Telling Mom I’m A Crossdresser Part 7.5: Amateur Pole Dancers

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I thought I would try something a little different and involve more teasing to my story. enjoy :)

After our time at the spa, I spent a lot of time in my room trying out all the new sex toys we got from Richard and Monica. They were all exciting in their own ways and I came so much with each one. Some vibrated, some went deep and some felt good stretching my ass wide. The feeling of all the sensations I could get from my new plastic and electric friends were amazing and found myself spending long hours with them. Once I was finished, I had to stop to rest as they had left me completely exhausted, I listened and I could hear mom in her room trying out her toys. I have to say she sounded like she was having a lot of fun as well. I listened for a while until she had her screaming orgasm as well then silence. I decided to get cleaned up and wash all my clothing and toys.

I threw my clothes in the wash and went to the kitchen sink to hand wash all my sex toys with soap and water. It wasn’t long before my mom came out to in just a pair of panties and a t-shirt. I was only in a pair of plain white panties and white bra but I wanted to feel the rush of it being my secret again and wore my normal shirt and pajama pants over top, and I have to say it was fun.

“So have you tried all your new things yet?” she asked me.

“Yes I have mom. What about you?” I ask while smiling with a little blush.

“Yes I have sweetie and I have to say Richard and Monica have good taste in adult gifts,” she said with a big smile and wrapped her arms around me to give me a big hug.

I turned around and gave her a hug as well and told her thanks for helping me bring out Missy and all the new experiences I have had. She smiled and hugged me a little more before we broke off the hug and went back to what we were doing. She dropped her toys in the other side of the sink and asked if I would clean hers to. I said sure and poured a bunch of soap in the sink and turned on the tap. As I washed the toys, I could feel how warm they still were after my mom used them. I could feel mine were the same as well and I rubbed them up and down feeling the great warmth they gave off.

Once they were clean, I collected which were moms and which were mine as I took them up to our rooms and put them away. I wiggled my hips as I felt my panties ride up into my ass giving that thong feeling that drives me crazy. I put them in the drawers and decided to go to the living room to watch TV. I walked down the stairs to find my mom talking to some men at the door. They brought in a large pole with a small stage that fit perfectly in our guest bedroom that we never used because no one ever came to visit. I guess she didn’t mind being in her panties in front of the moving men but I guess that’s just where my slutty personality for Missy came from.

Once it was moved in and put into place, the moving man in charge spent some time with my mom to finish up some paper work. I decided to go along with my mom and I pulled my pajama pants down a little. I went to the stripper pole and pretended to be looking at it and bend over revealing my panties. Looking in the mirror I could see that the moving man kept turning to look at me then back at my mom. I looked down at his crotch and I loved how I could see his hard cock in his pants trying to come out for some fun.

When the men left, my mom and I had a little giggle and talked a for a while at how hot we got him. Eventually my mom got up onto the stage and started twirling around the pole. She jumped up and wrapped her legs around it as she whipped off her shirt exposing her naked breasts. She whipped her hair as she spun around to the bottom of the pole. Now she was on the floor and spread her legs wide open like only a gymnast could do and bounced her sexy ass on the stage. It was only a short show to try it out however it was a very exciting one that was for sure.

I pulled off my pajama pants and my shirt as well, leaving only my bra and panties as I started to dance around the pole like mom did. I rubbed my ass crack along the pole as I turned my head around to lick it and moving up and down like a horny slut wanting to play with a huge cock. I unhooked my bra and pranced around the pole as I threw my bra to my mother like she was one of the people watching me. I went down onto the floor and crawled to the edge as I rolled over onto my back and pulled off my panties and stuffed them into my mouth while still hanging loose as I got back onto my hands and knees. I pushed my ass back onto the pole and moved back and forth before I sat up to finish my dance.

“Wow Missy that was very erotic for your first time,” she said while clapping.

“Thanks mom, but I think your damce was a lot hotter then mine. Have you had experience doing this type of thing before?” I asked teasingly.

“Well sweet heart, when I was younger I did some stripping to help pay for college and I was always naturally very flexible,” she said with a smile.

“What made you decide to buy a stripper pole?” I asked.

“I thought it would be great exercise, plus I thought it would be a great extra service that Missy and I could provide,” Mom said with a giggle and her famous devious grin.

“I also thought it would be fun to put on shows for each other from time to time,” she winked.

I just smiled and looked at her deep into her big beautiful eyes and said, “I think so too mom.”

