Telling Mom I’m A Crossdresser Part 5: Movie Night and Gangbangs

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I had decided to take a few days off from being Missy after Stan and Roger had left and my mom and I were finished with our little girl time. I spent the next few days just continuing with life as normal except for the throbbing pain in my asshole and my cock from the 3 days of constant sex. I couldn’t stop thinking about all the things I had done as Missy and all the kinky fetishes I had experienced since I came out to my mother, but I guess I have her to thank for all my new wonderful clothes and experiences. After all, she is the one who sets everything up for Missy. I couldn’t wait to see what my next job as Missy would be like.

By the end of the week, my ass was feeling better and I know I had stretched my hole to the point where I don’t think I will be having any pain unless I get a client who was overly huge. I sat on the couch in a white bra and panties, nothing special, just something to dress in and feel comfortable yet girly while I watched a movie with my mom who was also in her underwear. My mother and I talked for a while and eventually I asked if Missy had another job for this weekend. She gazed at me with a smile and her eyes wide open as she laughed a little.

“Actually Missy does not have a job this weekend, but I do have something planned for us girls this Saturday night.”

I wanted to ask what it was but figured that it would be better left as a surprise.

Saturday came and I decided to get dressed. My mom came in and suggested I wore some more sexy lingerie and meet her in the basement. With that I got a little excited and quickly picked out a nice black see through slip with black lace around the bottom. I also put on a pair of pink panties and bra underneath so that it would be bright enough and visible through the black fabric. I finished with a pair of heels as I gave a look at myself in the mirror and thought I looked amazing.

When I felt I was ready I walked down the stairs to find a big screen and a couch set up for us to watch a movie together. Mom was wearing a full body fishnet suit with open areas around her pussy, ass and her nipples which I assume was for easy access and finished it with a pair of black heels similar to mine. I have to admit, she looked hot with her big breasts and ass filling out the body suit.

I sat down on the couch next to my mother and we started watching a porn movie about two women who are trying to raise money to bail a friend out of jail by becoming prostitutes. It got my mother and I a little horny but we continued to watch the video until the end.

Once it was over my mother and I both took a deep breath to relax seeing as though the video made us both awfully horny. I got up to go upstairs when my mother stopped me.

”Why don’t we go for a walk right now? It’s very nice out and it’s dark so no one will see either of us in the night.” She said with a loving smile towards me.

“Sure, a walk sounds nice right now and I am nowhere near tired enough to go to bed yet anyway.” I replied.

We went upstairs to a closet where we pulled out a couple of trench coats to cover the full lengths of our bodies as we headed out the door and began our walk. We continued on the sidewalk as cars flew by us, flashing their headlights and giving the occasional honk. We blushed and giggled a little as we continued on until we reached the nearby park that was usually empty at this time of night.

As we kept on walking we noticed a van parked out the front behind some trees. My mother took me by the hand and said we should check it out. I agreed and we walked closer to the van which seemed to have been moving the closer we got. We peaked in the window to find a very trashy looking woman being gangbanged by 9 different guys taking turns. I looked at my mother in disbelief but just as I did she started knocking on the van and getting the attention of everyone inside.

All the men got out of the van and stared at us like a dog who just had his food taken away mid-meal.

“What do you want?” one man asked.

My mother dropped her trench coat from her shoulders onto the ground revealing her amazing body and fishnet suit then grabbed mine and pulled it off.

“We thought you may want a few more holes to fill tonight. Besides, your friend there looks like she is worn out.”

She pointed toward the trashy looking woman who was collecting her money and getting dressed. Obviously she was a hooker and didn’t care if they were finished or not, she just wanted her money.

Mom rubbed her body up and down feeling all of her sexy curves as her pussy dripped down her thighs and the men looked at both of us up and down with rock hard cocks. They told us to get in but my mother stopped everything.

“If you want both of us you will each have to give us $400 for the night.” My mom said with a lustful grin and sparkle on her face.

I turned around and gave my ass a little wiggle and a spank.

