Tammy, Lisa, and Karen part 3

By mredd

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Please read: Tammy, Lisa, and Karen part 1 and 2 first
I woke up the next morning with Lisa sucking on my little clitty, making it hard. I pulled her panties to the side and began to kiss her beautiful pussy and suck and lick on her clit. I began to plunge my tongue as deep as I could into her hot wet honey hole.

Lisa was about to make me cum, then she stopped. She knew just where my breaking point was. She turned around and sat down on my hard clitty and buried it in her sweet pussy. She began to ride me faster and faster, until I exploded inside her just as she came all over my clitty. Lisa gave me a great big kiss and sucked on my bottom lip.

Lisa smiled and said, “You know a good girl loves a man’s cum and I’ve got some for a good girl like you.”

She then moved up and sat on my face. She was so beautiful sitting there. Looking into her eyes, and playing with her beautiful full breasts. I began to lick her juices and mine from her until she was completely clean.

Lisa said, “Oh, Tammy, I’m so glad you came into my store.”

I told her, “Me too.”

We then snuggled up and just held each other and kissed for the next half hour.

Lisa then told me Karen’s birthday was coming up in a couple weeks and wanted me to be Karen's present for the night if I agreed to it.

I said, “I will if that's what you want, Lisa.”

Lisa then said, “Great, we need to go shopping,” with an almost evil grin on her face.

I asked her, “What we were shopping for.”

“A French maids uniform,” she replied. I want you to serve her in any way she wants the night of her birthday.

My clitty got hard just thinking of wearing a cute French maids outfit and pleasing Karen. This was not unnoticed by Lisa.

“You like the thought of the uniform or Karen best?” asked Karen.

“The uniform,” I said.

Lisa said, “Good because you will be wearing it a lot for me sexy, now let’s get dressed and go shopping.”

Since my panties were all wet Lisa gave me a satin thong of hers to wear. I put on my bra, garter-n-stockings. Lisa then gave me a mini dress of hers to wear. It was so sexy and made me feel sexy wearing it. After my makeup was finished, with some help from Lisa, a touch of perfume and finally hair and heels I was ready.

Lisa was stunning as always in a wraparound red dress that stopped just above her knees. Lisa’s D cup breasts were straining the fabric of her dress and her nipples were visible a mile away.

I walked up to her and said, “I love being your girlfriend.”

Lisa said, “Baby I love you being my girlfriend too, now get over her and kiss me.”

As our lipstick mixed on our lips and our tongues played I had my hands on her body, one on her breast and the other on her ass.

Lisa said, “Now, now if this keeps up we will never get to the mall.”

As we left the house we said our good byes to Karen. Lisa knew of just the right stores to buy French maid outfits. We went to three stores with me trying on about seven different outfits before she found the one she wanted. It was a black satin dress, with a white petticoat, ruffle panties, and cap, white apron and knee high stockings. We even bought 5” stiletto heels to match.

I told Lisa, “I can’t walk in heels this high.”

Lisa just smiled and said, “You will be able to, all women can.”

Lisa bought me three new dresses, two skirts, four blouses. Lisa said, “You know the new dresses and maid’s uniform are all made for women with larger breasts we will have to do something about that.”

We went back to Lisa’s store because she wanted me to have plenty of panties and bras at her house, however when she started picking out bras she liked they were all “D” not my normal “A” cup.

I told her, “Those are way too big.”

Lisa said, “They won’t be in a few days I ordered you breast forms, they can be glued on for days at a time.”

“If you really get to like them maybe after a few months we can look into implants.”

I just got all excited and told her, “I have always wanted real breasts because it would make me more of a woman.”

“But, Lisa, that would be so expensive. I can’t afford breast implants.”

She said, “I’m not asking for you to pay sweetie, I am very wealthy and if I want to spend some money on you I can.”

“I have four new bras for when the breast form come, did you pick out plenty of panties.”

“Yes,” I said.

We then went over to the register and she had one of her sales girls ring everything up and then Lisa put in her code and the balance went to 0.00.

We drove back towards Lisa’s house when she dropped another bomb on me.

She said, “Sweetie, if you start living full time as my girlfriend you won’t be able to go back to your job as a man, would you like to come work for me at my shop in the mall.”

I said, “I guess I could.”

Lisa then asked, “Would you like to move in with me too?”

I told her, “I don’t know, Lisa. What about my house and things?”

She said, “I have been looking at homes since before we meet and we could get one that would hold both of our stuff.

