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Telling Mom I'm A Crossdresser Part 15: 2 Kinky Girls.

Part 15 is finally here :) plz enjoy as Missy enjoys a night with Laci alone!!

It had been a week since Mom and I spent the 4 days at the spa and hung out with my old babysitter Laci and for a while it was back into our old routine of working and coming home. Day after day I kept thinking about how her warm wet pussy felt wrapped around my cock while the feel of a sexy thong rubbed against my asshole.

I came home one day to find my mom was packing a bag. I asked her what she was doing and she told me that she was going out for the weekend to visit an old friend from high school. I asked if I could have come along as well but mom told me that it would be boring for me if I did and this way I would actually have the freedom to dress up if I wanted to. It made sense what she said but this gave me a better idea then just dressing up and masturbating all alone all weekend.

It was finally time for mom to leave and we said our goodbyes as she left then I secretly watched from a window as she pulled out of the driveway and down the street. I went straight to my little black book which I kept all the phone numbers of guys and girls I have sex with either as Missy or just as myself and found Laci’s number. I called her up and we made small talk for a few minutes before I asked if she wanted to come over this weekend.

“Oh, I’m not too sure. You see I was thinking of going out tonight to find a boyfriend but I don’t feel like driving to the club that is over six miles away.” She said with an unsure tone in her voice.

I smiled to myself then said in a sweet voice “Well my mom is gone and Missy will be all alone in the house all horny and dressed up. It would be a shame if she couldn’t find someone to rock their world tonight.”

Then with a slight pause and a quick response Laci said “I’ll be there in an hour.” Before she hung up to get ready.

I got my ass moving as well and quickly had a shower and applied a little makeup and my wig. Then I went to my closet to pick out something Laci would find enticing.

I looked around until I finally found thigh high leather boots with 5 inch heels. I attached them to my garter belt which was black with a little lace on it. Next was on top, I wasn’t sure what would look nice so I put on a red corset that hugged around my body. The corset also let my nipples and my small man boobs hang loose. I could just imagine a girl wearing it because her tits would hang so care free and there would be no constriction on her hard nipples what so ever.

“Hmm I wonder if Laci would wear something like this to?” I thought to myself as my cock was growing harder at the thought.

Next to put on was a pair of shoulder length leather gloves that were similar to the boots but matched wonderfully with the corset I was wearing. I looked at myself in the mirror and couldn’t help but think there was something missing. After a bit of thought, I went to my box of sex toys and looked through them until I found my 8 inch jelly dildo and a vibrating cock ring you get with some packages of condoms. I knew this was a night I would not soon forget and thought I should set up the digital camera in my room. I put a sweater over top of it to hide it then continued with my preparations as I waited for Laci. I took the toys with a couple condoms and lube before making my way downstairs to the living room to wait for Laci. As I waited I inserted the dildo all 8 inches into my ass and put the vibrating cock ring on my hard cock but didn’t turn it on just yet.

I didn’t have to wait long before the doorbell rang. I rushed to the door and opened to find Laci standing there. She was wearing one of those sexy school girl role play outfits with the blouse barely going past her amazing breasts and a little tie around her neck. I looked farther down and saw her sexy miniskirt with thong riding over top of her hips. Finally she had on knee high socks and cute black shoes to go with the uniform. I could tell she was looking at me as well and when our eyes met I noticed she had dyed her hair red recently but I didn’t get to see long as she pushed her way in and braced me against the wall and started to kiss me deeply, swirling her tongue with mine and then swallowing mine.

She closed the door and grabbed my ass firmly and I did the same, she was so smooth and warm and I could feel my cock rub against her pussy which was divided by her sexy thong and nothing more. I pushed Laci off of me for a second and took her by the hand and lead her to my bedroom.

“Are you ready for some fun baby?” I asked her as I caressed her hip and her wonderful ass.

“What do you think?” she asked with a lustful purr.

I knew she had been waiting for this night for a while because she started to shake and her hand glided down my ass crack like she was going to press a finger in me but instead found the dildo. She started to run her finger along my opening and press it a little deeper which made me moan. I lowered my hand down her ass more then put my hand between her legs until I was on her pussy and started to rub her, not too hard and not too soft but vigorously as I felt her plump juicy lips grow warmer and begin to dampen more and more each time my finger touched her clit.

It felt like forever but we finally reached my room as I turned her back to my bed then pushed her onto the bed. Her beautiful tits jiggled as she hit the bed and I jumped right on top of her. I started to kiss her stomach and make my way up her body as my hands slid under her blouse so I could massage and knead her big soft tits. I could feel her reach down and start to massage my cock and caress my ass, making me moan along with her.

