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A panty sniffer is tamed
Sandra and I had been going out together for about six months. She was the perfect looking girl for me, with her beautiful freckled face, slim turned-up nose, pouty red lips, light green eyes, long blonde hair that she usually kept in a ponytail or braids, a great body topped with perky B-cup tits, and a cute firm ass that just screamed to be pumped. She was only 23, but Sandra already knew what she wanted out of life, and wasn’t afraid to go for it. She had met her latest acquaintance at the gym; Patricia, or “Tricia” for short, the 28 year-old daughter of a rich businessman and sole heiress to the fortune that he would eventually leave behind. Sandra was attracted to the high-life, and all the enjoyment it could bring her.

“Can you pick me up at 4pm”, Sandra asked, twisting her hips and adjusting her tennis skirt in front of the mirror, “I can’t wait to see Tricia’s place. She lives in a mansion on Auburn Street.”

I looked longingly at her, just itching to get my hands under her white pleated skirt, to rub that cute little panty-clad butt in my hands, to feel the smoothness of her shaved pussy while I dipped my hand down the front of her panties and slipped a finger into her soaking pussy. I imagined throwing her onto the bed, lifting her legs up high to expose her bottom and giving her a good spanking for being such a naughty little tease. This would be followed by turning her over and drilling her from behind until she squealed with delight. But, sadly no such thing had ever happened, and I was beginning to wonder if it ever would. Until now, our sex-life had been mainly in the missionary position and with the lights off. Sandra was beautiful, but she didn’t seem all that interested in sex.

“Yes, of course!” I responded, snapping out of my daydream. “Auburn Street”, I continued, “That’s pretty classy!”

I stepped toward her, smiled, and moved my hand toward her butt, hoping for a quick grope and maybe a bit more before Tricia arrived. Sandra cut me short, brushing me away curtly, exclaiming that she was trying to get ready for her friend and that she was certainly not interested in being fondled by a perverted male. Once again, my advances had been met with icy opposition, and I was seriously beginning to wonder if it was worth the trouble to be with such a cold-hearted girl, even if she was a stunner.

A few minutes later, the doorbell rang. Sandra gave me a quick peck on the lips, grabbed her tennis racket, a towel and her handbag before she disappeared out of the front door. I looked out of the living room window to see if I could see Tricia, but she had already stepped back into her car, and all I could see was Sandra getting into the Mercedes before they drove away.

With the earlier thoughts of Sandra looking so yummy in her tennis skirt, and no other outlet for my sexual frustration, I resorted to going to the laundry basket once again. I rifled through the pile of clothing until I found a pair of her pastel pink cotton panties with a suitably soiled and moist gusset. The panties having passed the sniff test, I placed them over my head with the soaked cotton lining directly over my nose, inhaled deeply, and started tugging at my shaft. It only took a minute until I was sufficiently enamored with the scent of her juices and the thought of licking her sweet shaved peach before I shot my load into the bathroom sink.


I sat watching rubbish television for a couple of hours, until it was time to go pick up Sandra. She had given me Tricia‘s address, which I plugged into my GPS, and went on my way. I knew the area was supposed to be upscale, but hadn’t realized quite how posh it was until I hit the tree-lined cobble roads and saw the mansions, each one larger than the next. When I arrived at Tricia’s place, it was easily the swankiest of all the places I had seen so far, with its gated entrance and extremely long graveled driveway. The towering grey brick house looked like it must have at least ten bedrooms, and the garden was absolutely huge.

I stepped out of the car and rang the bell at the gate. The sliding doors opened almost immediately, nobody having even answered my call. I guessed whoever was there knew that I was due at 4pm, so I got back into the car and drove up to the front door. An elderly lady - a maid I suspected - came to the door as I stepped out of the car and ushered me through to the back of the house and across the lawn where the tennis courts stood.

As I approached, Sandra waived to me. I could see her friend Tricia on the far side of the court, dressed in exactly the same outfit as Sandra. I suspected that they must have bought the skirts and tops at the same place, or perhaps even bought them together at the same time. When I got closer, I noticed that they had quite similar faces, and their body shapes were almost identical. What was strikingly different about them, however, was that Tricia had long black hair and dark brown eyes, in stark contrast to Sandra’s blonde hair and light green eyes.

