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Sissy at the Bookstore

Or how I humiliated myself in drag
I had gone to adult bookstores for many years and had done it in drag many times but never dressed as a sissy and never during the day. On this day I was so involved in humiliating myself that I decided that I need to take that extra step and I did.

I had checked into an adult motel the night before and booked for two days so I had a lot of time on my hands. The night before I had pranced around in front of other guests, both men and women, dressed in sexy women's clothing and had a wonderful time but, as usual I didn't get off; instead I satisfied several guys.

This, of course, made me extremely horny and in the past I would masturbate to relieve myself but since I had another night to go I didn't want to do that because I was afraid it might effect my performance for that evening. Instead, I decided that a trip to a ABS was in order.

I have been into sissy dressing for the last couple of years and thought it would be a great idea to dress so for the ABS so I dressed in my best and sexiest french maid's outfit which included a white bra with silicon breasts, pantyhose with white lace covered panties over the top, white crinoline petticoat, white ankle socks with lace along the top then of course the the black satin short maid's outfit trimmed in white lace. To top the outfit off I put on a white pinafore and Mary Jane shoes. Then I applied my make-up and placed an auburn wig on my head with a little white lace head band to pull my long hair back in place and finish the sissy look.

I then walked out to my car and as I did one of the real maids who was working at the motel saw me and whistled which made me curtsy to her. I then drove to the ABS fearing along the way that I could be pulled over by a cop for something, or worse, have an accident while dressed as I was, but I got there safely and now I had to put up or shut up.

I sat in my vehicle forever looking the scene over. There were about a half dozen other cars in the parking lot so I new there would be men inside. I debated for what seemed forever whether or not to go in. I was scared and knew that if I did I would be doing it in the most subservient way that I'd ever done.

As I said I had gone in the store in drag many times before but, I was dressed in conventional women's clothing when I did it and usually at night; this was something totally different and I don't think I would have done it this time except I was hornier than I'd ever been before.

So, I decided to go. I opened the door of my car and stepped out thinking to myself, who cares, you'll never see any of these guys again and I'm not breaking any laws.

Every step seemed like I was doing it in slow motion as I looked down at my nylon covered legs and cute Mary Jane shoes but I continued on all the way to the front door where I stopped and said to myself, well this is it, the point of no return.

I checked my uniform and straightened out everything. My body then literally shook but I still reached out, grabbed the handle of the door and pulled it open and stepped inside.

There were a couple of guys looking at the DVDs along the racks that lined the store which was about twice as long as it was wide. There was a counter that was raised up so it would allow the guy behind the counter a view of the whole store there were glass cabinets around the cabinet.

The store attendant was sitting behind the cabinet and watching some court show on the television. He looked over at me and did a double take, rising to his feet with a smile on his scruffy face that needed a shave. He walked over to me, looked down at me and said, "Hi, sweetie, welcome to (the name of the store) can I help you with anything?"

I looked at him and said that I wanted to watch a few of the films in the arcade which was in the back of the store. He said, "Sure, baby, no problem."

This book store worked differently from a lot of the others around town. It charged you one price to go to into the arcade and then you could stay there as long as you wanted as long as you didn't leave the store. I liked this since it meant I didn't have to keep looking for dollars to but in the machine. So, I reached into my purse to get a twenty to pay him when he said, "No problem, baby, ladies are free, have fun."

I then thanked him and turned and walked to the back toward the arcade. As I did I had to walk by the two guys who were looking at the DVDs and I heard one of them give out a low whistle and say under his breath, "Look at that."

I, of course, wiggled my ass as much as I could in order to get their attention and hoped they might follow me inside but they didn't, at least not right away. However, I didn't need worry about some action because as soon as I walked into the arcade I saw a guy who was in his late 40s standing there looking at the marquee.

He looked over and smiled and said, "I didn't think Halloween was for anther couple of months," and then laughed.

I said that I liked dressing like this and liked the attention. He looked at me said, "Well you'll get that, dressed that way." He followed with, 'You're quite cute, I like the whole maid thing."

I thanked him and he then walked over to me and put his hand around my shoulder and asked if I wanted to go to a booth with him and watch a movie? I, of course, told him sure and he led me to the nearest booth where we went in.

He quickly unbuckled his pants and told me to unzip him and pull his pants down so I did. His semi hard cock fell out and brushed my faces as I pulled his clothing down. He then put his hands on my shoulder and pushed me to my knees.

Of course I didn't need a hint as to what he wanted so I opened my mouth and put his cock in and began to give him my special blow job. I first went up and down on his shaft until he was rock hard then I pulled off only to start licking him like a lollypop.

The next step was to put the tip of his cock, the head, just inside my mouth and gripped it lightly with my mouth using my lips to cushion the base of his head between my teeth. I then flicked my tongue across his head back and forth changing speeds as I did. This made him cringe and he let out a big sigh and said, "Oh baby that's so good, you such a cocksucker keep it up I'm going to blow." Then he did.

The cum filled my mouth and soon came running out around the edges of my lips. I was in ecstasy; the taste, the feeling, the knowledge that I was being used as a cum slut. I reached down and between my legs and rubbed my hard-on with my free hand but quickly stopped when I thought I might also cum.

"That was great bitch," he said. "You like being my bitch don't you?"

I told him I did and that I liked him being over me. He then laughed and made me pull his pants back up and zip them up and rebuckle them all while I was on my knees. He again laughed and said, "You give fantastic head, cunt." He then looked at me and said, "Stay on our knees, bitch, until I'm gone."

He then opened the door with me still on my knees and left leaving the door of the booth wide open so that I couldn't get to it. Of course several guys were standing there around the booth waiting for him to finish and listening to what was going on between us.

Now I was on my knees in front of them with cum on my face while wearing a French maid's outfit.

Of course I was there for hours being the cock-sucking whore I wanted to be. It was what I had always wanted.


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