The Adult Theatre

By kylie_kained

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A true story with the name and location changed for a good lush friend.
I got to the hotel early so that I could get myself fully prepared to meet a guy I had been chatting with via a chat room. I decided to wear my favorite pink check mini skirt with my sexiest pink undies to match. I added a white silk blouse and a white garter belt with some white stockings. I took time applying my make up, making sure I had dark sultry eyes and perfect red lips, I wanted to look perfect for my date. It had been a very hot day and the temperature was still sticky even with the air conditioning. I decided to tie my hair back in a pony tail to try to keep cool. He was late! Not slightly late but 4 hours late, we were supposed to share the cost of the Hotel room I was really annoyed. I sniffed some cocaine another thing that would have been shared.

Another hour had passed and my libido was high, I needed sex and I needed it now!

It was no good. Geri Lee needed sex really badly and needed it now. Tom69 was now history! Geri lee was my alter ego my little bit of fun; Geri Lee was me whenever I could.

I had traveled to Ohio from a small town about 150 miles away. Why had I agreed to visit the place? It seemed I was stuck with no guy to meet and a boring night ahead. The cocaine was just making me worse and just more wanting, I needed some type of sex right now!

It was then I remembered noticing an adult theater about a quarter of a mile down the road. I was in no fit state to drive so thought it best to walk, I slipped on my 4” pumps glancing at myself in the mirror making sure that nothing was out of place. I liked what stared back at me before leaving the hotel.

I headed down the road towards the theater on the westport plasa, at least if there was no man to meet I could at have a good time watching a few porn movies for an hour or so. As I walked I felt freedom with the air warm across the tops of my thighs; my heels were making the wonderful sound of that lady like clip clop on the sidewalk. I loved being a girl so much better than being a guy.

At the theater, I paid to watch the movies. I nipped into the ladies toilet before I was ushered through to the cinema. My nose now re-powdered I looked for somewhere to sit, the sounds of the current movie ringing in my ears with the grunts and groans of sex play.

The place was pretty empty so I decided to sit at the back with only one guy on the opposite side. A new film started as I watched intent the girl was giving a guy head. God I felt horny and wished it was me and not her.

The guy opposite got up as if to leave, but instead came and sat right next to me. In the corner of my eye I noticed the guy was stroking himself quiet openly through his pants, his leg was now rubbing against mine.

His hand brushed my thigh in a matter of fact way with me instinctively opening my legs so he could feel the flesh between stocking and thigh. There was no mistake this guy was hard as his cock was straining in his pants his fingers rubbing over the top.

My hand wandered across to his as I rubbed him while giving him a smile. He sank slightly in his seat as I teased him through his pants. I undid his fly easing his cock out still stroking.I would say that his cock wasn’t huge, although neither was it small. I slowly dropped to my knees in front of him.

The look on his face was amazing as I licked and teased him. He tasted good as I sank down over his cock with my lips. The taste of his pre cum was good as I went ever deeper bobbing my head in time to the groans coming from the movie.

Suddenly he groaned as he shot stream after stream of his cum in my mouth, I looked up at him with a smile while making sure he could see I didn’t miss a drop. He groaned so hard it was louder than the movie!

I got off my knees and sat back down before the guy whispered thanks and left. As I tried to compose myself while looking down at the screen, a hunk of a guy seemed to be staring right at me. I smiled as he approached.

“Come with me,” he whispered.

I followed him down the stairs to the side of the screen before he turned to face me his stiff cock in his hand.

“Suck it baby, go on I know you want it.”

Again I dropped down on my knees sucking and teasing; this guy was hot and my drug fueled head took over. My head bobbed rhythmically with each of his thrusts, letting his cock engorge my throat, and his groans getting louder with each thrust.

As he shot his seed into my mouth, another guy was standing next to him. I cleaned him up, replacing his cock with this new one.

I couldn’t resist, not even teasing, taking him deep right away. At the last moment he pulled out covering my face and blouse in cum.

He was soon gone as had the other guy not a word had been spoken by either.

I decided to leave just after with a cum dried face and blouse back to the hotel.

While walking back a car drew up with a guy asking where I was headed. I told him the hotel I was staying at before he said, “I’m going right past can I offer you a lift?”

He looked friendly, so I accepted with us chatting as he drove.

“I’m Mike.”

“Geri lee,” I replied in my best girly voice, hoping he wasn’t aware I was really a guy!

He seemed a nice guy as he told me he had split with his girl a few days back, then asking me where I had been.

Just before the hotel he turned into an empty parking lot,

“Look baby your making me horny. I best drop you off here before I get myself in trouble.”

“What?” I replied.

“Don’t take this wrong. You're real pretty; I just wish I could just fuck you!”

I gasped as his hand stroked my thigh as I thought quickly, telling him, "No its that wrong time of month."

His face dropped as I asked,“Are you really that horny?”

“Yes” he said quickly.

“If you slide my panties to one side, maybe you could take my ass? Just be careful.”

We climbed out of the car and I lent over the hood as he entered my backside. We fucked for ages with him getting carried away before I could feel his cum dripping from my butt. As he pulled out I again dropped to my knees, cleaning his cock savoring the cum.

We kissed before he got in his car and I walked the few yards to my hotel.

Once back in my room I soon drifted off to my night that I wouldn't forget.