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Telling Mom I'm A Crossdresser Part 14: Back to the spa and a familiar face.

Part 14, yes I feel it is long but please read the whole thing you will not be disappointed.
Part 14: Back to the spa

I'm sorry this story is a fair bit longer then my usual ones however I didnt want to separate thes and have another story with almost no sex in the first one so soon. Having said that I hope you enjoy my story and please read the whole thing. I promise you will not be dissappointed.

I woke up the next morning lying next to mom in her bed. I was wearing a pair of white stockings and a corset and mom had her bra on. After Thomas had left Mom and I spent the night licking cum from each other’s holes until we were clean. After that we took a shower together and made sure we washed each other thoroughly by even prodding into every crevice to make sure we were clean inside and out. It was fun but we were too exhausted to play anymore that night. Once we were finished with our shower we got changed into our clothes and crawled into bed.

I rolled over to see if mom was still sleeping to find she had her eyes open and was just staring at the ceiling, relaxing before she got out of bed. I looked at her and asked how she slept.

“Good, but Thomas was right, I don’t think I will be walking right today. How about you?” she asked.

I stopped and thought about it for a second.

“No, I think he wrecked me for the week.” I said playfully and with a laugh.

“Same here, what do you want to do today?” she asked.

I didn’t know what to say. It was Monday and I didn’t have work until Thursday and even that was a maybe and mom was still on holidays.

“Well let’s just think about it for now. I’m hungry, let’s go get some breakfast.”

“Yeah, I’m hungry to, I’ll meet you downstairs I just need to grab a pair of panties.”

We got out of bed and mom went downstairs. I went to my room and looked through my drawer until I found a black pair of panties. It wasn’t anything too special just plain yet good enough to wear for breakfast. I slipped them on and went downstairs. There mom was waiting for me with a couple bowls and cereal.

After breakfast I went out to get the mail dressed as I was. I got to the mailbox and looked over to find my neighbors peeking through their window at me but as soon as I looked at them they closed the blinds, probably out of embarrassment again but it didn’t bother me too much.

As I made my way back into the house I flipped through the mail until I found a letter addressed to Missy. I set the mail on the table and took the letter addressed to Missy and opened it as mom watched me.

“Did you get some mail sweetie?” Mom asked while looking at me puzzled.

“Yes it is for Missy thought I don’t know who it is from yet.” I answered.

Upon opening it and reading I found out it was from the spa mom and I had went to a while ago for tranny’s like myself that mom and I had went to a few weeks ago. At first I thought it was just some survey that was late and asking how the service was in regards to the spa like a survey. However as I kept reading I found out it wasn’t a survey but instead was an invitation to a party they were having.

I started to wonder why I would get an invitation to the party considering mom and I only went once so I kept reading and found out they had a draw to all the names of people who signed in over the past few months and I was one of the names. I told mom the good news and that I was allowed to invite one person as long as they were “tranny friendly”. She looked happy with that and both of us could probably do with a rest after Thomas reamed out our holes the previous night. We talked about what our plans were and how long we would stay at the spa before we got packed for a 4 day vacation there.

After I had my bag packed of a few different outfits and bikini’s, I decided to put in a few sex toys and lube in case we ran into Richard and Monica again or another hot couple. I wanted to throw in the digital camera so we could take more sexy pictures for the Missy website but I couldn’t find it so I thought I would ask mom if she knew where it was. I walked into mom’s room and she was at her computer with the digital camera beside her and in only her panties.

“Hey mom I was looking for the digital camera, what are you doing with it and why did you take your bra off? I asked.

“I thought I would copy all the pictures and videos onto the computer so we had more memory on the cam for the spa. As for my bra, well, let’s just say my pussy may be exhausted but my nipples can still get aroused by looking at some of the pictures from last night.” She said with a laugh and started to rub one feeling how hard it had become.

“I can tell.” I laughed. “I thought we could take it to the spa, it would be great to take some pics when we are having fun and who knows maybe we can add more to the website.” I said with a grin.

“Great idea sweetie, I have an idea as well of some fun we could have just you and me.”

