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Taking Control

Wife busted me doing some of my favorite things and then took control with some role reversal
this is a story of how my wife busted me doing some of my favorite things and then took control of the situation with some role reversal to satisfy both her and my hidden desires - enjoy!

It was one of those rare days when I was working from home and my wife had plans to be out running around with a couple of girlfriends for most of the day. Work had been dragging me down and I was in serious need of some personal time. As soon as I kissed my wife goodbye, I scurried into the bedroom to raid her panty drawer. I've always loved the sight and feel of a skimpy pair of satin panties and have found myself wanting to wear them more often recently. I'm not sure if it was my way of dealing with work-related pressures, or the slutty side coming out of me or what, but I knew they felt good and I was ready to slide into pair and do a little surfing online. I picked out my favorite pair, a French-cut low-rise sheer pink satin bikini with a little bow at the center of the waistband. They encased my small cock very well and tightly hugged my ass cheeks. Not only did they feel good on me, but I think they looked great too!

The silky fabric felt good against my ass, cock, and balls as I sat in my office chair and surfed my favorite porn sites in nothing but my tiny weenie string bikini. I have a very diverse taste in porn ranging from the usual bouncy tits and nice ass chicks getting plowed by well-hung men, to girl on girl, guy on guy, and girls sharing guys with their guy sex. I love the contrast of black on white, and the ideal of a strong woman taking control of the sexual activities. I wouldn't be opposed to being dominated by my wife wearing a nice big strap-on or by one of her nice looking "girlfriends" who, once the fabric is removed, turns out to be a well-hung tranny eager to stuff my openings with her big thick cock. The internet has so much to offer and my diverse pallet is always eager to be satisfied.

I was 20 minutes into my personal bliss and my gentle stroking of my panty-covered cock and balls caused my dick to stand at full attention, poking its head and several inches above the tight waistband. Several drops of creamy moisture pooled on the tip of my cock and I ran my finger thru it before bringing it to my tongue. As I savored the taste of my hot creamy cum I was immediately jotted out of my bliss and back to reality by an unexpected sound – "CLICK!"

I immediately spun around to see what the clicking noise was, finger still at the tip of my lips.

"CLICK!" the sound was repeated followed by an all too familiar voice.

"How does that taste panty boy?" the voice said.

My heart about jumped out of my chest and my face must have turned 10 shades of red as I sat there watching my wife taking pictures of me with her cell phone. I was completely embarrassed and didn't know what to do or say. I crossed my legs and just sat there for a moment hoping she'd disappear but she didn't.

"What are you doing home, I thought you went shopping," I said pretending to be innocent but doing a very poor job of it.

"Well, aren't we the bold one asking questions," she said clicking off another picture before folding her arms across her chest and turning her head in disbelieve. "I happened to forget one of the packages that I have to return so I stopped back to pick it up before heading over to the mall. Perhaps you can explain why you are sitting around jerking your little cock while wearing my pink panties."

I was speechless and just sat there staring at her, my hardness quickly disappearing and slipping back into their satin confines.

"What's wrong Marty, cat got your tongue baby? Perhaps I should invite the girls in here and let them see what a little panty boy of a husband I have. Would you like that panty boy?"

"Look hon, I'm sorry, I was just having a little fun and didn't mean to offend you," I said.

"We'll deal with this when I get back, in the meantime, get your panty-covered ass up and get the house cleaned while I'm gone. If you're going to dress like a girl you're going to have to act like one so get your prissy ass busy. And don't you dare take those panties off either. I want to see you just the way you are when I return, do you understand panty boy?" she asked.

"Yes," I said lowering my head.

"What! I can't hear you panty boy," she said with a loud voice.

"Yes dear, I understand," I said. My wife turned and hustled out the room and back into the running car outside. I could only hope and pray that she didn't say a word about what just happened to her girlfriends. I shutdown the computer and started cleaning the house as instructed and kept going until I was finished. Just then I heard a car pull up and peaked outside to see who it was. It was my wife and her friends and I immediately began to panic. She got out of the car and grabbed some bags from the trunk before heading into the house as her girlfriends drove off. I returned to the living room and sat on the couch dressed only in her panties waiting to see what she did next. She came in with a number of packages and stood there looking at me sitting on the couch.

"Where's dinner?"she asked.

"I..., I didn't realize I was supposed to make dinner," I said.

"Get your pretty little ass in the kitchen and make us some dinner while I shower up and prepare for tonight's festivities," she said carrying her bags into the bedroom.

