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Serving my master part 2

This is part two of how I was transformed into a sissy maid.


I’m a teenage white cross-dressing sissy: My master is a tall muscle bound black man. After my first encounter with him he told me to come home with him, as we walked to his car he had his hand on my ass. I felt so sexy as he fondled me. When we got into his car he grabbed me by the hair "Here’s the rule from now on I own you you’re my slave and I’m your Master, you will do everything I tell you, do you understand?" " Yes Master I replied".

"Take off your clothes" he commanded. I was blushing as I stripped my boy clothes to reveal my pink lingerie. "I knew you were a sissy the first time I saw you am I ever going to have fun with you" he said as he laughed. He undid his pants as we drove and pulled my head down to his crotch I licked his manhood back to full attention as he pulled my hair.

By the time we got to his house he was a full staff we pulled into the garage he told me to get out I felt embarrassed as I wiggled into the house wearing only my pink bra, panties and stockings. "Undress me sissy slave he ordered". My hands were shaking as I undid his shirt to reveal his chest. I knelt to remove his pants and shorts, I gasped as I looked at his beautiful naked body.

"Lie on the bed face up slave" he commanded: I obeyed. As I laid there my boy clit throbbed inside my panties, I watched as my new Master knelt above me his black ass just above my face. "Lick my ass sissy" he hissed as he lowered his backside down to my face. I felt so dirty and perverted as I ran my tongue along his black ass crack: I lick and worshiped his beautiful ass Trying to push my tongue as far inside as I could. I licked and sucked his ass lick the cheap slut I was I ran my tongue over hiss hairy ball and shaft. " Oh yes bitch that feels so good lick my ass suck my back door" my Master moaned.

I fondled his huge manhood as I lick his ass I love eating his ass it felt so perverted. " Now I’m going to make you a real woman get on your knees slave" my master ordered. I turned over and got on all fours my panty clad bottom in the air.

"Beg me to fuck you slave I want to hear you beg for my cock" my master said. " Please Master fuck me I need you cock in me I’ll do anything you want but please fuck me now" I pleaded. My Master pulled my pink panties aside and pressed his huge cock against my virgin boy pussy. I screamed on pain as he forced his big cock inside me the pain was so good I almost passed out. He forced his big black all the way in my tight virgin ass. Soon the pain was replaced with pleasure and I pushed back to meet his every thrust.

I felt like a real woman as my master drove his cock deeper and deeper up my boy pussy." Take my cock bitch" he groaned as he fuck me without mercy. I was in heaven as he pounded my ass "I’m coming slut" he yelled. When I felt his cock stiffen and exploded in my ass filling me with his man seed I came, my sissy cream soaking my panties.

My Master pulled out and ordered me to lick him clean which I happily did. "From now on you’ll live here as my maid, get some sleep tomorrow we will go shopping for your new uniform" I curled up at my master’s feet and went to sleep.

The next morning I washed him from head to toe before dressing him, we went to an lingerie store; " this little sissy needs a maids uniform" my master told the sales girl. She smiled as we picked out a short frilly maids outfit, a padded bra garter-belt seemed sheer stockings and a pair of black lace trimmed sissy panties with ruffles across the back side. I went into the change room and put on my new clothes when I came out the girl said I was so cute a pretty sissy. My master told her to throw out my boy clothes I wouldn’t need them any more. As we walked down the street with me right behind him I felt so ashamed but sexy as everyone stared at me in my maids uniform.

When we got home I was told to clean the house because my master was having company for dinner, as I dusted and vacuumed he watch me bend exposing my panties. "Tonight you are to serve my guests and then curtsey after, your not to talk unless I say so do you understand"? "Yes Master" I said. When to door bell rang I answered it to find a two men both black I curtseyed and smiled as I let them in. I served them drinks then dinner every time I got close they patted my bottom.

After dinner the games began I was ordered to kneel in front of the three men and suck each of there cock’ s one by one I felt like such a slut as they each fucked my hungry mouth. Them my Master told me to bend over the table as he pulled my panties aside guests first he said; The first man stood behind me and in one shove he forced his cock ball deep up my boy pussy I moaned in pleasure as he rammed his cock in and out until he came inside me. When he pulled out his friend took his place; " oh yes please fuck me I moaned as he exploded. "I said no talking slave" my master yelled as he slapped my ass I cried as he spanked me hard.

When he was done he drove his cock in my ass and fucked me without mercy. I couldn’t stop myself as I came filling my panties my ass and now my panties were dripping with sperm I felt so used and I loved every second of it. I love my new life as a submissive sissy maid.










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