I said, “If it is what you want my love I will move in. Yes, oh yes, I’d love to.”

We walked in the front door and Karen was still on the couch in her nightie. Lisa and I were both carrying shopping bags in both hands. All the shopping bags got Karen’s attention.

Karen said, “Did you buy me anything.”

Lisa said, “No, not today you could have got dressed and come with us.” Even though it was a lie it worked and Karen said no more about it.

Lisa and I went to her bedroom and I showed her just how thankful I was to her. I walked up behind her and started kissing her neck as both my hands wrapped around her and cupped her breasts. I felt her nipples poking through dress.

I whispered in her ear, “I want you to cum in my mouth," as I played with her nipples.

Lisa took off her dress and threw it on the makeup chair. She stood there completely naked with the exception of her high heels. She just sat on the edge of the bed and spread her legs. I was on my knees in front of her kissing her inner thigh and then gently began to kiss her pussy lips.

Lisa said, “Stop teasing me and fuck me with that tongue of yours!” She grabbed my head and pulled me into her pussy. I started to suck on and play with her clit. I ran my tongue up inside her as deep as I could and back out and tongue fucked her. I slipped my middle finger in until I found her g-spot and began to rub it as I sucked and played with her clitoris, her leg began to shiver violently. Lisa began to moan and call out my name until she filled my mouth with her juices.

Lisa then pulled my dress up and over my head and lay down on the bed on my back. She pulled the thong I was wearing to the side and pulled my clitty out. She then sat on my hard clitty. She laid down on me as she started to rock up and down. She rose up and had her hands on the bed one on each side of my shoulders. I just couldn’t resist rising up to suck on her breasts. As soon as I did she began to cum again. I was only a few seconds behind her as I shot my load deep in her pussy.

Lisa then spun around and said, “You clean me and I’ll clean you.”

I found myself eating my own cum from her sweet pussy again, and it was just as she had told me I was enjoying it because it made me feel like a girl. When we were both licked clean we snuggled up together.

I said, “I love you, Lisa.”

Lisa turned over with a huge smile on her face and said, “I love you too, Tammy.”

Two days later UPS brought the new breast forms. Lisa took them out and showed them to me.

I said, “They are huge.”

Lisa just smiled and said, “You don’t seem to mind my huge breasts.”

Each one seemed to weigh a couple pound and they had dark areolas and a nipple. We went up to the bedroom and I sat down at the makeup desk. Lisa read all the instructions and then we watched a short DVD that showed varies ways they could be put on.

Lisa sucked on my nipples and said, “I won’t be able to do that for a while, these can be worn for five to seven days at a time.”

Lisa sprayed the glue on the back of the breast form and applied them to me like the video had suggested. She told me to hold onto them until the glue sets. She then went and found one of the new bras and helped me put it on. The bra pulled the forms together and gave me some natural cleavage. Lisa adjusted the straps on the new bra for me. As I let go of the breast forms the weight of them became a reality for me.

I said, “I didn’t think they would weigh so much and pull on my shoulders.”

Lisa just smiled and said, “It is just part of being a woman, now get dressed and let’s go show them off to Karen.”

As I walked into the room Karen looked at me and did a double take.

Karen said, “Wow! Tammy, did you just hit puberty?”

I smiled and said, “Yes I just had a growth spurt. What do you like?”

She just smiled, licked her lips, and said, “Looks like more than a mouth full.”

I guess it was a about week later when I got dressed for Karen’s birthday. Lisa had found a card that said “Coupon Good for Free Maid Service” then Lisa signed it, “Good For the next 24 hours Love Mom.”

Lisa took the card to Karen and just as she finished reading it I walked in all dressed up.
Karen’s jaw just dropped open. Lisa reached over and shut it for her and began laughing.

Lisa asked Karen, “Do you like you present?”

Karen stared at me and said, “What kind of maid service do I get, Momma?”

Lisa said, “Anything you need, or want her to do for you.”

Lisa then told both of us, “I have booked a room at the Hotel and was getting a spa treatment, she would see both of us tomorrow evening." Then she left.

Karen walked over to me and cupped each of my breasts and squeezed them. She said “they feel so real” then began to kiss me passionately as I felt her hard nipples with my fingers. Our tongues were darting in and out of our mouths.

Karen said “if you are to be my maid then you will respond to me by 'yes Miss', or 'no Miss' is that understood.”

“Yes Miss,” I replied.