I grilled some chicken and made some vegetables and rice while she emptied her bags and showered. When she was done, I saw her carry a large bag of something to the garbage before joining me in the kitchen. She was dressed in a simple pair of white cotton boy shorts and a matching "wife beater" top. I always liked this outfit because not only did it give her a little bit of a tomboy look, it also did a great job of outlining and accentuating her big full breasts and her full round ass. I could feel my cock starting to stiffen as I served up dinner and watched her open a bottle of wine. We ate dinner and finished the bottle of wine over small talk before my wife opened another bottle and instructed me to "shower up". She was already a little giddy from the first bottle of wine and I knew we were in for an interesting evening when she opened the 2nd bottle.

"I want you to remove all the ugly hair too while you're in there," she said. I just looked at her as she sipped her glass of wine and smiled.

I showered and spent extra time clearing the hair on my body. God, what a pain! And to think that women do this on a regular basis. When I was done I pulled the shower curtain back and reached for my towel to dry off. As I was drying, I noticed that my wife had placed some garments on the bathroom counter. I picked them up and noticed a hot red pair of string bikinis, a black garter belt and black silk thigh-high stockings. I couldn't believe what I was seeing.

"You're kidding right?" I yelled out of the bathroom door.

She walked over to the bathroom sipping her wine and began rubbing her hand down my hairless body. "My, don't we feel nice and smooth," she said. "No, I'm not kidding and by the size of your growing clitty, I don't think you really mind either. Now get your ass dressed and hop up on our bed – I'll be there in a moment."

I've got to be honest, I had a hard time stuffing my rising cock into those small red panties and the stocking felt very nice on my bare legs but the garter belt was completely foreign to me and a bit awkward to put on but I eventually figured it out and slipped onto the bed as my wife had ordered. I sat there for a few moments admiring my girly outfit before being brought back to reality by that now all too familiar "CLICK"ing sound.

"Boy wouldn't your friends love to see you now," she said finishing off the wine in her glass. "From now on I make all the rules and what I say goes otherwise I share all of these lovely pictures with your friends and family you got that panty boy?"

What could I say, she had me by the balls and I had nothing in return. She turned away from me and pulled something out of the bag that sat on her dresser. As she turned around, it became immediately clear what she had pulled out of the bag – a rather large but life-like replica of a black cock attached to a strap-on harness. She fastened the cock to her hips and grabbed something off the dresser before climbing on the bed next to me. She slid her hips over mine and began to rub the big black cock between my stocking covered legs. My cock began to stretch the little red panties covering it before popping its way free.

"My, oh my sweetheart, I've never seen your clitty so big and full of excitement. Is it the outfit I picked out for you or the big black cock rubbing between your legs? I always knew you were a slut for big black cocks and those pornos you used to bring home weren't just for my benefit but I guess I never really knew how much of a little cock slut you really were."

As she continued to rub her cock between my legs, she popped the top of the item she took from the dresser and leaned forward with it.

"We've gotta make those big puffy lips of yours inviting otherwise you might not get what you really want tonight honey," she said as she applied some red lipstick to my lips. "There you go now they match you panties. Don't you look sweet," she said as she laid down the lipstick and grabbed her cell phone for another picture – "CLICK!"

"I want you to slide down between my legs and wrap your red hot lips around my big black cock baby. You want to do that don't you darling?" she asked.

I just shook my head.

"What? I couldn't hear you baby. What is it that you want honey? Tell me baby what you want to do."

"I want to suck your big black cock," I said kind of sheepishly.

"Well then baby slide down there and show me just how bad you really want it," she said.

I slid down between her legs until I was directly under her big black cock. She reached down and grabbed it and pointed it to my lips. "Lick the sensitive underside of my cock head baby and get it nice and hard before I stuff it in your mouth," she instructed.

"That's it baby, lick up and down the full length of my big black cock, that feels sooo good! Now open wide so I can slip my big fat cock into your hungry mouth."

I did as I was instructed and she placed the big puffy head of her cock at the opening of my mouth at which time I instinctively wrapped my lips around it. "CLICK!" another picture for the blackmail file. She slid more of her cock into my mouth and took a couple more pictures of it sliding in and out of my hungry lips before removing it completely and sliding off of me and onto the side of the bed. I just look at her as if she took away my favorite toy.

"Slide over here on your back with your head over the edge of the bed baby. I wanna make sure you get the full length of my big black cock between your lips and down that sexy throat of yours," she said. I wasn't too sure about this move as I had never deep-throated a cock before and wasn't sure I was going to be able too but I complied with her wishes. She grabbed both sides of my head and tilted it back before inserting her big black cock between my lips. As she started to build up a rhythmic thrust, she reached down with both hands and grabbed my nipples, pulling them upward and the twisting them.

