Robert, sounding amused with himself.

After a few moments Robert tossed the phone to the bed.

“Okay, bitch, suck like you mean it,” he commanded Steffie.

Steffie sucked harder and faster, providing plenty of backpressure as his head drew up the shaft, and pressing his tongue against the shaft as he went down on it. He continued stroking Robert’s cock with his hand, and felt amazed as the cock grew rigid and increased in size as he sucked it. He couldn’t help moaning some, and he felt his own cock, his “clitty”, becoming aroused. The thought flashed through his mind that he was sucking the biggest cock he’d ever encountered, and thought about how small his own cock was in comparison.

Steffie began to suck greedily, and then let the tip of the huge cock come to his lips, where he kissed and tongued the opening. Then he slid his tongue along the underside of the shaft, licking to where his hand still stroked it. He drew back a bit to marvel at the size of Robert’s cock, using both hands to stroke it, and seeing that even both hands did not cover the entire length. Could it be a full nine inches long? Ten? Then he cupped Robert’s balls with one hand, massaging, still stroking with the other. Robert’s balls seemed almost heavy, so full. As he licked the shaft he brought is mouth to the balls and licked them all around, despite the hairiness he found there. He wanted to take both balls in his mouth and suck on them, but was afraid it might cause Robert pain, so he sucked them one at a time. They were at least as big as eggs.

“Yeah, you little slut, you know what you’re doing, don’t you?”

“Oh, God,” said Steffie. “I’ve never sucked this big of a cock. You’re really, really big, Robert.”

“Master Robert to you, sissy. We’re all your Masters. Don’t forget it, or you’ll be punished.”

“Yes, Master Robert. Thank you.” Steffie honestly felt grateful now, as he happily continued to service Robert’s cock.

“You love sucking cock, don’t you, bitch?” Robert’s voice was sounding a bit huskier now.

“Yes, Master. Especially yours,” Steffie added.

“You know how to deep throat good?” asked Robert.

Steffie hesitated. He had deep throated other cocks before, but never one so big. “I—I hope so, Master. But it’s really big. I might have trouble.”

“Get over it,” answered Robert sharply. “I want to cum in your mouth and right down your throat.”

“Yes, Master”, said Steffie. “I’ll try my best, I promise.”

Steffie took the cock into his mouth again, taking as much of it as possible, feeling the huge head starting to enter his throat. It caused him to sputter and almost gag. Tears started to come to his eyes from choking as he tried again and again.

Robert seemed to become more aggressive as he became more aroused. He grabbed Steffie by the ears and shoved forward with his cock until Steffie choked and made gagging noises. Robert pulled Steffie’s head back by the ears, then forward again.

Steffie had tears coming down his cheeks now, and Robert’s hold on his ears was painful. He wasn’t actually crying, but the tears came involuntarily from choking. He looked up at Robert pleadingly as Robert pulled back a bit. The misery on Steffie’s face only seemed to fuel Robert’s assertiveness, and once again the huge cock was thrust into Steffie’s throat, even further this time, then started to back out. Steffie sputtered and reached for the hands holding his ears, trying to stay them, but Robert was too strong. Despite the pain, Steffie sat back on his haunches, and Robert’s cock popped out of his mouth.

Whimpering, coughing, Steffie cried, “Please, Master Robert. I don’t want to throw up!” He was genuinely afraid of gagging so badly that he would vomit.

“You little whore,” answered Robert, sounding almost angry. “You’d better get used to this. I want to fuck your mouth and throat whenever I want, and I’ll do it as hard as I want. Now take it, bitch!”

Steffie got back on his knees and started to open his mouth, but now Robert took one hand and wiped his cock across Steffie’s face. Then Robert slapped Steffie with the cock several times, causing Steffie to wince.

“Please, Master, let me try to suck it some more,” he pleaded.

“Try nothing, slut. Suck it good, and get it down your throat!”

Now Robert took hold of Steffie’s whole head, a large hand on either side. That, at least, relieved some of the pain in Steffie’s ears. As Robert shoved in this time, Steffie tried to swallow the cock and to relax his throat, remembering how he’d deep throated in the past, and he was able to take more of the huge cock in. He felt like he only had a couple of inches to go before feeling Robert’s balls against his chin. Robert withdrew back to let Steffie use his tongue on the cock head, and then started to shove forward again. Steffie now felt the huge thing go even deeper, and at last his chin found the hair on Robert’s balls.

“Yeah, bitch,” said Robert. “That’s better. I’m going to use your throat like this whenever I want. I might ruin you for the other guys, but I’m fucking your mouth good, sissy.”

Steffie was managing to minimize his gagging as Robert thrust in and out of his throat. As long as Robert didn’t keep his cock buried too long in Steffie’s throat, it wasn’t too bad. But when Robert thrust in deeply, pushing in so far that Steffie’s chin was touching Robert’s balls, and then holding that position, Steffie would start to have a gag reflex. Steffie had learned to deep throat in the past, but it was with a much more slender and shorter penis. Still, Robert’s treatment of Steffie was a sort of refresher training, and, while not quite like riding a bicycle, Steffie was relearning the technique pretty quickly. Robert’s forcefulness made it rough, but Steffie found that being throat fucked by him was already fairly tolerable.

Steffie didn’t know how many times Robert thrust deeply into his throat, or how long he did it. Sometimes he would thrust in and withdraw fairly quickly, while others he would keep his cock buried in Steffie’s throat for several seconds. He seemed to be building to a climax, but then pulled his cock all the way out of Steffie’s mouth. He rubbed it around on Steffie’s face.

“I’m in no hurry, are you?” asked Robert.

