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Settling In

Escaping oppression closed one door. Now Dawn has to find the next one.
I didn’t know why James had asked to meet me at Penny’s. He’d said that it was important for me to show up on time because they needed to talk to me. When I arrived, Penny greeted me at the door, and told me to go get Dawn out of the bathroom. I emerged a few minutes later completely changed into Dawn Summer, and into a mini-surprise party.

“Happy Birthday Dawn!” Penny and James sang together.

I’d completely forgotten that with my new identity, came a new birthday, and this was my first; December 4, 2003. I was now legally eighteen according to my new identity.

“Well, it looks like our little girl is ready to be an adult out in the big bad world,” Penny commented to James.

“Almost, she still needs to open her presents,” James reminded Penny.

“What are you two on about?” I asked.

“We got you a few coming out presents to make sure you succeed,” James explained as Penny retrieved a few modestly wrapped packages from behind her easy chair.

I bashfully opened up the packages one at a time to discover a sexy new cell phone, a very cute clutch, a pair of earrings with a matching necklace, and a beautiful silver watch with a crystal face.

“Thank you so much! I don’t know what to say.”

“Hang on, you missed one,” Penny handed me an envelope that had fallen underneath some of the wrappings.

As I opened it, and saw a bus ticket, I wasn’t sure what to do.

“We figured that since you wanted to start your new life, we’d help you get out of here as soon as it was legal for you to leave. The bus will take you to a small college town far enough away that your dad will never think to look there.”

“And even if he did, he’d never suspect you to be his little boy!” James cut Penny off.

“Thank you both, so much!”

“Look, we’ve already programmed our numbers into the phone, so you’d better not just disappear and never speak to us again.” Penny took me into a hug that felt so good, like the sister neither of us ever had.

“Let’s get you going,” James broke us up. “Penny already packed your bags so you just have to get on the bus now.

After a few more teary moments, James finished putting the last bag into the car and got ready to take off.

“Hang on Dawn, before you go I have one last thing for you,” Penny pulled me aside and handed me a small box. “These are low dosage estradiol pills, like the type women take for birth control. I know you don’t need birth control,” Penny explained as I gave her a confused look,” these will help you develop your own female body shape by causing the breast tissue in your chest to start growing, and your hips will grow out a little to fill your jeans better.”

“Okay.” I carefully placed the small box into my clutch and the two of us got into the waiting car.

As I climbed aboard the bus, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of relief at my escape. I never realized how free I could feel finally escaping my father for good. Even though it meant leaving the two best friends I’d ever made behind, for now.

Five months in the making, I sat back in the seat and looked at my sexy reflection in the window. I took out a couple of magazines that James had handed me in the bus station and began reading about this small town in Arizona. It had a community college where I could enroll without a high school diploma, and there were several pictures of apartments near the campus where I could rent. If I enrolled in January, I could apply for financial aid and probably start during the summer semester. The second magazine had several articles about the local history and some of the nearby attractions in Phoenix and Tucson. I relaxed and read both magazines from cover to cover a few times.

I woke up around eight o’clock the next morning just before the bus pulled up to my final destination, a bus stop on a little street that reminded me strangely of Mayberry. I didn’t see any taxi’s around, so I walked into a nearby gas station and purchased a map of the area. I was a few miles away from the apartment complex, so I began looking around for transportation. Around the corner, I found a small hotel, where I checked in, and stored by baggage. I took a quick shower and changed into a casual pair of jeans and an elegantly printed tee. As I picked up my clutch, I felt the small box inside, so I took it out and pulled the round pack of pills from the box. After taking the first one, I replaced the package and went downstairs.

In the lobby, the clerk asked me if I needed a taxi to somewhere, and offered to call one when I affirmed that I did.

“Are you hoping to enroll in the college?” She asked me casually.

“Yeah, I’m hoping to start school in the summer to get a little ahead.”

“Awesome, I’m a sophomore right now, so if you have any questions, let me know.” She seemed really friendly, and after introducing herself as Lorna, we exchanged phone numbers right before my cab arrived.

I took the taxi to the apartment complex, only to discover that there was really only one six-plex apartment, and that the rest of it was a few houses that someone had converted into rentals. I greeted the owner, Mr. Godday, who was trimming the branches of one of the trees in front of the six-plex.

We talked for a few minutes about what I needed, and he told me that I could move into one of the newly renovated ones that weekend. I’d be alone for the first little bit, but he could still give it to me for a reasonable price until he found me a roommate.

I spent the next few days figuring out where things were in this little town by jogging every morning for a couple of hours. It was a little uncomfortable with the breast forms in, and I constantly had to wash them when I got back, but I knew my way around pretty well by the time I moved into my new apartment. Mr. Godday greeted me warmly, and offered to help me move my furniture in, when I finished putting my bags in. I realized that I hadn’t thought that far ahead; I had no bed, no chairs, no dresser, nothing. I bashfully pointed that out, and he offered to take me to a nearby garage sell that a couple of students where having to get rid of their things before graduation.

At the garage sell, I found a decent bed, a three piece kitchen set, a modest dresser and a small computer desk. Mr. Godday helped the previous owner load the furniture into the back of his old pickup and then the two of them moved it into my apartment. After they finished, I tried to offer them a small tip, and Mr. Godday looked pretty affronted.

“You’re already paying me to live here, that’s all I need.”

“Just helping a neighbor out,” the other man told me as he turned down my offer as well.

Unsure of what to do next, I thanked them both and went to work settling into my new place. This town seemed a little different than what I was used to.

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