The Change Up - Part 3

By DeedraCd

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Deedra continues to have fun on her first date, and gets what she been hoping for!
Sammy looks at us and says, "You know that Elsie gets pissed when you tie up the ladies room like that. Then Trish came back and saw that you were all gone and wanted to know why you didn't invite her along?"
Emily says, "You know Trish is working, and it's too early for Elsie to be at the club."

The band started to play swing music. I remember the song, Jumping Jack. I danced to it in college and had the lead role for some of the swing songs.

I look at Emily and ask her to dance. "Honey I don't dance to that old music, but Sammy does," she answers.

I look over to Sammy and ask, "Would you like to dance?"

"Deedra can you dance to swing music? I love swing music and know all the moves," Sammy replies.

"You bet I had drama and dance in college. Even had some lead roles," I say.

Sammy grabs my hand, and we head for the dance floor. We step onto the dance floor, and she says, "Do you want to lead?"

I say, "Yes, we can do turn, flips, slides and swings, if your up to it?"

"I am, but are you?" Sammy replies.

"Four years of college and going out with a danced group once a month for the last 4 years, Yes," I answer.

We start out slowly with the basic 1,2 step and back to the 3,4, we move slowly discussing moves for the fast part of the song. The fast part hits and we take over the dance floor, taking turns under arm turns spins turns and slides. Before I know it the song is over, and the crowd is clapping. Sammy walks up to the band leader and makes a request.

She walks over to the bar, takes a rose from the vase on the bar, steps on the dance floor and the band starts playing the tango! I would dream about being the girl on the dance floor for years. I would practice at home with high heels on by my self. Sammy's comes over to me, kisses the rose, leans into me touches the rose to my lips then drops it on the floor. She gently takes my hand. We start with a great embrace, our body's move in complete unison. Her subtle touch gives me a sizzling hot feeling all the way down my spine. I feel that she is seducing me on the dance floor, as she is courting me everything vanishes around me. Her eyes are steamy as she caresses my body with her body, soft hand touches are making me wet with anticipation.

As the dance continues I feel as I'm floating on the dance floor, then all of sudden she grabs me hard and lays me back, it's so exciting, it's like we just made love as she kisses me long and deep at the end of the dance. The song finishes and I finally come back to reality as my body is still floating. I hear clapping as Sammy lifts me backup, I look out and the crowd is giving us a standing ovation.

I say, "What did you do to me? I never felt like that on the dance floor!"

"You're, not the only one with dance experience," she answers.

As we are walking off the dance floor, a tall, handsome man walks over to Sammy and says, "Would you mind if I dance with your partner?"

She looks at him and says, "You have to ask my friend Deedra."

I say, "Maybe later handsome, I need a break right now."

As we walk over to our table, Sammy says, "Boy that man was dreamy tall, dark and cute did you see's those baby blue eyes of his?

I reply, "Yes he is, I was thinking of dancing with him, but I'm Emily's date tonight."

"Gurl will have to talk later about dating Emily," she says.

I say nothing and wonder what is going on tonight, I am actually getting mixed messages from Emily. The band starts playing their next song as we get back to our table. Sammy pulls out my chair, and I sit down next to Emily.

Emily says, "Deedra…my god you're good, those sexy legs and that ass of yours look fabulous moving on the dance floor. Sammy no more kissing my gurl like that, it was way too hot!"

Sammy says, "It's all part of the dance."

I say, "Now girls I been dancing for years, let's not fight over it."

Emily and Sammy are giving each other bitchy looks, so it's time for me to change the subject, and I say, "Who's that Latin woman walking over to us?

She is stunning. She has a voluptuous body, breasts, waist and legs to die for, she is about 5' 8" in heels. Her hair is long, full, sexy curls, dark brunette with stunning browns eyes, lush pouty lips, and the kind body that I would die for. She walks over to our table.

She says, "Hi Em, who's you new friend?"

Emily says, "Elsie this is Deedra, this is her first night out."

Elsie says, "First night, oh my… were have you been hiding? You waited way too long and how did you learn to dance like that?"

I tell her about college and dancing, as Emily invites her to sit down in the empty chair, her Spanish accent is extremely sexy.

Trish brings another round of drinks including one for Elise. Trish says to Sammy, "Darcie is pissed at you! She had a fit over that tango with Deedra especially the kiss at the end."

Sammy says, "She will get over it, tell her, I was just having fun."

I am parched from all the dancing, I finish my water and need to go to the restroom again. I excuse my self and tell the girls that I need to go to the ladies room. Sammy grabs her purse walks with me.

Elise says, "No playing around in there like last time!"

Sammy and I walk to the restroom, we both go into stalls. This is my first time using the ladies room. It's a lot different lifting my dress up sliding down my thong and sitting. We finish and go to the mirror to check our makeup. I just need a little lip gloss.

