Shopping outing for lingerie

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Fun time buying lingerie
Following is a true account of one of my experiences of shopping for lingerie. (nosex).
This happened a couple of months ago, and as far as I remember, the conversation went like I have described below.
If you have not read my earlier story 'Wonderful crossdressing shopping experience', I'd suggest reading it first.


Following my wonderful shopping experience on the Christmas eve, I was feeling elated. I had just bought a couple of very sexy women's clothes, I had crossdressed, albeit very briefly for few seconds, in front of someone. I had lot of vacation days to use up and so was mostly free for next couple of weeks. And, to top it off, I was all alone at home for few weeks, to indulge in my crossdressing fantasies.

Since that shopping outing a couple of days ago, when I bought a couple of dresses at Natick mall, I had ventured out into few more stores for women's clothes. Although I had not bought anything else, I had gained enough confidence to walk in any store and do shopping.

I knew I had to take it up one notch. I had to buy lingerie.

In my earlier story, I described wearing a push up bra and panties. Those actually belonged to my wife who was away for a few weeks (yes, working during the holidays). I had secretly used bras and panties belonging to a lot of women, beginning with my mom's and sisters' during teens, then some of my girlfriends' and now my wife's.
I decided it was time to change the situation. It was time to buy my own lingerie. My own selection, my own fitting.

Going into a store and asking to try-on a bra or a panty was definitely lot more provocative and titilating than, say, a skirt or a top. I shivered at the thought that this was possibly taking it too far and I may end up being ridiculed and thrown out of a store. But after thinking for some time, I managed to calm down and decided I had to do it.

I drove to the mall. I thought it wouldn't be crowded much after Christmas, but it kind of was. I was hoping to find a bit emptier stores for shopping, so this discouraged me a little bit; but nevertheless I walked around a few lingerie stores.

My first stop, of course, was Victoria's Secret. This one in the mall I go to, is a very large store. Right now, it looked to be very busy, even though it was pretty late and nearly closing time. There were posh middle aged women, teenage girls in pink shorts, young 20somethings, even a couple of old ladies. In short, too many eyes. I wondered through the aisle at the front of store, but couldn't dare pick up a single item.

Little disheartened, I walked out, strolling around the mall. For a while I thought of going to the JCPenney, as I knew they had a large 'intimates' section. Just then, I noticed a store named Soma intimates. I had seen this store earlier, had walked by it in the past, but it had never left an impression on my mind like the flashy and sexy Victoria's. Then, as I stood there and looked, I knew why. This store was in a much quieter section of the mall. The other stores nearby didn't have much of traffic. And mainly, this was a much smaller store, and had a lot less flashy front display. No Heidi Klum or Gisele Bundchen, showing off fabulous curves. Just a regular good looking woman, sporting a lacy bra and bright red lipstick.

This was perfect for me..

As I walked in, I noticed the store was nearly empty. There were two sales women, a stern-looking middle aged woman, possibly of Mexican descent. The other one was a short, black young woman sporting glasses. She was just a little bit plump - what some people could possibly see as nice curves - with really nice looking curly shoulder length hair.
There was just one customer, a impeccably dressed woman in her 40s, who was standing next to a trial room - most likely waiting for someone inside.

The merchandise- so to speak - took my breath away. If I had expected it to be less provocative than Victoria's Secret , I was dead wrong. There were every kind of ultra sexy, ulra provocative bras and panties you can imagine. Lacy pink push bras, flimsy flowery thongs, tiny bikinis --- you get the picture. Every crossdresser's dream come true - just to walk through there, touching those things. And I was going to try some on !!! I got a hard on in no time.

I first walked by a wall where there were lot of PJs, robes and the like clothes. As I was turning towards the nearby racks which had some large sized bras, I noticed the young woman walking towards me. The older woman was away, assisting the other customer.

The young woman came towards me. She smiled and said 'Are you doing OK, Can I help you find something ?"

I said, "I'm not sure . Let me see around"

"Well", she said "We have a discount running for these two " - and pointed towards a section of robes and PJs - ", where you get 40% off, and a 25% discount on those" and pointed to a nearby table of bright colored bikinis and panties. These really looked like swim suit bikinis.

Then she wondered off.

As I walked from the PJs and robes towards the other wall of store which had the sexier bras and panties, I could feel my heart beating faster. I walked about casually, picking up & checking things out at times. It was a wonderful feeling.
Some of the bras were so enticing that I almost caught myself fondling the cups a couple of times. I looked towards the sales associate, but didn't think she had seen me fondling those bra cups.

The other customer woman had now come over towards the sales desk, with a teenager, possibly her daughter. She looked in my direction briefly, but not for too long. The mexican woman was chatting with them, while doing billing.

I went further in the store, towards another section of what looked like camisoles and negligees. There were lots of very sensual ones. I was particularly attracted to a burgundy colored satin camisole. It had light pink lace and border that just accentuated the curves of bust line.
I looked around hoping to catch glimpse of the young woman. As a matter of fact, she was probably waiting for me to ask for help. She walked over to me, smiled and said, 'Can I help you?"

I was carrying with me the saffron colored skirt that I had bought couple of days back. I showed it to her, pointed to the camisole, asked her if she thought they went well together.
She said, "well ...this probably doesn't match well. This camisole is more of by itself." then added, "I am not sure if we have lot of tops that will go on that skirt"

Then she asked me, "Do you have anything particular in mind ? Something she likes ?"

