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The Cardboard Fort. Part 2

The story told to The Phantom continues.

That evening I thought about Gene and what had happened in their old fort. I finally had the opportunity to wear something besides the slip I  had shoplifted. I really enjoyed dressing up for his friend and what had happened as a result. I didn't feel weird or strange about it.

"Maybe I should have been born a girl." I mused before falling asleep.

Two days later Gene appeared at my door with another paper bag. Inside was a pair of black silky nylons and a black silk and lace garter belt. Now I had no idea how to put the nylons on but then I recalled a picture on the cover of a trashy paperback of a woman donning nylons.

It took some doing before I figured out how to draw them up my legs and not tear them. As I attached them to the ribbons of the garter belt I was already hard. Gene, of course, was playing pool as he waited patiently for me to dress.

It was a whole new sensation I felt as I slid the panties up my nylon clad legs. My arms were covered in goosebumps and my nipples were quite hard. I then covered them with the black half slip and placed the bra around my chest and placed the rolled up socks in the empty cups.

I then placed the wig on my head and dug out an old mirror that I had rescued from the trash and hidden in the fort after our last session. This ensured that none of my dark hair was visible and would help me with my surprise for Gene.

My surprise was that I had purchased a tube of lipstick and some eyeshadow. I told the clerk that had appraised my purchase with a strange look, that I had ruined my girlfriend's and owed her. Now Gene said I looked like a girl without the makeup so I could only imagine what his reaction to this surprise.

I used the mirror to apply them as I had seen them do in the movies. The effect was unbelievable and I looked as good as one of the pretty girls at school, even better. Once again my heart beat faster as I arranged myself on the pillows and called out to Gene.

 A second later I saw and heard him enter the fort and his mouth hung open once his eyes adjusted to the dim light and he got a good look at me.

"I don't believe it. You look even better than last time," he said as he began to strip off his clothes.

I then asked him to lay his naked body next to mine. He watched with unblinking eyes as I slowly hiked my slip up and then turned on my side and threw a nylon leg across his lower belly. I slid my free arm around his neck and cradled his head so his face was against my bra.

I then took hold of his hard teenage prick and began to jack him off. This time it was Gene that moaned at the sensation of my nylon leg across him and the feeling of my silky bra against his face. I wondered if he could feel my hard cock in its silky cocoon pressed against his leg.

"You like that, baby?" I asked in that same soft voice I had used last time.

"Oh, yeah. It feels so good," he responded as his hand began to run the length of my leg

It felt very good to feel his warm and smooth hand rubbing my nylon clad leg and I increased the speed of my hand on his cock. Now with all this new stimulation, it didn't take long until he was ready to shoot.

"I'm gonna cum," he announced.

"The go ahead," my soft voice whispered into his ear as I removed my leg from across his body.

A second later I felt his body stiffen and his cock emptied its load on his stomach before he flopped on his back, I was still on my side watching the strands of cum slid down his belly. I managed to grab his underwear and wipe him clean. It was about a minute later that he turned on his side facing me and pushed me on my back.

"Now it's your turn," he said softly.

Gene began to slide his hand up my thighs and under my slip heading toward my hard cock stuffed inside the pretty panties he had provided.

"What are you doing?" I asked, in my girl's voice.

"I'm taking your panties off," he answered.

His hand ran over the outline of my cock for just a second before it moved toward the waistband. I managed to press my feet against the floor and raise my butt and hips off the floor so the panties easily slid down my legs. Free from its confinement, I could see my hard prick pressing against the material of the slip.

"Would you take your bra off?" he asked.

"But there is nothing underneath," my soft voice responded in an apologetic voice.

"I don't care,"Gene answered.

So I sat up and removed my bra and Gene placed his arm around my shoulder before I laid back down. Gene began to run his hand over the head of my cock through my slip.

"You like that?" he asked.

"Oh yes," I responded in a breathy whisper.

"Then you will really like this," he responded.

A second later I felt his hot breath against the tiny erect nipple on my left side. A second later I felt his lips kissing it and I moaned louder than normal at the sensation. He then moved to the one on the right side and I moaned again. 

"I love to hear that," Gene said as his hand went under my hem and took hold of my prick.

Then an unseen force took hold of me and I directed my lips to his chest. I began to kiss, lick and suck on his nipples. Gene moaned louder than normal.

"That feels so good, baby," he managed to say.

The faster he moved his hand on my cock the faster and harder I kissed his chest until he asked me to stop. When I raised my head to question him he placed his hand on the back of my head and pushed it toward his face. A heartbeat later my painted lips were then mashed against his. 

I never saw this happening, but I was not surprised or put off by it. I then felt his tongue against my lips and parted them and his tongue slid between my lips and found my mine. The moment they touched a jolt of electricity shot through my body causing my cock to get even harder and my nipples more erect.

I managed to pull my head away from his and announced that I was going to cum and a second later, I let loose under my slip before collapsing on my back. I laid there feeling my semen crawl down the bare expanse of my thighs and on to my nylons.

"Where did you learn that?" I asked.

"From Sherry Preston in one of the band practice rooms," he answered. "It was OK, wasn't it? I mean you're not weirded out are you?"

"It was great and I'm fine," I  answered and kissed him on the cheek.

We spent the next few hours French kissing and jacking each other off. 

"My sister is getting a collection of her old clothes ready for donation. Among them are a few of her miniskirts and some of her old tops. Would you wear them for me?" Gene asked.

"I'll wear anything for you, " I responded.

It was my Mom calling downstairs that spurred us into action. We redressed and I hid my lingerie and wig before heading to the wash tubs and scrubbing my makeup off.

As I watched Gene head home I began looking forward to the best summer of teens.



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