Sandra approached me, gave me her usual perfunctory kiss and led me across the court to meet her new friend.

“This is Tricia”, said Sandra, gesturing toward her friend, “and this is Michael”, she continued, gesturing toward me.

Now that I was only a couple of feet away from Tricia, I could see just how much she resembled Sandra. I was rather taken aback, and after saying hello, I pointed out this fact to them.

“We know!” they chorused, and started laughing at having answered simultaneously to my observation.

“You’re even wearing the same clothes!” I exclaimed.

“But, I’m wearing frilly white satin panties, and you’re girlfriend is wearing plain white cotton ones” said Tricia, raising the back of her skirt to show me her cute butt covered with the most adorable white ruffled panties, threaded with with pink ribbon borders and matching pink side bows.

I was expecting Sandra to get upset at Tricia’s display, but instead she laughed even louder, raising the front of her pleated tennis skirt to reveal her perfectly bound pussy in tight white cotton panties with a light blue trim. She looked down between her legs, as though contemplating the merit of her choice in underwear.

“There’s nothing wrong with classic panties!” Sandra giggled while running back to her position on court.

Tricia followed suit, returned to her playing position and waving me off the court as if I was interrupting their game.

I walked reluctantly over to the side bench, excited by what I had just seen but also feeling somewhat perplexed. I wasn’t sure if they were deliberately teasing me, or if they were just having some girly fun together. In the end, I figured that it was probably a bit of both.

For the next twenty minutes, I sat there on the bench watching them play, occasionally getting a peek of their underwear as they bent over to pick up a ball, or slid to the ground while trying to reach for their opponent’s shot. At first it was quite exciting, but after a while I started to get bored, or rather I wanted some more action. My dick was swollen from seeing the two girls in their sexy gear and I was in need of relief. I had expected Sandra to be ready to come home at 4pm, and had hoped that I might still be able to have some play time with her under that cute little skirt. As it stood, I was waiting for the ladies to finish, and couldn’t see when it might end. They were enjoying themselves too much.

Tricia eventually came to the rescue, calling out to me that she and Sandra would be finished in a few minutes, suggesting that I go over to the clubhouse to get myself a drink. Sandra shouted something to her about having to take care of a few more balls, to which comment they both went into hysterics. I got up and walked toward the building to which Tricia had pointed. It looked more like a small house than a clubhouse, but that was “par for the course with rich people”, I thought to myself.


Once inside the building, I located the bar, and poured myself a single malt whiskey. I looked around at the wooden tiled interior, noticing the trophies that Tricia’s dad had won hanging from the walls. There were several awards from his workplace as well as from golf clubs to which he had either belonged or perhaps still belonged, and some signed photographs from people whom I presumed to be local celebrities because I didn’t recognize any of them. As I continued to look around, I spotted a pile of female clothing on the bench on the far side of the room, next to what looked like a shower area. My heart started beating faster.

I looked out through the window of the clubhouse, and could see the girls were still playing. Carefully, I lifted up the yellow cotton with black polka dot summer dress to reveal a matching set of yellow and black dotted bra and panties. I knew that the ensemble must belong to Tricia, because Sandra had purchased exactly the same outfit only a couple of weeks earlier, and yet Sandra had been wearing her tennis outfit when she left home. The thought of them being so much alike, or at least sharing so much in common was titillating to say the least. I couldn’t wait to sniff Tricia’s panties and see if they had the same effect on me as Sandra’s.

I glanced out of the window again, and after assuring myself that the girls were still engaged in play, I picked up Tricia’s panties and gently unfolded them. The cotton gusset was as wet and sticky with her juices as I had hoped for. I licked the lining, tasted it and swallowed. An intimate part of Tricia was now inside me, and my cock was buzzing like crazy at this thought. For a few moments, I inhaled her sweet musky scent, holding the moist gusset firmly under my nostrils with my left hand, while reaching into my pants with my right hand to grab my throbbing rod. I breathed deeply in and out, each inhalation of Tricia’s pussy juices arousing me more and more.

I opened my fly and pulled out my shaft, placing the panties over the head of my penis so that I could slide in and out of the soft cotton lining, feeling the material rub against me in simulation of entering Tricia’s tight pussy. I imagined taking Tricia in every which way possible. I wanted to fuck her on the tennis court, on the bench, on a table, in the shower, and everywhere else I could think of. It was a fucking fantastic home, and she was a fucking fantastic girl, or at least I thought so from what I had seen so far.


