Satin lingerie

By Satin

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My sexy pink satin panties felt so good against my skin and looked great with black stockings and garter belt, my matching satin camisole top was so soft and I was gently creasing my pert nipples through the fabric.

It was around 10pm and I was feeling a little bit tipsy after my bottle of wine

The DVD was playing Cock in Frock and had some sexy clad shemales in compromising positions, god I love my nights in.

I have always loved dressing like a slut and have now shaved all my body well most apart from a sexy Brazilian and feel really fem.

There was a sudden knock on my front door which startled me, knowing now one new me in the area as I was now renting a two bedroom flat by myself; I wondered who it could be.

I slipped into a pair of jeans and threw a jumper on and opened the door, to my amazement there stood a sexy blond girl around 24 stunning green eyes dressed in a pair of shorts and a white t shirt which concealed a lovely pair of breasts, Hi I’m Cloe said this stunner I’m a friend of your sister.

Now my sister had moved to Spain a few years ago, and actually she was the only person who knew my new address as an email I sent her a few weeks ago.

Kelly said to get in touch as I am in the UK for a few weeks, and if it is ok I may be able to stay for a few nights till I sort accommodation out.

After the pleasantries I offered Cloe a glass of wine and we chatted until the early hours, I showed Cloe to her room and disappeared to my own room.

It was around 3.30am and I was awoke to hear Cloe crying, I lay in bed wondering what this stranger was so tearful about and how she was also in my flat.

10am and Cloe walked into the kitchen in a stunning baby doll with white panties showing through.

She looked so sexy with long blond hair that was a bit of a mess as she had just woken and as for that arse, well the panties where streached over her peach of an ass.

Morning she said as she gently kissed my cheek, hope you slept well I said.

Fantastic she replied.

I hope I did not wake you I was a little bit upset during the night.

Oh why was that?

My girlfriend and I have split up and I miss her so much.

That firstly took me by surprise but when she continued that Kelly was her partner I was gob smacked.

My sister is a lesbian I stuttered?

Well sort of she does have a gorgeous boyfriend but also we are lovers, well where.

I have always loved girls.

Cloe was so forward and nothing seemed to faze her.

As she reached up to get a cup from the shelf her baby doll rose giving an amazing site of her cute panties slightly transparent.

Can I ask you a question Cloe said?

Course I replied, quickly diverting my eyes away from her panties.

I noticed last night when we where having our wine, that, well that you had a lovely pair of stocking feet.

In such a rush I had put my jeans on and forgot to cover my feet.

I, I.

Its fine I had to play with myself in bed just thinking of what else you had on, I adore sexy fem boys.

Really, I do love to dress sexy.

Yes I know your sister told me you always took and dressed in her lingerie, and you did not know but she even deliberately bought hot lingerie just for you to take.

Oh my I felt so embarrassed.

Would you mind if I dressed you in some of my clothes? I would so love to see you in my underwear and I have some really hot clothes and makeup.

Well that was heaven to my ears, we ran to the bed room and Cloe opened up her case, it was full to the brim with all colours and styles of clothes and sexy lingerie even a pair of sexy high heel boots.

Cloe pulled a sexy blue Basque out with black stockings a tiny miniskirt and sexy satin shirt, as I slipped these on my clitty rose and with that Cloe slipped her mouth around my swollen shaft she felt so warm, her hand slipped between my legs and gently probed at my bum hole gently slipping a finger inside, my body started to shake and I’m afraid in a very short time my cock started t leak.

  Cloe sucked harder and I just let my juice shoot into her open mouth, with cum still dripping from her lips she kissed my lips to give me full feeling which was mind blowing.

Cloe looked up at me and said I can not share too much cum cos I love the taste so much and she gulped it all back down into her throat.

She gently placed my cock back into my panties and slapped my ass cheek, come on then little girl we are going shopping, my treat!!!



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