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The Neighbour's Knickers - Part 1

A man who just can't resist the opportunity to get into his neighbour's knickers
It was a sultry summer night but it wasn’t the muggy air that was making me hot. It was my clothes.

I’d felt the urge to dress up in a very sexy outfit. My preparations had started much earlier in the day, and they had been thorough: my whole body was clean and smooth, shaved so that there was not the slightest hint of hair anywhere other than on my head.

My heart thumped wildly as I made my selection: a schoolgirl gym skirt and top, with bra, blue panties and stiletto heels. I felt sexier than I ever had as I admired my reflection in the wardrobe’s mirror. I was happy with the result of my efforts and watched the front of the skirt rise as my excitement was translated into a physical response. If Justine could see me now…

Justine would have been horrified to find me in her bedroom, even without the fact that I was wearing the uniform from her PE lessons at school. I was an 18 year old man and should have known better but I’d never got over the ‘crush’ I’d had for my neighbour. She’d just left - heading out of my life to start her own at university and I’d been left to look after the house as her parents jetted off in search of some September sun.

It was wrong of me to go snooping through her things; I should have gone into each room and simply shut the curtains. But something had a happened to me when I’d gone into Justine’s room. It had been a long-held fantasy to spend time in this room – her family had moved in just after we’d started A-levels and Hollywood would have you believe that it was inevitable that a gorgeous girl living just a few metres away would eventually discover the boy next door. We were destined to get together.

It hadn’t happened.

The longed-for sexual encounters remained a fantasy. I’d never seen Justine stepping from the shower or getting undressed after having ‘forgotten’ to close her curtains… and now she’d gone. Justine was pretty; all smiles and girly giggles and I had no doubt that she’d hook up with some lucky fella within minutes of starting university, which left me picking through her discarded life. I was fascinated by this window into her existence, this glimpse into the life that had happened on the other side of the wall.

I’d closed curtains, as I was supposed to do but then I’d opened drawers and cupboards and finally the wardrobe, all of which I wasn’t. Isn’t it a given that you get to have a little snoop when you house sit? Isn’t it expected?

Justine’s bedroom had proved to be a treasure trove – an insight into not just her life, but into the mysteries of other teenage girls. However the biggest secret that I found in Justine’s bedroom was the one that I took in with me.

It started when I opened the wardrobe doors. The space had been recently denuded – there were empty racks and gaps where clothes, shoes and suitcases had been removed to start a new life. What was left behind had been discarded; unwanted, unneeded.

It was the smell that drew me in; the smell of Justine. Her perfume hung on the clothes, faint but enough, enough to make my body respond as though she was there. I did the thing that I would never have dared, had she been there. I was alone in the house, in her bedroom with the curtains closed. I took my cock out and started to stroke it. I pulled on it with long, lazy strokes, stretching the soft flesh, enjoying the taboo of masturbating in Justine’s bedroom, invading her private space with my perversion.

There were jumpers there; the thick woollen ones which had hidden Justine’s body from view but had somehow served to emphasize her curves. I’d loved Justine’s curves… just to have touched them, if but once. Well, I could touch them now, in a way. I ran my left hand over the prickly softness of the wool, feeling an acceleration of my pulse as my hand moved over where Justine’s breast would have been. My cock throbbed its delighted, if dumb response. It wasn’t real, but it felt real.

I was groping my absent neighbour… and it felt good. A little too good.

I looked for some tissues but my eyes caught on something better. Panties. Just a single pair, casually discarded. I picked them up and wrapped them around my cock. Mmmm. My body tingled. They weren’t new - Justine had worn these; this material had once pressed against her pussy. My breath caught as I wanked my cock harder and faster. I very rarely masturbated while standing up and I couldn’t remember the last time I had actually orgasmed while standing. My head swam and I allowed myself to sag forward, my face pressing against Justine’s jumper, my cock inside her panties, my imagination allowing my fingers to rub her crotch. There was so much filth flying through my mind that I couldn’t hold back.

I roared as my orgasm released, just as you see in the pornos. I’d always thought that they’d been faking that noise. Perhaps it had seemed louder because I was facing into a wardrobe. The thing was, it was loud inside my body as well. The pleasure was intense and I heightened it further by milking my spunk into Justine’s underwear. The soft material looked and felt so much better than a tissue. And it was hers – Justine’s.

I felt closer than I ever had to the girl I’d lusted over for two long years.

Bursting with happiness, I felt as though a gust of wind had blown through me, flushing me clean. I washed Justine’s knickers in the bathroom sink, towel dried them and then placed them back where I’d found them. They’d be dry before Justine’s parents got back and no-one would ever know.