“What the fuck are you doing?” Tricia yelled as she entered the room. Right behind her I could see Sandra peering over her shoulder, her mouth wide open in shock at seeing her boyfriend with a pair of panties wrapped around his fully erect member in a stranger’s home.

I was completely busted, and had no idea how to react, if there even is a right way to react under such circumstances. I started to blush profusely, tossing Tricia’s panties back onto the bench and feverishly tucking my dick back into my pants as best as I could before squeaking a pathetic “Sorry” for an apology. I wanted to get out of there as quickly as possible, but they were both standing in front of the door with angry looks on their faces.

“The least you can do is to fold them properly!” Tricia commanded, “You pathetic little panty wanker!”

I looked at Tricia, my head lowered in shame. She stared back at me as if to say that she wasn’t going to back down on her order. She was frowning, her lips pursed. I looked over at Sandra, and she too was scowling at me, though Sandra’s look was more one of having been deeply deceived.

“I can’t believe you would do such a thing!” said Sandra. She looked as though she might burst out crying at any moment.

“Well, you’d better believe it” said Tricia sympathetically to Sandra. “Men are real pigs, and the panty sniffers are the worst of the lot. We need to teach him a lesson in humiliation.”

I stood there with my mouth open. Not only had I been busted, but it seemed Tricia also intended to make me pay for my bad deeds. She looked at me straight in the eyes and pointed her finger at the panties into which I had just been masturbating.

“Pick them up and fold them properly!” Tricia ordered.

I didn’t need to be told what to do a second time. I hoped that I could fold up her panties, leave her place, and never see her again. I was that embarrassed.

Gingerly, I bent down and picked up the panties, folded them in half and was about to place them back on the bench when Tricia spoke again.

“You see, Sandra, these pig-men don’t even know how to fold a pair of panties. All they know is how to sniff them and jerk off in them. If you want a real man, you’ll have to make him do your laundry and teach him how to fold your clothes properly. You should make him do the ironing too. Some house cleaning wouldn’t be a bad idea either. That way he’ll learn who wears the pants and who wears the panties in your house.”

I looked back and forth at Tricia and Sandra, dumfounded. Tricia was still giving me an icy stare, whereas Sandra seemed to be pondering Tricia’s words.

“He doesn’t help with anything”, said Sandra despairingly, “I don’t see how I could make him do anything he doesn’t want to do.”

“You need to use the reward system” Tricia responded calmly. “For three loads of washing, ironing and folding, he gets to retain one pair of soiled panties to sniff and jerk off in. For a complete house cleaning he gets to smell your soiled panties while you’re wearing them. To make sure he doesn’t transgress in any way, he will have to wear female clothes around the house while doing the chores. Ultimately, if he doesn’t perform as he’s been told you can always kick his ass out onto the street and tell everyone what happened today. You could even post it on the internet!”

Sandra looked at me to see if I was taking in what Tricia was saying, and was obviously gauging my reaction. The thought of being publicly exposed as a panty sniffer and especially the thought of everyone knowing that I had been caught wanking into Tricia’s panties was less than appealing. I certainly didn’t like the idea of housework, and especially being forced to wear female clothing. “The sooner it’s over, the better” I thought to myself.

Sandra paused for a moment, and then said “Well, he has already transgressed today. Maybe we need to start teaching him his lessons immediately.”

“Indeed” said Tricia, “Seeing as you don’t know how to fold panties, let’s start with the basics. You do know how to wear panties, don’t you? It’s the same principle as underpants, except that they are softer and more delicate. You need to be careful not to damage them. Take those ones you were sniffing and put them on.”

I started to complain, but before the words even got out of my mouth, Tricia yelled at me: "I said put them on, you dirty little panty sniffer!" The look on her face was terrifying.

I looked at Sandra, and she nodded at me solemnly in agreement with Tricia’s request. After a moment’s hesitation, I turned my back to them, unzipped my pants and pulled them off, removed my underpants, then took Tricia’s panties and pulled them up to my waist. It was a highly humiliating experience, especially as I could hear the two girls snorting with laughter behind my back.

