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The Feminisation of Michael. - Chapter 7

The Feminisation of Michael.

Chapter 7

I settled in at Stanmore House quickly and Sam helped a lot and we would spend most days together with her showing me around the estate.

I soon persuaded Sam to wear prettier things and we were often seen., me blonde, her brunette, rushing around giggling in little floral dresses.

Alternatively we would ride the beautiful horses in our jodhpurs and white lace blouses. I got very fond of a jet black horse called “Star” that moved like a racehorse.

It moved from spring to summer and I started wearing pretty dresses most days, often with green Wellingtons as I drove around the estate in the Range Rover.

It was on such a drive to the stables that I nearly ran into a stationary tractor. I slewed into a ditch and ripped off the wing of the Range Rover.  I was so upset and furious.

I jumped out of the car.

“What the hell is this about, blocking the road you fu….!”

I stopped shouting when a tall, broad , swarthy man with thick curly hair and stubble raised his head from in front of the tractor. He must have been in his early thirties .

“You got a problem lady?” he said in a strong Irish accent.

“Yes!” I said, my hands on my hips. “Have you seen what you’ve done to my car?” I snapped.

“I seem to recall you were driving missy, were you not?” he said grinning.

I blushed slightly. I felt a slightly vulnerable as I stood quite close to him , with my breasts poking out prominently through the light cotton dress, and looking up into his face.

He smelt of straw and hops, but not in an unpleasant way. My Chanel perfume must have smelt so strange to him in this rough country lane.

“Well I am sorry if I caused this, I truly am, “ he said, seeming to soften. “I’m Niall by the way,.“ He said holding out his hand.

I offered my hand telling him my name, and felt his large rough hands close around my soft moisturised hand. He held it there for a time looking into my eyes. I turned away bashfully.

“Let me pull you out and we will see the damage.” He continued.

I climbed back in the Range Rover as he hitched a chain to the front of my car. The Tractor eased my car out of the ditch.

We stood together and inspected the damage. It was drivable.

“Not too bad. “ He said as he turned and jumped back on his tractor. As he fired the engine he shouted, “See you around Michaela.”

I folded my arms and watched the tractor speed off down the road.

I drove back to the house slowly and noticed a Mercedes convertible in the drive.

As I climbed out of the battered Range Rover, and was greeted by one of the Butlers.

“There’s a Sue Wilson to see you in the Drawing Room M,Lady.” He said.

“Tell her Ill see her in a few minutes, make her a drink, I need a shower.”

I went straight up to my room and undressed. After a quick shower I put on a white ruffle front blouse and a black formal tailored suit with a long pencil skirt. I wanted this meeting to  be formal. I hadn’t seen her since I was in hospital .

I went down the sweeping staircase and entered the Drawing Room. Sue was sitting on one of the sofas. She was wearing a tight vest top and short denim mini skirt with red boots. She looked trashy I thought. Her ample breasts were hanging out and a red bra strap was visible.

“Hello darling!” She said in a fake accent. She stood and came across to kiss me, I kissed her briefly on the cheek.

“You look gorgeous honey, you really do!” She said with a fake smile on her face.

I didn’t know what to feel about this woman, I should hate her because I never chose to become a woman, she forced the issue. But now I was fully a woman I kind of liked my life, and had grown into being a woman.

“I understand you’ve been traveling Sue with that John bloke?” I asked.

“Yes, yes but he left me, I have another man now and…well he wants to marry me.” She gave a sickly smile.

“I have no problems with granting you a divorce.” I said straight faced.

“Oh that’s so kind Michaela, you’re an angel.” She brought out some papers. “This is an agreement drawn up by my Solicitor.”

I took the papers and skimmed through them. She was citing unreasonable behaviour due to my sex change, which I had heard was normal in such cases. This didn’t bother me I didn’t have the energy to bother with this woman really. But when I read down to the sentence demanding 50% of all my wealth I was shocked and angered.

“You did this to me and blackmailed me and you still expect money!” I said angrily. I knew I would have to pay a heavy settlement but the principle of 50% wasn’t right.

“Oh darling I thought that’s what you wanted. When you started cross dressing I just wanted to help you fulfil your dreams of becoming a real girl” She said with a fake concerned look on her face.

I couldn’t believe this, “Oh don’t be such a stupid woman Sue you know this was not my intention.” I said in a raised, girly, voice.

“But look at you now in your pretty clothes and hair, you are a beautiful wealthy woman Michaela.”  She turned away.

“I deserve what I’m asking for, and my Solicitor agrees.” She said straight faced.

“We will have to see Sue I will visit my Solicitor, the best money can buy, and see what he thinks.” I said and turned to leave. “Will you escort Mrs Wilson out George?” I said to the Butler in the Hall.

