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Telling Mom I'm A Crossdresser Part 7: The Spa

Missy and his mom go to a spa and meet some new friends.

I could barely sit for days after Mistress Keri thoroughly tanned my hide and I had to take almost a week off so that I could heal. My mom knew this to and said we should go on a “girls” weekend to a spa for cross dressers and women, she also said that since it was for others like me then I could spend the entire trip as Missy.

I loved that idea and hurried upstairs to pack Missy’s bag. I packed the essentials including a mini dress, a few different pairs of bras and panties, a very sexy and revealing pink bikini as well as some heels, makeup and a few stockings and fishnets just in case I felt like wearing some of those to. I realized I needed something to sleep in so I went into my drawer and got out a satin-trim peignoir and my shona see-through slip.

I thought it would be fun to go there dressed but wasn’t sure about leaving in broad daylight until my mom said she would cross dress a little to so it looked like we were going to a costume party. I agreed and put on a satin cowl blouse and pencil skirt with my “working woman” heels so that I looked like a business woman and my mother put on a suit and tie so that we matched and looked like a working couple at an office. I made sure to put on my blonde wig again as well as my breast forms and my mom put on one of those bowler derby hats to help hide our real genders.

We hopped in the car with our bags and drove 3 hours until we reached the spa. It was a very large place and we could already see other cross dressers and womrn walking in. I took a few deep breathes and my mom rubbed my thigh.

“Alright Missy it’s time to get pampered!” She said in a cheerful and excited voice.

We got out and got our bags and walked to the door. When we got there, we walked to the front desk with a girl working there who seemed to have been around her late twenties or early thirties. She looked at both of us with a smile and said that we both looked very beautiful and hoped we had a nice stay as she gave me a little wink. I guess she was into cross dressers. We got our keys to our room and just as we walked away she whistled at both of us which I have to admit I liked a lot.

We went into our room and decided to hit the pool. We got out of our clothes and changed into our bikinis. Mine was pink with long strings and triangles that barely covered my nipples and the bottom went over my bulge and perfectly stringed in between my cheeks. My mom put on a sexy one as well. Hers was black which contrasted nicely with her white skin.

The top cupped her breasts perfectly but also revealed some of her perfect orbs on all sides as well, but only a tease. The bottom was very tight and you could tell by the way she had to adjust it and pull it from riding up time and time again. We finished with heels and got the suntan lotion out and walked to the pool. We looked so incredibly sexy walking down the hall with our towels, holding hands and completely shaved bodies. I felt so naughty in my bikini but I tried to calm down so I wouldn’t have an erection in my bikini.

When we got there, we could see all the women by the pool sun bathing and drinking. We got to our place and sat down, making sure that we bent over a few times in front of some of the women, cross dressers and even the male attendants near by. Who knows, maybe we could get some action this weekend too.

It wasn’t long before a couple sat down next to us. As far as I could tell, the man was not a cross dresser but looked very sexy and sat down in the lounge chair next to me. He was a little taller then I was with big muscles like that of a body builder with short hair, brown eyes and a nice bump in his shorts which I think moved as he talked to us.

The woman was about the same height as my mom with blonde hair that ran down to the mid part of her back, also the same as mom's. Her chest wasn’t as big as hers but she had a nice bubble butt that I’m sure the man beside me enjoyed to play with during sex. They both had very nice bodies considering their age seemed to have been around their 40’s or 50’s.

The man sat down next to me and the woman sat down next to my mom surrounding us on both sides. The man that sat next to me said his name was Richard and he thought I was very sexy. I could also hear the woman talking to my mom saying that her name was Monica and she loved my mom’s bikini and how it complimented her breasts. I knew she was hitting on my mom but wasn’t sure if she was into women until I saw a smile creep over her face and returned the compliment and said she loved how Monica’s butt looked in her hot bikini.

We talked for a while and rubbed lotion all over each others bodies as my mom and I took turns rubbing lotion on both of them. Needless to say, I got a little hot under my collar and wondered if Richard was looking to have fun with me.

Eventually the women got up and held hands as Monica told Richard and I that they were going to her room for some “girl time” as the giggled and fondled each other’s bodies and walked away with their hands on the others lower back, wiggling their hips as they left. As they did I could hear my mother yell back at me.

“Have fun Missy, Take care of Richard and Monica and I will take care of each other.” She giggled and gave Monica a kiss on her neck.