“See who wears the panties?” Tricia sneered from behind me. “Now, put on that bra. It’s not as simple as you might think, but if you’re going to earn your keep, you need to learn how to follow orders and do things properly.”

I took off my shirt and fumbled with the bra, trying to work out which way was left and which way was right, which was the right side up and which was upside down. Again the girls were suppressing their laughter as I tried to work it out. Finally Sandra stepped forward, silently took the bra out of my hands, slipped it over my arms and adjusted the straps to fit my frame. I was quite surprised at how good it felt to be retained in that way, feeling a spark of excitement as my shaft slid across the delicate material inside Tricia’s panties.

“You’re such a bumbling sissy panty sniffer” Tricia declared. “Now put on the dress!”

I picked up the dress and slid it over my head. The soft material glided over my torso down to my waist and over the top of my legs, the bottom part of the dress flowing outwards at the lower edges. I could feel parts of the material brushing softly against my thighs. I looked down at myself and felt strangely even more aroused. I had never felt like that before. I was turned on by seeing myself in that pretty polka dot sundress, in much the same way as I had often admired women wearing such clothing. My penis stiffened even harder, fighting its way upwards until the head popped up out of the front of Tricia’s little panties, the elastic around the top hugging me firmly in place. Luckily the dress had ample material from the waist down, so as to disguise what was happening underneath.

Tricia stepped forward while my back was still turned, yanking the zip up the back of the dress. I hadn’t realized it needed to be closed from the back, and now it was pulling tightly around my torso, constraining me even further.

“There, you silly little sissy girl!” said Tricia, “Turn around so we can show Sandra what happens to panty sniffers when they get caught. I can see you’ll be wearing frocks for quite some time.”

I turned to face them, hoping that my swollen member couldn’t be seen. Sandra let out a big laugh when she saw me, which set the two of them off laughing loudly as I stood there with my head bowed in shame.

“We can’t have our Little Miss Panty Slave wearing loose hair like that” said Tricia, “She needs something more appropriate for a girl in training.”

Tricia walked over to a drawer at the bar, and pulled out a yellow headband with a black silk flower on the side. I could see her grabbing another bulkier item which she stuffed down the front of her skirt, but I couldn’t make out what it was. She came back toward me, brushed her hands through my hair so as to sweep it backwards over my ears, and placed the headband over my head.

“Doesn’t she look sweet?” Sandra giggled.

“Yes, she does” Tricia responded “But don’t forget that behind that female innocence lurks a nasty pervert who has probably been raiding your dirty laundry hamper behind your back and wanking into your panties at every possible occasion. This habit needs to be controlled in the strictest of manners, which means that only you can decide when and where panty sniffing occurs and under which circumstances.”

I looked at Sandra, begging for some understanding, in the hope that she would see through the farce. Even though I was surprisingly aroused at the situation, wearing those female clothes, and especially being bossed around by Tricia, I didn’t want this to become a way of life. Surely Sandra would understand that this was a one-off role-play. Sandra just stared back at me, the laughter disappearing, replaced by a stern and stoic face.

“Tricia is my friend, and she knows what’s right. If you want to earn your keep, you have to obey the rules. You can leave if you want, but then you need to face the consequences. In case you decide to leave right now, I will let everyone know that you were caught masturbating into Tricia’s panties, including all your friends and even your parents. I’m sure Tricia’s dad wouldn’t be too happy to hear about your despicable behavior. Apparently he has a violent temper. Besides, if you’re good you may still get to sniff my panties for a job well done.”

I considered my options, deciding that it would be better to play for time. I lowered my head and said that I would be good in future. I had no intention of being good for any length of time once I was out of there. I would have to think of a way to avoid getting trapped forever, but for now I was a pathetic blackmailed prisoner. Maybe I could speak with Sandra once we got home and convince her that this was no way to live. Sandra could in turn explain to Tricia that it was all a big mistake and that I had been punished enough already by having been caught and being made to wear girly underwear and a dress.

‘You must say the oath” said Tricia, “Repeat after me: I promise to always be a good girl and obey Mistress Sandra. I will perform all my chores in an efficient and timely manner without hesitation and without arguing. If I transgress the rules I will not receive any rewards until such time as Mistress Sandra deems I have been good enough to review the situation.”

