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Surprise Delight

It was a beautiful day outside and it had been a long hard week at work. I decided to pamper myself by taking a nice long bath and just soak my sore muscles. After my bath and weekly grooming I decide it was time to slip into something a bit more slutty to wear around the house (I don't go out dressed up, not quite passable for that step).

I walked into my room and looked in my closet, where I kept my sluttiest outfits. I picked out my bright pink and purple trimmed corset with matching garter and panties. Next I went to the dresser and pulled out my shortest cheerleader skirt and purple fishnet stockings. Next I slipped on my bright blue raver wig and pink knee-high hooker boots, I feel so dirty in this outfit it just makes me want to get bent over and fucked so hard.

Once the outfit was picked out I slowly got ready enjoying the feel of each and every piece as I slid into it. My cock twitched and stood at attention as I turned around and saw my reflection in the full length mirror. I gave it a squeeze then set out to do my menial chores around the house.

As I sauntered about the house I would find myself stopping in front of every mirror in the house to look at just how slutty I looked. thats when it hit me why just fantasize about being bent over and fucked, just do it.

So I grabbed the phone called up my favorite gay chat line (cruise lines) and left a voice ad stating that I was looking for some one to come over to suck my hard throbbing clitty then bend me over and stretch my ass with their big fuckstick. You wouldn't believe the response I got but it only seemed to be old creeper heavy breathers and that just doesn't turn me on at all.

I was just about to give up when I happened upon something a bit out of the ordinary for a gay chat line, it was a woman's voice and she sounded right hot and horny. Oh well, I thought to myself, if I can't get fucked like a slut I'm just as well to fuck one, so I sent her a private message. To my surpise and delight she messaged me back saying she was looking for the same thing. We messaged back and forth for a while and she seemed pretty interested in my choice of attire and was really eager to come by and meet me. I gave her my address and also hinted that I really love a girl in uniform (school girl that is). She replied that she would see what she could come up with.

I scurried around the house making sure that everything was in order and that my house was presentable as well as myself. I touched up my makeup, made sure my wig and outfit were in proper shape.

About an hour went by and she had still not shown up. I was starting to think I was going to have to start my search over again, when the doorbell rang. I headed downtstairs to answer the door. Although Candy had given me a description of what she looked like I was not prepared for what was standing on my doorstep when I swung the door open to greet her. I was speechless.

There she stood, 5' 9" tall, long red curly hair, green eyes and oh my god the body on her was immaculate. She stood there sporting a white see-through button up blouse with a red bra with black trim, and a black and red plaid schoolgirl skirt that was so short I swear I could make out the crotch of her panties, which I later found out mathched the bra and garters that held up her thigh high red fishnet stockings, that were beautifully tucked into her knee high black stilettoes. 

"Do you like what you see?" she asked, snapping me out of my drooling stooper.

"Oh my god, I'm so sorry," I stumbled to reply, "I feel like such a rude douchebag."

"No need to be sorry, it makes me wet to know I have that kind of effect on you. So are you gonna invite me in?"

"Of course, please come in," I stammered.

After I had finished embarassing myself and had watched that gorgeous ass climb the stairs in front of me, I showed her to the living room. There she told me how pleased she was when she saw how sexy I looked in my slutty outfit, and started rubbing up and down my thighs. My cock started to twitch in my panties as I watched her hand trace over my fishnets. I took the hint and leaned in for a long hot french kiss that left me breathless and horny as fuck.

It must have had the same affect on Candy because next thing I knew we caught each others glance and a second later she had me pushed back on the couch while she proceeded to scratch her nails from my knees to my upper thigh stopping just shy of my rock hard panty clad cock. This just drove me incredibly crazy and even more horny, she did this for what seemed like forever until finally she reached up my skirt and started to massage my hard throbbing clit through the lacey material (the contrast of the lace on my smooth cock makes me so hard).

"Now what was it your add said again?" she paused. "Oh ya, you wanted someone to suck your pulsating clit. Well here, you little slut, your wish is granted."

With that said she lowered her head to my crotch flipped up my skirt and buried her face between my legs. I could feel her hot breath on my cock which made it twitch with the anticipation of what was to come next. She slowly began to lick up and down my panty covered cock, before realeasing my dick from its lacey confines.

Once it was out and poking her in the lips she devoured it in a fit of passion, taking me deep into the back of her throat until my freshly shaved balls were resting on her chin. Candy began to choke but instead of pulling my cock from her mouth she tried to take it deeper, her saliva ran from her mouth and onto my balls. She repeated this manuver for a while until my balls, ass and couch were quite saturated. I hadn`t ever had a blow job quite as wonderful as this in a long time, but it was about to get better.