I didn’t bother to ask what it was, mostly because I knew she wouldn’t tell me anyway but I liked the idea of it being a surprise after we got there, besides, I had to find something to wear up there so we could be there before the rush.

I went to my room and looked through my sexy clothing. It was hard to decide of what to wear to a spa for cross dressers but I thought I would just wing it and see what I would end up with. I grabbed a tank top that said on the back “cock is on vacation but asshole is open for business” and my pink thong. I put those on and looked at myself in the mirror. It was a good start but I needed more. I decided to put on a pair of very tight short shorts and pull my thong up and out of the pants to give my ass an erotic yet teasing look. I did think about putting stockings on but I figured it would leave tan lines so I left them off for now. By this time my ass had started to feel better so I thought I would get a little kinky for the drive up. I went to my bag and pulled out some anal beads. They were a size you would think was for someone who was experienced but were not overly big either and were purple with numbers counting from 1-8 starting with the first one and ending with the last.

I licked up the side of each bead before I added lots of lube on them and inserted them into my ass one after the other until all 8 beads were inside. As I moved I could feel them bumping and grinding around inside me and soon I became worried I was going to get too hard to pull my short shorts and thong back up but I wasn’t done yet. Next I went to my drawer and got something new out, it was a pair of pearl nipple clamps that separated so they could attach to each nipple but connected at the middle then continued down until the last 3 larger pearls which were used the same as anal beads.

Now you have to remember that by now my ass had been stretched a few times so having 2 sets of anal beads in my ass were not all that of a surprise but don’t be fooled, I could feel it intensely once I had them both in. Once I had them in comfortably I pulled up my short shorts and thong and looked at myself in the mirror. I could see the nipple clamps through the tank top and followed them down my sides and then around to my back where it met at my lower back then disappeared into my pants. It looked very erotic and gave that little erotic mystery of what the end could look like and why it was in my pants. I did not put in my breast forms because my body already had a nice pair of A or B cup tits and my smallest pair would give me a C cup which wasn’t overly needed at this point in time but I brought them along. That and they would never stay in my shirt with no bra and make the clamps feel uncomfortable.

I sat down for a minute just to think of what else I needed and grind the beads in my ass. I figured I had everything I would need in my bag or on me and finished off with my wig. Then after grabbing my purse with lube, condoms, a little vibrator and of course money I headed downstairs to see if mom was ready to go yet.

I waited a few minutes and was putting on a pair of see through 4 inch heels when mom came down with her suit case of clothes and wearing a one piece dress that was tight and form fitting around her chest and big tits but was loose around her hips and barely covered her ass and was all a powder blue color. I looked down to see she was wearing black lace up boots and were almost knee high. We hopped in the car and headed to the spa.

We arrived there some time later and went to the check in desk. I signed my name and mom was doing the same as the person at the desk called over someone who could help us with our bags and to say the least we got the surprise of our life. There to take out bags was an old babysitter of mine when I was younger. Her name was Laci and she was only 4 years older then me and was considered a good friend of my mom and I. As we made our way to our room, we started to talk about a few obvious things such as my cross dressing, how long has mom known and why she was working there.

She told us that she was working there because she had a fantasy to be with a shemale and another more mature woman. I guess she was as kinky as mom and I if not more. Laci told us about the usual things like what time they were serving breakfast and that there was a smorg tonight late with drinks and music for guests to mingle. Laci told us that she was coming and would love to see us there and we said the same. She left soon after that and we settled down into our room to rest after the long trip and for a fun night ahead.

After a few hours of us just resting in our room for a couple hours we saw that we had an hour until it was time for the party and thought we should get a little riled up before hand. I got the digital camera out of my bag and asked mom if she was up for a little exhibitionism.

“What do you think?” She said with a blush and a smile.

We started to walk around and eventually made our way to the pool and to our surprise there was no one around. I suppose it could be that everyone was getting ready for the party soon but that just worked to our advantage. Behind the pool was a small grassy area that had a couple bushes by a chain link fence. We made our way over there and mom took off her dress in an instant like she was a pro at getting undressed. Now she was standing there in only her boots but now I could also see that she had glittering star stickers over her nipples like you would see strippers having on and a rather large piece over her shaved pussy to give that erotic yet teasing look I’m sure she worked on to get.