Tricia said each line in turn, and I repeated her words while looking at Sandra for a sign of sympathy. Instead, Sandra stood there looking back at me scornfully, as if she expected me to be serious while taking the oath.

After I had finished saying the last line of the oath, Tricia walked up to me, saying that she would help me unzip the dress. As I turned my back to her, she grabbed my left arm, slipped a handcuff around my wrist, and chained the other end to the radiator pipe on the wall in front of me. She was so quick that I didn’t even have time to struggle. I yanked my arm backwards to try to escape from the cuffs, but instead I hurt my wrist and fell sideways onto the bench.

“We’re not quite done yet, you little panty pervert!” said Tricia “Now you can sit there and watch us instead of joining us. Sandra had suggested a threesome, but seeing as you’ve been a very bad girl you don’t get to play.”

While I pulled myself back up in a sitting position, Tricia stepped toward Sandra, put her arms around her and started to kiss her full on the lips. Sandra pressed her body tightly against Tricia, their breasts brushing gently together through their shirts as they tongued each other, whereas I sat there helplessly tied to the radiator. I couldn’t believe that I was seeing my girlfriend making out with another girl, and especially the ease with which Sandra was engaging in this erotic behavior.

“Did you really intend to have a threesome?” I asked, hoping they would untie me and let me join in.

“It doesn’t matter now!” exclaimed Sandra “You’ve been a stupid little girl and I want to play with my friend, so shut up and let me have what I’ve been missing for a long time.”

I didn’t know what Sandra had been missing for a long time, but it had started to dawn on me. I figured that Sandra was probably a lesbian or at least bisexual, and was missing the sensuality of making love to another woman. She had never seemed to enjoy my advances, and when making love she hardly ever moved. I decided to sit back and watch the events unfold.

Sandra reached down behind Tricia’s skirt and started fondling her firm buttocks. I watched Tricia’s white ruffled panties as Sandra rubbed her hands gently up and down over the material, massaging Tricia’s tanned cheeks while they both continued to kiss deeply. The sight of the two girls embracing and stroking each other like that was explosive. By now my cock was pounding with excitement.

In turn, Tricia reached down under the front of Sandra’s skirt and started rubbing Sandra’s pussy through the soft cotton material. Tricia then knelt down in front of Sandra and put her nose in Sandra’s cotton covered snatch, the front of Sandra’s skirt draped over her head. I couldn’t see what was happening under the skirt, but from the look on Sandra’s face she was enjoying it immensely. She had her eyes closed tightly, moaning softly while Tricia reached up and grabbed her buttocks firmly with both hands. Tricia pushed her face even deeper between Sandra’s upper thighs, making Sandra wobble on her legs.

Tricia pulled her head out from under Sandra’s skirt, turned toward me and said “See, you little sissy in training. If you want to know how to please a girl then you either have to be one already, or learn to be more like one.” She then reached up under Sandra’s skirt, pulled her panties down to her ankles, and ducked her head back under Sandra’s skirt to continue licking at her juicy shaven pussy.

I grabbed my shaft through the dress material, and started stroking myself while I watched the girls engaging in their lesbian encounter. Neither of them was looking at me, so the least I could do was to enjoy the spectacle. While Tricia lapped away at Sandra’s pussy I looked alternatively at Sandra’s panties dangling between her ankles – the clearly wet lining in full sight – and Tricia’s cute little butt poking out from under her skirt, her ruffled panties riding up between her cheeks.

Sandra started wobbling even more, moaning loudly. She almost lost her balance before Tricia stood up and started removing her tennis shirt. Sandra quickly followed, lifting her shirt over her head. They stripped off all their clothes in frenzy before collapsing onto the bench opposite mine, wrapping their legs around each other and kissing each other like wild lovers. As they writhed about, I saw that Tricia was neatly shaved, expect that she had a perfect little jet black landing strip whereas Sandra was completely bald. When Tricia turned around, her buttocks protruding, I could see that she had just as cute a pussy as Sandra, with a perfectly round peach shape and tiny lips. I wanted to taste her so badly.

I tried again to gain some attention, asking if I could join in, promising that I would be good.

“Stop whining you spoilt little sissy brat” said Tricia, “This is big girl time, and until you learn to behave like a big girl, you’re not getting any.”

