Summer sexing a friend

By summer1979

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A tale of sex, not love.

The night was especially dark that night. The moon was hid by a blanket of clouds. It was only 6:30, but that time of year it always gets dark that early. I left the empty bar after a couple of drinks, but I didn't want to go home. I wore skin tight jeans, a cute little tee, some cute tennis shoes, and a sexy underwear set. I took a little detour and found that Rod was having a fire. Rod's house is in the middle of nowhere; he is surrounded by trees and fields. I crept slowly into his drive and parked. His massive dog met me at my door, so I was reluctant to get out. Rod walked up and said hello. I was a little nervous because someone who knew Steve was about to meet Summer.

Rod invited me to sit by his fire and have a drink, which I gladly accepted. We sat on top of a picnic table next to the fire behind his house. I hadn't seen Rod in about a year, so we talked for about an hour or so just catching up. As he talked, I would blow bubbles with my gum constantly, hoping to turn him on with my tongue. I made little moves like leaning back real far on the table, rubbing the outside of my thighs every once in a while. I noticed every time he got up to throw another log on the fire that he sat ever so closer each time. He kept asking if I was seeing anyone, which I replied no. After a small silence, Rod made his move; he put his hand on my thigh. I leaned back with a devilish grin, and he moved in for a kiss. I spread my legs as his hand ran up my thigh to my crotch. Rod massaged the outside of my tight pants as he kissed me. I directed his hand straight to my ass and put my hand down the front of his jeans. He was much thicker than I thought. After a long kiss he invited me inside. Rod was about to really get to know Summer.

Once inside Rod's home, I went straight to the bathroom. I took off my pants and shirt, teased my hair a bit, and took a look in the mirror. I was wearing a sexy little black and red bra, panties, and garter with black fishnet stockings and 5" stiletto heels. I love the way stilettos make my ass look. When I returned from the bathroom, I stood at the hall for a moment as he eye fucked me up and down. A smile came to his face and Rod told me to come to him. I slowly stepped toward Rod making sure to shake my ass with every step. I sat next to him, placing my leg over his and he came in for a kiss as his hand began to rub my inner thigh. I was starting to get hard. I put my hand on his cock over his pants and began to stroke it up and down. I could feel him pulsate through his jeans. Rod stood up and I leaned forward unsnapping his button. As I tugged at his jeans revealing a big, thick cock that was staring at me. I opened my mouth and pulled his jeans toward me and sucked on his manhood. Rod leaned over even further and began to fuck my mouth, trying to shove it all the way in. He pinned my arms down with his legs, so I was his little cock slut. After an eternity of him raping my mouth, he pulled out, took my hand, and led me to his bedroom.

His bedroom was pretty well lit. Rod had mirrors along both sides of his room with a mattress in the center of the room. He laid out in front of me with his cock standing at attention. I knelt down and began to stroke his massive penis with both hands. I licked his shaft up and down like a lollipop, then slid it into my mouth until it tickled my tonsils. Rod grabbed me by the hips and pulled me into a 69. I was so aroused watching myself suck off another man in the mirror. Rod pulled my panties to one side revealing my tight little hole and man pussy. As he sucked me off I could feel myself about to cum so I pulled out and positioned my ass so he could devour it. His tongue felt so good swirling around the rim of my asshole. I began to suck harder and slide faster till I could feel him about to cum in my mouth, but he stopped me. He wanted more; he wanted to tear up my tight little asshole.

Rod put me on all fours with my panties still pull to the side, and poured a massive amount of warming lube all over my rear. He buried 2 fingers straight into my ass, and did it ever burn. Rod slid his fingers back and forth until they slid with ease. I could feel my ass was on fire and I loved it. Rod positioned himself behind me, grabbing my hips, and in one deep thrust buried his cock almost entirely into my ass. I let out a cry of "oh shit!" as I gripped the sheets as tightly as I could. He came down so his chest pressed my back and held me tightly around my chest, playing with my nipples as he began to pump his cock into my ass. As he pumped faster and faster, I began to let out moans of excitement, yelling, "Fuck me, tear my tight little hole. Yah fuck my ass!" Watching him fuck me in the mirror made me have a small orgasm, which only got better. He would stop about every 15 minutes to relube my ass, which felt great. My ass was burning but when he ran his fingers around the hole it sent tingles all over my silky smooth body. When he was ready to cum, I had already came 3 times but I had one hell of a grand finally. Rod started to thrust harder and faster, so I knew he was ready. I had him hold me up from behind as I stroked myself off with him cumming at the same time. I blew myself all over the sheets, the floor, and the wall. As I came I began to scream with excitement. After we came, we fell straight to the bed with him still on top of me and in me. I could feel his penis go flaccid inside my throbbing hole. My legs were quivering so much, I could hardly walk for hours.

The next day, I my legs still quivered, my ass was really sore, and I had a really bad hangover. I also had a new booty call. It was one great night.