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The Adventures of Kristof and Marci Part 2

Marci continues Krissy's slut training, putting her maid into some uncomfortable situations...




As I stood outside the study, my mind was racing, the day had been pretty exciting already and it was only mid afternoon; what else was to come I wondered with excitement.   After a few minutes, Marci came down and entered the study and I followed.   ‘I told you to wait outside; you come in when I tell you!’   She barked.   I turned to leave.   ‘You seem determined to get punished…’ Marci said as I left.   She left me standing outside for several minutes then called ‘Come in here, Miss Stocking.’   I entered the study, my heels clicking on the hard wooden floor; I started to look around the room.   ‘Stand here and face your front.’   Marci motioned to a point alongside the desk.   She was seated in a high backed leather swivel chair, legs crossed, revealing just a hint of stocking top; she flexed the riding crop in her hands.


‘You need to be taught some proper manners, Miss Stocking. Firstly, when you enter or leave a room where I am present, you will curtsey, second, when I pass you in the hall or anywhere, you will curtsey.   Third, when I give you an instruction to do something, you will curtsey.’   Marci emphasised each point by slapping the crop in the palm of her hand.   She went on: ‘Finally, each of these will be accompanied by a proper verbal acknowledgement where required. Do I make myself quite clear?’   I bobbed a curtsey, flaring the little plaid skirt with my fingertips as I did so.   ‘Yes, mistress, quite clear.’


‘Good. You have been warned, but you have already earned 3 demerits from your lack of good behaviour. Contemplate that as you stand there and await your punishment.’   Marci switched on the computer on the desk and made a point of fussing with some papers.   I stood where I had been instructed, my hands linked in front of me.   As I waited, I took in the room.   It was large; at this end was the desk, quite wide, enough for 2 people to work at.   A sofa and chairs were arranged in a loose group off to one side, around a large glass topped coffee table.   Directly opposite these was a large floor to ceiling mirror.   At the far end were some shelves with books, magazines, CDs and ornaments on.   There were pictures on the walls, quite graphic, erotic art, showing, people in various positions, one naked a girl on her knees, her arms chained behind her, she was the sucking the large cock of a man whose arms were bound above him as another woman in stockings and thigh boots lashed his backside with a whip.   Another showed a man in women’s lingerie, tied spread-eagle on a bed, a woman stood over him in corset, stockings and thigh-boots, she was tugging at her nipple with one hand, while spreading her labia with the other, as she peed on a the man.


Marci finished with the papers and put them in a tray.   ‘Now, Miss Stocking, have you had time to reflect on your misdemeanours?’   She asked.   ‘Yes, mistress, I will ensure that I behave properly in future.’   I replied and bobbed another curtsey.   ‘Good, then it is time to pay your demerits. Go over there and bend over, feet apart and place your hands on the coffee table.’   I did as instructed and Marci came over and said ‘Whatever you are instructed to do, if it involves you having to bend over for any reason, you won’t crouch or kneel, you are to bend from the waist, is that clear?’   ‘Yes, mistress.’   I replied.   Marci continued:   ‘Each demerit carries 2 strokes of the crop, so you now have 6 strokes to take.’   She brought the crop down firmly across my buttocks, making a satisfying thwack.   When she had finished, Marci ran her hand over the pink patch the crop had left, then slid her hand between my legs, gently caressing my balls, then further, along the length of my stiffening cock.   ‘It seems as if you enjoyed that.’ Marci said, giving my cock a squeeze. ‘Yes, Mistress. Thank you.’   I responded with a soft moan.


'Right, stand up! It’s time for your chores. I want you to empty these shelves and clean them, then put the books and CDs back in order.’   I stood and curtsied.   ‘Yes, mistress.’


Marci returned to her computer while I emptied the shelves, remembering to always bend from the waist.   Marci watched for a while, enjoying the sight of my stocking tops and arse being displayed like that, then got down to looking through her collection of porn on the computer.   After a while she stood and said ‘I need the loo, come with me.’ I stopped what I was doing and followed her to the toilet.   At Marci’s instruction, I unzipped the dress and pulled the gusset of her knickers to one side then stood and watched as she straddled the loo, her back to the cistern.   She put her hands between her thighs and, spreading her labia began to direct a flow of pee into the toilet bowl.   As the flow subsided, Marci said ‘Now, come here, get on your knees and lick my cunt clean.’   I did as instructed, running my tongue along the slit, into the folds of her labia, then around her clit.   ‘“Oh yes, that’s good don’t fuckin’ stop you little slut.’   I increased the pressure of my tongue, pushing it into Marci’s cunt then sucked her clit hard.   ‘Uhhh! Fuck, yeah!’ she exclaimed and pulled my head tight into her as she came on my face.   Her orgasm subsided and she said ‘Well done, Miss Stocking now stand up so that I can taste myself on you.’   I stood and Marci licked my cheeks then kissed me, pushing her tongue deep into my mouth.   Her hand sought out the nipple chain and she tugged sharply at it; I let out a moan as Marci’s hand went up my skirt, to encircle my cock.


