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The Note

I awoke, sorry came to the following morning, still had on my tiny red skirt, blouse, nails and all my make up. I walked into the bathroom and looked in the mirror, OMG what a sight looked back. My make up was smeared over my face and a thick dried string of cum was visible on my cheek.
I went back to the bedroom and grabbed my handbag, opened it and took out a cigarette, lit it and inhaled deep, needed to get a fix and try to come to terms with what I had done the night before. I must have put far to much make up on last night as the end of my cigarette was covered in lippy. Then it dawned on me, The Note that was put in my bag as I wobbled out of the shop! I open the note and started to read....

"I am closing the shop at 8:00pm, then we are having a party in the back. Dress slutty for me any problems call me".

 I picked up the phone and dialed the number, after 3 rings it was answered.

"Hi, I'm Sharon and you had your cock down my throat last night and I have just read your note".

"Hi Sharon I'm Ben, you had better come and see me tonight as I want a repeat performance and come dressed like the slut you want to be".

"Ben I have nothing to wear only what I was in last night will that do, but I do have a pair of stripper heels in white with a 6" heel".

"Perfect" he replied.

"What are you going to do to me " I inquired.

"Just wait and see slut".

I ended the call and sat back in the chair, I lit another cigarette. I need to think this through do I want to be had by a big cock! You bet I did. I went into the kitchen and put my g-string and stockings on a wash and then settled down to plan how I was going to handle this.
My decision was made, I was going to get myself so tarty and drink a few before I left.

The day dragged by, at 5:00pm I started to get ready. First a nice shave and the a lovely shower. 

"Right then Ben, you want slut, I'll give you slut! and a bit more".

On went the make up, so heavy, no really heavy!! Lashings of foundation then on went the false lashes coated in mascara, dark blue eye shadow, a deep red rouge lavishly applied to my cheeks followed and a unhealthy amount of bright red lippy finished it all off.

Next came the Basque, black and really tight and hooked them up to my fishnets, buttoned up my white see through blouse adjusting my falsies in the Basque to make me peaky. I then stepped into my little red leather skirt, way to short, then slipped into my stripper heels and fastened tight. Black fishnets and white stiletto's wrong I know, should be on a street corner! Finished it off with ultra long nails and several coats of red nail polish. All dressed ready to go, but still over a hour to go, only one thing for it, VODKA.

Several later I re-dialed Ben's number.

"Hi Ben I'm ready but I don't think I'll be able to walk to far in these heels though".

"8:00pm and don't be late" was his swift reply and then he hung up the phone.

I drank four large vodka's in 20 minutes then it was time for me to put on my coat and grab my bag, making sure I had my cigarettes. I opened the door and checked no one was around, stepped outside and locked the door behind me.

The walk to the shop was uneventful never seen a soul, I arrived outside the shop and had a quick time check, 7:57 perfect timing.

"Now or never Sharon" I said to myself.

Taking a big breath I walked inside, Ben looked up and made his way over,

"Wow Sharon you look good, go through to the back".

The scene that awaited me stopped me dead in my heels.............
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