I started to take a few erotic pictures of her behind the bush of everything from her leaning against the fence and jiggling her ass to of her spread eagle laying on the ground with her hands over her pussy as if she was hiding it. At one point I even took a couple pictures of her from under her like one of those upskirt shots. It was close to 8 when Laci came around and caught us just as I was taking a picture of mom on all fours with her legs spread wide and me snapping a picture of it from behind and in front.

“Looks like the party already started.” Laci said with a seductive look on her face.

Laci was out of her work clothes and was here to solely enjoy the party with everyone. She wore a short skirt and double strapped thong that hugged the top of her hips nicely with a tube top and platform heels. It wasn’t until she was out of her work clothes that I was able to get a good look at what her body was like. Laci was 5’11” with short dark hair that was spiked in a feminine yet a little punk rock way with glitter on her right cheek with a slim figure that was tanned beautifully. Her chest size was not as big as my moms but she had what I would call a large B cup to a mid sized C which was easy to tell was not held up by any bra and were so perky I wanted to play with them forever.

Mom put her dress on and I seen Laci grab glances at her naked body with a glimmer of lust in her eye. I know mom caught it to and had a funny feeling that this was going to be a fun party.

Laci sat with us and there was flirting between Laci and mom and I. There was dancing, karaoke and even a comedy act that was put on by the staff. All and all it was a fun evening and needless to say the three of us had gotten a little tipsy and Laci came with us back to our room. When we got there we found Laci’s bag sitting outside the door and she told us she had a feeling she would be going back to our room tonight so she left it there.

We opened the door and she set her bag between our beds. Mom had to much to drink and flopped down on her bed and went to sleep almost immediately. Laci pulled down her tube top revealing her big tits to me. She had nice nipples there were small but were hard enough to cut glass. She pulled me in close and pushed my head between her tits. They were so soft as I kissed between them then made my way to both nipples one at a time. I started to fondle each breast and licked her nipples, playing with each one pinching them and rolling them between my fingers. She started to moan and I put my leg between her thighs and started to rub her pussy with my leg when I felt something between her legs.

She threw me on the bed and pulled down her thong then she lifted up her skirt to reveal that the whole night she was wearing what I call a sex toy belt. I looked at her as now she was only wearing the skirt and her heels then drew my attention back to the sex toy belt. It had a leather strap that went from around the waist then between her legs to the other side like a gstring, However when she took it off I could see it had a vibrator dildo that was only 3 inches big but fit in her perfectly and a strand of anal beads like mine all attached to the leather belt. I took my cock out of my short shorts and she through the belt at me. I picked it up and started to lick up all her juices which was so strong with her smell I thought I would go insane.

She hopped up onto the bed and me as she said:

“I hope you like face sitting because I sure do.”

She sat on my face and grinded my lips hard. I kept licking her pussy over and over, up and down her outer lips then sucking on her clit before going back to slurping on her plump lips again. I could hear her start to moan louder and her pussy started to gush into a massive flood until I shoved my tongue deep inside her sopping wet walls. She clenched my tongue tightly but I still managed to wiggle my tongue and dart it in and out of her over and over again. Suddenly she started to shake and let out one long loud “Ohhhhh!” as he pussy exploded onto my face and into my hungry mouth. Just as he orgasm started to end I lapped her pussy again and cleaned every inch inside and out until she was clean.

She sat back and ran her fingers through my hair as she just looked at me in the eyes. Laci turned around and got on all fours over top of me in the 69 position and began to suck on my cock. Her tongue felt so good and I could feel her tongue reach places I never knew a tongue could reach. I could feel as she cupped my balls and started to rub them, gently yet firmly mixing my cum for an orgasm I knew would not forget anytime soon. It was short lived because as soon as I was hard as a rock she stopped then turned back around to face me again and sat on my cock so it was pointing up and me and she could run her pussy along the bottom of my shaft.

“I see you’re just as naughty as I am.” Laci said with a grin and biting her lower lip.