After a few moments, Marci instructed me to step back and raise my skirt.   I did as I was told.   Marci ran her fingertip over the little wet patch that had formed where the tip of my cock pressed against the material.   ‘Mmm, very nice, you are clearly enjoying yourself.’ She said.   ‘Yes mistress, thank you.’   I responded.   ‘Good. Now it’s time to get back to your chores.’


I asked ‘May I go to the toilet, mistress?’   Marci thought a moment then said ‘No, you will have to wait until I tell you that you can go.’   I curtsied and said ‘Yes, mistress.’   Marci headed back to the study, but on the way told me to go to the kitchen and make something to drink.   ‘A jug of squash, with ice and two glasses, I think.’   After a few minutes I returned to the study with the tray of drinks.   Marci was sat in one of the chairs, thumbing through a magazine.   ‘Put it here and pour us some drinks.’   She directed.   I went to the coffee table and put the tray down, taking care to bend properly.   As I poured the squash, Marci ran her hand up the back of my thigh and over my balls, gently caressing them through the fine satin.   She moved the gusset slightly and allowed one ball to fall free.   The squash poured, Marci told me to drink it down, then return to my chores.   I did as instructed, placing the books and disks back on the shelves.   All the time the need to pee was becoming more urgent and I began to jiggle around in discomfort.


I finished tidying the shelves and Marci came to inspect the work.   ‘Hmmm, not a bad job.’ I had my thighs pressed tightly together now and asked again if I could be excused to use the toilet.


‘How many times do I have to tell you, you can go when I say so!’   At that moment, the phone began to ring.   ‘Stand there and face the desk.’   Marci instructed, pointing to the middle of the room.   She went and sat at the desk and picked up the phone.   ‘Hello?’ she said as she put the receiver to her ear.   Her face lit up when she heard the voice at the other end.   Oh, hello, I didn’t expect to hear from you today.’ She said and turned the chair to watch me.   I was now pressing my thighs together, pressing my hand into my crotch and transferring my weight from one foot to the other.


Marci listened to the voice at the other end of the line, laughing softly then said ‘Mmm, that sounds like fun, we’ll come back to that in moment.   In fact you have called at a perfect time, you’ll never guess what is going on here right now.’   She laughed then said   ‘No, but I might in a minute!’   in response to an obviously lewd suggestion from the caller.   ‘Let me tell you; I’ve got a sexy guy dressed in a tarty schoolgirl outfit...’ she described how I was dressed and went on to say that she was training her new slut, describing what had happened so far.   ‘But right now, “she” needs to pee quite badly and I have told “her” that “she” has to wait.   “She” looks pretty desperate right now, jiggling from one foot to the other.’   The other person must have made another suggestion then, as Marci let out a dirty laugh and said, ‘Mmm, now that is very fuckin’ horny. I think I might just have to stroke my cunt while I watch “her” predicament develop.’   With which she parted her thighs, and ran her finger over the front of her panties. Listening to the voice at the end of the line she began to moan softly, as she rubbed herself.   ‘Oh yeah, I’d love that.’


I could hold on no longer and said in a pleading voice ‘Please mistress, I really need to pee, if you won’t let me go, then I’m afraid I’ll pee my panties!’   Marci relayed this to the caller then said ‘Mmm, I think I will.’   She instructed me to lift the front of my skirt and tuck it into the waistband then put my hands behind my back.   I did as instructed, keeping my thighs pressed together as hard as I could.   Marci ran the tip of the riding crop over the bulge in the front of my knickers.   The pressure became too much to bear and suddenly I could hold out no longer;   I let out a little cry as the pressure of the pee in my bladder overcame my attempts to stop it escaping.   I could feel the front of my panties become wet, all the while Marci describing to her caller what was happening.   I tried to hold back, not letting too much pee escape, but I was so desperate, that it just flowed, despite my best efforts.   I could feel the front of my stockings becoming wet now, little rivulets of piss running down my thighs. The feeling began to turn me on and I felt my cock begin to stiffen.


