The Afterparty

By summer1979

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Steve awoke dizzy and confused. His head was spinning from all the alcohol he consumed from the party last night. As he tried to focus his eyes in the pitch black bedroom he realized he was bound to each corner of the bed. He struggled to free himself but the straps were to tight. It wasn't his bedroom; the sheets didn't feel the same and the bed was much bigger than his. Perhaps someone at the party was playing a joke on him. As Steve struggled he noticed the clothes he was wearing were not the same as he had on last night. In fact, it felt like he was wearing his school girl outfit with matching shoes and knee socks. He was also wearing a wig and it felt like he had makeup on. It couldn't be his because he was always so careful when he played dress-up. The shades were always down and he made sure to keep his place dimly lit. He didn't even get on the internet. An unfamiliar voice came from the corner of the room; he said, "Someone's been a naughty little bitch." Steve's heart began to race as he struggled even harder with the straps. Steve asked what the man wanted to which we would get no reply. He heard footsteps come at him as a hard slap came across his face. The man said, "You only speak when spoken to."

Steve wasn't sure what to think. He was still drunk from the night before, and thought it might be a ruse put on by his friends. The man stood up and slowly walked to the bedside and lit a candle. The light was dim enough to see around the bed. Steve was mortified to see the clothes he was wearing were his. he also noticed that he was rock hard. The man was dressed in tight black clothes and wore a mask that just covered his face. He was 6' tall and well built. The man said, "You can call me sir. And I can call you what?" Steve replied," Steve". The man said that will not do for such a pretty little cock slut, and gave Steve the name of Summer. As Summer blushed she asked how he knew about her, to which he gave no reply; only smacking her across the face again, saying, "Only speak when spoken to my little slut." Summer couldn't believe how turned on she was getting from the slaps. She could feel herself soaking her panties with precum. She tried to close her thighs to relax herself but the straps held them apart.

The man reached down and tied a blindfold around Summer as she struggled to fight him. She was totally helpless as she lay there. Once the blindfold was on, she felt his hand caress his way down to the bottom of her shirt. The man then tore the shirt open popping all the buttons off on to the floor. Her chest rose up and down as she breathed heavily not knowing what was to come. The man kissed his way from her cute little belly, tugging on her belly ring, making his way to her pretty little nipples. Summer arched her back as he kissed his way up. As the man made his way to her nipples, sucking on one and pinching the other. Summer moaned loudly as he bit her left nipple; she was getting so aroused. As the man made his way back to her belly, Summer lifted her hips hoping the luscious lips would make her way to her cock, but the man stopped at her belly, loving her belly button with his tongue.

The man stood up and she could hear him walk to the door. The door opened, and another set of footsteps entered the room. Summer became apprehensive after the door closed and asked what was going on. The man walked over to Summer and smacked her on the ass and said, "You're not supposed to be talking bitch. Maybe you need something to shut you up." She heard the zipper of the second man's pants go down, and he grabbed Summer by the head. She could feel the head of his cock press hard against her lips, so all she could do was open her mouth. Her mouth was filled with cock as the man moaned rubbing each side of her face. Summer started to gag as the man pulled his manhood out smacking it across her face. As he slapped her with his cock he said, "You're a good little cocksucker.", before shoving it back in as far as it would go. Summer started gagging as the cock went deep into her throat. The man pulled out again, rubbing his soaken manhood all over Summer's face. The man then leaned down and began to kiss Summer hard. His tongue invading every part of Summer's mouth. The man then stood back up and rammed his manhood back inside Summer's eager mouth.

As Summer sucked, she felt a pillow sliding her ass up into the air. She could feel fingers brush against her cock as they pulled her panties to the side exposing her tight little hole. Hands wrapped around her hips and a tongue began to prod her tight little hole. Summer arched her back hoping the guy would make it to her cock. She loved the feeling of the man's tongue dancing around her ass before invading it. She began to suck faster as the man sank two fingers into her hole. The other man pulled his cock out while holding Summer's face down to the bed. He let out a bellowing moan as he came all over the side of Summer's face. She was so turned on. She just made another guy cum and she almost came from thinking about it. Semen ran from the side of her face down to her mouth. She held out her tongue trying to reach every bit of cum she could before the man stuck his semen dripping cock back into her mouth. The man licking Summer's ass reached up and wiped some of the cum off her face. He rubbed his semen soaked fingers all over her ass. He then asked if Summer was ready to fuck, to which she replied, " Yes, sir. Please fuck me sir."

The man pressed his cock firmly against her hole. She could feel her ass slowly spread as the man's cock penetrated until it got the final push and totally invaded her hole. The man let his cock rest deep inside Summer as she moaned, arching her back. She panted as she tried to deal with the pain of such a big cock in her rectum. Once she started to relax just a bit, the man slowly pulled back all the way to the tip before ramming it back in. The man asked if she liked his cock in her ass, which she said yes. The man smacked her even harder on the ass saying, "you call me sir." She couldn't believe what was going on. She was being fucked by a guy that she did not know, while another guy watched; and his cum was all over her face and ass. She was so turned on she came all over her chest. She got another slap as the man began to ram his manhood in and out of Summer. He told her she was a bad little bitch for cumming without permission and had to be punished.

The man grabbed Summer by the throat. As she began to choke, her ass clenched around the man's cock. Summer was getting really excited. She asked, "Could I please cum sir?" in-between gasping breaths. The man replied over and over again, no, until she was screaming. She couldn't take it anymore; she came again even harder. The man pulled out and started smacking both sides of her ass, "Say you are a bad little bitch. I'll teach you." The man got up and walked around placing his ass flavored manhood in front of Summer. He plunged his rod deep into her mouth as she began to choke. As his cock was tickling her tonsils, he began to smack and pull at Summer's nipples. He raped her mouth with no remorse. Summer was moaning and gagging all at once. She could feel the cum build up in his cock. Summer began to suck hard trying to get the cum from his manhood. The man began to moan as he spurt his warm semen down the back of Summer's throat. Summer began to choke when she recognized the moan; it's was her best friend Pete. Pete pulled out as he shot the rest of his load all over her chest.

Summer exclaimed, " Pete! I know it's you. Now take off this blindfold.....Sir." Pete removed the blindfold. As Summer's eyes focused on Pete she asked, "How did you know." Pete explained that after years of their friendship he noticed subtle little things that led him to believe that she dressed; he even caught her one time about a month ago. Summer was in shock. Pete said he was an admirer and his friend was too, though Summer did not know the out of town friend. Pete told Summer that she was still a bad little bitch and would need further punishment. He put the blindfold back on her cum soaked body and the two men left the room leaving Summer totally exposed on the bed.