I leaned back in resignation while they continued their antics, stroking each other’s pussies and letting out little moans of pleasure. I grabbed my shaft again and stroked away while they bucked as they each came in turn, squealing with joy. Tricia then reached under the bench into a box that was lying there and took out a strap-on dildo which she then quickly wrapped around her waist and tightened the buckle. She looked over at me to see if I was watching.

“Let me show you how it’s done, Princess” she said, smirking at me.

“You bitch!” I yelled back at her, disgusted at her thinking she could teach me how to fuck a woman.

“Now, now” Tricia responded, “Don’t forget your oath. Be a good girl and watch. After all, it’s not like you’re not enjoying the show.”

Tricia had a point about me enjoying the show, and after all she only had a plastic cock, whereas mine was the real thing. I mumbled an apology to her, to which she responded dryly “Apology accepted, this time.”

Sandra got down on all fours, arching her back and raising her butt in the air, her pointy tits with their hard nipples dangling down as if she was getting ready for some porno pictures. She looked sideways at me and smiled happily, whispering “It’s OK, Michael.” while Tricia knelt behind her and pushed the dildo gently into her swollen dripping pussy.

Tricia moved slowly in and out of Sandra's rear quarters a few times before reaching down and grabbing both of their panties. She tossed them over to me and said “Here you go, panty sniffer. Have fun.” The way she said it was kind and gentle, not at all the same tone she had been using previously. She seemed to actually want me to enjoy the moment.

I watched Tricia fucking my woman while lifting each panty to my nose in turn and reveling in the odor of their sex. Sandra was moaning deeply while Tricia held on tightly to her butt cheeks. Tricia occasionally gave Sandra a short sharp slap on the butt as she rocked slowly back and forth on her knees, building momentum.

The sight of those two gorgeous girls and the smell of their delicious panties was about to make me blow. I held the smelly wet gusset of Sandra’s panties over my nose with my left hand, hitched up my dress, and started teasing the head of my cock with the frills of Tricia’s panties with my right hand. When Sandra looked like she was about to cum, I slipped the head of my cock deep into the lining of Tricia’s panties and spurted violently into them while Sandra bucked and moaned in orgasmic bliss.


The girls got up and went to over to the shower area, letting me know they would be back in a few minutes. I looked down at the mess I had made all over Tricia’s panties, and saw that the lap of her dress was also covered in cum. I sat there and waited for the girls to come back, folding the panties and readjusting the dress as best as I could to cover the stains. I should have known better.

When the girls returned, they were both wearing jeans short shorts and tank tops, Sandra in pink and Tricia in pastel blue. Again I remarked on how similar they looked.

“We’re soul sisters” Tricia chuckled, “Now let’s see what a mess you’ve made you silly girl.”

She reached down, picked up her panties and unfolded them.

“Oh dear, such a naughty panty wanker”, she declared, “These will definitely need a good wash”.

Next she reached down at the dress I was wearing, and tugged at the material in my lap to expose the wet patch I had caused.

“My my, you’ve been such a bad girl. I can see you’re going to need some serious training. Your first task will be to take all these things home, wash them thoroughly, iron them properly and fold them neatly. When you’re done you can drop them back here for inspection.”

I blushed at the thought of Tricia continuing to push me around like that, but also at the thought of how bad I had been. I had been regularly sneaking Sandra’s panties behind her back, I had been caught wanking into Tricia’s panties, and now I had made a mess all over her dress.

“I promise I’ll be a good girl” I said, looking at Tricia, then at Sandra.

“It’s much more rewarding to be a good girl.” Tricia responded with a wink.

Sandra smiled at me, leaned over and gave me a kiss on the forehead. “Good girl!”

Tricia removed the handcuffs and then the girls left me to go get showered and dress back into my normal clothes. They headed off toward the main house, telling me they would be in the living room whenever I was ready.


While I washed, I thought about the events of that afternoon. How strange and somewhat scary it had all been, and yet exciting in many ways. There was the threat of being exposed, but there was also the relief of being allowed to continue my panty sniffing ways, even if it meant that I needed to give something in return. I realized that I had never really helped around the house before, and that I should work on that. I also learned that I found it exciting to wear women’s clothes in an auto-erotic way. But, especially I had learned that I liked the idea of a strong woman who could help me to become a better person.

