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Telling Mom I'm A Crossdresser Part 8: Bus Driver's and Cops

Part 8 enjoy and please comment at the bottom ;)
My mom and I spent the next few days practicing and exercising with the stripper pole until we felt confident and extremely sexy while doing it, which I have to admit did not take long.

One night I came home late from my part time job I had at a local restaurant and took the bus home. I didn't have a car because I hadn’t decided on what car I wanted to get yet and what I could afford. I was sitting at the back of the bus and saw how there wasn’t any other person on the bus besides me and the bus driver since I had gotten on.

Earlier that day I decided I would try something kinky and wear a pair of panties and bra under my work clothes. Once I looked around the bus and realized it was the perfect opportunity I thought I would stand up and pull down my pants a little to show off the panties I was wearing underneath my pants and adjust my bra I had under my shirt. I stood up and hung onto the railing like I had gotten sick of sitting down and faced the bus driver so that my panties were only showing in the back and he couldn’t see.

I shifted around and quietly moaned to myself to see if he was paying a lot of attention to me, he was, and I thought I would see his reaction to my panties. I waited until just before my stop then I pretended to drop my bag behind me and say oops to draw his attention then I turned around and bent over with my knees stiff so I was bending over at the waist. I know he got a good look at my panties because when I turned around he had a surprised look on his face and just watched me as I got off the bus.

I laughed to myself and pulled up my pants again until I finally got home. I walked in the door and started taking off my clothes. Mom must have already gone to bed because I didn’t hear her and I did not see her around when I walked in. When I got to my room I took a quick shower to get cleaned up. When I got out I noticed it was still early and did not have to work the next day so I thought Missy could have some fun as well. I heard there was a costume party in the city and decided that I would use that to my advantage and wear something new.
I put on a navy girl front tie blouse and short satin skirt that showed off my ass entirely when I bent over like a little whore. I also put on some white knee high stockings and white shoes so that it all matched and looked really sexy. I didn’t wear a bra but I wore some panties that had some naughty writing it in it bold, easy to see letters that read fuck my ass across the butt. I made sure to put on lots of make up and my brunette wig so no one could tell who I was. I grabbed my purse of lube, money, condoms and a ring gang and some duct tape in case I found someone kinky. I walked out the door and headed down the street to the bus stop.

I walked around a little as I took the detour to get to the bus stop. It felt so exciting as I walked and finally got to where I was going. When I arrived I had to stand there for a while but I didn’t mind because I had fun waving to all the cars passing by as they honked at me and some even stopped to talk to me.

Eventually the bus arrived and I got on, when I got on I noticed it was the same bus driver I was teasing before. I just smiled and gave him my bus fair as I went to stand at the back of the bus like I did before. He drove around for a while but did not have much luck in finding anyone else. I was a little disappointed that no one else was going to get on but having the same bus driver did give me a thrill none the less. He came up to an empty parking lot and stopped the car as he got out of the seat and walked towards me.

“I see you decided to come back. It's nice to see you wearing something a lot more then panties.” He said with a wink and looking me up and down.

He stopped half way and I thought I would meet him half way. I did a sexy fuck me walk as I rubbed up my body with my purse over my shoulder.

“Yea sexy, I just couldn’t stay away from a man in uniform.” I said with a little wiggle in my hips and a purr in my voice.

It wasn’t until now that I had gotten a good look at him. He was fairly tall with good tanned skin. He was fairly skinny but he had nice short hair and a sexy mustache that I thought made him look kind of cute. When I got to him he put his hands on my hips and asked if he could fuck me right then and there.

“Well to be honest sexy I don’t work for free, if you pay me $800 right now you can do anything you want with me.” I said as I turned around and grinding his growing cock with my ass. I leaned forward and bumped against his cock as I moaned and gave a fake orgasm to drive him crazy.

He took out his cheque book and wrote a cheque for $1000 dollars.

“Here is a little extra but I get to cum all over those slutty clothes you’re wearing.” He said while panting hard and obviously aching to fuck me.

I dropped to my knees and took out his throbbing cock, it was a nice 7 inch cock and fairly big. I knew he would give me a good fuck tonight and couldn’t wait to get started. I took him down my throat and sucked on him hard and fast right off the start. Then every so often I would pull his cock out of my mouth with a pop and suck all the way down his shaft and onto his balls before sucking his cock again but this time with shallow cheeks. Every time I pulled my head back my bright red lips would stretch out the length of his cock. I moaned on his cock and swirled my tongue along the full length of his cock as I looked at him up into his eyes.

After about 5 minutes I pulled off his cock and threw him a condom and told him to put it on as I took off my panties. He rolled the condom right on as I pulled down my panties. Once they were off he grabbed them from me and spun me around and forced me to bend over the back of one of the seats of the bus. He squirted lube all over my ass giving it a quick shot and shoved his cock in my ass in one thrust. I gave a loud moan but it was short because he shoved my panties into my mouth and told me to be quiet and that I was a whore. I loved it and shoved my ass to meet his thrusts hard for what felt like the roughest fuck I have had yet and what could be the greatest as well.