Since my hands were under her blouse she opened the buttons on the front now releasing her tits and setting them free. I removed my hands and started to kiss her chest, slowly making my way to her nipples that were as hard as diamonds. I kissed one nipple then sucked it into my mouth as my tongue flicked it around in my mouth as I gently pinched the other. I continued like that for a few minutes before giving the same treatment to the other. Laci was going mad with lust and reached down to my ass as she once again found the dildo in my ass. She wet her fingers with her mouth then reached down and into my ass to slowly pull on the dildo until it was all the way out of my ass. This drove me crazy and my cock leaked precum like mad all over her panties.

Once it was out, Laci pushed me onto my back and hopped on top of me in the 69 position. I watched as her pussy drooled through her tiny thong and I noticed something that made my cock jump from excitement. The thong was connected by a button like you would find on a shirt. I undid the button and the thong exposed her pussy to my face that was inches away. She removed her thong then went down onto my cock and started giving me a blowjob I knew I would not soon forget. Her lips were so warm and I could feel her kiss the tip of my cock before slowly lowering down my cock, tracing it with her tongue and memorizing everything about it. I dove into her pussy and licked her from clit to asshole before opening her lips and starting to lick a little deeper. I wiggled my tongue, making it go deeper as I made my way to her inner pleasure spots.

The more I licked the more I could hear Laci moan on my cock, vibrating it with her voice as her tongue lapped around my throbbing member like a lollipop and her sweet pussy juices flowed onto my hungry tongue and mouth. I could feel as her lips touched around the base of my cock and my body as she slowly began to bob up and down, sucking me like she was trying to get the cream filling from a twinky bar.

I started to moan as I pushed my tongue as deep as I could into her pussy and traced her gspot with the tip of my tongue as I could barely reach it. The more she squeezed the tongue the more my cock filled with blood as I couldn’t take it anymore and rolled Laci off of me and onto her back with her legs spread wide.

“Baby, I can’t wait anymore. I need to fuck you. Do you want to feel my cock inside you?” I said to her as I rubbed my cock head in her slit.

“Mmm.” She purred with a smile that said yes please do before continuing. “God I love your sexy body in that beautiful corset and those sexy boots.” Laci said as she caressed from my hard nipples down to my thigh high leather boots.

With that I pushed my cock as deep as I could into her dripping wet hole and began to move my cock back and forth as it entered her over and over again. I thrust my hips back and forth as Laci moaned louder and louder until she grabbed me by the back of my neck and pulled me in and shoved her tongue into my mouth. I swirled my tongue around with hers and I squeezed her ass as hard as I could and forced my cock harder into her pussy. God she squeezed me so tight as her warm pussy liquid flowed out like a river and the tip of my cock kissed the opening to her womb each time I went balls deep into her pussy.

I continued to fuck her for I don’t even know how long before I got off of her and she got on all fours. This was incredible I thought to myself as I saw how in sync we were when it came to sex. I slid my cock right back in and started to pound her like a man starved for sex his entire life as Laci pushed back onto me, meeting my thrusts and swallowing my cock like a horny slut on an ecstasy high and a pussy so hot you would think she could melt the condom right off of an ice cold dick.

I gave her ass a few slaps on each cheek and called her my dirty little fuck toy before grabbing her by the hair and shoving my thumb into her ass. This made her stop momentarily and her whole body shook as I felt a warm wash surge over my cock. With disbelief at what I saw I asked the question that I already knew the answer to.

“Oh my god, Laci! Did you just cum?” I asked as I caressed her ass and slowly twisted my thumb.

“Fuck yeah I did! That was fantastic, it’s like you knew exactly what I needed to send me over the edge.” Laci smiled with delight and slowly grinded my cock to keep it feeling good.

“Ha ha yeah, you looked like you were enjoying it so I thought I would do something to give you that little extra push I knew you liked. I said to her with a big smile on my face.

With that she pulled off my cock and lay on her stomach as she started to suck my cock again. She was ten times more enthusiastic about it now as she massaged my balls then reached between my legs to my asshole and made little circles around my opening before plunging her finger in. Just the cock sucking alone would have been enough to bring me to orgasm but that little extra work she put in I guess was a reward for lasting as long as I did.

She wiggled around in my ass until she found my pspot pleasure center and began to massage it like she was rubbing her clit and deep throated my cock, bringing me to the most incredible orgasm I have ever experienced from a blowjob yet. I came for what felt like forever as my seed filled Laci’s mouth and I felt her tongue move from side to side, organizing my cum in her mouth so she could hold as much as she could. When I finally finished I laid back with a sigh of relaxation but it was short lived as Laci hopped on top of me again and kissed me but this time I was able to enjoy the taste of my cream filling with her like 2 sexy women cum swapping in a porn movie. We caressed each other and kissed and swapped cum until we had swallowed every last drop from our mouths.