"CLICK!" I was used to that sound by now and was actually getting off knowing that all this fun was being captured on film.

"That's it you slutty little cocksucker, suck my dick and get it nice and wet so it will slide right up that pussy of yours," she said and she increased the depth and intensity of her thrusts. My eyes widened when I heard those words as taking anything up my ass wasn't in my plans.

My wife pulled the cock from my lips and rubbed it all over them before stepping back and away from me. "Get up on all fours bitch, I'm gonna pop your cherry," she said.

"Hey this wasn't in the cards hon," I protested.

"Shut the fuck up and assume the position you little cocksucker unless you want me to show the world what a cock-sucking panty boy you really are," she barked. Fuck, I forget about the pictures. I was screwed, or would be in a few minutes.

I turned around and got on all fours only to hear that familiar sound again – "CLICK!" My wife grabbed some lube from her dresser drawer and proceeded to lube her big black cock up. She then got on the bed and positioned herself behind me.

"I'm going to fuck you like the little girl you are," she said as she pulled my panties aside and placed the hard wet tip of her cock at my virgin opening. "Look at your clitty throb with anticipation," she said, "you're such a naughty little slut aren't you baby?"

I felt the pressure of her push building up at my opening and I tried to relax to make it easier on myself. A minute later I felt the unmistakable penetration of the head of her cock past my tight opening. She very slowly inched her thick black cock into my ass, pulling it back before sliding it forward again a little deeper each time. Once it was fully in, she stood still for a minute to allow me to get adjusted to its thickness. While she was doing that, she reached under me and grabbed my hard cock.

"Oh look how wet your little clitty is baby, you're obviously enjoying every inch of my big black cock up your pussy aren't you?" she asked. There was no hiding my excitement, I was dripping pre-cum uncontrollably and starting to push back on her cock now that I was accustomed to its thickness.

"Why you horny little bitch you. Pushing back on my big black cock like a whore in heat. You want this cock? I'll give you this cock," she said thrusting her big black manhood deep into my ass. "CLICK – CLICK – CLICK!"

She grabbed a hold of my garter belt and started to fuck me good and hard, bouncing the thick black head of her cock off my prostate. I was ready to explode when she suddenly stopped and pulled out. What the fuck I thought, how could she leave me hanging like this.

"Lie down on your back," she said, "I wanna see your face as I fuck your tight little pussy." She stood at the edge of the bed while I crawled over to her and lay on my back. I raised my legs so she had access to my love tunnel and she satisfied my urge by filling it with her big black cock. It wasn't long before she got her rhythm back and the camera clicking away. As she fucked me, she stroked my dick poking from under my red hot panties. "CLICK – CLICK – CLICK" more pictures capturing the real slut I am. That was enough to send me over the top and I shot strand after strand of white hot cum over my chest and onto my face and lips. "CLICK – CLICK – CLICK" I really didn't care any more. I was completely spent and satisfied.

"Well, not bad for a virgin," she said, "but I'm sure you'll get better with practice. And if you get really good, maybe I'll be kind enough to arrange the real thing for you. I'll bet you'd like that wouldn't little slut, me bringing home a nice well hung black guy to share with you. Mmmm sounds good doesn't it baby?"

She smacked her heavy cock down against my shrinking clitty and instructed me to go get cleaned up while she readied herself for bed. I did as instructed and came back to my dresser to put on some fresh underwear for bed. When I opened my drawer I was stunned to see nothing but panties in there.

"Hey, what happened to my underwear," I protested.

"You have a whole drawer full of underwear in there baby, what are you talking about," she said innocently.

"There's nothing but panties in here," I said. "What the fuck am I going to do when I have to go to work, or the gym, or the doctors?" I asked.

"You should have thought about that before you got caught wearing my panties," she said. "From now on, you'll wear nothing but panties and if I find you wearing something else, I'll share all those pictures I just took with everyone I know," she said with a smirk.

Fucked again I thought as I pulled out a pair of baby doll blue panties and slipped them on before sliding into bed with my wife. She snuggled up with me and rubbed her mound against my panty-covered ass before telling how much she always wanted to sleep with another girl and tonight was her night. She kissed me on the neck before falling sound asleep. I could only lie there and wonder what excitement was in store for me down the road. I knew one thing, regardless of what it was, I knew my ass, cock, and balls would be nicely covered!

(to be continued?)
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