Candy took one hand and began fondling my slick balls before running her hand down to my ass, where she playfully tickled my tight hole. Eventually she worked her finger into me, causing me to let out a pleasurable groan. She began working my cock with her other hand as she finger fucked my ass.

A short while later I pulled her up to me to give her a kiss and get a taste of her beautiful C-cup titties. I sat her on the couch with me facing her, kneeling in between her legs. We kissed a few times while I massaged those sexy perky titties, before finally exposing them. I tore open her blouse then quickly hauled the cups of the bra down, freeing her erect little nipples. I leaned in grabbed hold of her left breast and started lo lick and suck on her pert nips, gently nibbling on her nipple.

"Harder," she gasped, "I love it when you`re rough." No need to tell me twice I thought to myself as I chewed on her luscious nipples. By now she was moaning and thrashing about telling how fucking hot I was making her. I ran my hand up her thigh and was abruptly stopped in my advance up her skirt.

I grabbed both her hands, placed them above her head, holding them with one hand while I shoved my other one up her skirt. To my surprise instead of finding a soaking wet pair of panties, I was tickled pink to find what felt like a nice 10 inch hard throbbing fuckstick. I never skipped a beat, in one quick movement I ripped her panties off and took that meat stick deep down my throat repeating some of the same tricks she had used on me but threw in a few of my own.

I worked her big dick for quite sometime before I felt it was sufficiently lubed up enough. I stood up and climbed onto the couch until I was standing in front of her with my hot clit staring her in the face. Candy took it into her mouth for a minute, giving me time to spit on my fingers, reach behind and lube my ass up a bit. Pulling my panties to the side I lowered my ass down onto her throbbing member. She pulled my ass cheeks and then I felt the head of her monster cock knocking on my back door.

Once I felt I was in the right position I just dropped my tight little ass onto her engorged fuckstick, forcing her deep inside my now extremely full and satisfied fuck hole. I let out a girlish squeal as I felt her balls squishing under my ass cheeks. She felt amazing iside of me, I could feel every vein and bump on her glorious cock. I rested there for a moment to recover from the violent assault I just caused on myself, sitting there I could feel her cock throbbing inside me.

"You're such a dirty little slut for cock, I`ve never had anyone take me like that before."

I replied, "You ain't seen nothing yet." I began bouncing up and down on her meatstick for all I was worth, it felt so good that she had me moaning and screaming for her to fuck me harder and she did. She punished my ass like that for a while longer before turning her attention to my throbbing clit.

Candy began sucking my cock into her mouth while she pounded my ass, before sliding it between her tits. I have always dreamed about this happening but never thought it would. After some time of riding her like this I decided it was time to give her hot little ass a try. I pulled myself off her cock and moved the party to my room. She followed me to the bedroom and as we got to the bed I pushed her onto it then joined her. Candy lay on her back while I climbed between her spread giving that beautiful dick of hers another little lick.

I straddled one of her legs, rolled her slightly onto her side then wrapped her other leg around my waist so I could get a good look at her ass, cock and her sweet tits, not to mention you get awesomely deep penetration this way. With one hand I spread her ass chaeeks and with the other I lubed up her asshole with my saliva. Positioning the head of my cock in line with her tight bud, I slowly pushed the fat mushroom head of my cock inside her.

Once the head was in, I painstakingly slid each inch slowly inside of her, savouring the slick tight feel of her insides. Finally fully inside her I lifted the leg that was wrapped around my waist and moved it up onto my shoulder so I could get a good look at our fishnet clad thighs intertwined while my cock moved in and out of her stretched asshole.

Candy was moaning and begging me to fuck her faster so I reached down, grabbed hold of her fuckstick with one hand, spread her ass cheeks wide with the other and used her big dick as a handle to pull myself deeper and harder into her. I stroked her throbbing cock as I fucked the hole right off her and before to long I felt her cock convulsing in my grip then without warning she blew her load all over herself, covering her tits with big drops of creamy goodness. This had quite the affect on me because as soon as the last dropped hit her pert nipples, I unloaded my cum deep in her ass causing her to squeal with delight.

I pulled my cock out and finshed my orgasm on her milky white tits, mixing both our cum together with my cock before offering the tip of my dick to her for the first taste. We enjoyed our creamy little treat then decided it was best to recollect ourselves before round two.

I`m happy to say she finally bent me over and fucked me the way I deserve, just like the dirty little cock slut I am.

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