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the day i became Suzie chapter 4

this is my fantasy
I went back the next day dressed sexier than ever, but Jack and Harry did not show up. I waited for hours. Then cried all the way home. I cried myself to sleep three nights in a row. Now I knew how a women feel after being fucked then forgotten.

But then on the fourth day Harry called. I instantly went into my sweetest voice and asked, "Where have you been?"

"Guy stuff Suzie.You wouldn't understand, being the sweet sissy bitch that you are. But we have very special plans for you tonight! Would you like that Suzie?"

"Oh yes Harry."

"Do you have a pretty party dress, something slutty?"

"Yes, but why?"

"Listen you little sissy girl you don't get to ask why. You do exactly what we tell you to do! Right!"

"Yes Harry, I'm sorry." I started to cry.

"That's better slut. We want you dressed like a sexy slut; high heels, lots of slutty make up, perfumed, slutty party dress, super sexy lingerie, no thongs, but make sure you have extra ones in your pocketbook. Is that clear?"

"Yes Harry, Anything you want."

"You will drive over to Jack's by 9pm, his parents are away for the weekend. And I mean drive over completely dressed. Is that clear bitch?"

Still crying ,"Yes Harry, I'll do everything, just as you told me too."

I had the perfect dress in mind, black and silky from the waist down, with a lace across the front, almost nude. My favorite part, was the pink buttons that ran down the center of my ass, from the waist to the bottom hem. I always imagined the different and exciting ways a man could strip it off me.

So I laid it across the bed and raced into the shower.While in the shower all I could think of was making myself into the perfect girl.

I lubed up my pussy and put plenty of hair gel on, because I decided to put rollers in my hair. It was so much fun and it made me feel very feminine.

I applied my make up, with one thing in mind, looking like a slut. Believe me, when I was done, the mission was accomplished with red nail polish, red lipstick, highlighter gloss, mascara, eyeliner, then the jewelery Harry and Jack gave me.
Next stop was the closet to pick my undies; black see through bra, black thigh hi seamed stockings, matching garter belt, black open toe high heels and three sexy thongs to put in my pocket book as instructed.

It was already 8 pm. All that was left to do, was removing my rollers and brushing out my hair.
I was ready to be a good slut.

First time leaving my house dressed as a woman, I was more turned on, then I could ever have imagined. I got into the car and headed for Frank's. home.

Within fifteen minutes to spare, I was ringing his doorbell. The porch light came on and I waited for the door to open. But was kept waiting, while the whole neighborhood had a long look at the whore I dressed up to be.

Finally Harry and Jack opened the door and let me in."Wow you look so sexy"

The were both naked and I felt consumed by their manliness."You are going to love what we have planned for you this weekend. Can't take your eyes off our cocks slut, can you?"

"No, may I suck them now."

"Well get down on your knees and kiss them hello."

 I held both of their cocks kissing and licking them. I was in heaven! I'm such a whore.

"Follow us to my bedroom, we have lot's of surprises for you."

I felt completely like a whore, as I followed them upstairs. Never taking my eyes off their gorgeous bodies and, I was fantasizing about all the things and ways, I would be their whore tonight.

They opened the door to Jack's bedroom and a large screen television was showing a slide show of all the pictures they had taken of me. But even more shocking, Coach Gainer, the football coach, was sitting in a chair completely naked. The coach actually played some pro ball, an offensive lineman. He was a huge black man, not cut like Harry and Jack. As a matter of fact, quite fat, but was stroking a cock, too huge to describe.

Harry said, "The coach caught us looking at your photos, set up this slide show and even got us fake identification for later."

Then the coach took charge and said, "Wiggle over here Suzie. I was the one that insisted you come here with no thong on. Did you do as I commanded?"

"Yes coach."

"Well, do you need my help getting out of that sexy dress?"

"Yes, as I turned my ass to him, you need to unbutton and unzip me."

Then he started to unbutton my pink buttons very slowly, caressing more of my ass with each button."You like that. Don't you Suzie?"

"Yes coach."

"Call me master slut."

Shocked, but more scared, I said "Yes master."

As he unzipped me and pulled down my dress, he quickly grabbed my hips and turned me around so that I was facing him. He grinned and slowly played with his huge cock. He knew I couldn't keep my eyes off it. So he teased me with it more. Shaking it slowly, to show me the weight of it. "I saw your pictures, but couldn't believe any man's dick could be so small. You truly were born to be a woman"

My sensations flew from embarrassment to pride, in a heart beat.

"Come over here and sit on my lap now, Suzie."

"Yes master," came out of my mouth like it always belonged, and I cuddled up on his lap. He was so meaty and black. I just had no control. I already was his whore.

"Do you want to know what's going to happen to you tonight?"

"Please master," as I touched his cock.

"We are all going to fuck your pussy then after we get cleaned up, we are taking you to a gay bar. You want that, don't you Suzie?"

In my sweetest voice, "I want to please you master," as I continued jerking off his cock.

"Do you know that the whole football team thinks you are the prettiest girl in school? Yea, we showed your pictures to everyone."

"No, Harry and Jack promised not to master."

"But I didn't, and I am pimping you out to the whole team." His cock was growing bigger and leaking all over my hand.

"Well master as I licked my hand clean, you can do anything you want with me." Then I continued to jerk him off but faster. I'm such a whore.

"Yea a hundred a blow job and we have a waiting list. You start being a working girl Monday."

"I will do anything, you want me to master."

"Now let's start fucking our bitch."

Harry grabbed me by the hand and pushed down to the bed. "On your back bitch," he commanded. Then shoved it in so hard, I lost my breath for a second. He started pumping very hard and I was leaking already.With my legs held up in the air, he exploded into my ass quickly, then I did.

Before Harry could relax on top of me, Jack ripped him off me and fucked me the same way. He was ready to make it a long fuck, as the coach walked towards the bed and had me jerking off his monster cock while Jack continued to fuck me. After Jack was done, he rolled off me, and said, "She's all yours coach."

He turned me over on my stomach, "Lift that pussy up in the air and beg your master for his cock!"

"Please master, fuck me please!!"

Please wait for Suzie's final chapter.

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