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The Awakening of Susi

Susi discovers the joys of anonymous cock sucking at a glory hole (true story)
Ever since I can remember I have loved being feminized and being made to wear very slutty clothing. This is a true story of my first experience at a glory hole and a coming of age for my sissy self. I had many female friends who loved to dress me up in their sexy clothes and strut me around in front of their boyfriends. They thought it was cute to see me in full makeup and a wig wearing a sexy nighty or a micro mini with fishnets and heels. I loved every minute of it and learned a lot about how to look good in the process. I got so turned on when their boyfriends would give me more than a passing glance. Some of them made it no secret that they were attracted to me.

I practiced walking in heels and all of the sexy poses. I learned how to arch my back and tilt my ass in the air inviting someone to come and use me like the little sissy whore I wanted to be. I knew what I wanted, to be used like a real girl. To have a man take me and fill me with cock and show me off to his friends was all could think about. I practiced in front of my bedroom window and often gained the lustful gazes of passersby. My cock would spring to life knowing I was the object of sexual desire from another man.

I wanted to let Susi out into the wild but I wasn't sure how. I needed to find an environment where I could be available and able to serve. My friend told me about an adult bookstore called the 1st amendment in Colorado Springs. He told me they had booths with porn and some had holes between them for one to put their cocks through. He said that he had even seen cross dressers there getting fucked in the booths! I HAD TO GO TO THIS PLACE!

I put together the sexiest, sluttiest outfit I owned and set out to visit this new adult playground. I was 17 and smooth head to toe. I had spent hours primping and posing in front of the mirror to get the exact look I wanted. I was toned, tan, and had a mini skirt on that was so short it could have been a belt under that I had a garter and fishnets. Bright red six inch heels and a sheer loose fitting blouse rounded out my attire. I would have looked right at home on a porno set, or turning tricks downtown. Either way it was perfect.

I was a little scared when I arrived at the old home converted into adult bookstore. There were lots of guys just hanging around the video booths with visible hardons showing through their jeans. A couple of them were giving me that lustful gaze like they wanted to fuck right then and there. I was becoming very aroused and sauntered by shaking my ass like there was no tomorrow. I found an empty booth and entered slowly leaving the door unlocked. My friend said that was a sign that you wanted company.

The dim booth was fairly large and had a single chair. I took a seat and leaned over to see what was I. The adjoining booth. It was empty and dark, but almost immediately someone entered the booth and put some money in. The movie gave enough light to see the man inside slowly stroking his cock. It looked big and I wanted it in the worst way, but I had no idea what to do...

My friend never told me how the glory hole thing worked, and I was totally lost. I watched the man and waited hoping he would notice me. A few moments later I saw him stick his fingers through the hole and make motion lime he was fingering it. I just mimicked him thinking it was the thing to do. Within seconds I see a big fat head of a cock easing through the hole. Slowly it grew as he pushed it in until I was staring at a cock so big it made me swoon. I estimate 11 inches and it was so damn thick I couldn't get my hand all the way around it. I was mesmerized and instinctively dropped to my knees. My mouth was partially open and I started to salivate uncontrollably. There were little puddles of cum on the floor and I could feel it on my stocking clad legs. The smell of sex and the sight of this amazing cock had me so horny I was about to explode.

I opened my mouth and lowered it slowly over his very bulbous clock head. It was so big and it looked lime it would get stuck I side your ass and never come back out. I had been practicing for a cock this size for years with a massive dildo so I was determined to deep throat his beautiful cock. I teased the opening with my tongue letting my saliva drip onto it. Flicking the underside of his head made his whole cock jerk and twitch. I could feel it throbbing in my hands and swelling in my mouth. The sweet taste of precum was a wonderful treat as I milked and sucked his huge veiny cock.

I wanted his cock inside my throat and I had to try it. I lowered my mouth over it and felt his head pressing on the back of my throat. I relaxed and opened my throat and shoved it deeeper inside of me. I was being impaled and could feel him throbbing inside my neck. I was oozing precum and so aroused I felt lime an animal.

