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Sexy Stewardess on a Hot Flight: Part Two

The hot flight continues for Courtney.
My trip to Catalina with a handsome pilot and two of his friends turned out to be a working sex vacation for me. So far, I had already given a great blow job to the pilot, Phillip, on take-off. Then I sucked off his friend, Harry, who also sucked on my titties and played with my clitty dick through my white lace panties. Now, I was ready for the big prize, sucking Dick's big ten inch man tool for him like a slutty stewardess would.

I don't know how many other stewardesses get to suck off three pilots on one flight, but it was an absolute pleasure for me. My clitty dick was rock hard down in my panties as I reached for Dick's big hard dick. I loved the fact that I was the center of attention with three men at the same time. I don't know how many other girls get this kind of treatment from three men at once, but I was the happiest little cocksucker in the world at that moment. I couldn't wait to put my lips around the big mushroom head of Dick's big one.

"Dickie," I said. "Do you know what I think? I think I'm going to fall in love with your cock, forever. Would you like that?"

He reached over and pulled my panties and looked down them at my rock hard seven inch clitty dick.

"I think I want to suck on what you got right here, too."

He reached for my shaved cock. But I quickly stopped him by grabbing his hand, playfully scolding him.

"No, Dickie, you can't have it first. I already promised it to Phillip, first."

Phillip was the most handsome of my three clients and the one I wanted to suck me off before the other two men did. He was also the one who hired me through the agency, so I had to save myself for him. Phillip had such beautiful blue eyes, I couldn't wait to see him put his head between my legs and pull down my sexy little white lace panties for me. That was the treat I wanted for my first cumshot of the weekend trip to Catalina.

Dick was disappointed that I wouldn't let him touch my cock that I like to call my clitty dick because it gets hard for men's cocks just like girl's clitties do. He even got a little angry that I wouldn't let him suck on me first.

"Well, you little sissy. I think you need a spanking," he said.

In an instant, he laid me across his lap and pulled down my little panties and gave me three hard smacks on my right ass cheek. And it really hurt, too.

"Now, you little sissy bitch, you're going to suck me good. And I want you to deep throat me, too. You're going to pay for being an obstinate little bitch."

Even though my ass cheek was hurting, I was so turned on by the power of this big stud that I was willing to do whatever he said for the rest of the trip. He pulled my panties back up and moved me into position to suck his cock. He grabbed the back of my head and pushed me toward his big boner.

"Here. Suck it, you bitch. And you better swallow every drop of my cum. I have so much in my balls ready for you after watching you turning me on by sucking off Phillip and Harry, you dirty little exhibitionist. Now, tell me you love my cock the best of all three. Hell, you loved it so much you took a picture of it so you can jerk off to it anytime you want. Now, tell me that it's true."

"Yes," I said.

"Yes, what?" he replied.

"Yes, Master, I want to play with myself for hours while I look at your big hard cock that I love so much."

"And what are you going to do to my cock?"

"I'm going to deep throat it, Master. Your every wish is my command."

"That's better, you obstinate little whore bitch. Now, start sucking."

I was never much for the master/slave fantasies and I avoided them every chance I could. But Dick had such a nice cock that I was glad he was demanding a better blow job from me. Cocks are all wonderful to me and that's why I enjoyed my job as a tranny call boy. But every once in awhile, I came across a cock that I consider magnificent. And Dick's was definitely one of those kind.

My clitty dick had been hard ever since I put my sexy little white panties on back at my apartment. It had gotten even harder while I sucked on Phillip and Harry. But now, it was ready to explode from me being manhandled by this big stud co-pilot who was planning to force me to deep throat him like a cheap slut.

Before I had ever had sex with a woman, I was already having lots of sex with older men. I found that women think their pussies are made of gold, so they want you to do too much to get it. With men, it was much easier to get into having sex. They have their needs and I have mine and we can both satisfy each other quite well without any game playing. So, here I was, with a sore ass from a spanking, about to suck Dick's big ten inch cock and loving it so much more than any pussy I ever licked. They were easy to forget. But Dick's cock, I have been loving looking at for years in the photo I took of it. Big cocks are so beautiful to me.

