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The Change Up - Part 2

Deedra has her first date out and meets new friends
I watch Emily get into her car and drive away. My mind just can’t believe what just happen. The clock on the wall says 5:00 oh my. I only have four hours to get ready. I am opening the packages that Emily drop off for me, the dress looks utterly gorgeous, lace and beading should be outstanding on me. Next the shoe box, the phone rings, looking at the caller id it's from India . I snap back to reality it’s the wife, should I talk to the witch or not. Reluctantly I pick up the phone.

“Hello honey….how are you.”

“How did you know it was me” she says.

“How many people would call me from New Delhi ? Did you get settled in you new place?”

She says, “It’s much better than the last place at least there are no bugs on the walls. I have terrible news the project is running at least 4 weeks behind, they are going to make us work at least 10 hours a day and 6 days a week.”

As I listen, to her go on about how they gave her a driver to escort her around because the roads are complete chaos. How little they paid people in rubes and how crowed the city is. Then she started complaining about her boss and workers not caring their load. She went on about the places that she visited. I thought she would never quit talking. Then came what she though was awful news! She might have to stay at least another month and couldn’t even return home for a few day visit. She asked what I thought.

I say, “Honey if it’s advantageous for your career, its OK with me.” We finally said goodbye as she was getting ready to go to work.

I look at the clock, Oh that took an hour. I better hurry up, running up the stairs to the bath room to look at my face in the mirror. I better shave again. I remove all my makeup and cleanse my face. I get out the hair conditioner and rub it into my beard area. This works much better the shaving cream. I get a hand mirror out and check for hair under my clitty. Thank heaven I wax that area early in the week. I take out a new razor to shave close, first with the grain then against, I run my hand against the grain to make sure it smooth as silk.

I grab my box of toys and bring out my douche bottle, a little scented soap and some warm water to clean out my pussie. My clitty is getting hard again it happens every time I wash my self out. Normally I would get some lube out and get busy with my self, but not tonight! Quick showers then I rub lotion all over my body, taking extra time on my clitty and pussie. I am so hot and hard just thinking about Emily. I quickly peek at my phone it’s 7:00, better get a little food and drink before getting made up.

Back at my closet, let’s see an elegant black gaff thong and black corset to give me that 28” waist look, my favorite bra a sexy number with see thru lace with roses to cover up just a little, nude Cuban seamed silk stocking. I slide the thong on, then lay down on the bed tuck my balls in, then pull my clitty down to my pussie and slide the thong up tight. I put on my bra with my falsies. I get my corset go to the long mirror and start to tighten up. I found it to be much easier to pull the right string by looking back in the mirror, the perfect hour glass figure and smooth fem look in my panties. Boy I hope Emily likes it.

Back to the bathroom, I set down in front of the makeup mirror, extend my legs and slide the silk stocking up. Right leg first then left, oh my they feel so sexy against my skin. I stand up check the seams to make sure they are straight and hook up the garters. Face moisturizer, quick sip of my chardonnay wine. I always start with my eyes a little concealer to get ride of the bags under my deep green eyes. I apply the four colors to give me that soft sexy purple eye effect that took me all week to perfect; liquid eye liner then mascara. Time to take care of those eye brows, just a little theater glue to lay down that extra eye brow hair, foundation to cover the glue and then I use my angle brush to color them in. Now a little beard cover up….foundation, setting powder then some blush to create a high cheek bone look almost done. Which lips color lets see a delicate peach red then some lip gloss. I look in the mirror my best job so far. I look at my wigs and pick out the long layer dark brunette with bangs. I toss it on a little brushing and a lot of hair spray. Final look in the mirror I look stunning.