We tried the pole a few more times until we were both tired and decided to go rest on the couch and watch TV. That night was our weekly girls night and I had a bath to get cleaned off from getting all sweaty earlier. I also took this opportunity to shave off my body hair again. Once I was finished, I got out of the tub and went to my room to change into some of my girly clothes.
I had a tough time deciding what I wanted to wear considering a lot of my best clothes were in the wash so I decided to wear my black see through baby doll with pink fluff around the chest. The baby doll went down to my hips with a matching g-string and fishnet stockings that rode up to my thighs. I felt exposed and very sexy as I sat down at my mirror in my bathroom and started to apply my makeup, first the lipstick, then the eye shadow and mascara. I laid my makeup on thick to give that slut look that matched what I was wearing. I finished with a new wig I had gotten that had long brown curly hair. As I looked at myself in the mirror. I looked at my self in the mirror and I realized that all dressed up like I was I looked a little like mom.

I walked down stairs to where my mom was and to my surprise she was also wearing a baby doll that was the same as mine, however she was not wearing fishnets and instead of a g-string she wore a tight booty short form of panties that look extremely tight on her, but in a very erotic way.

I sat next to her and we talked for a while before we decided to watch a movie. At first I thought it was a normal movie maybe even a porn-o, however it turned out to be an instructional video for pole and lap dancing that you would think strippers or couples would use. She popped in the video and we watched it the whole way through. Watching the dancing got me incredibly horny as I looked over and saw that mom was getting horny as well. I started rubbing my clitty cock through my panties and play with my nipples to make them hard. I glanced over at mom, she was rubbing herself as well, giving little moans and fondling her big tits from under the baby doll. I got even hornier and started playing with myself more and more and from watching me she started to play with herself more and more as well.

Eventually she pulled down her panties and started fingering herself and pulled up her baby doll and held it over her tits with her teeth as she masturbated right beside me. I finally broke as I took out my cock and started stroking myself furiously, I pinched my nipples hard to match how mom was doing it. It wasn’t long before we reached our limit. Mom orgasmed first and she squirted all over and completely soaking the couch. This sent me over the edge as well and I shot a huge load half way to the television. We sat there panting for a short amount of time before we looked at one another with a satisfied look.

Then mom took my hand. “Hey let's try out what we saw in the video. What do you say?” she said with a smile.

Before I could answer, she led me to the guest bedroom with the stripper pole. The chair in front of the stage hadn’t moved and mom told me to sit down because she was going first. I sat in the chair as mom turned on a cd player in the corner and dimmed the lights. She started off slow, walking around the pole then got in close to it as she put the pole between her thighs and her tits as she started to ride it up and down, grinding it like it was a massive cock and she was stroking it with the full length of her body. Then she held on tight as she got up onto the pole and started rubbing her pussy onto the pole. She let go with her hands and used only her thigh muscles to hold her up and on the pole. She grabbed her tits and started rubbing them while thrusting her hips up and down the pole soaking it in her juices. She slid down the pole till her ass reached the stage and crawled on her hands and knees to my chair.

She puts her hands on my thighs and slowly wiggles her hips as she stands up. Mom looked me straight in the eyes as she turns around doing a slow motion belly dancer movement while feeling up her body. When she turns enough so I am looking at her back side, she bends over slightly and shakes her big hot booty butt in my face and gives it a couple smacks with both hands to tease me.

She turns to face me again and gets on top of my lap as she starts to ride my thighs, slowly bouncing on them up and down as she pulls her baby doll over top of her head and throws it to the side. Now her tits were in my face, bare naked and jiggling just inches from my eyes and her nipples looked so hard I bet they could cut glass. As she rode my thighs, I could feel the warmth of her pussy and her juices start to go all over my thighs making them glisten like the metal pole that tasted it just moments ago. Then she got off of me and turned around again so she could sit back onto my lap and press her back right up against me. I could feel her ass start to wiggle on my hard throbbing cock barely being held back by my g-string. Mom leaned back close to my ear and whispered while holding her tits.

“Looks like you are enjoying this a lot. Are your man parts having fun?” she teased.

“Look at the mirror sweetie,” Mom said as she pointed to the mirror beside us.

Now I could watch and feel from two different angles how my mom was grinding my cock which sent me into and orgasm and filling my g-string with my hot cum. When mom had noticed this, she stopped and asked how she did with lustful smile.

“Great mom. That was the sexiest thing I have ever seen!” I replied while I caught my breath.