She grabbed the beads going to each nipple and gently pulled on them, testing how firmly they were on before finally releasing them. She felt each one of my nipples and gently pinched them like I pinched hers. Then she ran her fingers down the beads and followed their path until she reached behind me and told me to turn over. She follwed them again until they reached my butt. I could feel as she grabbed onto the pants and my thong from my hips and pulled them off me and past my feet to finally rest on the floor at the foot of the bed.

“Ohh I like it when little fem boys like you walk around with toys in their ass.” She purred.

“I like it when hot little sluts take my big cock in all of their holes to.” I teased.

She just giggled in a cute manner and slowly pulled on the beads that attached to my nipples as they slowly slipped one by one from my ass. I moaned as I felt each bead slip out one by one until it was completely out. My cock and my ass were burning hot and the only thing I wanted to do was shove my throbbing member deep into her sopping wet womanhood. I started to feel more pressure from inside my ass as I felt her tug on the anal beads I had put in first earlier in the day. She started out slow and I could feel the first one pop out. She moaned and slid back as I put my ass in the air and she started to lick around my opening as she pulled out the next one. I could feel her stroking my cock as she suddenly pulled out the last 5 beads in one go, causing my body to spasm and orgasm in a way that made me shoot semen yet stay hard like I’ve been left blue balled.

She held onto my load and brought it up as she played with it in her hands and kneaded it around with her fingers before slurping it like whip cream on her finger.

“Mmm it tastes good, now I want to taste it with my other mouth.” She grinned.

I flipped onto my back again then sat up.

“Not yet, you have been a bad girl and need to be punished.” I smiled wickedly.

I rolled her over until she was on all fours to then I smacked her ass and told her to open her legs wide. She moaned like a dirty little bitch as I glided my fingers up and down her pussy then danced around her clit and flicking it. I grabbed the anal beads that had the numbers from 1-8 on them and started to insert those inside her.

“Here they come baby. There’s the first.” I said as I popped the first one in.

“Oh yes!” She cried.

“Oh two went in so easily.” I teased prodding my fingers into her pussy.

“Oh god please more!” Laci begged.

“There goes 3 and 4 and 5!” I said with now 2 fingers in her pussy and twisting them around inside her as she gripped both me and the beads tight.

I pushed 6 in then pulled it out a couple times as I poured more lube onto her ass and pussy and dove onto her clit as I began sucking on it like a hungry calf. Finally I pushed that one in and 7 as I tenderly rubbed her ass and licked her pussy.

“Mmm ok baby we are almost there. Just one more to go and they will all be inside you.” I said then blew a little air onto her soaked pussy.

I pressed in the last bead and Laci’s cute little hole swallowed it down like a pool ball being pushed into a tube sock. I got up onto my knees and pressed my cock to her pussy lips. I rubbed it along there from clit to asshole over and over until I found the hole. Then I pressed it in all the way and I could feel her pussy sucking it in at the same time. It felt so hot and wet, my cock ached for this all night and now I was going to get my wish. Without hesitation I started to pound her furiously, thrusting my cock deep and harder into her dripping cunt over and over again as wet sloshing noises and juices came out of her pussy. The slapping noises of my balls hitting her clit over and over were only rivaled by the orgasmic screams she was having from the head of my cock head hitting her gspot like someone with OCD pressing a bright red button repeatedly. She widened her stance then started pumping her ass back into me, meeting my thrusts and rubbing her clit. She started biting my lip and screaming my name louder and louder to fuck her.

“Fuck me! Oh god please fuck me harder! Make me cum, make me scream, make me squirt like the dirty little slut I wanna be for your great big cross dresser cock!” Laci Screamed.

I granted her wish and slapped her ass a few times on each cheek. “SLAP! SLAP! SLAP!” until her ass started to turn red. Then I grabbed her wrists and pulled her back onto my thrusts.

We continued for 5 more minutes before she told me to stop. I did as she asked and laid down on my back on the bed. She straddled my body and positioned her pussy over my cock then slammed back down on it making her quiver but not orgasm just yet. Laci started rocking her hips back and forth grinding my cock and getting faster and faster. We stared at each other in the eyes as my cock tingled in her twitching pussy. Soon Laci turned around into the reverse cowgirl position and got up onto her feet so she was squatting on my cock. She looked back at me then started rising up and slapping back down onto my cock, swallowing me over and over again as I felt like I was hitting her cervix every time.

