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Starting to Have Fun as a Slave Girl

Vanessa is won at an auction to do one man's bidding for the night
Greg and I had resumed our relationship as normal after my experience at Mistress Amber's. I was enjoying being his girlfriend. He treated me so nicely, and we enjoyed our time together. It was the most intense sex life I had ever had with anyone. For the most part he enjoyed being the dominant one, and he was happy to make me his little fucktoy after a nice night out. But it was that line that he didn't want to cross, and that line I felt I needed to cross, that gave us this itch once in a while, and we knew it was time to give Mistress Amber a visit. This way he could revisit his desire to watch me with other men, and I could indulge my submissive fantasies.

He told me about Amber's monthly auction. I was intrigued of course. It was tomorrow night, and he suggested that I go. She already told him that she would make sure he had a front row seat, and that the winner only got his prize for the one night. It sounded perfect.

The next night, at Greg's suggestion, I slipped on a lacy pink thong, and bra, white thigh highs, a plaid skirt, white button down shirt, and black Mary Jane shoes with 4" heels. I also put my hair up in pigtails. "You're going to cost some guy a fortune tonight," he said to me.

When we arrived at the house, we were separated like last time, and I was brought to a small room with a couch. I waited there for what felt like around an hour, until another guy came in, then brought me to another room. This room had a two way mirror, and I couldn't really see much else. A voice from over a speaker would tell me to turn around, or bend over, or expose a part of my body. After a little while, I heard a bell ring, and someone came in for me. They put a collar around my neck that said "sold" and I was brought into another room.

In this room, I could see a man, attractive, probably in his forties, sitting on a leather couch across the room. From another door, a beautiful blond woman, wearing a bustier and heels emerged.

"He wants you to serve him a drink," she said. She had a bottle of cognac in her hand, and I reached for it.

"Haha, no not like that," she said. She grabbed my hair and pulled me down on all fours. Then she pulled my thong aside. She started licking my hole up and down, and pushing her tongue a little bit inside me.

I heard the snap of a bottle of lube being opened, and then I felt her wet finger pressing inside my hole. She moved it around, stretching me open, and then added another finger. Slowly she started to finger fuck me, and it felt so good. She then added a third finger, really spreading me open. This went on for a few minutes, and then she stopped.

She showed me the bottle of cognac again, and then she got the bottle of lube and started to rub lube on the bottle. Again, she squeezed a big glob of it on her fingers and rubbed them on my hole to get me nice and wet. Then she took the wide end of the bottle and pressed it against my hole, beginning to push it in. This was probably wider than anything I had ever had inside me, and it was not going in easily. It hurt a lot but I was excited at the idea of taking something so big in my ass.

She used her fingers to try to pry my ass open, to allow the bottle to start slipping in. Finally my ass opened up enough to let the bottle start pushing it's way inside me. She pushed it slowly in, about halfway down. It was enough so that it would slip back out. She motioned for me to walk towards him.

Remaining on all fours, I made my way to the other side of the room, the bottle protruding from my asshole. Once I got there, he held out his glass. I turned around, and he removed the cap from the bottle. I poured his drink by arching myself forward. Then turned back around to face him.

He moved his hand down towards my thong, and pushed the front part aside to expose my clitty. It was a little hard, and he started stroking it. The stimulation from the bottle and his hand got me good and hard. He placed the glass underneath me, and it must have really looked like I was being milked. He worked me to orgasm, and I could feel my ass tighten on the bottle as my clitty started to shoot my semen into his glass of cognac.

He lifted it to his face and swirled it around. As the semen mixed around with the cognac, he took a deep sniff, and then sipped it. Then he unzipped his pants and exposed his own hard cock. It stared me in the face, so I began to lick around the head, paying close attention to the underside with my tongue. I licked it up and down, and then took the whole thing deep into my mouth, down my throat.

I began to bob my head up and down on his hard cock. I could hear him moaning, then sipping from his cognac. He was sipping on my cum, as I was anticipating taking his into my mouth. I started to play with his balls, and suddenly I felt him tense up as his cock began to spurt his hot load into my mouth. I eagerly took it all in, every shot, enjoying the feeling of his sticky sweet cum on my tongue and throat. He smiled at me, as the woman in the bustier came over. She led me away, still on all fours. I wondered if this was my whole night, or if there was more to come.
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