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The Night Of A Thousand Dreams

I hope you enjoy
There was a few odd looking drugs laying on the side from a party. Being bored I decided to see what they were all about, I had dabbled before but had no idea what they all were. I had seen someone use a bottle with an inhaler on it, one good slug later I felt good.

I looked through my wardrobe and decided that all guys seem to go for the more cute look in a girl. As I was feeling daring I thought what the hell, lets try something outrageous. I wanted to make sure that as many men would want me.

I soon got ready deciding on a pink neon tutu with matching panties and bra, adding a green neon crop top. I kept my make up simple, but plaited my hair in pig tails not wanting to look too outrageous.

Whatever I had taken was sure kicking in on me I was now so wanting sex.

I choose some pink and black over knee socks and put on some killer heeled sandals. Within a few steps I realized that the shoes were no good as I tumbled down the stairs ass over tit ending in a heap at the bottom. I then remembered that I had some flat Mary-Janes so changed into them.

Just before I left home I grabbed the drugs taking another blast from the bottle which was now empty. Through my hazy eyes I noticed a label, I could just about read that whatever it was started with a K. I hid the rest in my clutch bag and added my keys.

I gave my dog Marlboro a pat on the head. He is such a lovely dog but a bit of a drag to take out, since he had his legs amputated. With that I trotted off into town.

As I walked I felt like I was floating so soon reached the town centre.

 I could hear cheering coming from a pub so decided to go look see what was happening.

A charity darts match was in progress, a group of nun’s were taking on another team. The players were gathered around close as the match was so close. For such a small bar the sound was like in a stadium, to me it was horrendous. I ordered a drink and sat down.

A player hit a treble twenty followed by a single twenty, his third dart bounced out of the board hitting a nun in the neck. A guy ran up and checked her as she had slumped to the floor.

“She’s dead,” the guy shouted.

Quick as a flash the caller shouted out, “One nun dead and Eightyyyy.”

It seemed strange just about everyone in the pub was staring at me. I got up and used the toilet although once I got in there, I couldn't’t go no matter how hard I tried to pee into the urinal. Again I noticed that the guys in the toilet were all staring at me.

I soon left the pub jumping into a doorway to grab something further from my bag. I found some weird looking dried mushrooms. Not knowing how many to take I munched on the lot, before the guy getting a blow job shouted at me to piss off and find somewhere else. That I didn't’t mind but why he called me a weirdo I will never understand.

The club’s were on the other side of a busy road so I took a foot bridge over the busy dual carriage way.

On reaching the top of the bridge I needed to pee again. Without any thought I slipped my now almost non existent cock from the side of my panties looking for a target to aim at. The only thing I could see were the bars so with a lot of grunting and groaning I soon had a nice stream going through the bars.

“Oi, what the fuck have you done?”

I stared down noticing two huge steroid freaks looking up at me. They didn't’t seem like they were too happy going by the tones of their voices.

I decide it best to run with them both chasing after me like a couple of greyhounds straight out of a trap.

I managed to find a lane and dove into it as quick as I could. Hiding by the side of some dustbins I heard my pursuers go on up the road.

I thought it best not to go back the way I had come so carried on to the other side of the lane.

I walked into another bar but this time I screamed out, it was an iron bar attached to some scaffolding.

I noticed a club it would have to do, I joined the queue of people outside.

Eventually I was in this was a real seedy place but at least all eyes seemed to be on me again.

Things were getting weirder by the minute, I could no longer work out who was who. I stood at the bar and had a few drinks before finally a guy chatted me up.

“What the fuck are you on?" "Your totally shot, want to come back to my place we can both enjoy some fun.”

This guy was straight to the point and I wasn’t going to argue through my multi coloured eyes he seemed fine. I soon agreed to join him at his home.

“My cars outside.”

“Ok lets go,” I mumbled.

As we got outside he moaned his car had been towed. Sure enough right at the end of the street, I could see a car with a huge toe on the top of it.

He hailed a taxi and we were on our way.

As we travelled along he whispered in my ear that he was going to make me his baby. Going on to tell me it would be my best night ever.

I opened my bag looking through to find something new to take. Finally noticing something that I knew what it was.

Without him noticing I slipped the blue diamond Viagra into my mouth and tried to swallow it.

It lodged in my throat not shifting at all and now I was getting a stiff neck.

We got back to his place and he took me straight up to his bedroom.

“I hope you like it kinky bitch?”

“Yes, ok if that’s what you want,” I replied not wishing to sound rude.

He soon pulled me over his knee taking off his belt and holding me down firm.

He began an onslaught of cracks across my now bare ass as he had just ripped my panties clean off.

The first few strikes made me wince before I felt like he was using a feather on me.

Once he had finished he pushed me onto the floor realising this huge snake from his trousers. It was then I realized he wanted me to eat it live. Every time I tried to spit it out he pushed it back. I started to worry that it might be venomous as it kept spitting at me. Finally it squirted it’s poison into my belly.

He now threw me onto the bed.

Licking his hand he shoved it deep into my ass. It didn’t hurt at all as he pumped his arm in and out of me like a piston. Finally he removed his arm from my ass with me hearing a sucking noise before a loud plop.

I could take no more as I passed into semi consciousness. Everything was seemingly melting around me as he pushed his cock into my ear.

"What the fuck are you doing," I yelled.

“This will fuck some sense into you bitch!”

With that I felt my ear was full of cum.

 I awoke with a startle. Here I was lying on the floor of my lounge with Marlboro my trusty dog lapping at my ear.

Moral of this story: Never take drug’s that you have no idea of the affects it might have on you. You might never of been or done the things you wanted to do or even of moved from the place you call home.

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