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Rick Becomes Rikki, Chapter Two

Rick gets feminized some more, and has sex in a bridal gown.
There’s just something about wearing a bridal gown to make a man feel all girly inside. Up to now Rikki had thought he still had a shred of masculinity left, but the feelings that arose when he put on that bridal gown and minced about the shop were pure girl. He felt so soft and vulnerable, so tender and emotional, that he thought he could just cry.

Of course, his mistress Sally had helped with the feminization process by putting makeup on him and forcing him to dress in a collection of soft, pretty bridal gowns.

And by making him kiss her friend Gabrielle’s sissy Dana.

Now that Rikki was locked in an embrace with Dana, his poor beleaguered masculinity simply surrendered to the girl within. He moaned and squirmed and squealed like a girl, and all he could think about was having Dana take him like a girl, in the ass. His little dicky was rock hard, pushing against his pretty white bridal panties, and his ass was tingling with anticipation of having Dana's cock sink deep within it. It was a powerful lust that he had never felt before, and he realized Sally had completely emasculated him, and he liked it.

"Not so fast, sissy boys," Sally said, breaking the two lovers apart.

"Wh, what's the matter?" Rikki said, panting heavily.

"You're not allowed any release just yet, sissy," Sally ordered. "You're here to put on a show for Gabrielle and me, and we don't want you pansy boys getting all exhausted and ending the show early. From now on, it's kissing only, until Gabrielle and I say you can go further."

Well, Rikki and Dana weren't in a position to argue with these two dominatrixes, so they had to do what they were told. For the next two hours, they tried on one frilly bridal gown after another, mincing about the shop for the amusement of Sally and Gabrielle. The two women let them fall into each other's arms and kiss passionately from time to time, just long enough to get all flushed and excited, but then they separated the sissies and made them try on another gown.

Just trying on the gowns was enough to get the boys excited, let alone the kissing. They swished about in yards and yards of satin and chiffon, showing off their bows and ribbons and feeling the slippery smoothness of these fabrics next to their skin. Rikki's heart pumped harder every time he tried on a new gown, till he was flushed and short of breath, with an aching erection inside his lacy panties. When Sally allowed him to kiss Dana, he melted into Dana's arms and kissed the other sissy so hard he thought he was turning himself inside out. His little cock throbbed in his panties and his ass was warm as a toasted bun.

Each time they kissed the sissies got hotter, and they moaned sweet nothings in each other's ears. After several hours of this Sally and Gabrielle were giggling from the wine they'd drunk and the thrill of having these sissies under their control. Finally, when they knew the sissies could not stand it one minute more, they said, "Okay, you two, show us some real loving now -- you can go all the way!"

It didn't take long for the sissies to find the nearest couch and start kissing and fondling each other under their satiny gowns. The air was alive with the rustle of satin and the moans of the sissies, and before long they were bringing each other to squealing orgasms. Rikki found Dana's cock and wrapped his lips around it, licking and sucking it till Dana cried out and pumped his sissy hips and exploded in a gusher of cum all over Rikki's face. Dana wasn't finished, however. In no time, his sissy cock was hard again, and he turned Rikki over, pulled down his panties, and slipped his cock in Rikki's sweet ass, pumping away like a power drill. "Oh, yes," Rikki said, loving every thrust of Dana's hard cock deep within his ass. "Oh, dammit, yes." Rikki felt the last teeny bits of his manhood draining away with every thrust of Dana's cock, and he squealed like a girl, his ass on fire and the electric pleasure running from his toes all the way up to the top of his head. He became more submissive with every thrust, feeling his nipples harden as Sally and Gabrielle looked on and giggled at his transformation into a true sissy.

They slapped hands and congratulated each other on how well they had sissified their men.

Finally, with one last, powerful thrust, Dana brought Rikki to a screaming orgasm that left him a limp-wristed, teary-eyed wreck on the couch. Rikki felt like such a slut for taking it in the ass this way, but he had to admit it was the most powerful orgasm he’d ever had. He turned and looked at Sally with new eyes -- her dominating personality had released the true submissive sissy slut inside him, and he was grateful to her.

“Okay, you slut,” Sally said. “That’s enough fun for tonight. Get out of that gown before I beat a tattoo on your ass. You need to go home and clean my apartment. Come on, step to it, sissy!”

“Yes, mistress,” Rikki said, happy to serve her.


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