I was safe.

Except that wasn’t the end of it. That was just the start. After a night of fantasies, I slipped back into the house and headed straight to Justine’s wardrobe. My cock was hard and needy despite my marathon masturbation session. I kicked off my shoes, pulled down my jeans and pulled my top over my head. I was naked in Justine’s bedroom. I imagined her to be naked on the bed, smiling up at me and as I did, I caught sight of myself in her mirror. My cock was standing up in a proud curve. It was such a shame that Justine wasn’t there to see it; to take advantage of it.

I grabbed the damp knickers and slipped them back over my cock. It felt so damn good. But I knew what I wanted to try. The fantasy… I stepped into them and pulled them up.

I was wearing Justine’s underwear.

It looked ridiculous, particularly as the top three inches of my cock were poking out. But it felt amazing. I lay back on Justine’s bed and used the palm of my hand to masturbate the head of my cock against my belly as I groped my ballsack through Justine’s sexy underwear. In this new fantasy, they were damp with her juices and it was her that was making me wear them – she wanted to see me wear them.

It felt great and I allowed myself to come like that, lying on her bed while I rubbed the head of my cock against my hairy belly. What would it feel like to rub my cock on Justine’s smooth skin?

By the time I returned to close the curtains that evening I’d had a shave. Not just my face. I’d shaved my body hair – a sack and crack – I was smooth from my anus to my belly button… and that smoothness had felt so damn sexy that I’d got carried away and my legs, chest and underarms had received the same treatment. My bare cock and balls looked odd when I looked at my reflection in Justine’s mirror but they were ultra-sensitive. I slipped back into Justine’s knickers and admired my reflection.

It wasn’t enough. I needed more.

I went back to the wardrobe and had a proper rummage. That was when I found the bag. It contained Justine’s gym kit. Why she still had it after all this time I’ll never know. But I was grateful.

From the slightly stale smell, it was obvious that it hadn’t been out of that bag in years. I hoped… but was sure that I wouldn’t get that lucky.

There they were: navy knickers. I’d never seen Justine wearing them as she’d been at a different school but I could imagine. My cock ached to feel them. I swapped the damp knickers for the plain blue ones and then as afterthought wrapped Justine’s gym slip around my waist. It fitted. And since that fitted me…

I looked at the label on the white bra. 36B. I’m slight of build and it was just possible…

I have to admit that I felt as though I was taking it a bit too far as I put my arms into Justine’s bra and fumbled with the clasp. It did fit, kind of… which meant that I might be able to squeeze into her top.

Stitching groaned and broke but I managed it, although I was going to have a hell of a job getting out of it again. To complete the ensemble, I put my toes into a pair of Justin’s stilettos – hardly a match but they looked good. I watched the tell-tale movement of Justine’s little skirt as I paraded in front of the mirror. My shaved, itchy cock was throbbing and the skirt twitched with its every movement. I rubbed my cock through the skirt, imagining it was Justine’s hand. It wasn’t enough, so I grabbed it fully and wanked with a mixture of knickers and skirt encasing the shaft and head.

It felt all kinds of wonderful. In the mirror I could see a dark patch starting to show on the grey of Justine’s skirt exposing where my excited cock was leaking juices. I squeezed and watched the patch grow a little more. That made me want to see what happened when I came, so I accelerated the movement.

It was hard to get enough stimulation but the level of excitement meant that it didn’t take much. I stood in front of Justine’s mirror and watched as my orgasm fired. The power of it overwhelmed me and I had to clutch at the furniture to keep from falling over as my whole body tightened and released in a sexual rush of guilty passion. I could feel the wet heat of my spunk leaking out of my cock and then I could see it soiling my neighbour’s gym kit. Oh God.

Even as my cock slipped and slid across the alien smoothness of my belly in the wet mess of my ejaculate, I felt the hunger rise again. I ground my cock through Justine’s clothes, through her skirt and panties. I was feeling vulnerable and perverted: I knew what I was doing was wrong; that no one would understand if they found me, or if they found out. I rubbed frantically, stimulating the intense tingling, assisting the urgent need as the slipperiness developed into stickiness. My body arched as I came again in a great briny gush which flooded hotly into Justine’s school outfit.

The orgasm left me breathless, lying curled on my side. Spent.

It was wondrous. I had no idea that my body was capable of so much… so much pleasure.

Cocooned in the clothes of a schoolgirl, I found myself shaking. It was astonishing; I’d found a secret, something which been hidden even from me had been revealed; a mask had dropped, inhibitions had fallen away and I’d surrendered myself to it, indulged in the forbidden.

It was scary.

And the scariest part was that I knew that this was just the beginning.

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