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Rose Otto

Man is the only creature who refuses to be himself...
"Ah, ah, ah..." cried Brenda ecstatically, hoping that tonight, of all nights, might be different. She was completely naked, her 38c natural tits swaying with the rapid thrusts, her thick hairy legs locked around Doug's firm arse, her hands clasping him as if to keep him in place.

Brenda's husband Doug was fucking her passionately, he had fingered her to climax prior to climbing on top of her, his cock revelling in the sticky moist tender minge. He groaned passionately, overwhelmed by the chemical aroma of his loving wife, the aroma exuding from her slightly sweaty armpits.

All of a sudden Doug stopped, looking away from Brenda, as he got back to his side of the bed.

"I'm really sorry honey, honestly I am…" he continued, fully aware of the sentimental hurt in Brenda's eyes.

"It's okay darling, at least we're trying," she comforted. The womanly requirements tormenting her soul as she wiped her pussy.

The couple loved each other more than anything in the world. Doug had started experiencing sexual dysfunction; unable to maintain a hard-on long enough to climax. Tonight was their wedding anniversary, Doug felt even more ashamed. The couple made small talk before finally falling asleep, their backs towards each other.


"See you later darling," said Brenda, giving Doug a peck on the cheek as she left for work.

"Okay sweetheart," replied Doug as he gathered his things for the gym.

Doug arrived at the gym in no time, his mind contemplating his capabilities, or the lack of them.

Sod it! I'll take a nice leisurely drive through the country lanes and use the spa facilities at one of the country hotels, Doug decided.

The serenity of the empty winding country lanes brought Doug to secluded hotel, 'Sandal Rose' the sign read.

He decided that this place would be good enough as any as he parked up, taking his sports bag from the back seat.

Doug was greeted by a pleasant girl at the reception desk, a new immigrant from Eastern Europe. He was told to take a seat while 'Simone' would prepare the spa massage room. Doug looked around inquisitively, admiring the view and wondering why he hadn't been there before.

Perhaps they've just opened, he was about to inquire, when his train of thought was suddenly interrupted by a beautiful young girl with shoulder length dark hair, a very attractive face with high cheek bones, and a smile that would mesmerise even the strongest of men.

"Hi, I'm Simone, so nice to meet you Sir," she smiled with genuine affection and a strong accent.

"How do you do Miss," replied Doug, straightening his tie despite the fact that it was already perfectly straight.

Simone beckoned Doug into the massage room, showing him the way through the many double doors, smiling radiantly through pearly white teeth.

The ambiance of the room was heavenly, dark with aromatic night light candles, the Chinese bamboo flute music playing soothingly in the background.

Doug undressed himself, placing his trousers and shirt in a neat pile on the side. Simone looked on, smiling, saying a million things, yet not speaking a single word.

Doug felt enchanted by his host's manner and attire. She looked breathtaking in her short sleeve crisp white tunic, her breasts sitting majestically, like conic mountain peaks in the Valley of the Kings.

Doug was lying face down, just a towel over his buttock cheeks as Simone began to massage the oil into his fit firm body. The warmth of her hands, the strokes of her long burgundy nails sent a tingle through his spinal cord, he felt a rush of blood through his veins, even in the areas that had been lying dormant.

"Is that okay, or would Sir prefer deeper tissue pressure?" whispered Simone gently, the strong accent enhancing her persona.

"That's just fine dear," whimpered Doug, admiring her feet through the face hole of the massage couch. The gorgeous burgundy painted nails shining through the black satin silk stockings, creating a chemical reaction in his mind as she shuffled her feet during the therapeutic treatment.

Simone instigated small talk, asking Doug about his work and family life. The highly erotic overtures of her soft voice, combined with her strong accent, made Doug want to pour his heart out to her.

"Aha, aha..." Simone continued gently, as Doug began to explain his frustration at not being able to satisfy his wife, the woman he loved so dearly, the woman with who he shared a bed with every night, the woman who was so close and yet so far.

Simone listened attentively, Doug felt that her concern was genuine, this prompted him to tell her everything, as if he was talking to a marriage guidance counsellor.

Doug felt at tease, the deep tissue pressure of the full body Swedish massage sending him into a new dimension, the magic of her healing hands, the feather touch stroking of his spine with the tips of her fingers, all serving to release his inhibitions.

"Have you ever slept with your wife while wearing her silk knickers?" inquired Simone casually, the tempo of her soft sexy voice, the tempo of her erotic accent, the tempo of her hand strokes still constant.

"Well, to be honest… " coughed Doug nervously, as the rush of heat began to burn his cheeks, bringing him back into the normal dimension of life, if only briefly.

"You could wear the satin chemise, the garters would be good, it'll give you an unforgettable erection," she continued, unperturbed by his reaction.

"Brenda won't think any less of you Doug, in fact she'll consider you more manly, and she doesn't have to wear anything to bed, you can fuck her while you're wearing her previously worn lingerie, the aroma of her own pussy, the aroma of her own sweaty feet, the aroma of her armpits will all arouse her chemical balances," Simone persevered.

"She'll love sliding her hand over your arse, your firm cheeks in her elegant panties, your chemise rubbing against her nipples, your stockings sliding up and down her inner thighs, she can pull you up by the suspenders," she pursued.

Doug realised that his penis was now unbelievably erect, it was harder than he had ever experienced, he was embarrassed to turn over.

"These things happen sweetie, there's nothing to feel shy about," she continued relentlessly, helping Doug to face upwards.

"If you put these on they'll help you to maintain your erection," added Simone calmly, as she held up a pair of light pink satin silk panties, light pink stockings and a matching chemise.

Doug was completely overwhelmed by the turn of events. He hurriedly adorned the attire, feeling the tingly current shoot into his nerves, feeling the smoothness of the material, as his eyes rolled in bliss.

"Doug, Doug darling," he heard a voice calling in a gorgeously affectionate tone.

He opened his half drowsy eyes to find his Brenda standing before him, completely stark bollock naked, the hairy legs, the hairy twat, the bouncy tits, the thick ankles, all welcoming Doug with great fervour.

Simone had left the room without Doug realising. Brenda's smile was breathtaking as she transfixed her gaze on the huge bulge in Doug's silk knickers.

"Is that for me honey?" asked Brenda, smiling from ear to ear. The glint in her eyes speaking volumes.

"Oh honey," was all that Doug could manage before engaging in a deep French kiss. Brenda's fingers reached into Doug's knickers, digging into the stiff warm, yet so soft flesh.

Doug squirmed, falling back onto the massage couch, balancing himself carefully, lifting Brenda onto the couch, as he placed her in a missionary position.

Doug composed himself on his knees, as Brenda swiftly lowered his knickers. He entered her with all his might, the squelching noise made by her wanton cunt, the welcoming grip of her warm sticky twat, the erection of her big dark nipples, all blowing his mind.

"Oh God Doug! Oh God Doug!" she gasped, as Doug pounded the warm sticky inner lining of her hungry cunt. Her tits swaying uncontrollably, slapping her aromatic armpits. He sniffed, kissed, and sucked her toes; relishing the pleasures once forgotten owing to his prick's weakness, now fully available again.

Doug continued thumping Brenda hard, he continued thumping her without uttering any words other than, "Oh Brenda! Oh Brenda!"

"Doug, I love you so much darling, please dress like this every night… "


"We have to dare to be ourselves, however frightening or strange that self may prove to be… "

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