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Taking panties as payment for sucking cock: A delicious arrangement

Wearing hot slutty panties and sucking four cocks
As you all know, I love stuffing my cock into panties and I love sucking dick. My lingerie collection is pretty big now, but I cannot seem to stop expanding it. One way that I have managed to keep my collection growing and ensuring that I have plenty of cute outfits to wear on my dicksucking expeditions is that I developed a very convenient relationship with a very generous sugar-daddy.

That arrangement is fairly straightforward. He takes me to Victoria's Secret and I pick out lingerie sets for both me and him and then we go back to his place and I suck his cock. He is very cute and has a delicious big rod and always saves up a big creamy load for me. After he blasts in my mouth or on my face, he'll usually play with my cock in my panties for a little until I soak them and then he makes me leave. I love how slutty and naughty I feel after I leave, savoring the taste of his goo in my mouth as I walk home.

As fun as this is, sometimes I wish I had more variety of cock to suck. This past Saturday, my wishes came true, though in an unexpected way. On our most recent panty-buying trip, my sugar-daddy seemed a little more generous, though he also seemed to be hiding something from me. Since I was feeling rather bratty and greedy, I took advantage of his state and made him buy me about thirty new thongs and G-strings as well as a few cute thong bikinis from another store.

While he was driving us back to his place, he seemed hornier than usual since he kept pawing at his cock. Apparently, he was so excited by the thought of another shopping-spree-and-blowjob that he had put on panties beforehand. Today, he was wearing a hot polka-dotted thong that was by now soaked with pre-cum. To keep him excited and to reward his kindness that day, I gave it a gentle tug and a brief slurp just to clean the delicious ooze off the tip so that it would not go to waste. This got me rather turned on and I realized that it was fortunate that it was early because after I was done sucking him off, I would have plenty of time to make it to the gay bar in order to maybe get my mouth fucked again. As we pulled into the driveway, he told me that he had a surprise for me, but that it would have to wait.

When we got in the house, I went to get all dolled up, changing into a hot little two piece with a bright neon yellow thong and wig and makeup. I made a tent nearly right away. I entered the other room to find him standing with his hands on his hips with his own bulging panties, with a new huge wet spot at the tip.

He gestured for me to get to work. I got down on my knees and freed his cock from his panties. Since the taste of precum is one of my favorite parts of giving a blowjob, I usually start by squeezing the base of the dick and pulling gently towards the head, in effect juicing the precum out while I alternate between licking and slurping on the tip. Most people get pretty close to coming pretty quickly when I do this. He was not an exception.

Usually, when he could not take it anymore, he would put his hands on the back of my head and start forcefully fucking my mouth or he would jerk off on my face. He had just started to shove his cock down my throat when the doorbell rang. At this point, he told me that that was my surprise and he withdrew his cock from my mouth to answer the door.

When he returned, he was with three of his friends, all of whom had already taken their pants off, revealing hard, dripping panty bulges. They stood there looking at me on my knees and I knew right away, that I was there to service each one of them. I was thrilled!

As the four of them approached, the sugar-daddy said that he wanted to go last because he wanted to watch his panty slut in action. The first guy, without saying anything , put his hand on the back of my head and started to rub his bulge on my face. tiring of this after a minute, he took his big thick cock out of his panties and put it in my mouth, and then made me give him a high speed blowjob that ended with him filling my mouth and wiping off his dick on my face.

The other two had been stroking each other while they watched and the show must have gotten them rather excited because even after they let go of one another's cocks in anticipation, the cocks remained twitching and oozing in excitement, thoroughly soaking the matching floral-print thong bikini bottoms they were wearing. I sat them down on the couch. One rod was big and black and took some effort to stuff it in my mouth. My sugar daddy helped me, pushing my head up and down until his friend deposited a delicious load on my tongue.

The second to last cock was in the mood for something different. He made me sit in a chair while stood up in front of me. He told me to jerk him off while pressing his giant mushroom head against my lips. I happen to be as good at jerking as I am at sucking, and I was also excited to get my lips coated with his cream.

However, since I wanted to get the richest load possible, I begged him to let me suck his delicious balls first, which he let me do. While I licked, slurped , slobbered on, and massaged his balls with one hand, I tickled the tip with the other.

When the moment seemed right, I gave the tip a kiss and then started to jerk him off the way he asked. It only took two pumps of my fist for him to spray the a huge thick slimy load on my lips and then turned around and left.

There I was, left behind with my sugar daddy whose cock was dripping in a way that I had never seen before and I knew that he was going to fuck my mouth hard, which he did. Of course, he was only able to do for about thirty second before I got yet another creamy mouthful! After that he handed me my shopping bags and told me to leave. One of my best blowjob days yet!


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