"Okay, you little cum-loving slut, first you have to lick my cock from my balls up to that big mushroom head," said Dick. 

He was holding me by the back of my head and pushing my face down to his big hairy nutsack. Big balls really turn me on because I know they are filled with lots of sweet cum for me to enjoy licking up. My balls are tiny compared to Dick's, more proof that he's the man and I'm the girly boy. I wanted a pussy so much, but I just had to be satisfied using my tight little ass for one. But every man with big balls has some stud power to give to a girl and Dick was one of those studs, That's how big his balls were. So, when I started licking them for him, my clitty dick started spewing out loads of pre-cum like a girl's pussy does when she's horny for cock. I'm not saying I'm a girl. I'm just saying I get turned on just like they do for a man.

I was thrilled to be ready to suck a ten inch cock with a humongous set of balls. Some girls would be afraid of a cock this size, but I thrived on them. They were the cocks I measured my success by. If I could please the biggest cocks, then I was a star slut and that is what I really enjoyed being. So, I was glad that Dick was forcing me to perform good for him. It was like being coached by my stud-loverboy.

"Lick those big balls, baby," he said. "Oh, yeah, lick them good, baby."

They were too big to put in my mouth, but I sucked on them and ran my tongue all over them. At the same time, Dick was stroking his cock with his right hand and holding the back of my head with his left hand to force me to suck him good. Phillip and Harry were looking back, enjoying watching the sexy scene while they stroked their cocks, too. 

"Oh, yeah, little bitchboy, Courtney. You got the tongue I love," said my stud Dick. "Keep sucking those balls you little bitch."

It suddenly occurred to me that these men were going to gang bang me, this weekend, each fucking me harder than the last one. Phillip had mentioned me being his sex slave and now I realized Dick was getting me primed for it, seeing if I was slut enough to take it. Being a slut for three handsome men was the best offer I ever got, in fact, except for one time when I was gang banged by five men at the gym I belonged to. But three was fine with me.

"Okay, bitch, now you're going to suck my cock," said Dick. "I want you to lick it from my scrotum all the way to the head of my dick like a good slutboy."

After being treated so sweetly by Harry, Dick was the other extreme. He was 6 foot 2 and had broad shoulders, so I'm sure he was used to being the powerful one of my three studs. Sort of like good cop/bad cop. I love men telling me what they like while I perform on them. It makes my job easier and it ensures they will be satisfied, so I was glad Dick was taking control of me like he was.

I licked the entire length of his big ten inch cock on the underside all the way up to the big meaty head like he wanted. When I got to the top I licked underneath the big mushroom head where I was sure he would get lots of pleasure. He responded quickly.

"Oh, yeah, babe. Oh, fuckin' A, bitch. Lick it good," said Dick. "Now, put that big head of my cock inside your mouth."

As soon as I put the head of his cock inside my mouth, I felt a gush of sperm come out of my clitty dick. I was coming without even being stimulated down there. I pulled down my panty in front and Harry, sitting in the co-pilot seat, saw me cumming. He quickly kneeled down and licked the cum off of the head of my clitty, sucking it all up like a good lover would with his wonderful tongue. It felt like velvet being rubbed on my clitty.

Meanwhile, Dick had both of his hands on the top of my head and he was forcing me to go down his cock further and further each time I came back up. His slippery wet pre-cum started to come out and I knew he was enjoying the blow job I was giving him, immensely. That was what I wanted him to do. A happy client was a return client. That's how a whore has to think.

I started thinking about swallowing Dick's cum and showing him how much I loved it while I did. Nothing was better than a mouthful of cum to me. That was why I became a tranny call boy to begin with. The money was nice, too, but the cum was what I was really after. And this man's big balls sure held a lot of it. I'm sure lots of girls get paid to suck cocks, but most of them do it for the money not the cum they get.

My mouth was open wide and I was ready to deep throat this stud good. He pushed my head down hard to where I had at least nine inches of it inside my throat. Oh, fuck, what a turn-on it was for me. I was so turned on that my clitty dick was staying hard, even though I had just shot a load of cum that handsome Harry had sucked up for me.

