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Telling Mom I'm A Crossdresser part 13.5: Missy Brings Home A Stud

the continuation to Missy going out and finding a man.
I told Thomas all the details of why I was out this night and he loved the idea. He took one of his Viagra and he led me out of the bar. I felt a little embarrassed at all the cum leaking down but some of the cross dressers were just smiling at me like they were saying “you go gurl!” which made me a little proud.

Thomas followed me in his car until we got to my place and I took him by the hand until we got in the door. When I walked in I heard a thumping upstairs and asked Thomas if he would wait on the couch and I will go see if my mom was ready for the pounding of her life. He laughed and said go ahead; he would be waiting right where he was.

I went upstairs to mom’s room and opened the door. There I found mom riding my blow up doll who was wearing a strap-on. I smiled as she looked at me as I said to her,

“I see you girls were having lots of fun, but I have some real cock downstairs if you are interested.” She smiled and told me to take her “air head friend” to my room and she was going downstairs as soon as she puts on something sexy.

I took the blow up doll to my room then I went downstairs to tell Thomas the good news. He smiled and asked how he was going to pass the time. I didn’t need any further encouragement and got down between his legs and started lapping up that big cock again until mom came downstairs which sadly wasn’t very long.

Mom came down and I heard her heels clicking all the way. Thomas and I looked at her at the same time. I saw that now she was wearing a pair of ass-less and crotch-less pantyhose with one of those amazingly erotic bras that looks like a normal bra except instead of holding a woman’s breasts in cups they hang loose through holes and go around each breast very sensually. Finally a nice feather boa added a little class along with her bright red lips.

My jaw dropped as did Thomas’s and I felt his cock just get a little harder and I knew Mom was going to get the fucking of a lifetime. I was a little jealous at first but since Thomas had Viagra I knew my turn would come.

“I’ll take over now Missy, you be a good girl and wait your turn in your room while your friend and I get…. acquainted,” she said with a giggle.

She took Thomas upstairs and I heard laughing and making out as I passed by to get to my room. I was very horny now and couldn’t stop thinking of Thomas’s cock deep inside my asshole then filling me with that amazing amount of cum he had. Then I hopped in the shower to get cleaned up and put on some clean and sexy clothing, and make sure I was shaven and smooth for Thomas when he was done with Mom.

When I had finished showing, shaving and covering my body in lotion, I heard mom moaning like a slut and Thomas grunting heavily. I quickly put my zebra thong back on that I wore earlier and looked in my drawer for something to go with it when I found something new. It was a zebra striped tube top with the words “Horny Animal” on the back. I instantly loved it and quickly put it on with my blonde wig again as well as my breast forms and re applying my makeup.

I was going to put something more around my ass but decided not to since it was going to come off very soon, so instead I decided on a temporary tattoo that Mom and I had picked up at that adult shop at one of our previous trips. This particular one was special, it had “ ‘s SLUT” with a stencil to put on the name of any person you wanted. I grabbed what I needed to write “Thomas’s Slut” on my lower back and applied it in the bathroom with the time I had.

I could hear mom almost screaming in ecstasy and then telling him to blow his load all over her. I smiled and wondered if Mom had found out yet what Thomas’s special trick was but I didn’t think about it long because I had to hurry up and finish before they were. I grabbed my garter belt and some white and black striped stockings. They didn’t match the zebra print exactly but I thought he wouldn’t notice the huge difference right off the bat anyway. I put them in place and fastened them on before making sure my tattoo was dry. Just in time as mom let out the loudest orgasm scream I have ever heard from her. Then I heard Thomas still grunting and telling mom to get ready because he was gonna bathe her in cum.

I chuckled and thought “here it cums.”

Then I heard mom moaning: “Oh oh! OH! Oh my god! That is amazing! That is the biggest load I have ever seen!”

“Looks like Mom found out Thomas’s hidden talent,” I said out loud.

I lay in bed on my side with lube and condoms on my night stand. Of course I wasn’t going to use the condoms but I thought if it looked like there was the option I wouldn’t look like a total whore even though I obviously was.

Suddenly I heard footsteps coming down the hall and in came Thomas who was now completely naked. When I looked at him from head to toe I realized he was even more muscular then I had previously thought. He had a nice 4 pack with big arms and nice pecs and there between his legs was his still hard 9 inch cock ready to rip my ass like a virgins hymen.

I rolled over and turned away from him as I got up onto my knees then bent over, showing him my tattoo and teasing his big cock with my secret spot.

“Oh very nice tattoo. So you’re my little slut are you?” he said playfully.

“Mmm hmm.” I purred.

Just like I thought, he grabbed the lube but not the condoms, which made me happy, and poured it all over my ass and a little inside and on his fingers. Then he pulled down my thong and pushed in 2 fingers right from the start to see how tight I was as I moaned and told him "more".

“Bad slut,” he said playfully as he gave my ass a little slap.

Then he removed his fingers and pushed his cock head to the opening of my ass. I quivered in lust and fear of the thought of his cock entering so deep inside me. Thomas pushed harder and harder until the head popped in and the rest of his cock made a wet squishing noise as he filled me up slowly pushing his cock all the way in. God he knew exactly how to do it because by the time he was balls deep my eyes had rolled to the back of my head and my entire body was tingling. Then he slowly pulled out and thrust balls deep back into me once again. He had to have done anal with a CD before because doing this alone made me start to precum and pre-squirt onto my bed and make me lose myself in ecstasy.

