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The Change Up - Part 4 - Tower Chair

Deedra shows how big a slut she is and becomes a member of Elsie’s VIP club!
Looking through the sheer curtains of the cabana, I see about a dozen people looking at both of us. Some I just met tonight and others that I don't recognize.

Then Emily says to me, "Since you been a naughty cum slut again, I will have you service some of the VIP members tonight! Remember don't talk to anyone and only whisper into my ear."

Cuddling next to Emily, I think back to the start of the day, being caught by Emily dressed as Deedra. What a glorious day, having sex with my special girl Emily that has both sexes, going out clubbing and getting dragged in to the girls room and giving Tracey a blow job and receiving one from Tia the cute Asian t-girl. Then dancing my heart out with Sammy and finally having Emily taking my virgin boy pussie! Now I have the opportunity to suck all those wonderful cocks in the VIP room.

Emily rolls over to me and says, “You have to do what the VIP members request, except that your ass belongs to me so no anal. Do you understand my cum slut?”

I nod yes and whisper, “My ass belong to you sweetie. How many friends to you have out there?"

She replies, “They are all my friends, you can have fun, but before you go let me put a butt plug in so no one can take your ass.” She takes the butt plug, slides it into me then slaps my ass and says. “Would you like a receiving line? When Tia became a member she gave 10 blow jobs in one hour. I bet you could beat her record. Would you like to try my little cum slut?”

My mind is racing back to the days of being on the boys track team, sucking all those cock would certainly finish my night off! Leaning over to Emily I whisper, “Would you think less of me if I went for the record.”

“The way you give oral I just want to kiss you after your last one so I can taste all that peachy cum in your mouth. I can get it set up for you do you want to be on you knees or on one of the sofas?”

“On my knees just get me some pillows to kneel on and have the next person in line so I can start playing with them before I done with the first one. But first I want to reapply my lip stick. There is nothing sexier that watching bright red lips riding a hard cock.”

“Ok my cum slut go to the locker room, and I will have everything set up for you when you come back.”

Sliding out of the bed and heading to the locker room my butt plug starts to slide out, I have to squeeze my ass together to make sure that it doesn't fall out. This is not going to work all night. I’ll have to check to see what other butt plugs they have. I reach the sink area that has all the toys and find one that has a much larger bulb at the end and a smaller shaft at the bottom of the plug. I was not sure if it will fit so, pouring lube all over it real good I slide the other plug out and put the larger plug on the floor and sit down slowly on it. My ass feels like it’s going to split. I start to wiggling my butt around and pushing down at the same time, I’m just about ready to give up when it slides past my sphincter and pops in. Feeling a shot of pain and pleasure at the same time, relieved I try walking around and the plug stay in without holding my ass cheeks together. It holds like a glove and feels real good.

Heading to my locker and retrieve my purse and reapply my lips stick real heavy and large around my lips. Time to check the rest of my face and hair, add a little touch up and I’m ready to go. Before exiting the room I take one final look at the full length mirror, my corset stocking and heels still look good, turning side ways I check to see if my ass looks ok. Boy those heels help me have a nice bubble butt. Walking out of the locker room and entering the room, I see a line of about 15 people and Emily calls me over. I reach Emily, she has pillows on the floor and the first person in line is Tia.

Tia says, “Em tells me that your going for my record, let’s see if you can make me pop as quick as you think.”

As I kneel down, I reach into my bra and bring out a small bottle of lube. Opening the cap and pouring lube on my fingers on one hand, then sitting the bottle between my legs, I grab her cock and throw my mouth right on her. First I slide my tongue across the head and then slide all the way down to the base and start to pump her cock in and out of my mouth. Pumping her I slide my lubed fingers down pass her balls and run my finger around her rim. I can hear her moaning already, looking up into her eyes and let her cock pop out of my mouth. While pushing my two fingers up her ass, I watch my sexy lips bob up and down on her cock. I dive back onto her cock and feel it's getting ready to explode. My fingers keep working her ass and my other hand reaches over to grab the next cock in line as I stroke it, then Tia’s cum shoots into my mouth, and a little leaks out of the corner of my mouth.