When I went over to the house, the maid let me in through the back door and ushered me into the living room. Sandra stood up and suggested that we leave, so we quickly said bye to Tricia and drove back to our place.


On the ride home, Sandra asked me if I was ok. I told her what I had been thinking about in the shower, and she told me that she was happy that I had learned something from the experience. She let me know that she was quite serious about the oath and that she expected me to comply with the rules. I let her know that I would do everything possible to not let her down again, to which she smiled radiantly, reached over the seat, and gave me a big kiss on the cheek.


Sandra helped me with my first chore of cleaning, ironing and folding Tricia’s clothes, knowing that I would not be able to do it on my own, or at least not to Tricia’s exacting standards. She explained all the settings on the washing machine, which fabrics to iron and at what temperature plus whether they could be steamed or not, and how to fold clothes properly. We had fun joking about the disasters that could happen when using the wrong settings or leaving the iron on and all of this with me dressed up in one of her skirts and blouse. She had taken the trouble to find me a cute pair of silky pink boxers and matching bra, made up my face and put ribbons in my hair for the occasion. We laughed like children.

When we returned to Tricia’s we didn’t stay for long. Tricia was about to leave on an assignment in a foreign country, but she did thoroughly inspect the clothes and said that she was happy with the results. She asked Sandra if I was learning to be a better girl, to which Sandra said “I think she’s going to be perfect.” I smiled and nodded to show that I wasn’t opposed to the idea.


The next day, Sandra went out and bought a new set of women’s clothes and underwear just for me. She said it would be better if I had my own things seeing as my frame was slightly larger than hers, and even though I had just managed to fit into Tricia’s dress, it looked a bit too tight to be comfortable.

Sandra opened the shopping bags and laid the items on the bed one by one. There were four adorable skirt and blouse sets, five pretty dresses and a couple of cute nightgowns. From another bag, Sandra produced a whole bunch of girly girl panties, bras, camisoles and slips adorned with lace and ruffles. The last bag contained several pairs of stockings in different colors, and a couple of pairs of low-heeled women’s shoes, one black and one beige. She said she thought that would do for starters, and that we could always go and buy more at a later time. I was in heaven.

Over the coming weeks, Sandra encouraged me to shave my arms and legs, helped me pluck my brows, and taught me how to apply makeup. We had loads of fun messing around with the shades and colors, her watching me paint my nails for the first time and getting the color all over my fingers and toes, and me teetering around bandy-legged in the heels. She had become warmer and friendlier, often reaching out to me to be cuddled, and I had become a softer and gentler person. Of course, I kept my promise and made sure I did at least my fair share of the housework, if not more.

Our sex life had greatly improved too. Sandra regularly woke up in the morning, pulled me close to her in my nightdress and panties, and told me how lucky she was to have such a lovely and compassionate girl in her life before we made love. Sometimes for a surprise she would put a pair of her soiled panties in my briefcase to enjoy at work, or spontaneously take off her panties at the weekend and rub my cock with them, or ask to watch me sniffing her panties while I penetrated her.


Later I learned that Tricia was a sexologist, and that Sandra had consulted her to help with her own conflicting thoughts about her sexuality. Sandra was attracted to both men and women, but couldn’t decide which she liked most. Tricia had laughed, saying that it was a common dilemma for women, and suggested that if Sandra could find the right balance then she might win a Nobel Prize. After a few sessions, Sandra asked what would happen if she tried to change me into a woman. She explained to Tricia that she loved me, but wasn’t able to deal with my selfish ways, nor how I seemed to think she was available for sex at any time of day or night. She had added that I would make a good-looking woman, if only I could be more like one, to which they had both laughed and concluded that it was worth a shot.

Tricia came up with the plan, telling Sandra that it was a million-to-one chance, but at least it would be worth trying. Sandra could then decide if she wanted to stay with me and work on our relationship, or not. I wasn’t supposed to be caught wanking into Tricia’s panties, which just made it easier to put pressure on me. The original plan was to handcuff me and tell me that I had to wear a dress if I wanted to join them for a girly romp. If I had refused to wear the dress, then Sandra would have known that I couldn’t be tamed.

I was tamed.

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