Steffie was breathing hard, slowly catching his shuddering breath. His face was streaked with tears from choking, his chin covered with drooling saliva. He gasped, but managed to reply, “No, Master Robert. Please take as long as you like.” Steffie hoped his submissiveness would earn him some mercy from Robert.

In a way, it did. Robert began rubbing his cock all over Steffie’s face, poking at his nostrils, but softly, then his eyes, then his lips, and all over his face again. Robert would dip his cock back into Steffie’s mouth, then use his cock like a paintbrush on Steffie’s face, smearing it with Steffie’s own saliva. But Robert wasn’t as rough on Steffie now, almost gentle in how he laid his hands on Steffie’s head.

“When I cum,” said Robert, “I want to shoot it right in your mouth, and I want you to hold it there. Don’t swallow until I tell you.” Robert was fucking Steffie’s mouth as he spoke, his voice getting even huskier with arousal.

Then Robert pulled back a bit, so his cock was just an inch or two from Steffie’s face. “Lick it like a lollipop,” commanded Robert.

There was pre-cum beginning to ooze out the tip of Robert’s cock. Obediently, Steffie began licking the head of the big cock, on the tip to gather the pre-cum each time it began to ooze out, then underneath, down to the balls, licking at Robert’s balls, then back up the shaft and to the head again. Steffie glanced up to see Robert grinning down at him as he swallowed Robert’s pre-cum.

“I have to admit,” said Robert, “you’re a pretty good cocksucker.”

“Thank you, Master Robert,” said Steffie, between licks.

“Okay,” said Robert. “Start sucking again, like before, including taking it down your throat.”

Steffie did as he was told. Robert did not seem quite as forceful as Steffie resumed sucking, and Steffie did his best to make Robert feel good. As he continued to suck Robert’s huge, hard cock in earnest, though, Steffie felt Robert becoming more engaged in the process, adding thrusting movements and sometimes grabbing the back of Steffie’s head, holding it in position for moments at a time. After burying his cock in Steffie’s throat several times, holding it there as Steffie struggled not to choke and cough, Robert withdrew a bit, now just moving the head of his cock in and out of Steffie’s mouth.

“Suck that head now, bitch. I’m going to cum soon but I want you to hold my cum in your mouth until I tell you to swallow it,” said Robert. “Let me get my phone first.” Robert reached over and grabbed his phone, manipulated the controls a bit, then announced, “Okay, it’s video time. Start sucking!”

Steffie’s head bobbed back and forth on the head of Robert’s cock, his tongue swirling around the head, but concentrating on the underneath part of the head.

“Look up at the camera while you’re doing that,” commanded Robert.

Steffie kept sucking, now looking up as Robert filmed him.

Robert withdrew his cock again, then said, “Beg me to cum in your mouth, looking at the camera.”

Fully aware of the humiliating blackmail video Robert was creating, Steffie began to beg, “Please cum in my mouth, Master Robert. Please, I beg you for your cum. Please allow me to suck the cum out of your cock!” Steffie’s voice may have shuddered a bit, but Steffie actually felt sincere as he begged, almost reveling in the mixed feelings of humiliation and desire washing over him.

“Do it, bitch! Suck it, you little sissy slut!” commanded Robert.

Again, Steffie’s head bobbed up and down on the head of Robert’s cock, taking as much of the cock into his mouth without actually letting it enter his throat. He licked and sucked with all the effort he could muster, and used his hands to stroke Robert’s cock and fondle his balls, still looking up as Robert filmed him.

In a few moments, he felt Robert’s cock start to pulsate, as Robert gave a guttural groan, followed by, “Oh, yeah, oh yeah!” and then Steffie felt a large shot of Robert’s cum burst forth into his mouth. Steffie nearly choked, but slowly pulled back, to allow more room for the cum that was gushing from Robert’s cock.

Steffie couldn’t help moaning, “Mmmm, mmmm…” as the cum filled his mouth.

Robert withdrew his cock from Steffie’s mouth, but there was still cum oozing out, so he wiped his cock all over Steffie’s face, smearing the glistening cum over Steffie’s cheeks and forehead as Steffie moaned gratefully.

“Hold that cum in your mouth, slut,” said Robert. “Let’s see it. Show the camera you’ve got a load of cum in your mouth.”

Steffie opened his mouth, his head tilted back, his face shining with cum, and revealed the cum in his mouth, moving his tongue slightly up and down to make sure the cum was clearly visible to the phone’s camera.

Robert gave a laugh. “Good girl,” he said. “Now close your mouth and swish that cum around. Taste it. Use it like mouthwash.”

Steffie obeyed, swishing the cum around, making sure he showed he was giving every part of his mouth a good coating of cum.

“Gargle it,” said Robert.

Steffie kept his head tilted back, opened his mouth, and gargled the huge load of cum.

“Good, bitch,” said Robert. “You can swallow now, then clean my cock off.”

Steffie repositioned the cum in his mouth and swallowed, then gasped and exhaled as he opened his mouth for the camera to see the cum had disappeared down his throat. He gently took Robert’s cock back into his mouth, and gingerly licked the head as drops of cum continued to ooze out. Steffie nursed the cock and swallowed every bit of cum that came out, until Robert finally withdrew his cock.

“Thank you for giving me your cum and letting me eat it, Master Robert,” Steffie volunteered, really wanting to play up his submissiveness now.

Robert seemed pleased, smiled down at Steffie as he put his phone to his side, the camera now apparently turned off.

“You liked that, didn’t you?” said Robert, smiling.

“Oh, yes, Master Robert,” answered Steffie, smiling back.




* * *





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