She leans over slides her tongue out and licks the cum of my lips and says, “Wow you're extremely talented and fast when you want to be,” and kisses my lips and leaves.

Quickly taking the next cock to my mouth I look up, and notice it's Sammy's gurl friend Darcie, she has a sexy pink and black bustier. Darcie says, “You think you’re something exceptional, I’ll teach you a lesson for dancing like that with my girl Sammy and I won’t cum for you!”

Looking up into her eyes under my eyes lashes and blinks seductively while squeezing her clitty and say, “Baby you can’t hold you’re cum back from me! I will have you climaxing very soon.”

Stroking and licking her clitty, she starts leaking pre cum, so I devilishly lick the delicious cum off her. She is getting so hard, as my tongue runs on the v cut of the head of her cock. Up and down I go with slights licks to the left and right. My other hand starts to rub below her balls and between her ass and balls with and rhythmic massage on her perineum spot. Oh baby I found the spot, as her cock twitches on my tongue, she is leaking again and getting extremely close. With one finger up her ass pressing on the p-spot quickly as my mouth engulfs her purplish cock as she explodes into my mouth. Her cum is very salty and bitter as I swallow it down my throat.

I’m looking up at Darcie as I am licking my lips and say, “Baby I can finish you of any time.” My other hand reaches for the next cock to find a pussy. I look over, and it’s Sammy.

I get up and whisper in Sammy's ear, then I lay down and Sammy squats over me and lowers her pussy down to my mouth. She has these massive lips, and her clit is enormous with a real lovely little head. Pulling her ass down as she sits on my face. My tongue licks her labia and works its way into her clit. A little light action on the clit head and then I slide it into my mouth and start to suck on her. I can hear her moaning already. My tongue flicks across her clit as she is humping my face. Sucking hard on her clit as Sammy's moans turn in screams, my fingers reach into her pussy, then pushing against the inside trying to rub her clit for the other side. All of sudden she shudders and ejaculates her cum out of her pussy. I have never had a girl that squirts cum and move my mouth down and enjoy the flow of her cum. Her screams turn to whimpers and finally she stops humping my face. Sammy climbs off of my face, grabs my hand and pulls me up and reaches down to my clitty and grabs it and says, “Baby I want this later on tonight.” She kisses me by pushing her tongue deep into my mouth and our tongues intertwine. She pulls back and gives me a quick kiss and walks away.

Back to my knees, and the next cock comes to my mouth, looking up and don’t know who this man is, but he has a huge hung cock, and I go to town on him with a vengeance.


I’m watching with amazement on how well Deedra is handling the receiving line. She is working one cock after the other, and the job that she did on Sammy was incredible. I though she was lying about sucking of the track team, I was dead wrong. She just finished of Henry, and before he was done she had a hand on the next cock. She is a bigger cock slut then Tia but sexier and remarkably seductive with all her action.

Elsie walks up to me and says, “Em were did you find her? Was it pure luck or have you been using that part time job on the mail route to locate another slut?”

“I’ve been watching her for about a year now, you now the dead give a way! Clothing, breast forms and make up from specialty stores that sell just to cd and t-girls.”

“What are you plans for her? Are you going to give her intersex gene therapy?”

“Oh she would be an excellent candidate, but she has a wife that's out of town for a few months and I’ve have to find out if we can use her works skills for our other projects.”

Elsie says, “Did you just see the last move that she made? You know the 2 guys with the long pencil cocks not thick enough to satisfy anyone. Deedra finished up the last one reach over and did a double take when she felt the size and looked down the line and saw the other pencil cock. She finished up and pulled the other pencil cock over and started to stroke both them together.”

I reply, “Check her out, she has both on them in her mouth and bobbing up and down on them like it's no big deal.”

“Look she lubing up both of her fingers, those two won’t last much longer. Deedra made each of them face another a little more and then slide one hand between their legs. Wow, she is pumping their asses with her fingers while still sucking them hard,” Elsie said.