Now it was just me and Richard and I flipped over on my stomach and asked Richard in my sexiest voice if he would rub lotion on my back. He just smiled and agreed as he squirted lotion onto my back and down my body. He started to rub along my shoulders working his way down my body then stopped at my butt. Then he went to my ankles and rubbed up to my thighs just to tease me.

When he finally reached my bum he squirted a good amount on his hands and rubbed all over my cheeks and even glided his fingers in between to make sure he didn’t miss and inch of my tight young butt. I moaned and told him that it his hands felt really good on my body and that he should add more lotion because that place is very sensitive.

“If you want more lotion baby I have my own special brand you can have. It’s very thick and will cover your entire body.” He said with a laugh and an obvious erection in his shorts.

“Alright then big boy, I’ll take you to my room and help you work out some of that special lotion of yours.” I moaned and took his hand as I lead him to my room. I wiggled my hips and every so often stopped suddenly just to grind my ass into his crotch to make him hard or drop something in front of me so I could bend over and pick it up. I think he really liked it because I could feel his hard on rub against my cheeks a little more each time.

Finally we got to the room and I put the key in to unlock it when Richard pushed his body against mine into the door with his hands on both sides of me. He took out his cock and put it between my cheeks as he whispered and panted in my ear.

“Baby I’m going to make sure to cover you in my special lotion, and don’t worry I’ll be sure to do a thorough job.”

“Mmm good big boy but don’t forget to get my insides to.” I said with a giggle and a wink as I rubbed his cock.

I lead him into the room and closed the door to lock it. I sat him down on the nearby chair and took out his big hard cock. I gazed at it as it throbbed it looked to be a good 8 inches with a big pink head with precum oozing out the tip.

“I see your bottle is leaking. It’s a good thing I noticed, it would be a shame if anything went to waste.” I said with a little moan as I start licking on his head.

“Yeah baby, make sure you work for that lotion and there will be lots to cum.” He said with a smile on his face as he laid back and enjoyed my efforts.

I grabbed the base of his cock and cupped his balls and started massaging them as I sucked on his head and stroked his shaft. I could feel it getting hotter and hotter the more I sucked on it as I drooled all over his cock making sure it got nice and wet. I started to deep throat him, gagging on his cock until I got nice thick bits of drool in my mouth that looked like cum. I spit it onto his head and used my tongue to spread it all around his head and in the crease of his cock. I enjoyed every second of him throbbing till suddenly he shot his first load that covered my face.

“Oh wow you do have some nice special lotion I see.” I said teasingly as I rubbed it in all over my face, neck and chest like it really was sun tan lotion.

“There’s more where that came from baby, now get on the bed on all fours so I can give you the rest.” He said with a smile stroking his cock that hadn’t gone down even the slightest.

Richard got behind me and moved the string of my bikini to one side as he slid his cock right inside in one go, he wasn’t rough but he didn’t stop until he was balls deep in my man pussy. God I knew I had become a whore when I felt nothing but pleasure from having such a big cock in my ass. I knew I was getting used to it but now was the first time it was pure ecstasy with absolutely no pain and I could feel every inch of him throb and swell inside my ass.

I started moaning loudly and almost screaming like I was inches away from my orgasm already as I begged him to fuck me. Richard grabbed my hips hard as he started thrusting in me deep and at a steady pace. I could only moan like a slut as his powerful thrusts plunged his huge meat rode deep inside me, ready to unleash his “special lotion” to coat my innards.

“Oh god yes! Oh fuck baby your cock is going so deep inside my hole! Oh yes, yes, oh god keep fucking me please don’t stop!” I screamed with my eyes rolling back into my head.

We continued like that for 20 minutes before Richard pushed me so I was now laying on my side on the bed. He hopped on as well and shoved his cock right back in me and started thrusting while I laid relaxing on the bed. He reached around and pinched my hard nipples, playing with them and teasing them while he thrust deeper into my bum. I could feel his cock hitting my P spot as my orgasm started to well up making my body go completely numb. I could feel the sweat from our bodies dripping off and onto the bed as the heat from our passion drove us to continue until we could not take it anymore. He could tell I was feeling it and decided to turn up the pleasure a little more to send me over the edge.

“Little slut are you going to squirt your own lotion before you take mine? Bad girl!” He teased and smacked my ass.