Oh, ho is me. I'm just a slut and I know it. That's why I became a hooker and then a call boy. So, I could use my sexual prowess with men to earn their cum and their money. Now, I was earning their respect by sucking a big ten inch cock all the way down while they all watched. I was sure that Phillip and Harry were ready to come, too, from the show I was giving them being a good slut for Dick. It occurred to me that I could make all three men cum at the same time. That would be a new personal record. So, I started sucking Dick faster and I reach up with my hand and stroked it for him, too.

"That's it, bitch, yeah, suck it," said Dick. "Suck that dick good, you little slutboy. You're a good little slut, you know that, Courtney?"

While I continued sucking his hard cock, I nodded my head 'yes.' 

"Get ready to swallow the most cum you ever had in your life, you little bitch. This is it. Yes, oh, yes, baby. I want to cum in your mouth good."

I couldn't wait for it. After sucking all three men, I was happy the third one was the best. Sucking a ten inch dick was always a pleasure, but knowing I was turning on Harry and Phillip while I did it made it even more special. I had already made them both cum once and now they were ready to cum again from jerking off while I performed on Dick's ten incher.

As soon as the flood of cum from Dick's big one shot into my mouth, it started pouring down my throat in big gobs. I have good reflex action in my throat and I was able to keep sucking on him while he shot load after into my mouth. It really was amazing to be draining a big ten inch cock for my big stud with the broad shoulders who was treating me like a little fuckboy. Now, he knew this little fuckboy could swallow everything he had and keep sucking him to increase his pleasure.

It was a trick I had learned being a tranny hooker at the adult bookstore. A lot of girls stop sucking after a man cums. But I learned to accentuate their pleasure by keeping full pressure of my lips and tongue on them while they shoot their loads straight down my throat. I got lots of practice sucking 6 to10 different men and night. And now I was an expert cum-guzzler and my big stud Dick was getting the full pleasure of my earlier sexual experiences.

"Oh, fuck," said Dick. "You are wonderful, Courtney."

I could tell by the tone of his voice that his respect for me was growing at that moment. Before that, he just thought of me as a wannbe chick. But now he was learning I was a real pro and he told me at the end of the weekend that he never had better blow jobs than the ones I gave him. And he tipped me two hundred dollars also. He said the way I kept sucking him hard while he was cumming was sensational.

Some girls think swallowing cum is icky. But, to me, it's the juice that makes me loose. The more cum I swallowed, the kinkier I got. And, right now, with this huge cumload I was swallowing for Dick, I was ready to get way kinky this trip. Up in the cockpit, the boys were smiling watching me be the best slutty stewardess they had ever seen. And I enjoyed putting on the show for them, too. Now, it was their turns to cum in my mouth again.

I was still slurping up all the hot white semen from Dick's big cock while I pulled it from my mouth. More cum than I had ever had in my mouth at one time made my mouth as moist as a sweet little pussy. I was planning to use my sweet pussy mouth to give more to Harry and Phillip. I motioned for them to both cum towards me which they did. I wanted both of their cocks in my mouth at the same time. This would let them know I was the right slut for the job this weekend and there was nothing I wouldn't do for them.

The plane was on automatic pilot, so Phillip could stand up for me to suck down on my knees. I suddenly remembered how thick his eight inch cock was and I knew it would be a tight for to suck him and Harry, at the same time. Phillip was the aggressor now, wanting to hold the back of my head while he face-fucked my sweet pussy mouth good. I took his meaty boner in my mouth like it was nothing after just handling Dick's 10 inch tool.

"Oh, yeah, fucking A, baby," said Phillip, my handsome stud pilot. He was pumping his hips like he was humping a hot pussy. "Fuck, your mouth feels so good with all that hot wet cum in it, baby. Suck me good, honey. Oh, yeah."

But I had other ideas. I motioned for Harry to move to where he could get his six incher in my mouth at the same time I sucked Phillip's fatty. It was tricky, but they got both their cocks in my sloppy, cum-filled mouth at the same time. In no time, they were both ready to cum in my mouth, at the same time. I wanted it, too. I needed it, craved it and willed it out of their balls and into my eager lips. No man ever had to ask me to suck him.