Marci continued her commentary, then ordered me to part my legs.   I did as instructed and the act of relaxing my leg muscles caused me to lose control.   The flood gates opened and a torrent of piss poured out; the flimsy panties, already wet, were no match and the pee just poured out, running down my legs at first, then just falling, splashing noisily on the wooden floor.   My cock was now hard and was forcing against the flimsy material of my panties.   ‘Play with your cock through your knickers, you dirty little slut.’   Marci instructed as she rubbed herself harder.   I did as instructed and Marci’s description of events became punctuated by a series of grunts and moans, as she brought herself to a noisy climax.   ‘Oh fuck that was good.’   She said to the caller.   ‘Just a mo...’ She turned to me and said ‘Go to the kitchen and get the stuff to clean this up!’   I did as instructed, returning to the study with a bucket and cloth; I mopped up the pool of piss from the floor.


‘Hurry up, then go back to the kitchen and wait for me to call you, I want to talk in private.’ Marci said.   I finished wiping the floor and left the room, but could still hear Marci talking on the phone.   ‘God! That was great!’   I heard her say; then ‘Now what about tomorrow...’ The voice became less audible as I moved away, disappearing altogether as I went into the kitchen.


While I waited to be called back, I thought about what I had just heard, both this end of the conversation while I was still in the room, but also those last words.   My head filled with ideas and I wondered what might be in store.   I let my mind and hands wander.   I was happily massaging my erect penis when, a few minutes later, I was brought back to my senses by Marci’s voice.   ‘What the fuck do you think you are doing you dirty little whore? You just can’t leave yourself alone, can you?’   I realised that I had become lost in my fantasies and was wanking my erect cock.   ‘I’m sorry mistress, I just enjoyed it so much when you made me pee my panties and watching you masturbate while you talked on the phone was very exciting.’


Marci crossed over to where I stood and grabbed the nipple chain through my blouse, tugging hard at it.   I let out a moan.   ‘Well, I can see that! I am going to have to punish you even more.   Go and bend over the kitchen table!’   I did as Marci commanded, then felt her hands lift my skirt up onto my back, fully exposing my arse.   She roughly pulled my panties down, letting them slip to my ankles.   ‘Get those off and spread your legs!’   I kicked off the panties and parted my feet.   ‘Dirty little whores need to be kept in check.’   Marci went on as she went to the utensil jar on the worktop and took out a large wooden spatula.   She slapped the spatula in the palm of her hand as she stepped back to where I was bent over the table.   ‘And this is how I will keep you in check.’   She said as she brought the spatula down sharply on my bare arse with a satisfying slap.   Marci delivered several more slaps ‘Have you learnt your lesson, Miss Stocking?’ She asked.   ‘Yes mistress, thank you.’ I whimpered.   ‘Good, then we can move on to the more fun stuff.’   She ran her hand over the pink patch on my buttocks, then down the crease of my arse, over my balls and grasped my erect cock, squeezing it tightly and moving her hand slowly up and down its length.


Letting go she said ‘So you like to play with yourself, now you have an opportunity to show me.   Kneel down there...’ Marci pointed to the floor in front of her ‘and start wanking.’   I gripped my cock and began to massage it.   Marci unzipped her dress and slipped the gusset of her panties aside.   Parting her feet, she thrust her hips forward as her fingertips spread her labia.   ‘I need to piss again.’   She said as she shot a jet of piss right at my cock, then more at my chest, soaking the satin blouse so that the wet material clung to my body.


Marci Stopped pissing then and looked down at her handy work as I continued to pump my cock with one hand while the other moved over the wet blouse, rubbing the material against my body.   ‘That feels lovely, mistress, thank you.   May I taste your piss?’   Marci took a step forward so that she was standing right over me.   ‘Open your mouth.’   She commanded.   I obeyed and Marci spread the lips of her cunt again, pulling back on her clitoris then began to pee straight onto my waiting tongue.   I lifted my head a little more so that it was in contact with Marci’s cunt and pushed my tongue into the folds of wet flesh.   Marci removed her fingers and pulled my head tight against her and I began to suck hard on her clit.   She peed again, the piss hitting my chin and spraying out, soaking her thighs and running down the insides of her legs.   ‘Oh fuck, don’t stop, make me cum you little bitch.’   I continued to suck and lick Marci, then raised my hand, running it up her wet thigh.   I extended two fingers and pushed them deep into her cunt seeking out her g-spot and stroking it firmly.   I felt the flesh swell under my fingers and increased the tempo while sucking harder on her clitoris.   Marci was almost screaming now ‘Yessss. Oh fuck don’t fuckin’ stop you little slut.’   Her legs began to shudder and suddenly, her orgasm exploded.   I adjusted the position of my head, opening my mouth wide and extended my tongue as a jet of cum mixed with piss shot into my mouth.   I swallowed it down then returned my attention to Marci’s clit and g-spot, finger fucking her harder and faster, as I sucked hard on the swollen bud of flesh.   Again Marci screamed out ‘Uhh. Fuck, fuck, yessss, I’m cumming!’   As another orgasm mounted; two more orgasms followed in quick succession, each accompanied by a squirt of cum onto my upturned face.