“She has them kissing one another it won’t be long before they are both done.” I can hear both of them moaning, and they both scream like the little bitches they are. I watch as the cocks slide out of her mouth and they are both cover with cum. Deedra goes to clean each one up when the boys pull away and tell her that they will clean each other up and hurry away. I even found a match maker.

Elsie turns to me and says, “I think we should do her in the tower chair tonight! I never saw somebody as wild as her.”

“I was saving that for another night. I was afraid that she might not like getting fucked by two or three people at the same time, but after watching her performance, I doubt that she would turn us down.”

Elsie says, “Who would you like to use as a third?”

“What about Sammy? They seem to have chemistry already and then we don’t have to worry about have another cock in the way. Just wait till you fuck her ass, it is fantastic, tight, and she squeezes her ass muscles hard when she comes I was in haven earlier when I broke her cherry.”

Elsie says, “You bitch, a virgin ass, if I would have known, I would have stolen her from you!”

I giggle and say, “Too late for that. We have to give her a break first, but I'm sure she is horny as hell after sucking all those cocks and pussy.”

Elsie replies, “Look only two left how long has it been, did our new gurl break the old record?”

“Sure look like it, she has 20 minutes left to finish of the last two. Oh only one left and look who it is.”

Elsie says, “Tracey will give her all she can handle with that huge cock of hers.”

“No she already did her early in the ladies restroom and had no problem.”


Feeling the cock getting ready to cum in my mouth again, I reach over to the next cock in line so it will be ready for my mouth. My hand finds it’s long but not terribly thick at all. My eyes divert over, oh my it’s not rounder then my lip stick tube. What a waste of such a long cock. Looking further down the line and the next cock is just a little rounder than the one I have in my hand. I bet both of them will fit in my mouth at the same time. Then the cock that I am sucking surprises me with a sudden slam of cum filling the back of my throat. I almost gag swallowing hard just to keep the river of cum in my mouth.

With the first pencil cock in front of me, I reach over and take the other slim cock and pull him over. Looking up at both of them and whisper to them. “This is a two for one special, face one another a little so I can get both of you cock’s in my mouth at one time." Not giving them a chance, I pull both of their cocks together and put my mouth over them and suck them down. With my hands free, I put one hand on each hip and push them together.

As I’m bobbing up and down sucking on the up strokes only, I can feel their cocks twitching at different rates. I have to get them in rhythms and make them cum together. Reaching down and opening the lube and pour some on both fingers and slide one hand between each of their legs. I have one index finger on each one of their rims and with a tapping motion on their asses, they open and let my finger slide in, and my fingers start working their ass's trying getting their cock’s into rhythm.

Increasing the sucking pressure making sure to pull all the way back to the tip of the heads, then dive all the way back down quickly with another hard slow suck pull back. I can feel both of their asses squeeze tight as their cocks erupt in my mouth. I never had this much cum in my mouth at one time, as I try to swallow all of that lovely cum as I pull back and with a hefty gulp to clear my mouth. What a fanatic feeling to have two cocks cum at the same time and I go to clean up each one. Looking up they are kissing one another, they leave me without being able to clean up them up. Continuing on and take the next cock in line.

Before I know it, with so many cocks in my mouth it becomes a blur as I reach for the next one. Oh my it’s enormous, and glancing up to see Tracey she is the last one. This will be easy. I already know her hot spots and go to town on her gigantic member. I manage to get it all the way down my throat with out gagging. My fingers are working her ass, and I decided it is time for some tongue action in her sweet ass. I’m sucking real hard then pulling back letting her cock pop out of my mouth. While grabbing her hips and making her turn around I shove my face into her ass.

