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The Feminization of Michael - 2

The Feminization of Michael.

Chapter 2

I continued with the “weekend” clothes for another few weeks and consistently had people commenting, laughing and making things difficult when I was out shopping.

I continued at work in the more feminine suits and blouses too.  The rumours increased and somehow word had got around that at the weekend I wore dresses and full make up!

This couldn’t go on like this, I had come very close to being beaten up when I was out and the chanting was just crazy.

My body seemed to have changed too which I didn’t understand but put it down to eating more food ,that Sue prepared and not now playing football. I seem to be putting fat deposits on my bottom and developing man boobs! My nipples were sore and tender too.

“Sue I cant carry on like this I'm going to get murdered at this rate!” I pleaded.

“No choice hun, “ she replied. “But I tell you what We will do, on Saturday we will get you a new weekend wardrobe as long as we can also get you a new work wardrobe, ok?”

Not that I had a choice, but whatever I thought it couldn’t get worse! I looked forward to the weekend hoping things might improve.

Saturday came and Sue let me dress in one of my suits and blouses to shop in and thankfully the dolly shoes. I was less conspicuous and shorter this way! But still had to wear the bra with the forms and full make up!

It was good that we didn’t get too many comments and laughter this time, I almost blended in. It helped that Sue was quite tall for a woman.

“I'm going to help you hun and buy you more everyday clothes for the weekend.” She said.

“Thanks!” I said knowing they would still be woman's clothes!

She bought me two pairs of straight jeans, they were low slung and a woman's cut around the groin as usual, but what a relief I thought. I also got a pair of women's tan, cowboy boots that at least only had a low heel, along with some flat black boots that came to my knee and had tassels on them. I would at least not look like a giant butch woman now!

These were teamed up with silk and chiffon tops that came down to the top of my thighs, and a couple of tight fitting lace vest tops in pink and white.

We then bought a grey V neck jumper dress, and a long black cardigan dress. Good grief I thought, dresses! But at least not frilly floral stuff! She also bought me ribbed tights.

I was  feeling a bit better now and me and Sue went for a coffee, and must have looked like two girlfriend's out shopping.

However she was softening the blow for the next session of shopping which was the acquisition of my new work wardrobe!

She started by making me try on a few suits, but this time they had short skirts!

“No way Sue!” I barked as she handed them me. But of course she had no intention of backing down. How worse could it be they all new about me being a cross dresser albeit forced! My thoughts started to go along the line that if I looked more convincing life may become actually easier!

The girly weekend wardrobe and more formal work wardrobe had almost been switched!

She insisted too that I would wear some new formal court shoes and stilettos with medium sized heels for work! We bought three pairs.

She went on to say that the last set of blouses I had could still be worn under my new skirt suits, but also added three new ones. One with a big pussy bow at the neck, one with an elaborate Victorian lace front and buttons up the back  and then a tight almost sheer silk blouse! And as I was now obviously dressing as a woman I would always wear my breast forms.  I felt nauseous again!

The first Monday back, she made me wear the plain black mini skirt, that had a little slit at the back and a matching short fitted jacket. I had to wear the lace Victorian blouse, and my white lace bra was very visible underneath, and protruded in two neat little bumps due to the breast forms! The bras were I guess only an A cup, but with my own fleshy chest now they seemed bigger than what I imagined an  A cup size to be.

I wore some sheer flesh coloured tights and the low black stiletto heels. She also produced one of her pearl necklaces and a matching pair of dangly pearl earrings.

She had bought me a more girly red leather briefcase with a strap, and a red leather shoulder bag, to carry my make up which she said I would need to freshen up through the day!

My blonde streaked hair was now shoulder length and she put a red Alice band in it to pin it back.

I was by now groggy with it all and almost in a daze! She dropped me off and I clicked into the office.

There was much hilarity , comments and wolf whistles! The boss stormed out of his office. “Stop this and get back to work!” he shouted , as he stared directly at me.

I just got my head down and worked. Fortunately they were unisex single toilets so I didn’t have confusion there! Although I only stood up once, again to much chuckling etc. However at lunchtime I was called to the bosses office.

I stood up at my desk pulling my skirt down a bit and walked into the board room and saw the boss was there with two other Directors and the Personnel Manager., all men!

I sat down opposite them, again pulling my skirt as close to my knees as I could.

“Mike, or Michaela , sorry your Wife did tell me. This is a difficult situation. Whilst the Company will support this sort of thing..,”  he pointed at me vaguely with a waving pen. The other men I could see were containing smirks! “Well its just causing too much disruption in this office!”

Oh no I thought here comes the sack. I couldn’t deal with that.

“I mentioned a course we can send you on Michaela, the  last time we talked. It’s a Secretarial and PA course, and once completed we can move you into our all female admin office. I think this will be better , and I have spoken to Miss Sharples the admin head and she is very happy to have a new… er girl joining their team.”

I was gob smacked and in shock as I walked back to my desk.











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