Oh boy , here it goes again..

I cleared my throat and said, "Well, actually I'm looking something for myself".
I paused for a couple of seconds. I then picked up two different sizes of that camisole and asked her, "Do you mind if I try these on?"

To my relief,she enthusiastically said, "Oh sure, absolutely", and walked me to one of the trial rooms.

I got into the room, took my jeans and t-shirt off, and shoes. This time as well, just like a couple of days ago, I was wearing a push up bra and panties.t

I tried to wear the medium sized one first. This was clearly tight. I was hard to get it on. So, then I slipped on the large size. This one was relatively easy to get in. I tidied it up over the bra cups. It was quite short, reaching just an inch or so below my ass. I looked in the mirror. I tried bending down at waist, and looked back over the shoulder to see the smooth satin fabric of the camisole hugging my butt.

I was very satisfied with it and was definitely going to buy it. But, from my last experience, I had got bold and wanted to show off to someone. Well, to that store woman in particular.

It didn't take a long time. Within a couple of minutes, I could hear hear stilettos walking towards my direction and then I heard her voice just outside,

"How are we doing here?", she said.

I opened the door just a little bit and peeked out. She was standing right outside.

I said, "Hi, I'm not sure if you'd be OK with it. But, do you mind taking a look / tell me what you think ?"

She smiled and said, "No problem"

I let her peek in.

She looked very curious, almost to the point of being eager at seeing a crossdresser. She looked at my bra, clearly amused. She was clearly trying to suppress her smile, but not in a ridiculing manner, more as genuinely finding something unexpected and so little amused.

She said, "It ... probably ... looks just a little tight'.

'Does it ?' I said.

'Well ... Not too much, but the next size with probably look better on you and probably more comfortable too. Are you comfortable in this one ?"

I said , "Yes , actually I am. This is the large size, the medium was definitely tight. Does it like, really not look good ?"

"No no, it's not bad. I mean, it's up to you. Lot of women, they wear it more .. like flowing. But, if you're comfortable, its looking good'

This time she gave a big smile, unable to suppress. I smiled back.

She left. I got back into my jeans, shirt and walked out of the trial room.

By now the other customer had left. I walked about more, looking at the panties and bras. I had to buy them - those were the reason I had come to mall today.

I wondered about more and finally selected a black velvet textured bra. It was size 36D.
For the panties, I was unable to decide. There were at least 4 different ones that I liked a lot. One was looking very teenager-ish, butt-hugging shorts, with bright colored lines for pattern. One was a sheer satin fabric thong. Then there were two very erotic G-strings with slightly different lace patterns. I actually wanted to buy all four of them, but didn't want to spend so much at one go.

Luckily, my friend, the store clerk was nearby. As I looked in her direction, she came nearer, obviously waiting for me to say something.

I was really nervous this time, as I was wondering if asking a young girl which of the panties looked sexier, would be crossing the line. But hey ! She was working in a lingerie store afterall, and was definitely friendly.

I'm sure I looked very nervous and awkward at the situation. I said, "I'm not sure if I should ask you this, but could I ask you little bit more help?"

She said in a very friendly and understanding tone , almost whispered, "Of course. Please. Are you looking for something else ?"

I showed her the bra and told her I was getting it. Then I pointed at the four different panties and said, "I'm actually looking for one that will go with that camisole, and I can't decide which one I should go with"

She pointed at the bright colored shorts and waved hands indicating that those didn't look too well. She put aside one of the two g-strings, saying that it didn't go well with the camisole.

She then picked up the thong and the other g-string, and said "I would say, these two".

As I pondered, she asked me straight as a matter of fact, "These too, are for you, right ? What type are you looking? Any particular style or something?"

I blushed a little bit, but blurted out , "Yeah, I mean I need to select something that my girlfriend will like."

"Does she like the color of that cami?"


She said, "Of those two , I would say , definitely the red thong one is better.'

I had decided I was going to buy both, so I said so.

She said, "Great! You know your size ?'

"I think the 14 fits me.', then timidly added, "Can I try it on once ?"

"Of course".

I felt like exhilarated. I walked back to the trial room, stripped off my street clothes, the panty & bra I had been wearing, and then put on the new bra and the red thong I was looking to purchase. They were both perfect fits !! I particularly liked the way the thong's slim backside hugged upper side of my butt cheeks.

I waited for a couple of minutes, wondering if I should ask her opinion about this one too. Of course, she stopped by in a couple of minutes.

This time, she seemed to really enjoy the show. I had recently gotten a fully body and brazilian bikini wax (more about that later), so there was not a hair to be seen on my body. The D-cup bra I had chosen was definitely quite sexy, and I'm pretty sure I have a nice ass. She seemed to be drinking in a sight that she never got to see , definitely not at workplace !!

She gave me thumbs up , and just said with a big grin "Perfect !"

Later, as she was doing the billing for me, I said to her, "Thanks for your help. I definitely find it hard to find places to shop".

She waved her hand in dismissal and said pleasantly, "Hey, anyday!. It's not a problem at all for me. I like to help whenever I can. Hope she likes it.."

I picked up the bags, walked out - eager to reach home.