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The Feminisation of Michael - Chapter 3

The Feminisation of Michael.

Chapter 3

I endured the rest of the afternoon with continued suppressed sniggers and laughter. I was glad when 5.00pm came and I buttoned up my jacket and put my handbag over my shoulder and left with a big sigh of relief.

Sue was waiting outside in the car.

“Hi Michaela,” she greeted me. “How did it go honey?” she beamed.

“Fucking awful!” I blurted out. I was close to tears. “Just drive!”

“I hear they put you on that secretarial course honey. That will be better I guess in the long run for you.” She continued. “I bought you some more secretarial type clothes for the course which starts on Monday I believe.”

“Your so thoughtful.” I said with a fake grin.

We drove back in silence to the house. “By the way honey I’m having a few friends over tomorrow, Saturday night, for a little dinner party. You will be there too.” She said.

“No way!” I said aggressively.

“Yes you will honey, or else!” she laughed. “ I bought you a lovely dress for the occasion.”

Yet another nightmare ahead I thought.

The Saturday morning she announced that she had also booked us both into the local beauty salon. My heart dropped again. “You need your hair styling, those eyebrows thinning and your nails doing. They will also pierce your ears honey.” Good grief I thought.

I went upstairs and changed into an ivory lace bra. My breast areas had grown and I filled the A Cup bra easily now I noted without the silicone inserts! What the hell was happening, you didn’t just grow breasts just by having to wear a bra!? My waist seemed slimmer too and my hips and bottom fleshier and soft. I wouldn’t let Sue know this or she would probably manipulate the situation more in some way.

I put some matching ivory lace firm control shorts that pressed my scrotum and penis back between my legs. I put a pair of lace top opaque black hold ups on. Catching a glimpse in the mirror of myself was always a shock, but I stopped and looked for a while this time. I looked totally female standing there with my more shapely feminine shape adorned in lace bra and panties and now shoulder length long blonde hair. I had to admit I felt quite turned on by my reflection. I turned away quickly.

I slipped into the soft grey, V neck, jumper dress that came to my mid thigh and put my cowboy boots on to finish the outfit. My small round breasts projected in front of me through the jersey material.

Sue was ready and waiting downstairs for me. “You look pretty honey, lets go.” She smiled. She was all of a sudden actually being quite pleasant! She obviously preferred me in my feminine form!

Sue herself had started caring more about her appearance since this all started, and I would have been suspicious that she was seeing another guy at one time the way she seemed to be dressing in a sexy manner most days now.

We arrived at the Salon and Sue introduced me as Michaela. The Senior girl there explained that she knew about my condition and that no one in the Salon had any issues with my situation.  I coloured up and felt sick inside as I smiled weakly nodding. I could see the other staff looking and whispering to each other.

Whatever I thought, I just sat in the chair and let them get on with it. The procedures including a full waxing of my legs and arms and a manicure of my nails forming them into long square tipped nails that had a pink and white design painted onto them. My ears received a small golden stud in each lobe!

The senior girl dealt with me, and took me into a private booth and asked me to take my dress and bra off. I complied and felt so stupid in my knickers and my little breasts hanging in front of me. She told me to lie down on the couch and she waxed around my chest/breast area and my underarms. It hurt!

“I do a lot of work with transsexuals’ Michaela so don’t feel awkward with me.” She assured me. “Your breasts are looking good honey. We can eventually put permanent tattoos around your nipples to increase the apparent size as transsexuals’ often have small nipples.” She went on. I cringed, what the hell was happening here.

“Ok honey all done, now slip your bra and dress on again darling.” She said and I did as I was told.

“That bra looks sweet on you honey, have you seen those new French uplift bras they have in that gorgeous shop “All Provocative” in the arcade?” She asked.

“Err…no I haven’t.” I stammered .

“They would really enhance your breasts and give you a sexy cleavage. Your pretty, you would pull the guys then honey,” she chuckled.

We returned to the salon, and I sat in the chair next to my wife who was in curlers and having various stuff applied to her hair.

The hairdresser then came to me and seemed to know what she wanted to do with my hair! Sue must have instructed her. It involved drying and curling etc.

When everything was done I looked in the mirror and couldn’t believe the glamorous blonde with wavy long ash blonde hair cascading around her face looking back at me.

Sue too looked amazing with an auburn version of my hair do.

On the way back in the car Sue was animated like I had never seen her since we first started going out all those years ago.

“I thought this do tonight was a little affair Sue, why have we got so glammed up?” I asked.

“Well I have some people from my new work coming honey. By the way they don’t know about your…“secret”, shall we say. So looking like you do there should be no problem in passing as my best friend who is staying with me, which is what I’ve told them. Just remember to keep your voice lighter as I have told you before. I sat there feeling ill.

I went to my room to get ready early evening and opened the bags that Sue had put on my bed. I noticed a bag with “All Provocative” written in silver letters on a pink background. Sure enough I picked the flimsy lace padded uplift bra in pale pink with white lace and ribbons festooned elaborately around it! It came with matching knickers and suspender belt.