“It’s still nice and tight boys and I promise we won’t disappoint.”

The men agreed but then said that they would ream out our holes to get their moneys worth. By now I was so horny I was going crazy as I’m sure my mom was as well as we hopped into the van and started playing and sucking with some of their cocks.

I dived right in like the little whore that I am taking a cock in each hand and stroking it while sucking on one deep in my mouth. I looked over at my mom and she was already on her back and stroking 2 of the cocks while one of the guys went down on her pussy and started eating her out. Then I started feeling a man run his hands along the crack of my ass.

Eventually I ended up on my back as well with my head next to moms. I went back and forth sucking on the cocks in each one of my hands. I looked over and saw one of the men were taking advantage of my moms big tits and was thrusting his cock between them while she stroked off the cocks in each of her hands. I could feel their hands all over my body which made me so hard and horny I just wanted to grab the biggest cock within reach and stick it deep in my ass. I got up onto my knees and pulled down my panties and spread my hole as wide as I could.

“Please fuck me with your cocks. I need something inside me.” I begged in my most girly voice.

My plea’s were answered as a cock was thrust deep into me. I just moaned as the cock went deep inside me with ease as the man started pumping his cock into me. I grabbed 2 more cocks and stroked them in my hands again as a 4 th man got in front of me and put his cock in my mouth. I looked over at my mom who was stilling giving hand jobs and a titty fuck to guys but now had 2 guys fucking her ass and her pussy at the same time. The cocks were slamming into us harder and harder as their balls slapped us and would have made us scream in pleasure if it weren’t for being fucked in our cock hungry mouths.

This continued for 15-20 minutes before the men came filling our holes. They pulled out of us before the next round of men took their places. Now we were on our sides, I watched as my mother took a big cock in her ass and in her mouth while her sexy tits bounced back and forth while she moaned like a slut. While watching this I couldn’t help but take my attention to my ass getting its own hard pounding with my hands being held together and my mouthing being fucked.

“Oh yea fuck me boys, fuck this little whore in all of her holes and make her scream like a little cunt.” I heard my mom yell in pleasure.

Eventually my mouth was free for a second as well because the man fucking my mouth had came and pulled out.

“Oh god this feels so good. Ahh yes please keep fucking me, make me your little cum dump slut whore. Oh please I think I’m going to cum.” I moaned ecstatically.

Eventually these men came as well and allowing for another round of guys to take their places once again. This time it was a gangbang 69 with my mother and I. I laid on my back while my mother got overtop of me with her pussy and ass just above my face and my clitty cock just below hers. Two men took my mother in both of her holes just above my face as I watched in lust as got completely filled by cock. I felt the same as well as a man penetrated me and started ramming me as hard as the other 2 men were ramming her. I wrapped my legs around my mothers shoulders just as I feel her wrap her lips around my cock and start going back and forth between bobbing on my cock and the cock of the man who wanted to fuck her mouth.

Once we were in this position, it continued for what seemed like 2 hours before all the men were now spent and could not continue. We got out of the vehicle all sticky with cum and completely encased by the scent of fresh semen that started to dry and crust on our clothes and bodies.

“That was a lot of fun boys, we will have to do this again sometime.” I said playfully and my mom agreed.

The men gave us the money and drove away in the van, leaving us to walk home without our trench coats and sticky with cum. My mother and I just held hands as we walked home, scraping the cum off our bodies and sharing it with each other all the way home.

“Mom, did you plan this?” I asked her as we walked in the door.

“No sweetie but I am sure glad we did tonight.” She smiled savoring the last of the cum on her face.

I licked the last bit from off my thighs as I looked back at her and smiled.

“I am glad we did this to. We really should do this again and next time maybe we can do our own little role play. Maybe we could pretend to be slutty hookers or something?” I said jokingly and giggled.

“Missy my dear, we are already slutty hookers and we are definitely going to do this again.” She laughed and wiggled her bum to her room.

I did the same and as I drifted off to sleep all I could think of was what tomorrow had in store for Missy.