Tammy, Lisa, and Karen part 1

By mredd

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This is my first story so please give me some feed back.
It was Friday and the first thing I wanted when I got home was a nice warm bath to clean off the day's hard work. I filled the tub with hot water and added some bubble bath. I shaved my legs and underarms. As I slid under the hot water I looked at my toes peeking through the bubbles, and realized I needed to reapply some polish.

After a long soak I got out, dried myself off and went to my bedroom. I looked for a nice pair of sexy panties to wear, but was not happy with what I had, so decided it was about time to go shopping for some new ones.

I put on my favorite black satin thong, touched up my toes with some bright red polish, let them dry and finished off with some black shear stockings.

I loved shopping for lingerie as it always sends a thrill through me. I finished getting dressed in my normal clothes, and drove to a local mall. However, looking at several stores for something to strike my fancy, I found nothing.

Soon after, I came across a new store in the mall. They had a beautiful display of lingerie of all styles and fabrics. I was in heaven and immediately felt a stir in my panties. The store had five or six customers in it so I felt I would be left alone to look, undisturbed, or so I thought.

I was lost among the satin and lace when I heard a female voice say "Hello my name is Lisa, may I help you find something?"

I turned around to see a beautiful woman in her mid thirty's standing next to me. She had long blond hair, big blue eyes, red lush lips, and a body to die for. Her breasts must be a D cup, were straining the buttons on her white blouse. Her legs graced a knee length black pencil skirt that fit her perfectly. My face blushed a crimson red with the unexpected arrival of her.

"Um, hi, I'm John" is all I managed to say.

She then asked "Looking for some panties for your girlfriend or wife?"

This is when, if asked by a sales woman, I would always say yes but for some unknown reason to me I said no.
What was I thinking, I just told this beautiful woman no. What other reason would I be looking at panties?

"What size do you wear" she asked me with a smile on her pretty face. My own face, now turning three shades of red.

"Don’t get embarrassed" Lisa said, "I think it is very sexy."

I was instantly hard in my panties.

"Do you see any you like?" she asked.

"Yes, I see a few things that have caught my attention."

"Why don't you pick out the ones you like in your size" Lisa said, "then you can try them on before you buy them, if you want to." All I could do was shake my head yes.

Lisa smiled at me and said "for sanitary reasons you have to try them on over another pair of panties. Are you wearing panties?"

I mentioned I was wearing a thong and she smiled and said, "Good enough let’s get you to a fitting room. The ones you have chosen have matching bras and garters, would you like them too?"

"Yes" what else could I say? Lisa led me down a short corridor to the last fitting room.

"Take off your shirt so I can measure you for your bra size" she said. I could simply have told her what size I was but I wanted to have this gorgeous woman measure me for my new bra.

Her breasts rubbed up against my chest as she wrapped the tape measure around me. She even measured across my nipples to get my exact cup size, that just made them extremely hard and it didn't go unnoticed by her.

"I'll be back love, with your bras, garters, and stockings." She then said.

I had not told her I was already wearing stockings, and like an idiot, I just stood there in my pants waiting for her to come back. I had not even tried on one pair of panties.

Speaking from outside the dressing room, Lisa said, "I have your bras, garters, and stockings can I give them to you?"

"Yes, come in," I said.

When she came in she gave me a funny look and asked, "Have you tried on any of the panties yet.”

I just shook my head and told her, "I’ve never done this before in a store."

She smiled, and said "that’s ok, let me help you, it's just like you do at home."

I could not believe what she was doing. She grabbed a bra; it was a very pretty one, white with shear cups, some lace along the edges, and a pink bow in the middle.

She held it out for me to put my arms in, and went around behind me and hooked it. She then put her hand in each cup, pulling them up to give me more cleavage. Lisa turned me around and cupped each of my small breasts, gave them a squeeze, and with a smile said, "There that looks better."

She asked me to remove my pants and saw I had a full 7 inch hard on tucked in my thong panties. She looked directly in my eyes and said, "That is not very lady like", as she cupped my hard cock in her tiny hand.

"We can't put new panties on something like that, and I guess you won't need stockings after all, do you?" She then put the garter around my waist that matched my new bra, hooked the straps to my stockings, and said, "We need to do something about this", as she raked her long fingernails up the front of my thong.

Dropping to her knees, she pulled my thong to the side exposing my throbbing cock that was bouncing in front of her face. Lisa leaned in and kissed the tip of the head, leaving red lipstick marks on the end. She kissed down the side of my shaft and began licking and sucking on my balls, before starting to lick her back up to the head. I was in shock as she sucked on the end of my cock like a lollypop.

I could not believe it; I was in a dressing room with a beautiful woman that just dressed me in a bra and garter, and now was giving me the best blowjob I have ever had. Lisa began to take more and more of my cock into her mouth until finally she began to deep throat me.

As I was fucking this beautiful woman's mouth, I started to look at all the lingerie I was going to try on in front of her, that's when I felt my orgasm coming. I told her "Lisa, I’m about to cum" and I tried to pull out.

She grabbed my ass and held it tight until I exploded, filling her mouth with my cum three times over. She swallowed every bit of it without spilling a drop. She continued to suck on my cock until it was completely flaccid and drained. Lisa tucked my cock back under, pulling it up between my legs. She then smoothed out my thong as an kissed it as if she was sealing my cock an envelope.

Looking up at me, Lisa smiled and said, "There, that’s looks better; a new pair of panties will look nice without that big bulge in the way." She held out a pretty pair of matching panties for me to step into, and pulled them up my legs and over my thong. Stepping back, she just said, "oh that's sexy as hell, you have to buy it".

I started to get hard again just hearing her say that. After Lisa helped me with three more sets of panties, bras, and garters, I got dressed and followed her out towards the counter to check out. As we walked out into the store, she stopped at a rack and picked out a mini skirt and said, "Your ass will look great in this, and it’ll show off your sexy legs."

I could not say no to this woman and she did have great taste in clothes, so I bought it along with a semi-shear blouse to expose my new bras.

After she rang up all the merchandise and I had paid her, she gave me my receipt and I noticed her phone number scribbled in her bright red lipstick.

I looked up at her just as she was reapplying her lipstick and Lisa said, "I get off at 9 o’clock tonight, call me. I liked the first bra, garter, and panties best, do you have a wig?"

I just shook my head yes, and then she said, "Good, make yourself pretty for me." Before turning to walk away she asked, “What would you like me to call you when you’re all dressed up?"

I just shrugged my shoulders because I never thought of a name. Then Lisa said, "Okay do you like Tammy."

“It’s perfect "I said.

With a seductive smile Lisa said, “I’ll see you at 9 o’clock as Tammy not .as John