Sammy says, "Deedra be careful with Emily, she seems devilishly sweet, but all of us girls have been Emily's lover at one time or another. You're so sweet, I wasn't going to say anything, but after dancing with you and see how much you enjoyed being a gurl. I wanted to warn you to be careful." She learns over and gives me a kiss on the lips and says, "If you ever want to talk call me." She takes my cell phone out of purse and programs her number in.

We both take a final look into the mirror one last time and walk out of the ladies room.

While Deedra and Sammy are at the ladies room, Tracy and Tia get up and head to the dance floor.

Elsie looks over at Emily and fires of in rapid Spanish, "¿Qué chingados, les dije antes, no al sexo en los baños, no creo que no sería averiguar que putas."

Emily says, "You know I don't speak fluent Spanish, calm down and try it again in English."

Elsie says, "I told you before, no sex in the restrooms and don't think I wouldn't find out. Just because, you're one of my bf, you don't have run of my place. If you want to have fun with her, take her back to the VIP room."

Emily says, "I see that you lost the swear words from your English version. It was Tia and Tracy, you know what hot cum sluts they are. I told Tia what happen early today with Deedra she just couldn't wait to see her clitty."

Sammy and I head back to the table from the ladies room and sit back down. Emily reaches out takes my hand and squeezes it gently and says, "The band will probably play three or more songs tonight before the show, would you like to dance?"

"I would love too," I said. 

Emily takes my hand and leads me to the dance floor. We begin to dance, Emily leads and pulls me up close and whispers to me "That tango dance with Sammy was electrifying I could feel the passion oozing out of you. Did you get hard?"

I answer, "Yes, but it was more. I felt wet in my clitty, and my ass was on fire. All I could think about was you hot cock in my ass baby."

Emily is now rubbing my body. Her breasts are pushing against my chest. My falsies are pushing against my nipples, and they are getting quite hard. It's sending a pulse down through my belly button all the way down to my puckered gurly pussie.

I say, "Oh Emily…Let's leave and go to my place!"

She says, "Sweetie the night is still young," her hips are grinding into my clitty, "I’m so hot," Emily whispers into my ear, "This is going to be the dirtiest night of your life. I going to fuck that cute ass of yours until you scream like the little slut I know you are." She then leans in and nibbles on my ear lobe and says, "Just think of me sucking your clitty like a lollipop working towards your creamy center!" As she reaches down and squeezes my butt with both hands.

I say, "Oh Emily you can use me like your toy all night long!"

Elsie than walks over taps Emily on the shoulder and cuts in, Emily just leaves me! Hard, wet and blushing. Elsie says, "Boy Em's working you hard tonight gurl. I thought I might have to hose both of you down." My face is still flush, and it takes a minute to focus on what's happing. Elsie takes over the dance and she a seductive dancer but doesn't tease my body like Emily.

I finally compose my self and say, "How did you meet Emily."

"Emily and I met in the clinic when we just kids, they were doing a study on girls or boys like us. We have been bestfriends ever since then," she says. 

"What clinic?" I ask.

"Oh you should ask Emily," she answers.

The song ends, and they are announcing the show is going to start after the next song. The dreamy guy from earlier walks over to us and says, "Deedra would you like to dance with me?"

I reply, "I sorry, but I need a rest maybe some other time."

Elise says, "Deedra go ahead and dance with Crispin, he a fabulous dancer and Em won't be mad at you."

I say, "Crispin that a unique name, are you from this area?"

He says, "No, and Deedra is a unique name also, if I tell you the origin of your name will you dance with me?

"Yes," I answer.

"It's old Irish, its meaning is a broken hearted, and that what I will be if you turn me down," he says.

Elsie giggles a little and says, "There is no way can you turn down that request."

I reply, "Ok Crispin." He reaches out takes my hand and leads me back on to the dance floor.

I say, "How did you know that my name was Irish?"

He says, "My family is from Scotland, and I had an aunt from Ireland that had the same first name."

I say, "So why don't you haave an accent?"

He replies, "My father was stationed over here, when I was little and I never picked one up. That enough about me, I what to know about you."

As we dance, I talk about myself, feeling extremely confidant. I even tell him what type of gurl I am. He tells me that I'm the type of gurl he likes and would like to hook up later. I start to dream about the size of the gorgeous cock he must have and how delightful it would taste. The song ends, and he slips me his phone number and tells me to call him and walks me back to my table. I introduce Crispin to the others at the table, and he says a quick hello and leaves.

I sit down next to Emily, she takes my hand and looks into my eyes and says, "You been very popular tonight, did you think you would have this much fun clubbing?" She leans over and gives me a long wet kiss, and our tongues are teasing each other. Her hand slides under the table and starts to stroke my inner thigh. She instantly has my body going wild again.