Reaching over and grab her hand and pull it down so she has to bend over to give me access to her sweet ass. I hear Tracey moaning as my tongue flicks her hole. I’m teasing her hole by running my tongue around here puckered rim and then shove my tongue down into her sweet hole. While stroking her enormous cock with my hand making sure to let my finger nails run down her shaft with a hard pull on the up motion, as my tongue is fucking her ass. I feel her cock tighten up while her ass squeezes my tongue. She is just a bout ready to pop, so I quickly pull my tongue out and spin her around and slide her cock down my throat as she fills my mouth. I hear her moaning as I finish sucking her dry.

Tracey reaches down and pulls me up and kisses me. I don’t want to share her cum, I promised it to Emily and only kiss her on the lips.

Emily and Elsie walk over to me, and Elsie says, “Wow that was astounding you have so many talents.” She reaches down and takes my hard cock into her hand and says “I have to get to play with this later on.” Looking at her, she has a demi cup bra on, and high heels as my eyes work down her body she has matching panties with a large bulge. I was hoping that she had a cock instead of a pussy. Hopefully the Latin babe will let me play with her.

Emily says, “Elsie calm down lets go over to the cabana. I'm sure Deedra needs a little rest.”

She leans over and whispers to me, “You thought I forgot,” and leans in and gives me long hard wet kisses and then says, “Your mouth taste wonderful did my cum slut have fun?” I blush and nod yes. Emily takes my hand and leads me over to the cabana. She opens the sheers and says, “You been a bad cum slut again”. She turns me and slaps my ass real hard and says, “I told you can only whisper to me,” as she sits down on the bed and bends me over her knees.

“I will have to teach my cum slut a lesson again.” She slaps my ass again a little harder this time. “I see you changed you butt plug you’re a bigger slut than I thought”.

The feeling of my ass getting slap real hard again and again has my clitty bouncing getting ready to explode. Emily stops all of a sudden and tells me to stand up and face her.

She is looked at my clitty and says, “Oh my you’re leaking all over the place again," and takes her tongue slowly and licks it off. This is driving me totally crazy, and I just want to relieve my self. “We can’t have this as she takes the cock rings out again and slips one on my balls then one on my clitty and the last one on them both. My cock is rock hard and ready to bust but is so restricted.

She takes my hip and spins me around and tells me to bend over and touch my heels. I do as told as she slaps my ass again and start to pull and play with my butt plug. She attempts to remove the plug and it keeps sliding back in. Each time she lets it slip out of her hand my clitty jumps.

She says, “How big is this butt plug?”

I whisper, “The other one was sliding out of when I walked and replaced it with this one in the locker room.”

“How did you get it into you?”

“I put it on the floor and sat down on it until it pop in.”

“Get on the bed on all four and spread you ass now you dirty slut!” She slaps my ass again and grabs the plug twisting it around and pulls real hard. It feels like I’m about ready to spilt again and, it finally slide past my sphincter and pops out as I leak cum out of my clitty.

Emily says, “Oh that's huge I think you can handle Else tonight she a little smaller than Tracey. She is going to love your tight ass tonight.” I’m whimpering about the pain in my boy pussie as she tells me to get up and leads me over to the tower chairs.

Elsie walks over with Sammy and Darcie. I can see that Emily is pissed as she slaps my boy pussy hard making my clitty bounce again, as some more pre cum leaks out. Emily walks over to Elsie and says, “I thought this was supposed to be a foursome a fifth wheel won’t work.”

Elsie replies, “Darcie would not allow Sammy to come with out her. I figure she could handle an extra cock tonight.

Emily slaps my ass again and says, “No it’s us or we just go back to the cabana.”

At this point my clitty is dribbling cum, and I reach down to stroke it and rub the pre cum over the tip. Emily grabs my hand then slaps my ass real hard again, it’s starting to hurt, my ass and clitty feels like its on fire, but the hotter the better and she says, "No playing with your self!"

Darcie says, “Ok I just watch, Sammy I’m only letting you do this because Emily wants this to happen.”

I lean over to Emily and say, “What’s the tower chair?”

She says, “It has multiple layers of padded boards that adjust so you can get access by multiply partners at the same time."