I was angry but knew this had to be dealt with.

That night in my study I went through the papers relating to the Farm tenancy agreements. One of the Farms was rented to a Mr. Thomas Flynn. He lived with his wife Mary and five sons, the eldest was called Niall! I wondered if that was whom I had met in the lane earlier. I went up to my room and undressed thinking of him.

I put on a long ivory silk and lace night dress and brushed my, now long, blonde hair. My maid knocked to check I was ok and I dismissed her kindly. I lay down on the bed, lifted my dress and inserted my dilator into my vagina. Recently I had started getting aroused by this process.

In a large farmhouse several miles away, Niall was sitting at the table with his brothers and parents having supper.

He kept thinking of the beautiful blonde woman, she certainly was a babe he thought. She must have been a town girl with clothes like that , the car and that gorgeous sweet smell. But was she wearing Wellingtons? He couldn’t remember.

Was she late twenties? early Thirties? He liked her tall slender figure, and of course those breasts. He had struggled not to stare at them in the low cut floral dress she was wearing. He had caught a glimpse to of the white lace bra she was wearing as she bent over to inspect the damaged car.

Whilst she was slender she seemed quite toned and had an athletic, quite broad shouldered frame. He remembered her long white legs visible up to the skimpy thigh length dress, His perfect kind of girl he thought. Not that you came across many in this godforsaken place.
Later he went to bed still thinking of, Michaela, yes that was her name. Classy he thought to himself. He gently stroked his aroused penis as he fell asleep.

Michaela had felt very aroused with the dilator inside her, for the first time it seemed amazing!

She fell asleep quickly in the soft, sweet smelling, white bed linen. She started to have a quite vivid dream.

She was riding her horse, Jet, bare back, in just a little summer dress. She sat astride and felt her vagina through her white cotton knickers pushing hard on the back of the horse. Her breasts moved rhythmically up and down in the cotton lace bra as the horse trotted ahead.

Niall too had a vivid dream. He was riding out on the massive, trusty old work horse, Hercules, galloping hard.

Ahead Michaela spotted a man on a horse, it was the man she had met earlier, Niall. He was in tight blue jeans and a tight white vest that clung to his muscled torso. His arms rippled with muscles as he pulled the massive horse to a halt in front of her.

Niall spotted the blonde flowing hair first then the thin, long frame of a woman in a dress riding a silky black thoroughbred. She stopped in front of him. He noticed her breasts rising through the flimsy fabric of the dress, as she breathed heavily from the exertion of the ride.

The horses snorted as they breathed heavily.

“Race you!“ he said to Michaela. She grinned and set off at a rapid gallop.

Hercules turned and shot off after them  They galloped together smiling and laughing as they raced for miles.

Eventually they stopped at an old hay barn and he dismounted tying up the horses.

Niall approached Michaela boldly and lifted her off and in his strong arms, she giggled softly and stroked his cheek.

He gently laid her on the soft straw bails and stroked her face back. “You are perfection,” he whispered. She moaned slightly.

He unbuttoned the front of her dress and started caressing the large breasts through the flimsy lace bra she was wearing. He felt his penis swell quickly.

Michaela lay on her back looking up at the unshaven handsome face, and guided his hands over her body. She felt his rough hands on her soft white body, and she came out in goose bumps. She felt him undo the rest of the buttons on the front of her dress and push the fabric back, she lay there in her white bra and knickers, arching her back and pushing her breasts up, as he stroked her breasts. She moaned gently.

She felt his hand move down to her panties and gently his hand slid inside. She felt the course little tuft of pubic hair against the mound of her vagina. His fingers moved up and around her vaginal opening. She moaned softly.

His fingers penetrated and she felt her heart quicken and an amazing warmth envelope her. She dug her nails into his back and pulled him closer.

“Fuck me Niall, fuck me!” she whispered.

He slowly pulled down her panties and  quickly removed his jeans. His throbbing penis gently hovered over her moist vagina. She grasped it and pulled it into her. She let out a loud moan, “Oh yes, yes!” she sighed.

She felt this massive throbbing hardness inside her, it felt like nothing she hard felt before.

He started moving rhythmically as they both moaned gently he undid her bra, and her beautiful breasts with erect nipples sat pertly in front of him. He caressed them and started licking them as he penetrated her.

They started moving together more rapidly, Niall pumping her hard. He climaxed and she dug her nails into his back and let out a scream.

He shot his spunk deep inside her.

They relaxed and fell into each others arms, the moistness of their bodies entwined.

Michaela woke slowly as one of the maids knocked on the door the next morning.

Niall awoke with a start as his Mum shook the bed. “Up you get ya lazy lump!” she said smiling.          
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