I put the thin straps over my shoulders and fastened the back clasp. I had to adjust my small breasts into it and the results were astounding! Sure enough I looked down to see my small round mounds plumped up and pushed together to form a deep cleavage! I put on some sheer flesh coloured stockings and attached the suspender belt clasps.

I looked in the mirror and felt a stirring between my legs. God I looked sexy!

The other bag contained a pale pink silk dress that came to mid thigh and had a low V at the front revealing my cleavage perfectly. It tied in a large bow at the back and hugged tightly my thin waist.

I wore a pair of pink, high stiletto heeled shoes.

I looked pretty hot! Lets say. I went downstairs and Sue was putting food out in a buffet style and had the drinks ready to.

She was wearing a tight white lace pencil dress and looked stunning. Her large breasts hanging out provocatively over the top.

“Darling you look divine,” she said and kissed me on the cheek.  I was a bit taken aback.

“How many people are coming sue,“ I asked. Lets get this over with I thought. 

“Well there’s a new guy I met at work whose amazing! Called Chris. He’s bringing his mate John. And then there’s Kate and Mike , Kirsty and Sam and that’s it honey.” She said counting with her fingers.

My mind made the obvious calculation that there were four guys, three girls and me! Plus Chris was amazing!  Was this why she was so different in the recent weeks? She had been out a lot with “friends from work” she had said.

The first to arrive were Kate and Mike. She was a short fat frumpy woman in a hideous floral dress. He was bald and fat too. Then came Kirsty and Sam. She was quite exotic looking and tall with jet black hair and jet black pencil dress, I would probably hit on her in my male life!. He had a bushy beard and a hippy look to him.

So for about an hour it was just Sue, me and the couples. We made small talk and I did my best to sound female and not give away my true sex. They seemed to buy it. Sam the hippy was clearly coming on to me much to Kristy’s annoyance.

When Chris turned up, Sue almost ran to meet him and flung her arms around his tall athletic frame, kissing him, on the lips! Yes I guess he was a good looking guy with shaggy blonde hair, and a lot taller than me. I did feel jealous but what could I do in a pink dress with my breasts sticking in front of me for all to see. Following behind was the mate, John. He was a similar build with a shaggy black hair cut.

“This is my best friend Michaela,“ Sue introduced me.

Chris approached me and kissed me on the hand. “You didn’t tell me you had such a beautiful friend Sue, he chuckled. She’s gorgeous like you!” Sue reached up and kissed him again wrapping her arm in his. "Yes Michaela Im very much taken by this gorgeous little lady." he kissed her on the lips again, right in front of me!

John then introduced himself. “Yes Michaela you are very beautiful, a pleasure to meet you.” he said.

I couldn’t believe I was blushing, whilst smiling politely. Sue came over and put her arm around me.

“And she’s single too John.” She said winking at him.  I was fuming. What the hell, she was setting me up with this guy!

We talked as a group for most of the night with me being left alone with John only briefly and indeed on such occasions I would strike up conversation with one of the couples. I did find myself cornered a couple of times though by John and the hippy!

They would rest their hands on my arms and wouldn’t let go, stroking me as they talked and adjuisting my slim gold bangles. My flesh crawled. The hippy guy was undressing me with his eyes and seemed mesmerized by my breasts!

Chris and my wife seemed to disappear for a long time towards the end of the party. The hippy guy was getting drunk, and he lunged onto me and I felt one of his hands on my bottom and the other groping my breast! He tried to kiss me. John pulled him off just in time. “Time for home Sam I think. Kirsty can you take your husband home darling?” John said.

“Yes John, I’m sorry Michaela he always gets like this.” Kirsty said apologetically.

This was awful I thought to myself. The evening soon drew to a close and I was glad to just peck John on the cheek and say goodnight.  Sue had a much longer snog with Chris I noted.

Whilst we were clearing up Sue was again animated and talking constantly.

“Isn’t Chris gorgeous honey?” She asked. I said nothing. “He’s got his own business and plans a lot of expansion shortly…” She went on. “By the way how did you get on with John? Do you fancy him?”

At this I stopped and felt anger well up. “Sue I’m a guy and I don’t fancy guys!”

“Well your pretty much all female now sweet,” she chuckled. “What sort of guy has pretty breasts like those?” she said pointing at my cleavage. I didn’t know what to say.

"By the way Michaela, I think we should think about getting a divorce in these circumstances. I need a real man in my life again" She said straight faced.

“Forget it, I’m going to bed.” I said as I turned and went upstairs.

I undressed and slipped on my coffee coloured silk pyjamas that had a lace trim around the bottoms and neck. Even without a bra now my breasts protruded in a most feminine way through the silk fabric.

I had been dressing full time as a woman now for over four months, since those first femininely cut work suits, bras and blouses she made me wear. I had also slipped into a habit of getting up, dressing in the morning in a bra and a dress and doing my hair and make up, without even questioning it!  There was no doubt my body was also changing, which I just couldn’t understand! I fell into a long troubled sleep.









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