Karen then led me to her room and said, “Undress me I prefer to be naked today.”

I said, “Yes Miss,” and began to undress her and carefully hanging up her clothing. After I removed her bra I placed it on her dresser. I then got on my knees in front of her to pull her satin panties down, that were all wet in front.

She said, “Stop my panties seem to be all wet and I don’t want a stain in them, lick and suck them clean."

I told her, “Miss I would be happy to but I am afraid my lipstick might staining them.”

She pulled them off and told me, “Lick me until you’re told to stop.”

I did and I wasn’t told to stop until after she had climaxed three times and was screaming, "GOOD SISSY, GOOD SSSSissy."

She said, “Get up here my nipples need to be sucked on too.”

I said, “Yes, miss.”

As I was licking and nibbling on each of her nipples I felt her hand squeeze my hard clitty.

Karen said, “Tammy, take off your panties and petticoat.”

I said, “Yes, miss.” I then got up slipped my petticoat and panties off.

Karen took her panties and cleaned herself up with them, they were soaked with her cum. She then said, “You don’t seem to have any lipstick left now.” She told me open your mouth, and she shoved them in and said “Suck on them!”I was then instructed to get on the bed on my back.

I saw Karen reach into her drawer and pull out strap-on; however unlike Lisa’s 9” one that I lost my virginity with, Karen’s must have been 12” long.

Karen walked up to me and dropped her huge cock on my face. She pulled the panties from my mouth and shoved her cock as deep into my mouth as she could. She started to fuck my mouth. Karen told me to swallow it as she pushed in. Karen began to praise me on my ability to give a good blow job. She was surprised that I could deep throat as well as I was doing.

She said, “If momma gives you to me again we will work on your deep throating.” She pulled it out of my mouth said, “This is not why I put it on though," and shoved her panties back in my mouth.

Karen spread my legs and got between them. My clitty was so hard it was forming a tent in my skirt. Karen pulled my uniform and skirt up and over my head. I laid there in just my cap, bra, stockings, and heels. Karen leaned down and sucked my clitty into her mouth then started to stroke me as she used her tongue on the end of my hard clitty. I was so turned on I didn’t last but a few minutes until I filled her mouth with cum.

Karen and I kissed and that’s when I found out she didn’t swallow any of my cum. She spit it all back in my mouth and said, “Swallow Sissy boi!”

I did and then kissing her again, using my tongue I made sure all my cum was cleaned out of her mouth.

Karen got back on her knees and her strap-on up. She then grabbed each of my legs and put them on her shoulders until my ass was ready for her. She put the head of her cock up to my boi pussy and started to gently push into me. As soon as the initial pain was over she pressed her cock all the way into me. She then started to pump in and out of me faster and faster. The feeling of her rubbing up against my prostate caused my clitty to get hard. As Karen pumped in and out of me my breasts shook up and down, and I could feel my cum building deep.

Karen stopped and reached into the side table and pulled out a condom. She put it on me and returned to fucking of my boi pussy. Again I felt my cum building and I exploded in the condom. Karen began to cum as she fucked me but she didn’t slow down. I have never seen a woman with as much of a sexual appetite. After about 30 minutes of being fucked I was getting sore but there was no sign of her stopping, however I was getting hard again in my condom.

I said, “Miss I am starting to get a little sore.”

She said, “I am about to cum again and I want you to cum then I’ll stop."

Just then her legs started quivering again for the umpteenth time I did feel myself getting close to coming.

Karen said, “Cum for me you sissy slut and fill that condom with cum, don’t you like me fucking you up your boi pussy so hard it makes your huge breasts slap you in the face.”

I said, “Yes Miss I do.”

Karen asked, “Do you like being my sissy slut maid?”

“Yes, yes!” I said as she kept fucking me I blew another load of cum into the already full condom.
She pulled her long cock out of me and I felt so empty but relieved at the same time.

Karen wiped off her cock then pulled the condom off my clitty making sure none of my cum escaped. She then squeezed all the cum from the condom onto her cock and shoved it in my mouth. She started to fuck my mouth

Karen said, “Eat you cum sissy, swallow every bit I don’t want a drop wasted.” I sucked and licked her cock clean of my cum.

Over the 24 hour period we fucked in every way imaginable and I came at least 10 times. Every time I was made to eat my cum I think if it had been 48 hours she could have fucked me to death. I was happy to see my sexy Lisa walk back into the house. I walked up to her and kissed her. I said, “I am so happy you're home.”