After we laid together for a while to rest, Laci got up and told me she was going to be right back because she was going to get something. I just laid in bed and felt around till I once again found the dildo. I began to lick it and suck on the head a little as I got up and walked around my room then went into my drawer to take out one of those smooth shaft with a round tip vibrator. I decided it was time for a wardrobe change and went to my closet quick to change. I decided to keep the corset on but I took off the thigh high boots and put on some knee high socks and 7 inch heels.

Laci came back soon after I got my heels on and she had changed as well. Now she had on a full body latex suit with nipple clamps built into the suit and attached to her nipples and wearing a purple one piece strapon.

I knew exactly what she wanted and got on the bed again on all fours as I sucked on the dildo while she applied lube to the strap on and my ass.

She applied lube to my ass and even plunged 2 fingers into my ass as she said:

“Now I get to pound your hole like you pounded mine.” She said sensually

“I can’t wait” I said to her in my girly voice.

With that she pushed the head of her plastic cock into my ass. I moaned and couldn’t wait as I wiggled my ass on her plastic cock. Just to tease me, she pulled out then popped it back in a few times before pushing it all the way in. I could feel it slide all the way to the base with its smooth shaft and tip as my ass squeezed it tightly.

Laci poured on more lube then started to fuck me, starting out slowly then building speed going faster and faster, harder and harder until she was pounding me as hard as I fucked her to begin with. Laci was holding my hips hard as she thrusted with all her might into my ass. After a few minutes my ass felt like it was on fire from the lube but it was amazing and only got better as Laci grabbed my wrists and pulled me back and grinded her dildo cock in my ass before pounding me again.

I could feel my orgasm building and swelling inside my body more and more but I could hold on until Laci got tired, or so I thought. She reached around and grabbed my cock, stroking it like mad as she continued to fuck my boy pussy like it was her own personal plaything. This destroyed all my willpower to hold back and got up onto my knees and leaned back against Laci as my orgasm exploded in one more long stream, soaking Laci’s hand and leaving a nice trail of clitty cream from my pillow to the tip of my cock. She stroked out the last few drops before I fell over onto my stomach and she laid next to me moaning like she was ready to cum again to.

I grabbed the vibrator and told Laci to get off the bed. She smiled, got onto her feet and removed her strap on. Once it was off, I noticed there was a little zipper that went from her navel, between her legs and to the lower part of her back that was just above her ass line. I got down on my knees and kissed her latex from her thighs up to her navel, when I got there I grabbed the zipper with my teeth and pulled it down as far as I could between her legs. I moved between her legs and continued with the zipper until I reached the end above her ass. I pushed her until she leaned against a desk I had in my room then kissed her from her ass down to her pussy while she was in a type of standing doggy position but with her back arched instead of being fully bent over.

I gave a thorough licking and tasted her sweet juices once again before I took the vibrator and slowly went in and out of her hot wet cunt. I never turned it on yet as I thought that would be better left saved for closer to the end but I couldn’t help but giggle to myself as I kept licking and fucking her slowly with the vibrator. She moaned and I could feel with each moan her squeeze the vibrator like she was squeezing my cock. Her moans became louder and more frequent as her body squirmed for more.

“Yes, Yes oh god please fuck me with that toy.” She begged in a moaning tone.

I moved the toy faster and faster and angled it so it hit her gspot. I moved up to her ass and started to lick her, dancing my tongue around her opening before prodding my way inside. I twirled my tongue in circles inside her ass which made her suddenly grunt in pleasure and I rubbed her clit with my thumb. I could tell her orgasm was getting close and turned on the vibrator to max and reamed it in and out of her until she gave a loud scream and her body spasmed and flooded the floor of my room.

“God this was the greatest night of my life! I should introduce you to my girl friend she would love you.” She smiled and rubbed her nipples.

She laid down on the bed next to me and we just laid there cuddling for a while and removed some of our clothing to cool off. Laci put her sexy clothes back in her bag along with her strap on.

“Hey won’t you need something to wear home?” I asked her since she was naked and had just put everything in her bag.

“Not really, It’s really late and I wanted to drive home naked anyway. It’s one of my fantasies.” She said with a laugh and a wink.

“You know you could just stay here tonight, mom wont be home this weekend and that way you don’t have to drive home tired.” I told her hoping she would so we could have more fun.

“Thanks kiddo but I need to get home, but I will come see you again some time and we can do this again.” She smiled as she made her way out the door and I watched as her sexy ass wiggled with her juices flowing down her thighs.

I took off my clothes and had a shower because I was all sweaty from having sexy with Laci and opened the window since it was a cool summer night anyway. I listened and heard there was thunder and it was starting to rain. I put on my pink bra and thong then made my way to my dresser where I set up my digital camera and had recorded the whole thing.

“One more memory to add to my collection.” I said giggling to myself before crawling into bed and going to sleep for the night.

To be continued.

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