Marci was trembling as she dropped to her knees.   ‘Oh God, that was good.   You are well on your way to becoming a slut, you’ve officially reached the grade of dirty whore.’   She said with a chuckle then kissed me, pushing her tongue into my mouth, tasting her own juices, then pulled back slightly and licked my face before kissing me again.   ‘I know I have been harsh on you, so now it’s time for you to have some enjoyment. I hope you still have some pee left?’   I nodded and Marci stood.   ‘Good, then come and fuck me!’   She went over and leant on the kitchen table and I came up behind her and pulled her knickers down.  Marci kicked them aside and bent over, offering herself to me.   ‘I have been a really bad mistress, please make me pay for being such a harsh bitch.’


I slapped Marci’s arse then ran my hand down the cleft of her cheeks, running my fingertips over her wet cunt, then I spanked her again.   Next I roughly parted the cheeks of her arse and pushed my cock against the opening of her cunt.   Grasping a handful of her hair, I yanked back on her head.   Leaning forward so that my lips were close to her ear, I said ‘I’m going to fuck you hard, you fuckin’ bitch!’ and pushed my cock hard into her cunt.   Marci let out a groan as I withdrew and pushed home hard again, all the time tugging on the bunch of hair in my hand.   With my free hand, I slapped Marci’s arse and said, ‘That’s it, bitch, take a good fucking. It’s my turn to teach you a fuckin’ lesson now!.’   With that, I began pounding away at her cunt, with each stroke pushing my cock in as hard and deep as I could, my thighs slapping loudly against her arse.


I stopped fucking and buried my cock deep into Marci. I moved my hips slightly, revelling in the feeling of my wet stockings gliding against hers.   Standing still, I pulled harder on her hair and suddenly she felt a new sensation as the warmth of my piss filled her cunt.   ‘Oh fuck yeah!’ she exclaimed ‘Oh please fuck me and piss in me.’   I kept my cock buried deep, but it was not long before I could feel the pee escaping and running down my thighs.   With that, I began to move in and out again, with each withdrawal a little jet of piss would squirt out of Marci’s cunt, soaking both our thighs.   I quickened my pace now, fucking hard and deep again and was soon beginning to moan myself.   I withdrew and told Marci to get on her knees.   ‘Now suck my cock, bitch. I want to cum in your mouth!’   I grabbed her hair again, pulling a good handful and forcing her mouth down onto my cock. Marci sucked me in, flicking the tip with her tongue, then running her lips down its length and back again.   ‘Ahh fuck, that’s good!’   I moaned and she began to wank my cock in time with the movements of her mouth.   After a few moments, I let go of her hair and withdrew slightly.   I grasped my cock and began wanking faster, grunting as I jerked off.   ‘Open your mouth and take what’s coming.’   I told her, then shot a thick rope of cum onto her waiting tongue then another and a third, each a little less than the previous.   I continued to pump my cock for a few moments then dropped to my knees.   ‘Let me have it all.’   I said to Marci, who obliged by raising herself slightly, letting the cum run down her tongue into my open mouth.   I sucked her tongue in, getting every last drop of cum and swallowed it down.   We kissed then, running our hands over each other’s bodies, gently caressing arse cheeks made pink and slightly tender from spanking.   ‘Oh, fuck, I enjoyed that.’   I said.   .’Mmm, me too.’ Marci replied. We stayed like that for a while, holding each other, kissing and touching.


‘We really ought to clean up and get something to eat.’   Marci said.   I agreed and we stripped each other; Marci put the wet clothes into the washing machine, while I cleaned the floor.   That done we went upstairs.   I stripped off the make-up and nails and was, once again, Kristof, then Marci joined me and we showered together, enjoying the sensation of caressing our soap covered bodies.   On returning to the bedroom I found that Marci had laid out our evening wear; for her, a black negligee, black hold ups and black shoes and for me, the pink baby-doll set with pink lace topped hold ups, this was finished with the red high heels.   We dressed each other and went down stairs.   In the kitchen we ate a light supper then Marci led me to the living room.   We sat with a glass of wine, cuddled up together, chatting.   I couldn’t resist asking her about the phone call.   All she would do was give me a cheeky smile and say ‘Ahhh, now you’ll have to wait to find out, but I am sure you will love what I have planned for you tomorrow afternoon!’   We spent the rest of the evening chatting and watching porno movies before geading off to bed.

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