Soon I started to feel like I was going to cum and grabbed her by the wrists while she was in the air and gave her everything I had left as I pounded her G spot a few more times causing a massive orgasm from each of us to erupt like a volcano inside her waiting womb.

She rolled off me and we laid there next to one another panting like dogs. I told her that’s the best pussy I have had in a long time and she told me my cock was magnificent. Suddenly we heard mom’s voice.

“Well done you two, sorry I only pretended I was asleep so I could record your hot little fuck. I hope you don’t mind.” Mom said as we looked over at her to find she’s laying on her side on the bed we left her on.

Laci and I looked at the other then told mom we didn’t mind at all.

“Good to hear because now I’m going to have some fun with Laci and Missy you can record us now.”

I got up and took the camera, I needed to change the memory stick so it wouldn’t run out half way through so I went to my bag to get the other one. By the time I looked back at mom and Laci they were already 69ing and eating each other out. I went to my bag again and pulled out a strap-on. It had harnesses that went around the thighs, ass and hips but left the wearers holes exposed for fun of their own without taking it off. The dildo was a good 8 inches long and a good width to it as well. It partially reminded me of Thomas’s cock but slightly smaller.

I gave it to Laci and she put it on like she had 100 times. Mom laid on her back and Laci Slammed the full length of the dildo in one thrust. She pulled it out slow and then poured lube all over the shaft and mom’s pussy before pumping her like there was no tomorrow. I got in close and recorded as the dildo sloshed in and out of mom sloppy wet pussy. Juices gushed from her and it wasn’t long before mom’s moans became as loud as Laci’s. This didn’t last long before mom pushed Laci off of her then got off the bed and on all fours on the floor. It wasn’t long before Laci figured out what mom wanted and got off the bed to join her.

Mom stuck her ass in the air and Laci positioned herself over top of mom then plunged her plastic cock at downward angle then continued to slap her plastic balls as she pounded mom’s pussy again. I continued to record getting every angle I could, I stood behind them and watched as mom’s slopping wet cunt devoured Laci’s strap-on. After about 5 minutes their bodies became hot and sweat dripped from their bodies in large beads. Laci asked for the lube and I gave it to her which she poured and rubbed into mom’s cute little asshole. I watched as Laci pulled out her strap-on then slowly dipped it in and out of mom’s ass a few times before continuing to pound her but this time deep in her ass.

They continued to fuck for only a short while before Laci’s legs became tired and laid down for mom to ride her. Mom got on top and rode Laci intensely as I got behind her to record mom’s big hot giggly ass dance. Finally mom let out a loud yell as she rubbed her clit furiously, squirting all over Laci and her tits before collapsing together and making out like teenagers.

I waited as they rested for a few minutes and Laci took off the strap-on. Mom put on the strap-on and wasted no time in fucking Laci as hard as she fucked her. Laci just layed back with her legs in the air and mom’s hands holding on to her thighs to brace herself to pound my former babysitter with all her might. I got in close to Laci’s face and got a good shot of her orgasm face, her mouth was wide open and her big bright eyes rolled back into her head as little squeaks could be heard coming out of her mouth. I knew a way to make her feel even better and grabbed a pillow from off the bed and put it under her hips. Now the dildo was rubbing her gspot and getting the full force of mom’s powerful thrusts.

My cock had become hard and ached for attention so I got by Laci’s mouth and she took me in using only her tongue. She grabbed my shaft and ran her tongue and around my head, sucking on it while stroking me wildly. I felt my orgasm approaching and Laci seemed like she was going to cum soon as well soI reached down and grabbed the anal beadsI had placed in earlier and pulled them allout in one go just asher orgasm reachedit's peak andI covered her face in my cum.Mom and Lacigot in close to each other and rubbed their big tits together as they kissed and swirled their tongues together like a couple of snakes making love.

I joined in and we made out for a little while before we climbed up onto the bed and fell asleep with Laci in the middle and Mom and I on either side of her. Just before falling asleep I smiled and thought to myself how happy it was we came because we really needed a vacation.

To be continued.

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