He grabbed my wig and pulled me back as he reached into my shirt and pinched my nipples making them hard and poke out through my open shirt. He pulled my panties from my mouth and smacked my ass hard.

“Whose the little slut? Say it you dirty little cum dump!” He demanded as he rammed his throbbing cock harder in my ass.

“I’m the whore, I’m the dirty little cum dump getting filled with bus driver cock!” I screamed and started to moan louder.

“Yeah you slut take it, take my big cock like the cock hungry whore you are.”

“Fuck yeah baby, fuck my tight little whore cunt hard. Make me scream and turn me into your fuck toy.”

Then he pulled his cock out of my ass and flipped me over as he held onto my body while I balanced on the seat. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he slammed his cock back into me. He fucked me like that for 10 minutes before he picked me up and fucked me in mid-air whiled I bounced up and slammed back onto his cock like. God I felt like a real woman being fucked like that with no control over the cock going deep inside me. Suddenly I felt his cock throb and start gushing with cum as he filled up the condom with his cum. He dropped me onto the seat and stood there in front of me with his cock semi aroused. He took off the condom and kept all the cum inside it as he put it to the side for later. He rolled on another condom and took a Viagra.

“Bitch I’m gonna enjoy fucking you for another four hours tonight.” He smiled as he cock jumped back to life.

He fucked me for another 2 hours cumming over and over again as the constant ramming made my mascara run and smear my lipstick immensely and taking me in every position he could think of. Eventually he got bored and looked over at his driver seat as I laid on one of the seats for a second to catch my breath.

“Since my shift is over, why don’t we try something kinky.” He grinned as he went to his seat and took and apple out of his lunch box.

I grabbed the duct tape from out of my purse and handed it to him. He spread my legs wide and taped me to the hand railing of the bus and faced me looking out the windows. Then he stuffed the apple into my mouth and grabbed some of my lipstick and started to write profanity all over me. He wrote fuck pig write across my forehead, Whore on my right cheek and used hole with an arrow pointing to my ass. He wrote a few more dirty words all over my body until he was satisfied as I moaned helplessly.

 He grabbed my hips and rammed his cock deep into my ass again and again, plunging deep into me with every thrust as I felt a little pop each time his cock head penetrated my hole. The late night people walking around saw our dirty show, some took pictures others looked at us and waved with smiles on their faces before moving on. Finally he needed to cum again as he cut the tape from my hands and forced me on my knees. He pulled the apple from my mouth and slapped his cock on my cheeks and tongue. He stroked his cock until he came and collected all the condoms he used that night. He didn’t have much left at this point but then he started to pour the condoms all over my face and my chest making me sticky and reek with the hot and strong smell of his man juice. It was so sticky and I could feel it drip down my face and onto my body.

Once he was finished, he got out his cheque book again and wrote out another cheque for $1000 dollars for the kinky fun and extra time. Just as he was handing me the money and I was wiping some of the cum from my face a police officer walked onto the bus and told the bus driver that he was under arrest and I was to come with him.

I was in shock, horror and disbelief as I was now mortified that I was going to go to jail for prostitution. I couldn’t even muster the words to explain what he saw as he put me in the front seat with him and the bus driver in the back. The space between us was blocked off and I couldn’t even hear or see what the bus driver was doing in the back.

I begged and pleaded with the officer to not send me to jail and he said he would let me go free with no charges if he could get the same treatment but free and started to rub my thighs and ass from under my skirt.

“Officer, you do know I’m a boy in these clothes right?” I had to make sure he knew in case it just got worse later on when he found out.

He smiled and said he already knew all about Missy’s little adventures and was a big fan. I blushed and didn’t know what to say until he pulled up to my house. We exchanged phone numbers and he let me keep the money I earned that night but before I left he made a deal with me.

“Here is the deal, if I let you go now Missy will treat me to a night for free to show her… gratitude.” He said with a playful grin.

I started to wiggle my ass around and agreed to his terms and said all he had to do was call with the details and I will give him a night he won’t forget. I got out of the car and gave him a little wink and blew him a kiss as I walked away wiggling my ass until I was inside. I walked up the stairs to my room. I looked and found something on my bed with a note on my pillow.

When I looked closer at it I noticed it was a sybian that had a special attachment that you could put any sex toy on it and it would work with all of the controls and settings of the sybian. So for example if I stuck a butt plug to it, it would work the same as using a 12 inch dildo. It also had a little tube in the back which I later found out to be part of the cum function of it. It was a newer model that was real state of the art and must have costed quite a bit. I wasn't surprised mom went all out in buying it as using it could get us more money and we could add to the Missy website with it to. I looked at the instructions and saw it was compatible with everything from butt plugs to vibrators and even giant anal toys or pocket pussies. I looked over to my pillow and found a note, I picked it up and read it.

“I see Missy went out and had some fun tonight. I hope Missy got some good cock. I got you a gift but you have to share this with Mistress Mommy.”

I smiled and thought to myself how I satisfied another customer, but it wasn’t over yet.

To be continued.

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