Back down stairs, get the new shoes out and try them on. Four inch heels with the rhinestone criss cross straps, if these shoes don’t say cfm nothing will. Walk back and forth to make sure they feel ok. I look again at the clock 8:15, one look at my nails they need a re-coat. I get a refill on wine and do my nails as I listing to the radio. They are playing the late 70 music that I love. Hopefully Emily will dance with me tonight. Back up stairs and into my wife closet, I found a charming small purse with a long silver chain strap. I get my credit card, ids, cash, makeup and cell phone put them in the purse. Now for a silver necklace with rhinestones that match my shoes, bracelets, hoop earring from her jewel box. Time for the dress, I slip it on, my it fits like a glove, just taut enough in my waist and firm in my bust and maybe a little too short, I put the jewelry on and one last look in the full length mirror with the purse on my shoulder. I even surprised my self…I actually look like hot woman. Now for the finishing touch, my favorite perfume, a dab behind each ear, touch on each wrists then a spray under my dress.

I am so excited, grab my purse. Not sure if my wife will get this back. Back down the steps, still trying to get used to walking in heels going down steps, they still give me a hard time. A refill of wine I take a sip and the door bell rings. My heart almost stops for a split second, and then it takes off racing. I say to myself, calm down you already know she likes you, and this is the best you have ever looked.

I walk over to the door and look through the peep hole, its Emily. I tell myself to calm down again act like a lady. I open the door, she is totally gorgeous. I am stunned by her looks and just stand there smiling like a goof and say nothing.

“Well are you going to invited me in?” she asks, “Do you like my dress?”

I finally managed to say, “You look spectacular and please come in.”

She walk in, she wearing this hot deep turquoise sleeve less dress that almost matches her eyes. As my eyes move down her face, I see how low cut the front of the dress showing cleavage. My eyes move down her bare legs down to pair of matching turquoise strappy sandals with 5” heels. I close the door as she walks by, then I turn around, and her dress is an open back that goes almost down to her fantastic ass. I suddenly start to get hot again. She turns around and looks at me.

“Deedra you look lovely, spin around and let me see all of you” I turn around slowly, and our eyes meet again. “Oh sweetie you look fantastic, love the new dress and where did you buy those killer shoes. I must get me a pair of those.”

“Would you like a cocktail before we go?” I ask.

“Let’s get going, I can have your cocktail later. I will drive and remember that you’re my date tonight.”

I take my purse, and we walk out the front door. Emily grabs my hand and leads me to her car. We walk up to the passenger side. She opens the door and watches me get into the car. She says “What a sweet sexy ass you have!” She then leans over and gives me a kiss on the lips and slides her tongue into my mouth for a second then shuts the car door. I lean over and unlock her door. I watch as she slides into the car seat looks over my way and winks at me as she runs her tongue seductively over her lips.

She asks, “What fragrance are you wearing? That scent is exquisite, and not too much.”

I reply, “Lily of the Valley, it is my favorite.”

Emily starts the car, and we pull out onto the road. She reaches over and starts to rub my leg, she slip her hand under my dress and reach up to my clitty, rubs my panties and gives me a quick look..

“I see you have you clitty tuck away, very lady like will see how long that will last tonight.”

I start to blush. “I wanted to be at my best for you tonight honey. I did not want to have my clitty poking out of my dress at the club.”

Emily says, “Oh silly gurl, if that happen I would just have to get you a little relief, I wouldn’t want some stranger taking care of that problem at the club.”

We pull into Elsie and park the car. Emily looks over at me and smiles.

“Are you ready? I know it’s your first time out, just relax. You will be one of the hottest gurls there tonight, and you will receive a lot of attention. If someone gives you hard time, tell them you’re with me.”

We get out of the car walk hand in hand to the entrance door. The door man says “Hi Em, who’s your new girl” as he opens the door. Then I hear him say “Nice ass on her would you like to share her?” I start to blush again. Emily turns around and gives the man the finger as we walk into the club.

The club looks half empty, “A quiet night for a Friday” I say.

“This place only starts to hop around 10:00 and by 1:00am you can’t get in. I brought you over early so can get comfortable before the crowd settles in” she says.

The club has low tables around the dance floor, long L shape bar on the left side, and restrooms on the right of the dance floor. High pub tables are behind low tables in the middle of the club, and booths are all the way in the back that are elevated up so were ever you sit you can see the dance floor. They have real soft lighting except at the bar, which has a brilliant etched glass mirrors. On one side, image of busty mermaids swimming with fish, some of them even have clitty just like us. The other side has centaurs running on the earth and the ancient gods on clouds. Naturally some are in sexual positions that would satisfy any gender.