Emily pulls four reclining boards out of the tower and tells me to lie on my tummy on the second board and have my boy pussy in the air and spread my legs. I do as told as my heels barely touch the ground. Feeling lube being poured down my ass crack as it drips into my open hole. I’m looking back at Sammy while she is lubing me up. Not sure what's going to happen then I feel a hand slapping my ass again.

Emily whisper into my ear and says, “My cum slut you passed all your tests tonight, you don’t have to whisper any more if you can’t take the tower just say so and we will stop honey!”

I reply, “My baby, I'm ready for just about anything, you got me so hot I need to be fucked real bad!"

“Ok sweetie, this will be more exotic than early tonight!”

She walks behind me and I feel her cock rubbing my boy pussy again. Elsie walks to the front and drops her panties and out flops a gargantuan uncut clitty. I think it could split me in half. It’s not as stocky as Tracey’s but a little longer. She brings it to my mouth at the same time as Emily enters me from behind. Two cocks at one time how better can this get! Then I see Sammy slide out the lower board and get on it and slide it under me. She pushes her pussy dog style onto my hard clitty as Sammy’s pumps my clitty. I’m in complete bliss, this is way to many sensations. Cock in my ass, in my mouth, and my clitty in a beautiful pussy.

Emily’s pumping me hard with each thrust, and I can feel her balls slamming my ass. She is hitting my p-spot with each stroke, I’m ready to burst but can’t. Sammy is working my clitty with her pussy, pumping me back and forth and squeezing my clitty. After a few minutes of having both of them working on me, I can barely suck on Elsie’s cock. Sammy is working my clitty so hard, I can hear her scream and gush on my clitty, but the cock rings are keeping me from cumming. Then I feel my ass getting slap again than, as Emily shoots her cum in my ass. O god as I scream in delight, I feel the hot cum enter my love canal. She pulls out, and Elsie pulls out of my mouth, and they switch positions. I’m cleaning Emily’s clitty, how delicious I can taste her cum and my boy pussy on it.

Suddenly the worst pain I've ever felt hits me, oh my ass is going to split in half. I can feel Elsie’s head trying to enter my canal. She keeps pushing it into me and finally she pops in and starts pumping with out taking a break and rides my pussie hard.

I would scream, but my mouth is full of Emily's cock. I feel a fire building in my boy pussy, it’s a more intense orgasm than I have ever felt before. Sending eclectic waves through my body as my pussie pulsates. Then a sudden gush of hot cum floods my ass again. Wow I just had an orgasm without cumming, I am ready to pass out from all the bliss that I’m enjoying. Elsie pulls out of me as I feel a mouth licking my ass, and a sucking action. Then Sammy slides her wet pussy of my clitty and gets up.

Elsie says, “Baby you’re fantastic, turn over and stand up we have a surprise for you!”

I do as I am told, and Emily gives me an enormous wet kisses, her mouth is full of all the cum from my ass. This pushes me over the edge, it’s still hot, and the mixture is undoubtedly best cum cocktail that I ever tasted.

Emily pulls back, and Elsie walks over and pulls the cock rings off and says, “I have you finally tonight! Have you ever fucked a uncut cock?”

I have a dumfounded look on my face and reply, “NO”.

She reaches down and pulls off the cock rings. My rock hard clitty is leaking all over the place. She pulls the skin of her uncut cock over my hard clitty! I’m amazed as it slides in about six inches. It’s feels strange as I’m in a pussy. She strokes me and her cock. I keep looking down as she pulls her foreskin back and forth on my clitty. Then with a sudden eruption my clitty pumps loads into her cock. I feel so weak in my knees as both of our clitty tips rub each other with my cum keeping us wet.

Sammy get’s onto her knees and pulls our cock’s apart and licks the cum of my clitty, then engulfs Elsie cock and sucks her clean.

Emily takes my hand and says, “Elsie and Sammy, come and join us on the cabana.”

We all lay down, and I spooned between Sammy and Emily. I can feel her cock in the crack of my ass as I dose off to sleep, thinking that I might never be dressed in man clothes again.

To be continued!

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