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serving my master part 1

I'm a submissive panty wearing sissy



My name is Chris I may have a penis but deep down I was born a girl. I have long red hair baby blue eyes a soft shapely hairless body and an overpowering obsession for wearing frilly lingerie. My obsession started at a young age I found a pair of my sisters panties in the bathroom and took them back to my room. I stripped off my clothes and rubbed the dirty panties over my face inhaling her scent. My penis grew as I though of what it must be like to be a girl and get to wear such pretty things.

The first time I slipped a pair of silk panties on I felt a electric shock of excitement and I knew I was hooked. I began to steal her panties, bra’s pantyhose and slips. I would dress up in them and prance around my room like a fairy before lying on my bad where I would rub myself and dream of some well hung stud having sex with me.

By the time I was 16 I was buying my own lingerie I had panties bra’s garter belts dresses all kinds of frilly pretty girly clothes. I spent most of my time dressed as a girl I wore make up nail polish the works. Before long just dreaming of being with a man was not enough so one Friday night I decided to go looking for one. I took a long bubble bath and shaved of what little body hair I had even my pubic hair. I painted my toe nail red and did my hair all nice, I slid on a pair of pink lace trimmed panties a pink bra then I put on a pink lacy garter- belt and silk stockings. I was still a little afraid of being see by my family so I covered my girly clothes with jeans and shirt.

I went to a movie theater where perverts gay’s and dirty old men hung out, I sat watching a porn movie getting very excited. Soon an old man sat next to me he put his coat over his lap and his hand under it. My heart was pounding as I felt his knee brush mine. Then he reached over and took my hand placing it under his coat. I gasped when I felt his hard cock. I wrapped my hand around it and stroked up and down. I wanted to taste his manhood but before I could he moaned and came shooting his load over my hand. When he left I almost cried I put my hand to my lips and licked his come off.

My boy clit was throbbing in my panty prison and I got up to take a piss in the men’s room I relived myself readjusted my panties ans left the stall. Then I saw him the most handsome tallest black man I’d ever seen standing at the urinal. He was all muscle I watched as he pissed and was turned on watching him fondle himself. I stood beside him and just stared at the biggest blackest cock I’d ever seen.

I couldn’t stop my self as I reached over and touched his cock "What do you want" he asked? "Please sir I need to taste it" I pleaded as I fell to my knees. He turned to face me his huge manhood inches from my face, I leaned forward to take it in my mouth but before I could he slapped me "If you want it beg for it" he commanded. " Please sir may I suck your cock I’ll do anything you say just let me suck it" I begged. "Stick out your tongue and lick your masters ball slave" he ordered. I obeyed running my tongue over his big hairy balls I licked his sack and shaft making him rock hard. "Open your mouth and suck me sissy slave" He hissed. As He pushed his cock past my lips and into my hungry mouth. I sucked him like I was starving gripping his ass as he fucked my face. He reached down and grabbed my hair pulling my head against him driving his cock deeper and deeper. "I’m going to come slut take it all" he moaned as he exploded filling my mouth with his salty load. I swallowed every drop. My new master Told me to get up and follow him to his house.

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