I pressed down hard until my nose and chin were against the plywood divider. I felt him thrust in my throat and I could feel his cock twitching as I raised back off his cock slowly with my mouth open and only my tongue touching his cock on the way back up. Increasing my speed and suction I felt his cock begin to twitch and I tasted the sweet precum leaking from his engorged prick. I started sucking as hard as I could and suddenly felt a powerful jet of hot cum blasting the back of my throat. One after another I felt his cock jerk and spray his sweet and thick cum into my mouth. I was swallowing as fast as I could but still had some cum dropping from my mouth when he slowly pulled his cock back into his booth.

I was in heaven, dressed like a slut on my knees in a sticky cum filled booth swallowing a mans hot thick and sticky cum. I was savoring the fast and stroking my cock as I replayed the scene in my mind. I was almost ready to cum when I heard the door handle jiggle on my booth. Instinctively I opened the door to find the handsome man I had just sucked off smiling at me. He asked me, may I come in? Oh my god yes please come in!

I was stunned. Not only was this a success, the sexy man wanted to come into my booth. He said that he enjoyed my blowjob and sat down on the chair removing his shorts leaving him naked from the waist down. I stood staring at his growing cock as he grabbed my hips and turned me around. I felt his hand moving my panties aside and he pulled me onto his lap until I felt his stiff cock and that gorgeous hard head teasing my asshole.

He spit into his hand and slathered it around the opening and into my ass. Without a word he pulled me onto his huge cock with a forceful and deliberate thrust. Was I dreaming? I was being fucked right there in the booth and his huge cock had me so full I was moaning loudly in lusty and primal wails. Each time he seemed to thrust deeper inside me and it felt like his cock was as thick as a Pepsi can. Thrust after thrust he plunged deeply inside me while holding me tightly and teasing my tender nipples. I started cumming and couldn't contain my sounds of of pleasure. I bounced wildly on his cock begging him to fuck me harder and deeper. I felt again the twitch and jerk of his cock and the warm wet jets of cum filling my ass in waves. He moaned and kissed my neck while I sat motionless on his lap with his cock still throbbing in my ass.

It felt like an hour but it was only moments before he lifted me off his softening cock. I felt the pop of his head leaving my ass as warm cum came oozing out of my ass and onto my chair. He stood up and fastened his pants saying thank you baby what is your name? I said Susi, and I really hope I can have that awesome cock again soon. As he slipped out of the booth he left the door open. About five or six men stood outside looking in at me with cum on my face and dropping from my ass. Before I could say a word three of them entered the booth. One took my head and forced it onto his hard cock gagging me and holding my head all the way down on his cock. The other two men were fingering my wet cum drenched ass and one slid his cock into m my ready and lubed ass. The last guys cum was slippery and allowed the two strangers to fuck my ass hard and fast. Both took turns and came inside me one after another. Just after that the cock in my mouth exploded and shot cum all over my face.

Oh my god, was this a dream? I just took two loads in my mouth and three in my ass in the period of about thirty minutes. The three men left the booth and left the door wide open for all to see me. My makeup running, mascera smeared all over, and cum soaking my stockings and thin clingy blouse (not to mention still pouring from my ass). I was used like a cum dump, fucked hard and covered in semen. I looked like a sissy whore who had been fucked repeatedly and left in a sticky but blissful mess.

I gathered my wits and walked to my car. Cum dripping down my leg and a sultry lustful smile on my face. As I slipped into the drivers seat I saw myself in the rearview and there was someone new in the reflection. This was a sissy slut covered in the sweet cum of strangers and tingling from the experience of being fucked hardby four total strangers. I wanted more and made it my purpose to become the best little sissy I could be and serve obidiently like a good little sissy, like I was born to be. Susi was real and she was an insatiable cock whore. Little Susi was ready to be used by anyone who would give her a good hard cock and a warm sticky load. Susi was the happiest little cum dump on the planet.
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