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Suzie and Cindy are taken to their first gay club

this is my fantasy life
As Cindy walked into the room with the outfit I picked for her, she had a distinct glow of a satisfied girl. Harry and Jack added pink nail polish, matching garter belt, thigh high fishnet stockings, jewelry, high heels and they cut bangs into her hair. She really was pretty.

The three of them stood there while I was still riding Joe's cock, he was in no hurry. I must be becoming a good whore and it was exciting to have them all watch me riding that huge cock.

Joe was still fucking me when he told Harry, "Play the tape on the big screen." It started with my session with Cindy, then with Harry and Jack pulling a train on her, finally her being so feminine as they dressed her up more.

Then coach broke the silence, "Cindy wiggle over to me. I want a closer look at my new bitch."

With a big smile on her face, she wiggled over to Joe and cooed, "Am I really pretty enough to be your new bitch?"

"You are not only pretty enough, you are pretty enough to start working tonight! All the men at the club will go crazy and pay plenty for all four of you."

Then Joe started to explode in my pussy. I fell into his chest, kissed my way up to his ear and whispered, "I want to see Harry and Jack sucking each other off, please."

"Harry!! You and Jack start sucking each other off right now." They fell to the floor right in front of us started to swallow each others cocks. Cindy was floored, frozen and silent.

"That is right everybody works for me Cindy."

"Suzie knows how to suck any man's cock, leaving him feeling like a giant, but her pussy is mine."

"Harry and Jack fuck or suck anyone I tell them too," as they came into each other's mouths.

"You are new Cindy but starting tonight you are giving your ass and mouth as many times as I can sell you."

I could feel the last of his cum was flowing out of me. Then he hugged me and said, "I think I'm falling in you love with you Suzie. Go pick out a real sissy pink dress and stuffed bra for Cindy. Then we are off to the club."

After I picked out a sissy pink dress for Cindy, she was thrilled. I realized she looked like a very cute sissy-boy, not a woman. I took once last look at myself and felt like a beautiful woman. Joe instructed me not to wear a bra under my dress, so he could show off my breasts. 

He was a genius. He had a gay boy in drag, two hot muscular studs who loved doing anything and me, a girl with a boyfriend to fuck me and a desire to be his great cock sucking whore.

Before you know it, we are in the car on our way to an all night gay bar with private rooms for Joe to pimp us out in all night.

Cindy and I are sitting either side of Joe in the back seat fighting over who got to hold his cock. When Joe interrupts and tells everybody, "No money exchanges between you and the Johns. That happens between me and the manager. Is that not clear to any one?"

The club is packed! Shoulder to shoulder, I was molested a minimum of twenty times before reaching our reserved table. It was situated close to the dance floor and within eye shot of four private rooms.

Joe made an immediate statement by sitting Cindy with Harry and Jack together, leaving me to sit next to him. I have to admit, I was proud to be his whore.

He put his massive arm around my waist, whispered in my ear again, "I meant what I
I said before about thinking, I was falling in love with you." 

I reached up his chest and eventually to his ear and said, "Silly, I already know I love you."

He stared me in eyes, a single tear falling down his cheek, didn't care who heard, "I love you Suzie."

Then he sternly looked at Cindy across the table. "Cindy you look very pretty but you don't know who you are or how to treat a John. That 's very dangerous, so listen up. The John is always right, he is always satisfied. Satisfy all the Johns you are with tonight and you can stay with us, dress up all day and learn how to be a better whore with each trick. Screw up and I'll put you out on the street, with that outfit your wearing now and we release all the pictures of you on the net. You know the ones where you swallowed and beg for more. Is that clear Cindy ?"

"Yes coach, I want to be a good whore."

"Everybody, Johns that goes off with Harry and Jack know what they want and they are on the way to heaven."

"Suzie is special, she's all woman and her Johns want to have a woman make them feel beautiful."
"You have to find yourself, but make sure to please all my Johns until you do."

The manager came and whispered in Joe's ear, while pointing out Harry and Jack, after a few seconds Joe threw the money in his face and shook his head no. The manager was back within 15 minutes with a wad twice as thick and Joe motioned for them to follow the manager.

Next he came back with an equal wad and pointed out Cindy. Joe singled her to go and a very old man met her at the door to one of the rooms. She was obviously scared and disappointed.

Joe reached for me to come the dance floor with him. He gave the DJ a tape to play along with the slow music, scrolling pictures of me being fucked on the big screen. Suddenly all the men were gossiping and groping me. 

When we sat down again the manager came over. This time he had no money but plenty of questions. They both shook hands. Then the manager left.

Joe turned to me, another tear rolling down his cheek he said, "Suzie if they don't want you as I'm willing to give you, then you'll be mine alone." For a little over a minute, I felt so good that I could hardly fight back the tears.

Then the manager came back to say a bidding war was going on but I soon would have quite a few Johns. By closing I made double what Harry, Jack and Cindy made together. Furthermore, I was booked solid for the next two months.

Joe moved me into his house, and bed, the next day as his wife. I am SUZIE !!

I was Queen of the house and took special pleasure having Harry and Jack put gay shows on for me, while guiding Cindy towards her journey towards womanhood. 
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