He slowly started to pick up speed as he pulled back my hips to meet each pounding. My legs were weak, my head was spinning and my body had gone completely numb, all I could think or even feel about was the sensation of his cock moving inside me and going in and out. Without even thinking, I started saying, “More, more, harder please fuck me harder,” and before I could even realize what I had said he was suddenly thrusting as hard as he could, pulling me back and ramming his cock inside me like a beast.

This continued for 10 more minutes before I heard him call out.

“I think I’m going to cum!” he cried out.

This was it, this was going to be that wave of hot sticky man seed that I had waited for all night or maybe my entire life! Thomas was going to fill me up like a balloon and I wanted him to do it for as long as he could.

“Where do you want it slut?” he asked.

“Inside me! Please shoot all your cum and fill up my jizz tank!” I pleaded in a scream.

Just then Thomas came in one big torrent, filling me up just like I wanted. I could feel it, shot after shot shooting deep inside me, so hot and sticky as it oozed down his shaft and all over my walls. I could feel Thomas give me shallow thrusts as he pumped his sea of man love into my tight little boy pussy. Once he was finished we just stayed as we were, panting heavily with sweat dripping down our bodies and a light cool breeze from my open window caressing our entire bodies and stiffening my nipples and my scrotum and my clitty cock ooze my liquids in a steady flow.

My body shook and I collapsed onto my stomach and panted to get my strength back. Suddenly Thomas flipped me over onto my back and put my legs over his shoulders as he lifted my ass up to put a pillow under my body to raise my hips higher. I had forgotten his cock was still rock hard because of the Viagra but I didn’t care because round 2 had just started. He shoved his cream soaked cock back into my ass and pounded me again furiously as he put his hands onto my fake tits and gave them a squeeze.

“Baby I want to feel your real nipples,” he said to me as he pulled the fake tits out of my tube top and pulled it down to reveal my nipples.

He put his hands over my small tits and started to play with my nipples tweaking them, pinching them and even gently pulling on them as his cock went the full length in and out of me sloshing cum and my anal juice with every thrust. I was losing my senses and my eyes were rolling to the back of my head as I moaned like a little slut just like Mom, when I looked up to find Mom with the digital camera recording me. I knew right away this was going on the website and decided to make it good.

“Fuck me baby, Fuck me like there is no tomorrow and give me all you got. I’m your little fuck toy tonight so empty those grapefruit balls into my cum tank belly,” I told him as I wrapped my legs around his waist.

He thrust harder like a piston pumping to its maximum and I stuck out my tongue to the cam and swirled it around my lips before giving the cam a slutty kiss. That was as long as Thomas could last and my sluttiness sent him over the edge. He pulled his cock out of my ass which caused a fair amount to gush out in a nice cream pie, and shot his load onto me like the massive facial in one of those excessive cum porn movies.

It shot first on my chest then up to my face as glob after glob hit my face, coating me once again in his thick seed. Just as Thomas and I relaxed, Mom stopped recording. I never got a chance to take a good look at Mom but now that Thomas needed to rest for a bit I got to see that Mom had a nice thick coat of cum all over her too. I continued to look down her body and noticed her tits were covered in a glaze of his cum that she must have rubbed in some and her bra was still on but it was undone at the back. I kept looking down and noticed her pantyhose were all sticky with cum stains spotting all over.

“You two were great!” Mom said with a cheery yet satisfied look on her face. Then she turned to Thomas as she took off her pantyhose and cup-less bra and said, “How is your cock feeling? Could you go a few more rounds with us if we wanted to?” she asked innocently.

“I don’t think so girls, I may be able to cum buckets but even this well has to run dry eventually.” He laughed.

“That’s alright, I think we will be walking funny for days now thanks to you.” I giggled.

“Why don’t I come and visit the two of you again sometime? Maybe we could make it a threesome next time?” He winked and smiled.

Mom rubbed her big tits together and I felt around my asshole to see how much cum was oozing out of my cream pie as we thought about the idea for a second and looked at each other.

“That would be great!” we said in unison.

A little while later Thomas was getting dressed and heading out the door when we stopped him and gave him our address and phone numbers. He did the same. He told us that if we ever needed to be filled up again he would be waiting for us with a hard cock and another gallon of cum for each of us. We blushed and gave him each a kiss on the cheek then bent down and kissed his cock goodbye. One thing he didn’t know is that we slipped a few slutty pictures we took earlier in the week and even just a few minutes before on a USB drive in his pocket with his wallet so that he could have a memento of the night as did we.

Once he closed the door behind him Mom and I looked at one another. She was completely naked with her pussy full of cum and her tits covered in a nice glaze and me in my thong and tube top around my stomach also dripping all over with cum.

“Let's go lick each other clean mom, and by the way did you record yourself on the camera to or was it just me?” I said to her.

“You read my mind Missy, but let's go to my bedroom first. I want to try out that new paddle you got on that ass of yours and you can try it on me. And those nipple clamps you bought too. I was gonna put them on for Thomas but forgot so let's try them together, and as for the video of course I recorded myself too. It was way more fun that way,” she said with a smile and a giggle.

“Oh yum. Sure Mom, then let's take a shower together and get cleaned up, I want to try another blow up doll I got today too,” I told her.

“Another blow up doll? What kind is this one Missy?” she asked while looking puzzled.

“It’s one I bought last week and it's for women but he had such a nice cock I wanted to try it plus the tongue he has looks amazing,” I teased her.

“Mmm maybe another time sweetie right now let's just go dyke out in my room for now we can use that another day.” She smiled.

To be continued.

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