I was always willing to let a hunk blow his load in my mouth. But it was rare for me to have two men shoot loads in my mouth, at once. I made a special memory of this moment and I'm remembering it now. Harry, the quiet one with the goatee and manly tattoos shot his load first and it sprayed into my mouth in hot spurts, before Phillip, the most handsome one, shot his gobs of sweet cock nectar into my mouth. too.

"Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck," said Phillip as he was cumming. "You're the best slutty bitchboy we ever had."

I was proud, at that moment for my entire profession. Us tranny slut call boys really like to earn our. Not like the lazy female bitches who just want to lay on their backs and be fucked while they thought about their boyfriend or husband at home. Tranny call boys like to be actively involved with our clients and give them the most for their money.

I sometimes amaze myself. And having three men's cum in my mouth at the same time was pretty amazing, even to me. It was something I would do a few more times that weekend which was one of the best dates I have ever been on in my life.

As Harry pulled his cock from my mouth, he patted my cheek sweetly to show his appreciation for my lips on his dick. Phillip was still in my mouth and I decided I was ready for that sucking he wanted to do on my clitty dick. I put my hand on his fat cock as I pulled it from my mouth. I stood up and looked Phillip in the eyes. I couldn't talk because my mouth was too full of their hot cum. But silently I pulled him toward the last row of seats in the plane where he could suck me off like he told me he wanted to do at the start of our journey.

Dick had already cleaned up and was in the pilot's seat, now. So, Phillip was free to service me like he wanted without worrying about flying the plane. All three of my clients were licensed pilots and I was their very slutty, horny stewardess.

Harry, being the sweet gentleman he was, reached for my wine bottle and handed it to me so I could wash down all the hot cum in my mouth once I sat down. He was so sweet to me all weekend. It was like having a husband to look after me and it really made me love him a lot. We were together lots of more times, after this weekend, since he said I was his favorite tranny hooker of all time. I've had lots of men tell me that, but with Harry being so experienced with trannies it really meant a lot to me.

Harry handed me the bottle of wine and I washed down all the love juices that were in my mouth with a few big gulps of it. Down in my white lace panties, my rock hard clitty dick was in need of relief, so I sat down in the last seat of the plane and spread my legs wide for my handsome pilot, Phillip. I wonder how many stewardesses like getting their cunts licked by a handsome pilot after a long flight. I was sure ready for mine.

Phillip didn't need any encouragement. He came forward and bowed down before me like a prince before a queen. He raised his hands up to my white lace panties and I raised my ass while he pulled my cum-soaked panties down for me, revealing my perfect little 7 inch shaved clitty dick which was glistening with pre-cum on the head. Phillip reached up and stroked it for me gently a few times. Then like a chivalrous knight pleasing his princess, he leaned forward and put his lips on the head of my sweet clitty licking off the precious pre-cum with his warm tongue.

Dick was now flying the plane and we were getting ready to land in Catalina. Harry was in the co-pilot's seat doing the navigation , calling out numbers to Dick . The only number I was thinking about was my 7 inch clitty dick being serviced by my knight with the fat cock between his legs. He was taking his time and making me feel special while he licked up all my sweet pre-cum with his velvet tongue. No two blow jobs are alike because everyone does it different. But Phillip had such a nice set of big full lips I couldn't wait for him to go down on me after he licked off all my girly-like wetness. I loved being his princess.

It felt so good to be a slutty stewardess with the captain in the rear of the plane licking her sweet little clit. He was so handsome and I loved his dreamy blue eyes. I suddenly couldn't wait for him to fuck me hard with his fat cock while I sucked on Harry and Dick when we got to the hotel in Catalina. I wondered how many other sexy stewardesses there were who liked being fucked by the pilot while they sucked on the co-pilot's cock. Finally, Phillip wrapped his lips around my clitty dick and went down on me.

"Oh, honey, oh, baby," I moaned. "Yes. Yes, baby. Oh, fuck, your mouth feels so good."

Since Phillip liked encouraging me to suck him, I was paying him back by moaning with pleasure like a woman for him, too. I looked down and saw that his fat cock was starting to grow from being turned on from all my moaning. It was nice because I got to give him another blow job when we landed in Catalina. That was three blow jobs for the captain on one trip. How many other stewardesses can brag about doing that for their captain on one flight?

To be continued...

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