I start to pull Emily to the rear booths and she stop dead in her tracks. She spins around gets on her toes gives me another kiss and whisper in my ear.

“Honey we are going to sit in the middle of the club at the pub tables, I want to show you off. Those long legs of yours will be driving all the gurls and guys crazy tonight. Don’t forget your mine date tonight.”

She leads me to a pub table that has six chairs. She pulls out a chair for me. I suddenly realize that I am the gurl, and Emily is treating me just like one. I happily sit down first, and she slides in next to me.

The waitress comes up to us and says “Hi Em who’s you new friend?”

“This is my new friend Deedra, she been hiding at home for a long time and decided to come out with me tonight. Deedra this is Trish one of the best girls in the club.”

Trish says “Deedra is this you first time out?” I nod yes “Your first drink is on the house it’s one of Elsie rules for new gurls. What would you like?”

I decide I will need something a little stronger than wine tonight. “I will have a martini dry and little dirty with Bombay Sapphire.”

“Em the usually, Captain Morgan and diet coke” Trish said. Emily just nods.

Emily says “Dirty that’s my gurl is that how you like it?” At the same time, she squeezes my leg and looks into my eyes. “Baby pace yourself tonight we will have lots of fun!”

Trish comes back with drinks and sets them down. She slips me a note with her phone number on it. I have no idea what to do with the note, no pockets then I remember what my wife use to do and slip the note into my bra.

No wonder Emily kept telling me that I was her date tonight. Just then a group of girls walk in and look over our way, and they all say “Hi Em”. They all walk over to us and pull out the chairs and sit down. I think that they all are checking me out.

Emily says “Hi girls this is my new gurl friend Deedra. This is Sammy, Tia and Tracy.”

Sammy is a tall blonde about 6’ 7” in heels and with legs to kill for, she is wearing a white blouse, amber pleated shirt with a matching belt. Tia is seductive Asian about 5’ with heels, black short bob hair cut with ruby lips, which makes her mouth look delicious. She is wearing scarlet red pin up dress with nude stocking and black high heels. Tracy the last of the group has auburn hair, classic black dress that she fills out perfectly. Her breasts are almost floating out of the top, tight waist, ass that has booty call written all over it and she finished it off with black cfm pumps. They all start to flood me with a ton of questions.

Emily says “Ok girls give Deedra a break, one at a time!” At the same time, Trish comes over and asks the girls if they want the usual. They all say yes, then Trish chimes in with questions. What did I get myself into? After they all take turns trying to get info out me.

Emily says, “That’s’ enough girls.” She looks at me and says “I call Trish, Tia and Tracy the Three-T’s. When they start to party look out, trouble is on its way.”

“What about Sammy” I ask. “She is dating the cute bartender in the white swing dress.” She says.

I whisper to Emily, “Do you want me to explain you friends to me?” I ask.

She starts to laugh and says “Sammy is a girl and likes gurls like you. Tia and Tracy are T-girls and Trish is a girl and goes either way.”

Trish brings another round of drinks. We start to chat about what men and woman are cute in the club. Emily tells them how she found me and invited me out. I am amazed on how comfortable I feel with the group. Emily is romancing me rubbing my leg, holding my hand and whispering in my ear, telling me how sexy I am. I could truly fall for someone like her. Trish brings another round of drinks, and I ask her for some water, way too many drinks so far. Then the curtain behind the dance floor opens, and the band starts to play.

Emily asks, “Sweetie do you want to dance.” She grabs my hand and leads me to the dance floor. The band starts with a slow number. She pulls me up to her and leads, she grinding her hips into my clitty, and her hands are rubbing my ass.

Emily in an extremely low seductive voices says “Oh baby your so hot tonight, tell me all the dirty little things you do when you get off, you naughty gurl. Tell me how you play with yourself.” Then without giving me a chance, to answer her she says. “I’m getting so wet…. I can’t wait to fuck that sexy ass of yours.”

