s(he) finds her man

By luvinia

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story when i replaced my friend at a wedding

My house was not more than 250 meters away from the bus stop where I got down; but the sudden and heavy downpour caught me totally unprepared. Being one those new housing colonies there were no houses or trees where I could take shelter. By the time I reached our new house I was drenched to my skin. My younger sister Putti who opened the door started laughing at my plight. My elder sister Manju, who came out a moment later, tried hard to suppress her own laughter and scolded Putti for not getting me a towel quickly. While Putti went in giggling to get the towel, Manju smiled at me and said, "Hi Raj! Welcome to our new home".

Manju and Putti were all dressed up and ready to go for a cousin's wedding. I was supposed to accompany them. This being the wedding season, my parents and my twin sister were out of town to attend a wedding as well. Actually I was to accompany my parents but got held up at the last moment to catch up on my project work.

Just a month ago my parents and my three sisters had moved into our newly acquired home. Though I was there to help them with the shifting I had to go back to my my hostel in the other part of the city, as my semester exams were about to begin. I really could not help them set up the house. Now despite my hazy vision I could see that the house had really become a nice looking home.

Just then Putti came back with the towel and I tiptoed to the nearest bathroom. After taking off my trousers, shirt, vest and briefs, I wiped myself thoroughly. I shouted out to Manju, "Hey Manju! Give me something to wear. This towel is too wet". Manju replied, "Sorry my pet! Your left over clothes are in the attic and we have not unpacked them.... Tell you what! Just wear my dry housecoat, which is hanging on the hook there. We will see what we can do after that".

I said to myself 'what the hell', as I passed the light orange housecoat over my head and let it slide over my dry body. As I fastened the hooks placed in the middle of the fanciful front yoke, I looked into the bathroom mirror. This was not the first time I was wearing my elder sister's clothes. Being very close to each other, she too knew about my desires. But my twin and the younger sisters probably did not know about it. As I saw my image, I felt myself getting a hard-on. I picked up my sister's panties, from the clothes kept for wash, and wore them as well. It was better than going out with a prominent tent on the front of the soft semi-transparent housecoat. I ruffled my hair once again to make sure it was dry and went out.

As I entered the living room, Putti's put her hand on her mouth to suppress her giggle. Manju smiled knowingly and said to both us," Well looks like Rajesh went into the bathroom and Rathi has come out". Rathi was my twin sister. Though we were not exactly alike we did share the basic family features.

 "Look! What should I do now? I can try to manage with one of your jeans and T-shirt.." I said to Manju.

"How can you wear jeans to a wedding...and in Manju's jeans and shirt you will look half boy and half girl. " Putti said.

" Unless you decide to go fully as a girl...We can pass you off as Rathi", Manju was saying.

Suddenly my two sisters looked at each other. Mischief was written in bold letters on their faces.

They turned to me and smiled. " So Rathi, shall we dress you up properly", Manju asked me.

I felt excited at the thought of dressing up, but was too scared to go out to a public function.

That one moment of hesitation was enough. Putti held my hand and started pulling me to her room.

Within the next ten minutes, I was sitting in front of a large dressing table wearing an apron. Inside the apron I was already fitted with a 36C size bra. My breasts were made of balloons filled with soft jelly. Cricket guard flattened my crotch and foam padded panties gave larger butts.

Manju was working on face while Putti was cutting and polishing my nails. She had raised my eyebrows using a quick drying gel. Foundation, powder, blush, mascara, eyeliner and lipstick followed each other. Next she made me wear a linen petticoat, a silk blouse and draped a traditional silk saree on me. Putti managed to find the wig which our mom had bought once, having lost hair due to a medicine. Then both decked me in their best jewlry and completed my look by attaching threaded fresh jasmine flowers to my hair.

I knew I was looking good. I got up and walked around the room. Both my sisters clapped as I walked around. Then I walked all over the house wearing heels. Manju could not resist saying, "You are too good". Just then the phone rang. My mischievous younger sister picked it, spoke for a moment and handed it to me saying, "Rathi it is for you". My heart started beating wildly. This was going to be difficult.

I just went ahead and tried my best voice imitation and said, "Ya! Rathi speaking".

"Ok Rathi! This is Dr. Suresh Shetty". Fortunately for me, it was only a call from our dentist's office. "Would you mind changing your appointment for today. I can give you time tomorrow".

Now I was confident, "No problem doctor! Tomorrow will not be possible. I will call you up later and fix it. Is that ok?"

"Hey Rathi! Listen! The official call is over. I am sorry I had to cancel our meeting today. I had forgotten about a wedding which I have to attend. Anyway, you call me up tonight on our usual number. I will look forward to your call."

I just managed to say, "Ok bye".

I checked the incoming call id on the phone. It was the dentist's number. So my twin was carrying on with the dentist and we did not know about it yet.

As I turned after the call, I realised there was stunned silence in the room. Putti came up and hugged me.

"You are great. Any doubts Rathi's friends may have about you, will disappear when they hear you speak like her. You are Rathi for both of us today. Come let us go to the wedding".

The sun was shining by now. I put out my original clothes for drying and we left the house.

Though it was clear that I could pass off as Rathi, my sisters were protective about me and tried, at first, to stick to me at the marriage ceremony.With time, as they noticed I was manageing well and receiving many compliments for my good looks, they relaxed. They even left me alone with the young men who kept coming around to chat me up.

A little after lunch, I suggested to Manju that we should get back. The cousin who was getting married would hear nothing of it. But anyway I pulled aside Manju and told her that I had to get back to my hostel by evening, so I was planning to go home immediately. She said I could go on, on my own and she will have me excused by claiming I had got my periods suddenly! Both of us had a hearty laugh and I sneaked out of the marriage hall.

As soon as I reached the road to look for a taxi, a car came to a halt near me. The passenger side window was lowered and Dr. Suresh Shetty grinned at me. I had no choice at all. I quietly opened the door and got in.

"What wonderful luck!" Suresh was saying as the car pulled off to the main road.

I was not so sure whether I was as lucky as him. He was seeing his sweetheart in me. Can I carry it off with someone who knew Rathi very intimately.

I gave him my best smile and said," I don't know about your luck, but I have to get back home quickly, because I think my chums are about to start".

The fellow scowled at me in mock anger and said," Ok! let us go home".

Once inside the house I took quite some time to change and get back to the living room where Suresh was sitting. I was hoping to reduce the time I would have to spend him. I had taken off my saree and all the ornaments. I changed into Rathi's jeans and a top with jacket. I did not know it had been bought by Suresh for her.

" Hey nice of you to wear what I bought for you. You are looking great". He was so excited that he got up and hugged me.

" No hanky panky ok! My chum has started", I warned him.

But still I could not but yield, as he kissed me and probed my mouth with his tongue. I was enjoying the fact he was getting turned on by me. I could feel his hard-on against my stomach. As we kissed he took my hand to his fly. I felt pity for the poor fellow. I had to satisfy him after having turned him on. I unzipped him, took out his pecker. As the monster stood up, I kneeled down and started licking him. Soon he was in my mouth and moving in and out. As he climaxed, I could feel wetness between my legs and I was sure it was not my periods!