“Thank you sweet heart, but now it’s your turn.” She purred with a smile as she pulled on her nipples.

Without being told twice, I got up and walked to the cd player to find a song I could get into for my dance. As I did, I could see in the mirror mom was taking off her panties and getting something from one of the drawers nearby.

Once I found a song that I liked, I got up onto the stage and gripped the pole. I looked toward my mom to find her with her legs spread wide open with each of her legs hanging over the arms of the chair. I looked down to her pussy to find that she had put on a strap-on. It wasn’t the one Monica gave her but as I looked at it I also noticed small cords coming from where her pussy was. Just by looking at it I could tell that she had two bullet vibes with one inserted into her pussy and the other on her clit while she held the remote in one hand and stroked her fake cock with the other. The harness part of the strap-on was all one piece and almost like a pair of rubber panties with a 6 inch cock coming out the front.

I started my dance with my ass cheeks between the pole and facing my mom, wiggling my hips until I was as low to the floor as I could get. Then I stood up and swung around the pole twice before stopping in front of my mom. This time I was facing away from her with my legs spread apart and leaning forward toward the pole and my ass in good view for her to see. At this point the music slowed down a bit and I started to bounce my ass up and down a little as I kissed and licked the pole. I could smell the pussy juice from my mother rising up into my nose that was filling the room mixed with the smell of my own cum. I pulled down my cum soaked g-string and let it drop to the floor. I took out one foot from my g-string but kept one in as I wrapped my leg around the pole like mom did, however I swung my leg around and flung my g-string at my mother which perfectly landed right onto the dildo of her strap-on.

I knew mom was enjoying my show because her eyes were rolling to the back of her head and she had the two vibes turned on and vibrating her pussy making her moan and become even more excited then I was making her. Then she looked right at me and started stroking her fake cock like a guy would who was really turned on watching a real stripper. She took my g-string and smelled it, taking in the scent like I have so many times with my ex-girlfriend I dated a while back. She wrapped my panties around the dildo and started stroking again while she gave hoots, cheers and whistles as I continued to give my erotic dance.

When the song ended, I got off the stage and walked toward my mom and whispered in her ear.

“Sir, would you like a lap dance?” I said slyly and acting like she was a real man watching a stripper.

“Yes baby I would love that,” Mom said.

I stood in front of her as I put my hands all around my head and face touching all over and down to my nipples. I played with my nipples, flicking them with my finger. I rotated my hips and turned around in a full circle, slowly giving her a good view of my entire body.

Mom closed her legs enough so I could sit on her lap with my bare ass pressing against the strap-on and my legs spread wide as I sat on top of her lap like a slut ready to ride her plastic dildo. I held her knees tight as I pressed back and rubbed against the dildo with my entire ass, pressing the entire length of the dildo between my cheeks. I felt baby oil being poured all over my ass and the dildo as I used only my ass to spread the oil all over. This gave my ass a glistening look that I'm sure looked incredible sexy from my mom's angle. I could feel mom thrusting her hips to help rub it all over as well using only the strap-on.

“Here is a good trick to remember sweetie, when a stripper covers her body in oil it makes everything look sexier and you will actually give a better show and make more money,” she said as she smiled and purred and I could tell she was becoming more and more aroused with every second.

God it made me so horny as well to the point that I thought I was going crazy in lust. I started to shake, and I could feel mom shaking as well. It was obvious that she was about to cum and I couldn't take much more either. I quickly turned around and grabbed the controller to the bullet vibes and pressed against my mom’s big tits as I blew a little air into her ear. I switched the bullet vibes to its maximum setting and even a rotator function which made my mom scream and grasp her tits hard as her pussy had an orgasm. Her juice squirted but it was hard to escape through the strap-on so it flooded out in every way it could until it completely soaked the chair and my stockings.

We panted for a few minutes then I got off of mom and we collected our clothes and turned off the cd player.

“That was fun mom, I really enjoyed our girls night tonight. Did you have fun too?” I asked with a girly giggle rubbing my ass covered in the oil.

Mom just blushed and kissed my forehead and told me good night and I did the same. I got a little cleaned up after sweating so much in the bathroom, and was walking back to my room when I heard my mom moaning. The door had a crack in it and I looked in to find mom riding a giant sized teddy bear she got a few years back at a carnival with the strap-on she was just wearing attached to the teddy bear. I just smiled and continued on my way to my room.

“When in Rome...” I thought as a smile crept over my face and I started to decide in my head which dildo to use before I went to sleep for the night.

To be continued