Oh my I getting so hot, my clitty is screaming to get out. It’s starting to hurt! She keeps rotating her hips in my groin. She says “I just love to feel your wet tongue kissing my cock and sliding down to my pussy and swirling around on my clit…… It drives me wild!” Her dirty talk and hips are making me harder and my pain more intense! The dance is finally over, and she looks up into my eyes, and she asks “Do you need to adjust that gaff of your?”

I ask, “How did you know?”

“You’re not the first to tuck and get too hard. Let’s go to the woman’s restroom and get you adjusted.” We return to our table and take our purses. Emily says “We are going to the ladies room.” Tia and Tracy take their purses and tag a long.

We enter the ladies room, Tracy is the first one in and looks around, she look back to Tia and winks at her. Tia then turns and locks the door.

Emily turns me around and pushes me up against the stall door, leans against me and kisses me. She slides her tongue into my mouth and our tongues intertwined. Oh she is getting me hot again, I must get my stuff un-tuck. Emily lifts my dress slides my gaff thong down and release my clitty.

“Their baby does that feel better.” Then Emily bends over and licks the tip of my clitty.

Tia says “Oh Em, you’re right….that’s gorgeous. Save some for me.”

Tracy says, “All I want is to fuck that pretty mouth of hers.”

Emily says “Gurl’s be polite, Deedra might not want too. If she does, don’t touch her ass that’s mine.” I am surprise by what Emily said, but after all the martini’s and being so horny from Emily playing with me all night. I am game for anything.

“Well honey what do you think?” she asks.

I say, “As long as you don’t get cum on my new dress.”

Tracy says, “You heard her gurls, Deedra why don’t you slip that dress off and we can have some fun?”

I remove my dress, and Emily takes it from me.

Emily says, “Deedra very hot lingerie, very sexy!”

I smile back at her and she says “Girls are you ready?”

I hear someone pounding on the ladies room door. Tia opens the stall door, flips the lid down and pulls me in.

Tia says, “Sit down and give me your clitty” Tracy comes into the stall and stands next to Tia and lifts her shirt, pulls down her panties and flips out her immense clitty for me to suck.

I look around her at Emily, she smiles at me and says “Go a head honey and have fun, you deserve it. Gurls don’t take to long Elsie will get pissed at us, now hurry up!”

Tia is sucking my clitty like a mad women, while Tracy is fucking my face hard, her cock is pounding the back of my throat, not giving me a chance to work on her cock. I am so hard and close to cuming, my balls are aching to release. I feel Tracy ’s clitty throbbing in my mouth. I finally get to suck her head and start to deep throat her magnificent clitty.

“Girls look up,” I look up its Emily in the stall next to us looking down with her camera phone taking pictures.

We both begin to climax at the same time, Tracy’s hot clitty shoots load after load into my mouth and it’s so……..delightful, I don’t want to spill a drop… so yummy as the cum runs out of the corner of my mouth. My clitty explodes into Tia's mouth Ooooh my she is sucking me so hard, I almost most faint. Tracy pulls out of my mouth and leans over, licks up her cum off my face and gives me a kiss. I give her some of her incredible cum back too. She steps back and lets Tia up. Tia gets up and gives me a kiss loaded with my cum, I give her some of Tracy's cum.

Emily says, “Ok gurls we got to get going. Tia and Tracy get cleanup. I will take care of Deedra.”

Emily helps me get up, slides up my thong, slips my dress back on, takes my purse and does a quick makeup touch up on me. She smiles at me and asks, “Having fun yet sweetie?” Then she tells Tia to unlock the door.

We all walk out together and get a lot of dirty looks from the girls that have been waiting to use the lady’s room. We go back to our table. My mind is spinning as we sit down as I savor the taste of cum before taking a sip of my drink.

Emily leans over and plants a long wet kiss on me and says, “I can still taste all that wonderful cum in your mouth, you’ll get more of that tonight!”

To be continued...

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