We break for air and then Elsie says, "Em why don't you take Deedra back to the VIP room early she can always catch the show on another night. I can have Darcie unlock it for you two."

I look at Emily and say, "I can't take much more, I am dying to be alone with you. Either the VIP room or we can go to my house."

Emily says to Elise, "Have Darcie unlock the room for us."

Elsie gets up and walks over to the bar and talks to Darcie. She comes back to the table and says, "She will have the room ready in few minutes. I told Trish to bring another round of drinks for us, and after they are here the room should be ready."

It seems to take forever for the drinks to show up. They finally arrive, and we take our purses and drinks. Emily leads me to the bar and through the back door.

We enter the VIP room. It's vast, leather couches surrounded by a platform with four different levels of padded cushions facing different directions. On the back wall, there are cabanas with over sized king beds inside with sheer curtains that are drop down to give you little privacy. In one corner there is a bar next to an open corridor.

Emily says, "Why don't you go freshen up in the locker room by the bar? You can take that lovely dress off and thong but keep the corset, stocking and shoes on. You find everything you need back there, I will be waiting right here on the couch."

I am so horny that I just nod and go in, I find a locker take off my dress and thong as directed, go to the mirror and check my makeup wanting to look my best. The counter has lube, condoms, and a box with toys along with makeup, hair spray, razor and shaving cream. I turn to leave and Emily is standing in the corridor watching me.

She says, "Bring some lube and a butt plug with you when you come out. The showers and toilets are on the other side of the counters if you need them later."

I do as instructed, get some lube and check out the butt plugs. I take two sizes a smaller one than a larger size for later. I walk back in with complete desire ready to have Emily take me. She had already removed her dress and has a remarkably turquoise bra and panties on that match her dress.

I say, "You look magnificent, that dress was just hiding all that beauty you have."

She says, "Come and sit with me, just put those on the end table."

I sit down, and Emily pushes me back into the arm rest of the couch and looks at me with her devilishly light green eyes and says, "Baby how bad do you want it? Are you going to be my cum slut tonight, don't talk just nod."

I nod yes. She says, "Good you may only whisper in my ear and do as I say do you understand?"

I lean into her and whisper, "Yes my lover, take me tonight I will be your cum slut."

She licks her luscious lips and kisses me, wet and hard. She slips her tongue past my lips and caresses my tongue with hers. She pulls her tongue back then bites my lower lip and pulls back.

She says, "Have you been a bad gurl tonight?" I nod. "That's what I thought, did you cum in your thong on the dance floor?"

I whisper, "I leaked a lot but held off for you."

"Bad gurls get their gurly pussies spanked, don't they?" I nod yes. She has me stand in font of her and turn sideways. She takes a hard slap on my ass cheek. My clitty twitches and she slap's me again, some pre cum starts to leak out again. She watches my clitty leak and gives two more hard slaps, I am so horny I just want to cum now!"

I start to say, "I can't take much….."

I get one more hard slap, and she says, "You talked! I'm going punish you by fucking your ass hard. But first we have to make sure you don't cum yet!"

Emily opens a drawer on the end table and gets out some cock rings and puts one on my balls then on my clitty and then one on both.

She says, "There that should keep you from cumming for a while! Turn around and give me that small butt plug and lube."

I hand it to her, and she says, "Spread you legs and bend over." She takes some lube and pours on the top of my ass crack, and it starts leaking down to my pussie. She then slides the butt plug in slowly and keeps turning as she pushes it all the way in.

She commands me and says, "Now get on your knees and suck my cock and finger my pussy and ass, my cum slut!"

It's a real turn on being ordered around. I turn around and get on my knees, slide her panties down. They are wet from her pussy and cock I can smell both scents as her panties come off of her.

She says, "Push you fingers into my pussy and suck my cock, you dirty little cum slut!"

I take her incredible cock into my mouth. I can taste the mixture of pre cum and pussy juice on her cock, what a delightful flavor. I run my tongue around the tips of her cock, with each pass I go down a little lower. My fingers are fucking her pussy, while my head is bobbing up and down on her cock. Emily is moaning, I have her where I want, I slide my fingers out of her pussy and slide them down to her ass. I run my wet fingers around her rim. I start to push one finger up her ass. I can feel her cock twitching in my mouth as I push my finger further into her ass. I pull my mouth off her cock and go down onto her balls and suck both of her small balls into my mouth. I suck on them for a few seconds, and then let one ball pop out of my mouth. I hear her gasp as the last ball pops out of my mouth. My tongue slides down onto her clit, I flick my tongue and hear her moan as my lips take her little clit into my mouth and suck on it, then just a little nibble with a pull, she is bucking her pussy into my mouth. I pull my finger out of her ass and slide up her body and to her ear lobe, I take a bite and pull just a little.

I whisper, "I'm your cum slut, I'll do anything you want. Are you ready to cum in my mouth? You're cum slut is waiting."