Then he grabbed the thigh of my side that was not laying on the bed and lifted it up, spreading my legs very wide as his thrusts became faster. I looked down at my clitty cock and could see pre-cum being shot out of the tip and onto my body with every thrust Richard made. I looked lower and I could even see his massive balls peaking around between my legs each time he was fully inside me.

“I can’t take much more you stud, I need your lotion please give it to me!” I yelled.

“Ok baby here it comes!”

Richard flipped me on my stomach and I could see shadows of people listening to what was going on in the room. He gave a few more thrusts into me then shot his first 2 ropes of cum into my ass then pulled out and stroked covering my back and ass in the rest of his seed.

“There you go baby that should be enough, now let me rub it in for you.” He smiled and smeared the strong scented and sticky cum all over my lower back and ass.

I just laid there panting like a dog with my ass gaping from his cock that was just inside me. When he was done I grabbed his hand and pulled him onto me so that he was laying on top of me and I licked his hands clean of his cum. Then I rolled him over onto his back and licked his body of the cum impression that was left, right down to his cock. I licked it all over and cleaned him up.

“Hey, come with me, I have a present for you. My wife and I agreed that if we found a beautiful woman and a sexy cross dresser that we would give them each a gift to thank them if they were good in bed.” Richard said once he caught his breath.

I blushed and said thank you as we got up and he lead me to his room. It turned out that Richard and Monica’s room was only around the corner to my mother and I as he knocked on the door. I could hear moaning and then foot steps as the person walked to the door. It was Monica, and she was wearing a strap-on that was black and very thick and probably about 8 inches, the same as Richard. I looked behind her and saw mom laying on the bed panting and calling Monica to let her have a turn wearing the strap-on.

“Looks like you had fun Richard. I could hear Missy moaning all the way in this room and I have to say, it was very exciting.” Monica said with a smile as she stood proudly with her strap-on.

Monica went back to the bed and took off her strap-on so she could hand it to my mother. Mom put on the strap-on and rubbed her new cock. I knew she was going to fuck Monica good and it made me so hard thinking about it. Monica got on all fours on the floor in front of us and mom started fucking her from behind as hard as she could and smacking her ass. It wasn’t long before Monica was moaning like I was and her pussy gushed juices with each thrust.

Richard took my hand and distracted me from the attention to lead me to a bag that was near the nightstand. He opened it to reveal an assorted amount of feminine products like bath soaps, lotions and even a new wig with brown hair like my blonde one. It also had kinky little adult novelties like a cock shaped lollipop and pudding cups shaped like vaginas.

He told me to dig a little deeper and I also found sex toys as well including a few new double dildos, anal beads, butt plugs, even a pocket pussy and all sorts of lubes. Of course everything had two of the same so that mom and I each had our own to use with the exception of the pocket pussy and many other assorted BDSM trinkets. He gave them to us and said that he had a couple more things to give us. Next he pulled out another strap-on but this one had a hole in the dildo.

I guess it was for guys to use to make their cocks bigger and thicker looking when they used them. He also gave me two identical vibrators; obviously one was for my mother as well. I asked him why he was giving us so many amazing and expensive gifts. He said it was for the great fuck we had with them and glad to have find people with similar interests as them. I was so grateful for the gifts I dropped to my knees and started sucking his cock again.

Once he was hard, I went to the bed where Monica was laying on her back getting an amazing fucking from mom. I got on top of Monica and spread my ass wide for Richard. I stared mom in the eyes as Richard fucked my ass while Monica looked at our balls slapping against one another.

We continued to fuck and take turns with each other for what seemed like hours before we all fell asleep on the king size bed in the room, covered in cum and pussy juice from my most amazing night yet.

The next morning came and mom and I were the first ones to wake up. She put on her bikini and took the strap-on as we left. She said that Monica told her to keep it because she had a couple more at home and said it suited mom more anyway. Then I asked mom if she was going to get paid since Missy provided a service. Mom just laughed and said that by stuff they gave us was probably more then she would have asked anyway. I just smiled as we walked to our room and opened the door. On the bed was an assortment of cards and phone numbers from people who had really enjoyed listening to us have sex and would like meet us sometime. We laughed and had a shower to get all the cum and juice that made our bodies all sticky.

We spent the rest of the weekend meeting new people and enjoying our time at the spa, getting manicures and pedicures while talking about all the cute guys and girls around us. We even spent some time masturbating with our new sex toys we got from Richard and Monica.

I can’t wait to go back, it was a lot of fun and I think for Missy there is still more to cum.

To be continued.

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