She catches her breath, opens her eyes and says, "It's time to go over to one of the cabana beds, but first give me that larger butt plug spread you legs and bent over." She removes the little one, and then she pours more lube on my ass. She works the butt plug into the lube. Then she pushes it just a little and pulls it out. "I see you have used toys before, have you ever had a real cock up your ass?" Then she pushes it all the way in hard.

I gasp, after the initial pain. My cock is harder than before and still leaking, the cock rings have my clitty fully engorged. I whisper, "No, please fuck me hard, fill me up with your cum. I want to feel you're hot cum in my ass. I am your cum slut."

Emily leads me over to the cabana in the center of the back wall. She pulls the sheer curtains open and tells me to lie down. She straddles my face with her ass than sits down.

"Eat my ass first, my cum slut. Give me a real good rim job first." Emily commands!

I run my tongue around her rim, and then I push my tongue into her puckered ass. I curve my tongue and try to get it to go in her. I am working her ass hard, I get my tongue part way into her ass hole. I'm pushing my tongue in and out of her ass. Emily is moaning and humping my tongue, then she screams. Her pussy juices are rolling down on my face, and her body shudders, her pussy floods my face as she orgasms. She gets off of me and then slaps her hard cock into the side of my face and lies next to me and gives me kiss.

She exhales and says, "Honey that was fantastic you made me cum just with your tongue, now are you ready for me to fuck your virgin ass?"

I whisper, "Yes, I am so horny just fuck me now, fill me up."

She says, "Put you sweet ass in the air."

I get on my knees, and my bury face into the pillows. I feel Emily pull the butt plug out. I feel the head of her cock, she rubbing it around the outer rim of my ass. I then feel the head of her cock pushing on the center of my gurly pussie, she wiggles the head around then pushes into me. I feel the pressure building in my pussie, it feels as I'm about to split in half, than it pops in.

Emily stops. "Are you ok baby?" I nod yes. She push in some more the pain is replaced by a complete feeling of bliss. It feels so incredible, she pushes some more, then I feel her cock hitting my g-spot.

I yell, "Oh Emily….It feels…soooo good, fuck me hard please baby."

She pushes little more than her balls hit my ass. I am in heaven, she is now pumping in and out of me, I can feel her warm cock riding my ass, every stroke she hitting my g-spot.

I scream. "Fuck me harder…. Punishes my ass, I been a bad gurl, please cum in me now. Fuck me harder baby!"

Emily picks up the pace I feel her groin slapping my ass. Her rhythmic stokes have me building up, my balls are aching and I have an electric feeling running from my ass to my nipples.

I'm just moaning now and screaming. "Ooooh…my god baby fuck me hard make me your cum slut…..cum in me now pleaseee."

Emily pulls out of me stands up and flips me over and lifts my legs. She pulls me to the edge of the bed she spreads my legs and pushes them back and tells me to hold my knees up as she enters me again, then she slams her cock back into me. She reaches down and pulls the cock rings off. She starts to pound my ass like a jack hammer, while she is stroking my clitty.

She says, "Oh baby you ass is fantastic…I am ready to cum"

Emily's rhythmic rocking of her cock is taking a toll on me, my body feels shock waves with each of her thrust. Emily is pounding me even harder now, and she moans, "I am cumming…you're ass is so fucking tight and hot!"

I feel her cock spasm, then I feel her hot cum pump into me, at that moment I feel an enormous pulse that runs form my ass to my clitty and I shoot my cum. We both have rope after ropes of cum shooting out of our cocks. My ass feels incredible it's full of cum, and for the first time I truly feel like a girl. Emily keeps pumping me and stroking my clitty until I feel her go soft.

She pulls out of me and pushes me back into the center of the bed. Her cock comes up to my mouth, I eagerly take in and clean it up and suck it dry. She pulls out of my mouth and then goes down on my clitty and cleans me up. She reaches down to my ass and pulls her cum that's leaking out of me onto hers fingers and shoves them into my mouth. I suck her fingers clean as she pulls them out. She leans over and kisses me, she has a mouth full of cum that she shares with me. The taste is exquisite, she rolls off me and cuddles next to me.

We look into each other eyes, and Emily says, "You been a bad gurl again, I told you not to talk, only whisper into my ear. You screamed so loudly, they probably heard you out in the club."

I whisper, "I am sorry, I have been a bad cum slut, but it felt sooo good."

Emily looks out into the room and says, "Look the VIP group heard you screaming. They are out there now."

I look through the sheer curtains of the cabana and see about a dozen people looking at both of us. Some of them I just met tonight and others that I don't recognize.

Emily says to me, "Since you been a naughty cum slut again, I will have you service some of the VIP members tonight! Remember don't talk to anyone and only whisper into my ear."

To be continued……